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Fear Of The Eugenics Van Grips America

Sometimes life imitates art, or at least misanthropic mutterings. The Eugenics Van has been part of our lore at Amerika for some time, making its appearance in fiction and future memories of the purge.

Apparently, however, fear of the Eugenics Van has gripped America as fear of white vans spreads through rumor:

Terrifying rumors initially propelled by Facebook’s algorithms have sparked fears that men driving white vans are kidnapping women all across the United States for sex trafficking and to sell their body parts.

Indeed, while there is no hard evidence of any such phenomenon in Baltimore, unconfirmed reports of suspicious white vans in Baltimore and other cities across the US have been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook in recent weeks and have been seen by potentially millions of Facebook users.

Sightings of “suspicious” white vans in Baltimore have been reported on Facebook for years. For example, CNN Business found one 2016 post from a woman who warned there was a white van outside her home and that people should be careful because there was “a guy in a white van kidnapping kids.”

Most likely, as with PizzaGate and 9/11 conspiracy theories, this fear of white vans reflects a subliminal knowledge that something bad is happening out there, and since we cannot defend against it, we have to invent a mythology for it in order to talk about it.

In reality, an effective eugenics van would be entirely invisible. Disguised as an ordinary business vehicle, it would make its way through traffic to the homes of its victims, who would quickly be dispatched and have their bags packed and personal effects taken.

Driving sedately into the suburbs, it would deposit them at either a funeral home or factory with a massive boiler, at which point the bodies would be reduced to ash. This would be given to complicit parties who would scatter it in forests and parks where it would quickly be absorbed by the soil.

The police, if they did anything, would file missing persons reports and stash with the rest of the unknowns that democracy has mysteriously run out of money to enforce. If anyone claimed an epidemic of missing people, there would be no connection between them to identify.

Should any single eugenics van get pulled over, its members would claim to be serial killers on a gang-stalking mission, and this would make headlines but quickly vanish once society realized it has no defense against such a thing.

People have probably noticed a number of youngsters go missing over the past few years and surmise that it is child trafficking, enhanced by the ongoing diversity sex slave scandal going on in the UK.

Most likely, as the West breaks down under the impacts of democracy, feminism, equality, and diversity, we are having an outbreak of mental health issues with a corresponding explosion in pedophiles, who along with the constant ethnic cold warfare of rape and murder, explain the missing.

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