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Understanding the Leftist Ecosystem

As written here in the past, Leftists comprise an ecosystem. At the top are the people who make great money and hold the invisible strings of power, in the middle are a confused and fearful support base, and at the bottom are the disposable fighters like Antifa.

Leftism thrives on division because it came about through division. Instead of having a unified culture, Leftists argued, let the population eat up the seed corn, every man for himself! When that failed, they started arguing for “redistributing” wealth so that they could be divided yet still have enough to eat.

That anyone tolerates this insanity remains the real wonder here but people are cowed by social situations and fear being the ones to state opposition to things that are popular among the middle and lower ranks of society. Those people, who understand little, want government to print money and give out free things forever.

Being closer to the criminal mentality, they also see no utility in culture. They want what they want and they want it now, yet they are happy to leave the cleanup to others. Like a crowd at an amusement park, they want to enjoy their pleasures and then move on to something else without a further thought.

History shows us that societies go through this kind of pattern. They succeed, at which point no one wants to deviate from the past, which replaces any sense of forward goal, so soon the only question is to how scam authority so that you can do what you want instead of being thrown into conformity to the past.

This scamming takes a familiar form. You must justify what you want as part of what the authority has already designated as good via its rules and incentive structure. People argue in this form: poverty hurts us, therefore we need to end poverty, therefore we must do it my way only and give out free stuff forever.

With that kind of “blank cheque,” the powers-that-be are liberated from any kind of responsibility. As long as the free government gifts keep flowing, the people will not revolt, and therefore the circus masters will remain in power. Any government that fails to conform will be overthrown.

Leftism takes many forms but its origin ultimate lies in the mentality of people in cities, the bourgeoisie who are interested only in commerce and social popularity. For them, eating the seed corn means a better quarter on the books and more attaboys at the local club or pub.

In this way, Leftists serve a role in the larger ecosystem as both parasites and saprophytes, or those who weaken and consume whatever has lost purpose so that it decays. They exist to destroy, and they use division of society back into disorganized individuals as their method.

Leftists tend to come in three major types:

  • Grifters: at the top level are the media figures, entertainers, and politicians who make themselves famous by espousing egalitarian ideals and therefore, make themselves popular among the many disenchanted people who, because authority exists, blame that authority for their own problems. This group manipulates the herd like conductors of a vast symphony of compensation, blame, fear, and doubt.
  • Useful Idiots: the vast majority of Leftists are people who simply have no purpose in life and no explanation for their sense of not being as important as they think they should be, or who want more free stuff from government. Credulous, this group can be counted on to avoid reviewing facts or having a memory beyond the 14-day window of a paycheck period, and never notice that despite all the free stuff they remain relatively poor.
  • True Believers: a small group of people either believe or have convinced themselves to believe that egalitarianism is progress toward Utopia and not the breakdown of organic social order into subsidized anarchy. Many are academics, writers, artists, and wealthy people who now need a reason to exist that justifies their wealth, so they become “champions of the people.”

In addition to this, a fourth group lurks in the wings. These are the bureaucrats, managers, and administrators. Once the Leftist mob has gained control, the bean-counters come in and decide who must die in order for the subsidies to keep flowing.

The scam successfully destroys civilization this way. On the backs of the Useful Idiots and True Believers, the Grifters ascend to power and form political machines like Tammany Hall which essentially trade favors, including free stuff from government, for votes.

These tend to be universally pro-diversity because diverse groups can be counted on to vote against the majority, not to mention erasing any organic culture that preserves the social order which stands in the way of subsidized anarchy. In addition, diversity gives the Grifters someone to “protect” and a “blank cheque” to raid the treasury.

Of these groups, we might have the most sympathy for the True Believers because they mean well, even if they have forgotten that intention does not equal results in reality and “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” (alone). They always end up executed once the Leftist regime takes on its final form.

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