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Socialism Attracts People Who Do Not Understand The World Enough to Know They Are Wrong

A recent poll conducted on SWPL darling social media site Reddit’s /r/socialism channel reveals the nature of the people who are currently expressing interest in socialism: 48% are unemployed, 61% live with their parents, 69% are uneducated, 14% support free speech, and 46% support riots.

In other words, the baristas and food service workers of America’s middle class dropouts are angered that they do not have a social support network that will enable them to continue dwelling in basements and agitating on the internet. More importantly, these people lack the background, intelligence and experience that would enable them to realize that they have no idea what they are talking about.

The survey reveals other details of the life orientation and habits of the members of this subreddit dedicated to the promotion of socialism, all of which suggest that these people have no idea what they are doing, which explains the appeal of failed ideologies like socialism to them.

They dislike the idea of speech without content restrictions. 80% of them oppose free speech (2.7% answering no, 40.9% restricting “hate speech,” and 36.4% not trusting the state to define it).

They mostly hide within more general parties. 37.9% belong to broad Leftist organizations and only 13.6% are part of a Marxist-branded party.

They have no experience of unions to speak of. 76.5% of them have never been in a labor union.

They are not starving, poor or even uncomfortable. Only 23.9% identify as poor, which is not quantified, and where 33.5% of them say they have adequate living circumstances, the largest group at 37.4% cite their living conditions as “comfortable,” although this is again not quantified.

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