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The team that evolved into the Amerika writing group started out in the late 1980s writing about nihilism. This was a rejection the shaping of our knowledge by human mental convenience, and a cry for reality-based radical skepticism of “truths” shared by the herd.

Since that time, we have scooped every other source on several points of importance for all future rightists:

  • Diversity Does Not Work. While most of our compatriots were focused on criticizing specific ethnic groups, our approach was to say that diversity itself is the problem. Each group acts in self-interest to establish its own values as standards and to shape the future of the nation, and this naturally brings them into conflict, resolved only in Balkanization or reduction of the group to a lowest common denominator grey (or “beige”) race.
  • Class Revolt Is The Problem. At a time when most others were blaming capitalism, technology or infiltration for our decline, we argued that civilizational decay was at the root of it, spurred on by a radical individualism caused by an over-abundance of people without purpose, whose survival had been protected by civilization. Class warfare destroys most civilizations.
  • Bootstrapping Is The Solution. Although others still seem unclear on this issue, our group argues that the only solution will come through seizing political control while simultaneously nurturing a cultural movement toward excellence; the two will form a feedback loop. This enables society to re-evolve toward greatness.
  • Realism Leads to Idealism. Taking a hint from the Germanic Idealists, our writers have argued for some time that extreme realism leads to a view of reality as a structure composed of something thought-like at a level below physicality. This rejects both atheistic materialism and dualism, and argues instead for a layered monism.

The texts linked in this post are from the 2000s and 2010s but reflect writing from the late 1980s through early 1990s which, originally posted to long-gone web servers and USENET, has been steadily edited toward greater accuracy.

As we approach nearly three decades down this path, our writers want to remind you: You Heard It Here First. We are ignored by many of the larger publications on the Right, as well as by all the Left, because we do not dumb down what we write, nor do we provide easy scapegoats and the type of emotional drama found on blogs. But most of all, we are feared, because our nuanced answers have more duration than the appeals to feelings that make most writing inaccurate.

The time that is coming will be decided by a single question. We either choose to lift our spirits toward goodness and excellence, and by so doing, restore Western Civilization, or we follow many other failed societies down a path from which there is no recovery. It ends in a grey race, without culture or philosophy, obedient to a few cruel leaders who manipulate it as its people stagnate and reverse their evolutionary path, ending up as hominids standing among ancient ruins whose meaning is long forgotten.

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