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Irish Genetics: Apparently, This Triggers Some People

Recently Amerika published a series of articles on The Irish Question (TIQ) starting with an inspection of Irish genetics and an analysis of how Irish immigration shifted America to the Left.

Naturally, this did not sit well with our potato-swilling distant cousins. In particular, Elfnonationalist writes to gripe about the analysis performed here but makes a fundamental error so large it obliterates his entire point:

They are only correct in that all extant Europeans, Irish included, have significant admixture from early Neolithic Anatolian farmers. However, in order to correctly understand European genetics, one must do more than reading newspaper headlines. If the bozos who wrote them had actually read through the study they were basing their claims on, and understood its significance in the context of current population genetics, then they would realize that the Irish are essentially Northwestern Europeans (but that doesn’t make for a good eye-catching sensationalist story, now, does it).

We can see the error right here: he is telling us that admixture is not a problem so long as it is slight. “Essentially Northwestern Europeans” can mean someone who is 1/4 Japanese-African and 3/4 English. The fact that he posts a bunch of graphs does not change the point that when you dump cyanide in milk, you no longer want to drink the milk.

If you want to know why the Alt Right has problems, it is because analysis of this grade is accepted at all. Our original articles were not an attack on the Irish, but pointing out that like Southern and Eastern Europeans, they are Asiatic hybrids and therefore, no longer Western European. Accept that and deal with it, but do not peddle this community college reasoning as if it were profound.

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