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Why multiculturalism doesn’t work

From a blog comment:

Multiculturalism doesn’t work, no matter what ethnic group are involved; it’s not the fault of the ethnic groups but multiculturalism that multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Therefore, the Nanny/Police State is gonna force it on you, because many people are still resisting it, like they resist other forms of state control that are based in unrealistic suppositions.

Multiculturalism, or multi-ethnicism, is an excuse for importing people from other nations.

  • Industry loves it because it gives them cheap labor and new customers to buy all the products required to start up homes. Also, these people have no cultural prohibitions on buying certain things that were previously unsalable.
  • Liberal politicians love it because it gives them an easy-to-pander-to, instant voting base.
  • Underconfident, depressed, underachieving, disillusioned, self-pitying, low-self-esteem individuals love it because it gives them a way to take revenge on the demographic majority, who are perceived as thriving in a situation which these underconfident people are not thriving in.

This is the intersection of groups that want multiculturalism.

To everyone else, especially those who read history, it makes sense to have a nation of people pulling in roughly the same direction:

  • Values systems.
  • Culture.
  • Heritage.
  • IQ, ability and wealth.

That’s how you get a stable society. People who are upset with our current society, or upset at themselves, or simply jockeying for power, are willing to sacrifice a stable society for their own needs.

That is why multiculturalism is the new taboo, and criticism of it is “bad” in the same way Satan, Stalin and nerve gas are “bad.”

Of course, history shows us that we’re not the first civilization to go this way. The Greeks observed how once a nation became a trading mecca and had naval power, it inevitably began to include a motley group, and eventually collapsed.

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