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On Cucking And Doxing

Two events happened this last week that defined our future: the breaking of Kevin Williamson by The Atlantic and the doxing of Ricky Vaughn, a Twitter personality known for his acerbic wit and fairly mainline conservative ideas with an Alt Right flair.

One told us what happens when we surrender to the other side, and the other showed us what happens when we become like them.

Kevin Williamson was — since his career is now toast, thankfully — a surrender monkey to the Left, so long as he could keep his pet issues alive. Like most conservatives, he was a libertarian, which means he accepts Leftist control of society but wants his own personal economic freedom; like them, he is an individualist, or someone who believes that the individual is more important than social order or natural order. He also accepted the McChristian notion that as long as we fight abortion and blasphemy, and keep our ├é┬íprinciples! in tact, we have somehow won even though our future is a Benedict Option of retreat as our civilization collapses.

When he joined the Never Trump movement, he made a play at rejecting Trump for not being conservative enough when what he really objected to what that Trump was breaking the code of the cuckservative. That code is: we always retreat, but find a way to defend the interests of our donors, and then enjoy the righteous indignation of being captive opposition. Keep those donations rolling in, in other words, while acting like a conservative.

In fact, if we analyze them enough, that is what cuckservatives resemble. They are actors, sort of like the people who are tour guides in Disneyland. To them, a conservative means someone who talks about “adult” and “real world” issues like earning money and escaping to a house in the suburbs; forget about worrying if your kids will inherit a third world wasteland or a thriving civilization, all that matters is you-you-you!

Cucks take the individualism of the Left and interpret it in another way. The Left wants a society where they cannot lose social status for being venal, non-productive, or otherwise inept. The cucks want a society where they can accumulate their own stuff and get away from everyone else. Neither group wants to fix our dying civilization, and each is one side of the doctrine of individualism, or “me first” above all else, including logic.

The interplay between these two sides of the same coin has made modern society into a wasteland. Among these dystopian ruins, we their children and grandchildren inherit a future of nothingness. That, however, does not bother individualists; to them, their children are lifestyle accessories designed to make the parents look good, and whatever happens after that does not concern them.

Williamson was hateful because he adopted the appearance of someone who was going to fix this problem, and instead he gave it his blessing. This furnishes us with defeat, twice: first, in failing, and second in having dedicated our time, energy, and attention to a fake solution.

As if designed by cosmic intelligence to balance the demise of Kevin Williamson, the other big incident this week was the doxing of Ricky Vaughn. The person who doxed him now claims that Vaughn in fact privately doxed others, or passed on their information to the doxer, and that turnabout was fair play.

While there are other competent writers out there who will tell you if this was “good” or “bad,” the take you will find here is that we cannot act like the Left. The Left destroys people. They enforce a vortex of increasing extremism by shaming and ostracizing those who were not extreme enough in their views.

Even more, they are a movement. They have an ideology, or one simple idea that explains how the world “should” be and why all of their problems are the result of the people who are preventing it from being so. They act in unison as a vast mass of chattering, shrieking, and vindictive talking monkeys with car keys.

They are effective because they play into the primary weakness of humanity, herd behavior. We respond to fear more than calm, and so when one monkey howls in fear, it attracts the others and soon, like a tornado they spin up and start ravaging everything in their path.

This causes people to treat them like a problem, but since they are human, they attempt to negotiate them instead of doing what you should do to a small tornado forming, which is toss in some dynamite to break up the winds. Once they realize they have power, they begin an extortion racket like a mafia, gang, or cult.

The Leftists tell you that they have a demand, and if you do not do it, a mass monkey tantrum will result. They will strike and crush your business, riot and burn your city, or just hype up some event in media until mass panic sets in across the land. People just hand over money and power to them, which just makes them stronger.

Ultimately, Leftists are bullies. They have no real belief that their ideology will make the world better. They have no hope for restoring civilization. Instead, they just want to have more power and to destroy those who they see as winners, which implies that they in turn are losers.

Let me tell you something about life. It is useful to lose, screw up, fail, and otherwise be a person of reduced prospects, at least once. You learn a lot about yourself. You see that you can either accept your situation, change your situation, or do what most people do, which is blame someone else and attack them instead.

Good people, when they are losers, either accept being losers and find something they want to do instead of worrying about that, or find a way to change themselves so that they are not losers. They practice athletics, study in school, work the land, or otherwise improve their situation. This requires working with reality, not against it.

Others choose to work against reality. They blame the winners because without winners, no one would care that the losers are losers. This makes no sense, because as long as there are necessary tasks, some will do them better than others, even if simple ones like having food, shelter, and family.

The losers who work against reality engage in a process known as scapegoating. This enables them to smash down others and feel better about themselves in the process even though they have not changed themselves; they are still losers. It is like an inept basketball player demanding that the good players go home so we can all watch inept basketball.

All Leftist tactics come from this tendency to scapegoat. They blame the rich for inequality instead of recognizing the ineptitude of the poor, campaign against the Right when Leftist programs collapse, and target successful groups instead of learning how to emulate success.

This catches the adults in the room by surprise every time because the adults are busy trying to make stuff work. The losers do not need to expend energy to make things work, so they take that energy and time and instead apply it toward taking over. Every time they win, they lose, because as soon as their ideas are put into practice, they fail.

We do not want to follow that path. We are not here to destroy people. Punching Right is fine as long as you are attacking ideas; the minute you make it about people, you have entered into the winners-versus-losers revenge narrative of the Left. That is the kind of toxic thinking that lends itself to doxing.

I realize that our tendency is to resent those who are offering a “false Right” like civic nationalists, Alt Lite, libertarians, classical liberals, Never Trumpers, and other purveyors of fake hope. However, the question is not about them, but about us; we will make ourselves into monsters.

The Williamson and Vaughan cases show us that they have something in common: in both cases, people lost focus on the ultimate goal of the Right, which is to conserve the best of the past. For us in this fallen time, that means we want to restore Western Civilization.

Too much focus on people instead of that goal means that we have lost sight of that goal. Perhaps doxing by itself is not bad, although both cucking and doxing make the Left happy, so are suspect on that basis if nothing else. But when we lose focus, we defeat ourselves, and of all things that is the most unacceptable.

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