#BLMKidnapping: Clear Proof That #DiversityIsOver

Several African-Americans abducted, beat and tortured a mentally disabled white fellow and posted the video to social media. Among other things, statements against white people and Donald J. Trump were made, and the victim was humiliated with these statements.

Video below — warning, this contains cruelty and violence:

This is an obvious hate crime. If white people did the same thing to black people, with appropriate substitutions for racial slurs and choice of candidate, this would be non-stop national news coverage with much agitation for charges to be filed in as extreme a manner as possible.

The current incident follows a similar incident from the near past. Given that victims do not always report crimes, it would be foolhardy to assume these are isolated.

While emotions run high, and all sorts of lunacies are being suggested, a cold and sober view suggests that this event is a symptom of diversity failing: each group in our multiculture is competing to be on top, and when one group gets ahead of the others, retribution follows.

In that sense, this incident is as much a product of the failure of diversity as lynchings in the past. When groups are thrown into the same society, friction results, in addition to total social alienation caused by the lack of a standard of behavior specific to a group, and in the sinking sensation of unease that comes with discovering that society is not geared toward the well-being of the group to which an individual belongs.

When diversity failures appear, the following can be said loudly and clearly:

Diversity Is Over

For the last 70 years, we have attempted to make diversity work in its most liberal form, after it was nothing but a series of problems in its more restricted variety since the founding of the nation. Every attempt we have made has failed and left the problem worse than it was before.

Ann Coulter correctly identified the problem as diversity itself instead of a specific race or races:

It cannot be said often enough that the chief of staff of the United States Army, Gen. George Casey, responded to a massacre of 13 Americans in which the suspect is a Muslim by saying: “Our diversity … is a strength.”

As long as the general has brought it up: Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem. Look at Ireland with its Protestant and Catholic populations, Canada with its French and English populations, Israel with its Jewish and Palestinian populations.

Or consider the warring factions in India, Sri Lanka, China, Iraq, Czechoslovakia (until it happily split up), the Balkans and Chechnya. Also look at the festering hotbeds of tribal warfare — I mean the “beautiful mosaic” — in Third World hellholes like Afghanistan, Rwanda and South Central, L.A.

“Diversity” is a difficulty to be overcome, not an advantage to be sought. True, America does a better job than most at accommodating a diverse population. We also do a better job at curing cancer and containing pollution. But no one goes around mindlessly exclaiming: “Cancer is a strength!” “Pollution is our greatest asset!”

At Amerika, we have noted this argument for some time, following up on the same argument being made on USENET in the 1990s: the problem is not blacks or whites or any other group, but diversity itself, which puts groups in conflict with one another.

Many of these texts predate Neoreaction, the Alt Right and the new Traditionalist revival of the turn of the millennium. They represent the original position taken by this author in the late 1980s through early 1990s that our problem was something like what Samuel Huntington would later write about as “the clash of civilizations,” namely that each group — ethnic, cultural, religious, class/caste, sexual — needs its own areas and control of its own future so that it can establish its own standards and direction.

While the nation boils with discontent over this latest event, which will lead to positive results for no one, it makes sense instead to go back to our most basic understand and to see that regardless of who is at fault this time, we are all at fault if we continue trying to make the defective and paradoxical policy of diversity (also called internationalism and multiculturalism) function at all.

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43 Responses to “#BLMKidnapping: Clear Proof That #DiversityIsOver”

  1. The USA is turning into a failed State. Do the authorities in Illinois do anything other than collect taxes from the law-abiding any more? Can they?

  2. MeToo says:

    We also do a better job at curing cancer

    LOL!! Continue with your fantasy about our wonderful cancer treatment system if you must.

  3. Chris I says:

    TLB encourages TNB, but TNB is a force of its own. The jungle is missing its bunnies just like the desert is missing its incestuous camel humpers; the East is missing its yellow fevers; the South is missing its Taco Bell sharts; and Israel is missing its sexually mutilated men and their naggy bitches. I won’t miss any of you.

  4. Ernst says:

    these peple are complete cowards.

  5. Ulrich Arbes says:

    Two things:

    1. I wouldn´t let non-Whites off the hook so easily. From “Diversity is bad news.”, it doesn´t follow that Blacks as such and by themselves are good news.

    2. Are you perfectly sure this wasn´t staged and the victim is not an SJW or masochist who consented to play his part?

    If this was confirmed beyond doubt, I for one say they deserve the death cell.

    • From “Diversity is bad news.”, it doesn´t follow that Blacks as such and by themselves are good news.

      1. If diversity is bad news, why look further?
      2. It may be that other groups are a greater threat, just on a different time-scale.
      3. If any diversity leads to our racial erasure, it does not matter if one group is more bad news than the others.

      Are you perfectly sure this wasn´t staged and the victim is not an SJW or masochist who consented to play his part?

      No. Any way that you know of to be sure about anything reported by press/government? The live video was pretty disturbing however.

      • Ulrich Arbes says:

        1. Because inquiring minds may want to know if diversity is bad news only in one country or on a planetary scale.

        • Diversity is bad everywhere with any ingredients.

          That is the point.

          • -A says:

            Mr. Albe, while I am also not the type to not point out the crimes that piss me off and blame the attackers squarely, one of the attackers’ sister was saying that what they were doing was wrong and may very well have contributed to the arrests. Perhaps even called the police herself. They are not all bad. Further, if you want planet wide genocide, that is going to be a hefty commitment. There has to be more of a reason than that you say black people are all bad. There will be power vacuums, there will be strife, there will be forgetting of the whole point. Then there will be infighting over the cleared up land because it is quite valuable.

            As for not letting non-White off easy, this is always going to go hand in hand with letting Whites off easy for their role. I hate that it is the case but it is. Liberalism gleefully opened the gates to the thugs in the video.

  6. David Neyhew says:

    Please stop calling this demographic “African-American” which is inaccurate and looks repusively cucky for this blog. [African-Americans] in America are not African, and they are un-American. This blog will remain a cuck blog until I see you calling the [African-American] what they are.

    • We call them “African-Americans” to emphasize their heritage including its positive aspects.

      White populations are traditionally destroyed by admixture with Asians. The focus on African-Americans is a red herring.

      This blog is the ultimate anti-cuck blog because it honestly faces the issues without drama and keeps its thinking clear. We do not need to use racial slurs to prove this, like young men bragging about their sexual conquests. It is all here in black and white (no pun intended).

      • David Neyhew says:

        “We call them “African-Americans” to emphasize their heritage including its positive aspects.”

        Except their heritage is not African, they have no positive aspects, and you call them that because you’re a bunch of cucks. Can we just get real here, for once? You’re doing a disservice to yourselves by using Democrat language like “African-American”. I don’t even think actual Democrats are cucky enough to call them “African-American” anymore. A Nihilist/conservative blog using that term is an insult to its readers. Help America out and just say [African-American].

        • You’re doing a disservice to yourselves by using Democrat language like “African-American”.

          No, because I am using it in parallel to the important term European-American.

          There is no such thing as a generic American. Amerika changed that by becoming multi-racial.

          Now, your tribe is your identity, and each tribe needs to be encouraged in having that identity.

          Speaking of cucks, did you realize that people who insist on portraying anyone who is white and nationalist as a Hollywood racist is in fact a useful idiot for the Left?

          In other words, a super-cuck?

          You might ask these people this question, although they will lie: “Are you at this time or have you in the past received payments from the United States government or law enforcement agencies?”

          Watch ’em scurry.

          • David Neyhew says:

            “No, because I am using it in parallel to the important term European-American.”

            Well unfortunately for you, that term has no parallel for [African-Americans], because unlike White people in America, [African-Americans] have not retained a shred of African culture or language, nor do most of them even know what part of Africa their ancestors used to live in. They will never have anything to do with Africa.

            “There is no such thing as a generic American. Amerika changed that by becoming multi-racial.

            Now, your tribe is your identity, and each tribe needs to be encouraged in having that identity.”

            This statement conflicts with the stated purpose of this blog which is civilizational retention. [African-American] identity consists of anti-civilization behavior. Encouraging [African-American] identity is encouraging America’s decline.

            • You misunderstand nationalism. Nationalism means tribalism, and restoration of civilization by the factual recognition that genetics produces culture.

              This means that America’s decline occurred the moment it left the nationalist standard of being a WASP nation. America is for all practical purposes dead, but Western Civilization lives on, and to restore it, we must be free of all diversity.

              Undue focus on African-Americans blights that realization, and ends up working for the other side.

              • missy says:

                It seems to me they should be called “black” because we are called “white”. Calling them African American seems to give them protected group status. The term was invented by whites typical cowardly catering to them. The more they are catered to, the worse they behave – the more emboldened they are. I believe that is because they are more primitive and when they see whites behave like pandering weaklings they feel a predator/prey situation has been handed to them. Whites are acting like weaklings/prey. White flight is further proof of the predator/prey relationship.

                • To my mind, there is only one hardline: nationalism. Every ethnic group gets its own nation, and in America, the mixed-Western-European WASP group owns it. Everyone else goes home, probably with a token payment for their inconvenience.

                  • -A says:

                    If he gives in now to these histrionic and hysterical demands, he will always be a cuck whenever they want something from him. Just because many African Americans are niggers doesn’t mean that they have all been loosed from their tribal identity. Further, read what Brett actually has to say about the real subjects. Conservatism is so much more than realizing that diversity failed and seething in the anger phase. It is love, nurturing and restoration of what we lost and where we came from as well. It seems to me that these are just too damned icky for the 1488 crowd.

                  • missy says:

                    I don’t think they can be sent home. I’ll bet the outcome will be more of the Divided States of America. If whites would be more honest about race this would never have happened. Whites are very civil to other races publicly but planning an escape privately. They see a non-white and instantly think of their property values and where to move next.
                    Maybe, there is hope of science rediscovering race and genetics as critical and the importance of the preservation of each unique group and it’s culture and language which is on the verge of being lost forever in some white countries. In this case, sending us all “home” would be seen as an act of conservation, a GOOD thing and a thing to be guarded. I would gladly return to an all white Europe to have a safe future for descendants.

                    • -A says:

                      If there is no sending them home civilly, there is absolutely sending them home by force. They aren’t that large of a cluster of groups that a dedicated Ancienne Regime style Aristocracy couldn’t force them out. I would also like a safer, homogeneous Europe.

                    • If whites would be more honest about race this would never have happened.

                      We are not because we are competing within ourselves for virtue, a consequence of (Leftist) class warfare.

              • David Neyhew says:

                “Western Civilization lives on, and to restore it, we must be free of all diversity.

                Undue focus on African-Americans blights that realization, and ends up working for the other side.”

                Well you’ll be sorry to learn that in order to free ourselves of all diversity, 42,000,000 Blackies are going to have to go away. They’re not going to leave at the request of “Nationalists” no matter how generous a payment you offer them. No one is going to accept them, because everyone is aware of their behavior, including actual Africans.

                You misunderstand the real world. In the real world, you can’t deport 42,000,000 Blackies just because you want them to go away. The path of least resistance isn’t always an option. Those 42,000,000 Blackies are going to have to be slaughtered.

                • -A says:

                  If this is actually true, so be it. If it turns out not to be true, there is no washing off millions of bodies worth of blood. No matter how much lava soap you use.

                • 42,000,000 Blackies are going to have to go away.

                  Reparations plus repatriation for all who are non-WASP in America. This solves the problem.

                  • MeToo says:

                    A theoretical solution is what you are proposing. The reality is that even if the logistics could be arranged, the remaining western Europeans + WASPs would begin arguing among themselves all over again – the soil of Europe is covered in blood of Euros killed by other Euros over hundreds of years.

                    If there is a reason to believe it is impossible for such conflict to re-occur, I would like to know what that reason is.

  7. McGarrett says:

    I’ve been getting a bad vibe when interacting with brown-skinned people in recent months that I’ve never had before. There’s a restrained civility that could easily be torn to shreds if the wrong combination of words are uttered in their presence and you happen to be white. I suppose it’s always been this way but now the cards are on the table.

    I was at an indoor mall a couple months back with my family. While I was standing near a cafe drinking my coffee and talking to my mother a middle-eastern couple was walking out of Nordstrom with a stroller and the wife made eye with contact with me. I wasn’t eye-balling her deliberately, just in my line of vision, but she stared me down. Mom was like “what’s this bitch looking at?” as they walked by, occasionally looking back at us. I returned the glare and had my fist clinched, fully ready for a confrontation. Didn’t happen.

    I don’t know why the habib did that other than my mom and I were one of the only non-yuppie white people in that area. Maybe because I’m a white guy in an olive rancher coat and hunting cap. Idk, but I know I won’t be made to feel alien in a country I pay taxes in. Couple more of these incidents and I’m liable to say something. If it happens to you, my advice is stand rock-steady. Don’t let these people bully you.

    • I’ve been getting a bad vibe when interacting with brown-skinned people in recent months that I’ve never had before.

      Me too, especially Hispanics. Tensions are high. I have been telling them “Diversity Is Over!” at every possible chance, as this seems to incense people more than racial slurs even can do.

  8. Jennifer C. says:

    “the problem is not blacks”

    I beg to differ.

    • So, we do the usual calculus:

      If all blacks died tomorrow, would life be peachy?

      No: we would still have other diverse groups, all of whom want their own culture/interests/standards to prevail over those from other groups. In fact, by eliminating a less-competent group, you will have empowered the more competent groups like Asians, who are historically most likely to assimilate us, although it is unclear whether that is by East Asians (Orientals), middle easterners, Indian Asians, or New World Asians (indios/”Hispanics”).

      As we can see from this little thought experiment, diversity is the problem. Blacks may also offer their own unique set of problems — every race does! — but that is not the problem.

      • James says:

        That reminds me of the “Boondock Saints” joke:

        There’s a mexican, a black guy and a White guy.
        A geenie appears and agrees to grant them each one wish..
        The mexican asks for all of his people to be happy and in mexico.
        So POOF.. the wish is granted.
        The black guy asks for all of his people to be happy and back in africa.
        POOF.. the wish is granted.
        The geenie finally goes up to the White guy and says, “What will your wish be?”
        The white guy says,”You mean to tell me that all of the blacks and mexicans are out of the country?”
        The geenie says,”of course! that is what they wished for!”
        so the white guy says,”Then I guess I’ll will have a coke.”

        Maybe getting all the blacks out of the country will not make this country “peachy”. It will just be MUCH peachier.

      • Jennifer C. says:

        I don’t disagree that there is an underlying problem common to all those things, but I would say the nation would be much peachier if that came to pass. At the very least, vast swathes of the mid-west, south-east, and new england would become habitable again.

        • Yes, but still under threat — they are not free until we end diversity entirely.

          The enemy of “good” is “good enough,” as they say. Well, food for thought at least.

        • -A says:

          Okay, agreed. But other non-White races are going to pull the same shit they do in Canada and Michigan (lots of mestizos in Michigan) and we would have to deal with a smarter, better coordinated and more time resistant lot with lots of shit-lib support.

          Even growing up in a place where blacks are not that bad at all by most margins, I do not doubt that Atlanta would be much nicer if it was Whiter than Buckhead again. However, they are not the problem and we have to address what made them a problem to really get what we want.

  9. JPW says:

    The excuses are done. There is no way to argue !RACISM! is just a 1-way street. They knew this kid was retarded and deliberately selected for his invulnerability. This was not fighting THE MAN in any way or fashion. The entire paradigm of race relations must be reevaluated.

  10. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I was amazingly comfortable growing up in a totally Wasp town. [There was one other Jewish family in the entire city.] Then we moved closer to LA and things changed. From what I could tell diversity, did not contribute a thing. Besides that I recall that my grandparents owned property in Newark NJ and when it became black, they donated everything they owned [in that city] to the city and ran out as fast as they could.

  11. […] but to see this, you must use compassion to understand the mentality of the perpetrators in the kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled man in what is now considered a hate crime. Before we can do that, we must dispense with the dominant illusion that this was not a hate […]

  12. Fish says:

    I am somewhat obsessed with FAS – fetal alcohol syndrome. Tend to seek out the FAS fearures on strangers’ faces: my hobby you know. I suppose, the main girl in the video has it, look at the third picture: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/mYtB4smQkaE/maxresdefault.jpg .

    • …you could be onto something here. Seems like she is a lost soul to me, caught up in the angst of diversity, and probably not intellectually capable of doing more than lashing out in the stupidest way possible.

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