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Call Them What They Are

I used to think the first casualty of popular politics was truth. Now I realize that it is complexity — depth, nuance, detail, breadth, time-scale, and quality — which goes on the chopping block first.

In the past, I have made it clear why I am not a White Nationalist or neo-Nazi nor a “racist,” but am 100% against notions like equality, diversity, and wealth redistribution.

I have pointed out that egalitarianism, or the notion that all humans are equal or equal in minimum reasoning capacity, is wishful thinking derived from individualism, or the desire to liberalize (weaken) culture and social standards so the individual can be selfish, flake out, and pursue their own egotistic fascinations at the expense of knowledge and civilization.

As a Galtonian eugenicist, I am a genetic realist. I recognize that not just race but ethnicity and social class are written in our genes, and that to get the best out of humanity, we need to breed our best and decrease our worst. This is the final taboo and it offends both Left and Right, which is why most of them ignore me (and I probably need another political party).

I reject National Socialism first for practical reasons, namely that it does not function as well as we need. I also repudiate its pointless cruelties like repression of its population and murder of European Jews; I recognize that The Holocaust™ narrative is mostly fake and that other than partisan executions of Jews, most of them died in labor camps from diarrhea brought on by their own poor hygiene and limited resources in the camps. In my view, that does not excuse the Nazis; since the Boer War, the mortality rate of concentration camps has been well-known.

I also reject anti-Semitism, first on practical and then on moral grounds. People blame The Jews™ for the problems created by equality, including its inevitable branches like socialism, feminism, diversity, and democracy. The fact is that humanity has a backdoor into which the virus of equality enters because individuals like the idea of mentally disabling everyone else with socially-prized ideas like peace, equality, tolerance, and so on. Since the dawn of time, humans have fallen for the equality trap, usually with no Jews in evidence.

I also caution that scapegoating, whether hatred of The Rich™ or of The Eternal Jew,™ tends to escape control and become a runaway form of Crowdism that inevitably ends in murder. This is fatal because it expends the energy that needs to be spent on un-doing the brainwashing and mental health pathology of equality, but does not fix these things. Instead, you kill a bunch of Jewish people and end up with the same problem you had beforehand.

In my view, trying to do National Socialism again would be silly. Hitler was right about his Right-wing ideas like (ethno-)nationalism, environmental protection, and eugenics, but got it wrong on totalitarianism and genocide, not to mention having a socialist economy which like all of them started out well, and began to fade. His market socialist system was straight out of the Weimar era and started to show the same problems Germany faced since Bismarck introduced socialist-style reforms.

This means that we must approach National Socialism by acknowledging its complexity: it had many failings, and is not the system we want, but it is still attacked because it was Right-wing — anti-democratic, anti-diversity, pro-nature, pro-hierarchy, and more free market than our current Socialist-infused entitlements states — in crucial aspects. The Left wants to attack those, and also hide the fact that Communism managed to kill more people than Hitler did, but merely through the mismanagement which is typical of socialist states.

You will see a lot of conservatives talking about the “vaccine fascists” or “COVID Nazis.”

You will also see a lot of conservatives praising various minority Republican candidates and claiming to “own the libs” who are “the real racists.”

These are conservatives who are still trying to get the respect of a dying system by agreeing with it that equality is good. In other words, these are conservatives who opt not to be conservatives, because in any sane reading, nothing in conservatism supports equality. We support fairness and particular solutions, meaning that we recognize that each person is different and needs different opportunities, duties, privileges, and care. We do not approve of the factory assembly line and bureaucratic method of equality, which treats every individual as a carbon copy and interchangeable cog.

We need to stop trying to “own the libs” and be “anti-racist.” Every time a conservative uses Leftist language, he is pushing himself and his audience closer to Leftism.

Instead, we need to identify our position: we are an alternative to Leftism (egalitarianism). We believe in natural and hierarchy, not a Utopian crusade for “equality.” We do not believe in equality, therefore we are your way out of the civilization death cycle caused by mass rule.

Humans have a backdoor that allows a virus to hack them. They fear criticizing socially popular things, including tolerance, acceptance, peace, universal love, “oneness,” and equality. To criticize one of these things is to sound like you are endorsing its anti-position, such as “inequality,” when really you are saying that you do not endorse the method of equality because it is unrealistic.

Think of it this way: someone comes up to you and says, “I’m anti-racist.” You can:

  1. Agree that this is your position also.
  2. Adopt the anti-position, namely being pro-“racism.”
  3. Disagree that the issue is framed correctly, express disinterest, or otherwise reject his formulation of the issue.

Sound hard? It is, because the instant you say “no,” all the other human monkeys around you start to get angry faces and close in for the kill. So you say, “I disagree that this is the method we should use.”

Now imagine doing it for Communism.

Normie: “I’m Communist. Are you?”

You: “I don’t think that’s the right method to solve our problems.”

Crowd: (feral snarling noises)

However, the only way out is by being honest and facing down the Crowd. No, this is not a realistic plan, therefore no matter how well-intentioned it is, it must be rejected. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Mainstream conservatives try to hedge their bets: “Of course I’m a Communist, but I also believe in free markets, strong defense, Jesus, and patriotism.”

The Leftist laughs. Once he gets you to agree, you are on board, and he can negotiate away those trivial differences later.

If you think the vaccine people are totalitarian, use your big boy words and call them that. Even better, call them what they are, historically and in terms of their ideology: Communists.

  • Black Lives Matter wants to take wealth from Whites to give to Blacks? That is socialism. They want to do it with force. They are Communists.
  • Democrats want to teach Critical Race Theory, add a capital gains tax, and pay out millions to the impoverished? That is socialism, and they want to do it by force. They are Communists.
  • SJWs want to talk about “social justice” and how White people must be removed so that America can be a mixed-race nation-state where everyone is Leftist? This is eliminating dissidents so that only Communists remain. They are Communists.

If someone asks you if you support Communism, say “Your goals may be noble, but your methods are bad.” The same is true of Hitler, by the way. He won WW2 eighty years later by being right about diversity and eugenics.

You can also use this to reject National Socialism, since it was a non-functional idea then and will be doubly so now. You can say that you think Hitler was right about diversity and eugenics, but his methods were bad.

You can even point out that National Socialists are weenies and pussies because they are not extreme enough. To fix society, you need a fully extremist realist program which will also reform your species to close that backdoor that the virus of Leftism creeps through.

But one thing you must face is that anyone who supports diversity — even converting all the savages to Christianity and having minorities as conservatives — is working on sending you to your doom:

I am not good as a racist, because generally I like people and find good in all of them, even if they have made mistakes like George Floyd. But, I recognize that diversity is suicide in any form.

Even if we whip them all into being good conservatives, which will never happen, they will gradually be bred into our population, at which point we will no longer be White. We will be mixed, like Italians, Jews, Russians, Poles, and Spaniards.

Ever wonder why those great empires in Greece and Rome never rose again? The people changed. That change is happening to us now through trace admixture.

Consider that the GOP is blind to this because they hope to curry minority votes:

For the millions of U.S. immigrants who really wanted to immigrate to Haiti, but couldn’t get in … Guess what? The country you’re living in is about to become Haiti.

This will also come as good news to the GOP’s top-dollar donors, whose sole political thought is: HOW DO WE WIN THE BLACK VOTE? (Next goal: Reverse the rotation of the Earth.)

Apparently, it’s absolutely humiliating for people who live in 100% white neighborhoods to belong to a party that appeals to white people.

Then you look at the election results from last night and realize that even the most well-funded, persistent, and advanced Republican outreach to minorities has barely budged voting patterns.

Then you look at the third world and see that it is almost entirely ruled by Leftists, since lower IQ populations always vote for Leftists, then end up poor and mired in corruption, at which point they basically give up.

Coulter, who is more realist than conservative, also points out that now we are seeing that only White people vote for conservatives:

What happened was: Democrats brought in new voters. In 1970, only one out of every 100 Virginians was foreign-born. By 2012, one in nine Virginians was foreign-born.

The foreign-born vote overwhelmingly, by about 80 percent, for Democrats. They always have and they always will—especially now that our immigration policies aggressively discriminate in favor of the poorest, least-educated, most unskilled people on Earth. They arrive in need of a LOT of government services.

According to the Pew Research Center, 75 percent of Hispanic immigrants and 55 percent of Asian immigrants support bigger government, compared to just over 40 percent of the general public. Even third-generation Hispanics support bigger government by 58 percent.

Genetics dominates. Nature trumps nurture, after all, and it doubly beats propaganda from people identified more with big corporations than free stuff handed out to the poor.

As was said long ago, “poor people have poor ways.” They create their own poverty, which was determined to be their fate by their lower IQs, by living aimless lives. Then they double down and elect whatever charlatans they can find who promise free stuff.

In other words, conservative attempts to win minority votes are a form of denial, wishful thinking, and coping behavior, just like the naïve belief that National Socialism will save us is.

Conservatives right now are going through the Five Stages of Grief over the death of mass rule in the West:

The five stages of grief are:

  • denial
  • anger
  • bargaining
  • depression
  • acceptance

Right now they are at bargaining:

During grief, you may feel vulnerable and helpless. In those moments of intense emotions, it’s not uncommon to look for ways to regain control or to want to feel like you can affect the outcome of an event. In the bargaining stage of grief, you may find yourself creating a lot of “what if” and “if only” statements.

It’s also not uncommon for religious individuals to try to make a deal or promise to God or a higher power in return for healing or relief from the grief and pain. Bargaining is a line of defense against the emotions of grief. It helps you postpone the sadness, confusion, or hurt.

Most conservatives have either hitched themselves to the libertarian horse or the Jesus horse, and neither horse is going to help them. The underground Right, who are basically fatalists awaiting a Mad Max style outcome, have hitched themselves to the Hitler horse and are wondering why nothing in their lives makes sense anymore.

When we finally get to acceptance, we will realize that the entire egalitarian project has failed: equality, democracy, feminism, socialism, diversity, universalism, and individualism.

Everything back to The Enlightenment™ has failed, and it is time for not just regime change but system change. Democracy is going away. The empire of “whatever is popular or profitable is good” is going away.

We are heading into interesting times. We run the risk of simply replaying the past because it is what we know. National Socialism, for example, is too much like what came before it; Christianity, also, has been tried and has failed.

The one thing that has not failed us is Traditional society: living not for individualism, but for an order to life that is both natural and divine, always increasing the quality and goodness of experience.

Your average modern conservative — whether a Republican or Dissident Right — fears making this change. They want to hang on to what they know, so they are proposes “patches” to the current system which will just delay the inevitable.

To get there, we have to first identity the enemy: an idea, equality.

Then we need to resolve to touch nothing which advocates equality.

Conservatives and National Socialists are not there yet, but more are coming along daily.

As they do so, lots of people are going to lose out. The easy answers people who get all the clicks, never get censored on social media, and offer us nonsense like The Benedict Option or The Eternal Shopping Mall are going to lose out big.

The people like the readers here, who recognize that history has destroyed every option but equality and therefore has ended up making a big snowball of everything Leftist friendly which looks like a Consumerism-Communism hybrid, will be the big winners because they can see what is coming.

By the way, do not wait for the Mad Max scenario. You are going to become Brazil, a giant mixed-race society ruled by the vote of the masses of poor people under 100 IQ points, and for the most part they will elect warlord-grifters who promise free stuff. Dumb people do dumb things.

The only way out is to recapture political control, escape democracy and equality, and then orient ourselves toward sanity. At that point, we will have won the lesser jihad.

The greater jihad — disciplining and inspiring our souls so that we want to be affirmatively good and excellent again — awaits us at that point, and will be an even bigger battle.

It all starts with calling the enemy what they are: Communists. Anyone who supports diversity, equality, wealth redistribution, and demotism (consumerism, democracy, social popularity) is a de facto Communist, and we are going to have to defeat them and exile them all to Venezuela.

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