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False Idols

Many modern citizens find themselves saddened at what is clearly the collapse of democracy. As the election audits go on, we are seeing that not only are there “irregularities” in 2020, but probably many elections before.

We can try to patch up the election system, sure, but we come down to the fundamental paradox: someone must count the votes, and this person will always have an interest in electing those who will spend more money.

Your money is your time, and that is why this should annoy you, so it makes sense to dispense with the pretense of “it’s only money.” When they take your cash, they steal your time, and you don’t get it back. These people are parasites.

The people who want “equality” — the same neurotics who want to manage every aspect of your life out of fear that you might become powerful — have used democracy to steal your time and ruin your future.

At some point, all of our human endeavors come down to the question of “who watches the watchers?” and in democracy, our answer has been bureaucrats. However, no one watches them except the voters, who sleep on undisturbed.

Democracy has reached its end point by natural means. It started well, since it cut overhead and allowed for rapid growth, but now we are impoverished denizens of an overpopulated, polluted planet with leaders who pay attention to zero real problems.

What comes next?

No one has a good blueprint for coming out of democracy; our options are oligarchy, or rule by the rich, monarchy, or rule by the intellectual and moral elite, timarchy, or military rule, and tyranny, or rule by those who serve their own needs above all else, mostly the need to stay in power.

Almost invariably, successful transition from democracy will rely on an exceptional leader willing to seize power like a tyrant but wield it like an aristocrat, meaning: for the benefit of his people.

But this, you see, is a leap too far for most.

They have grown up in a bureaucratic world. To them, “politics” consists of decisions about how much government will tax and where it will spend it, and democracy will always be in power, so we just need to make a few tweaks.

For some, this approach has failed, and they are reacting emotionally, flinging themselves to the other side of the spectrum and embracing all that this society has demonized. However, they cannot conceptualize of these things except in the context of the status quo, which means that they have no idea what they are talking about.

Let us look at the false idols followed by those who want to escape from this time without changing what fundamentally makes modernity what it is — egalitarianism — and consequently find themselves clinging to false hopes:

  • National Socialism: Most focus on how this system is immoral, which tells us that it was not immoral, but it makes sense for us to focus on how badly it functions. It got Germany out of a deep recession by mobilizing for war, but ran into trouble paying for itself over the course of that time. While some of the round-up of undesirables was good, National Socialism also opted for murderous slavery when there was no need. Censorship and repression were part of daily life, although arguably less so than in England and blatantly less so than in the Communist regimes. Somehow, National Socialism stumbled into fighting the same war — with a few variations — as the last world war. It was heading for bankruptcy and instability, since Hitler was a flakeout half the time as a leader, and he surrounded himself with toadies who were often a bit unstable. When Hitler died, it was going to collapse into infighting and civil war. I am not pro-Nazi or anti-Nazi, especially the latter since it is a cornerstone of the Left and they are insane, but I think it is important to recognize that while the Nazis did a few things well, they also did a lot of really disastrous things and we need something better than that for our future. Even more, most of the internet Nazis scapegoat The Jews™ for all of the stupid decisions made by democracy, organized religion, and socialism, which seems to miss the point that these ideologies are nucking futz.
  • Christianity: “If everyone just accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, America would be saved!” says the fat man rapidly waving a small plastic flag made in China while his mixed-race grandchildren play in the concrete dystopian wasteland covered in advertising. Christianity may be a fine religion, but it is a foreign religion, in addition to being universalist, dualist, and worst of all, written down so that insane idiots can constantly misinterpret it. Most people have a religion of their own, and it is basically the idea that some loving life-force animates the universe and it pushes us toward good, even though humans usually reject good in favor of good enough or a good illusion, and this life-force takes care of us when we die in some way that is not awful. I like this religion. It makes sense to me. I seem to recall it is what I believed as a young child before crazy adults started talking about death (indirectly) so much that I fled the church. I do not believe that Heaven has different rules than Earth, or even in Heaven and Hell. I think we go on somewhere else and have a different form of the same struggles here, which is the constant battle between organization and disorder. Like National Socialism, Jesus had a lot of good ideas and a few unforgivable ones. Take the good, kick out the bad. America is not going to unite behind Christ, especially since participation in organized religion has been falling like a stone for decades, nor is religion by itself enough. We need culture, good leadership, and a functional economic and political system too.
  • The Constitution: Lots of people, especially Boomercons, want to believe in our “republic,” by which they mean a constitutional democracy. They think that the right laws will make society work, despite us having plenty of them to no effect. They think that they can rope in random warm bodies, “educate” them in the right way to think, and send them off to vote, and somehow the tendency of humans in groups to choose simplistic stupid stuff over the complex derivations required to understand simply unstupid stuff will just go away. They ignore questions of social class, genetic fitness, race, ethnicity, and culture. To them, life is the law and the money behind it, and they think themselves wise for having chosen such a powerful implement. However, a nation is not built of laws, but of humans, and the quality of those humans as well as the degree of commonality they have at an innate (genetic, spiritual) level matters. This false hope and hollow idol makes no sense when we consider how much of past history has been spent chasing this golden calf, and how easily it is subverted because genetically different people either choose to interpret or innately understand words as having different meanings. You can write all of the laws that you want, but the warm bodies will re-interpret those as convenient for them.

We only escape modernity the moment we realize that We The People are bad, stupid, and selfish, and that in groups we mutually validate our selfishness and deficiencies, not overcome them.

Modernity arose from The Enlightenment,™ a movement that placed individual desires, perceptions, and feelings above tradition and natural law. In groups, these individualists become collectivists, using the power of the group to enforce their individualism.

They took over because as egalitarians they have rejected nature and logic, and therefore they are already dead. Being doomed, they had no problem taking great risks and behaving destructively, and by the same token as “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” the most unreasonable person in the room soon has everyone else catering to him.

The Left has nothing to lose because they never had anything to lose. Their only strategy is to couple guilt and bullying into a weaponize form of peer pressure, and with that collective, force us to accept their individualism and subsidize it.

The Right restrained some of the worst impulses for a time, but as the country veers toward Communism, it is clear that the Left won, even if their victories always end in self-defeat when their systems implode.

Looking at the Right, we see that it is still a safety culture, assuming that we do not need to change direction, but must only manage the risks that come our way from nature and time. This gives up on having a goal, and guarantees the failure of the Right when it confronts Leftists, who have a shining, simple and simplistic goal, therefore are more popular.

For the Right to live again, it needs to stop crusading for false idols, and instead accept that we are all already dead. Our only salvation comes in victory, and that requires taking great risks, instead of trying to defend a status quo that is more braindead neurotic rot than health.

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