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Leap Into Life: “There Is No Political Solution”

In this series, the high colonic of realism explores copes, or compensatory rationalizations that people use to seem important, relevant, and most of all, not guilty of sleeping through it all, even though none of these ideas will solve the problem at hand.

Today in armchair politics we look at the phrase “there is no political solution” which is favored by tryhards, blowhards, and wannabes everywhere as they attempt to look tough and uncompromising… on the internet. The phrase suggests that there is no point voting, organizing, or otherwise engaging with the political system.

People use statements like these in order to appear more uncompromising than the rest of their peer group, making it likely that they will be seen as visionary leaders, and in order to make a plausible excuse for their total lack of actual action.

Over the last thirty years we have heard variations on this theme many times. The underground Right await the great race war; the bumbling mainstream Right are looking for the Second American Revolution (or, if edgy, the Second American Civil War). Big point is: “waiting.” They do nothing.

After all, why leave your comfortable armchair when you can essentially tell everyone else that they are poseurs, you alone have the true path to victory, and therefore that you are justified in continuing to sit in your comfy armchair? Conservatives love to throw fruit at their television screens and then go back to work the next day.

Like the imbecilic “Benedict Option,” the constant bleating of “there is no political solution” is a lifestyle statement, not a political one. They have given up on fixing Western Civilization, and just want their comfy home with a tradwife and cow.

Almost all of them continue vigorous posing for a few years then get a Hispanic or Asian girlfriend or become fully vested in their 401k plans, at which point they sell or toss all of the memorabilia and weaponry they have acquired and start posting Good Parent photos to Facebook.

You might say that they became unserious, but more accurately, they never were serious. They simply wanted a role to play that made them seem cool before they revealed what useless normies they were inside all along. It is wise not to listen to these people.

Like all of the worst lies, of course, “there is no political solution” is a partial truth. You cannot use politics to fix a civilization; however, you must use politics to disable the forces pushing it down, and the only sensible way to do this is to begin with the gentlest political activism, such as voting, organizing, and writing.

In other words, the people being accused of being do-nothings by the actual do-nothings who sit kingly ensconced in their favorite Remnant armchairs are in fact doing the useful first step: end the illusions and orient our people toward not “issues” but the general goal of restoring and improving Western Civilization.

Everything else is a cope, distraction, deflection, and lifestyle choice. There is only one issue, which is the health of civilization; after all, it is better to be a peasant in a rising society than it is to be a king in a dying one. We are now in a dying one, dying slowly of egotism and its political wing, egalitarianism/Leftism.

If you want a foaming high colonic of raging realism, it is this: your individual choices mean nothing when your society fails. You are just amusing yourself before everything that you love and all that you do is swept away into history and ceases to exist.

All of the bloviation about how God will take your precious ideas into Heaven and they will last forever are also copes, or in other words the type of excuses that sad people like drunks and gamblers make to each other so that they can fool themselves into thinking their habits are not the source of their own misery.

We either fix our civilization or we exist in a state that is called “nihilism” but in fact should be called fatalism, or a total lack of belief in the efficacy of our actions or the point to doing more than satisfying our individual desires. Fatalists live without hope in a tempestuous sea of the ego.

What would God — Judeo-Christian, since Jesus was Jewish and re-stated an ancient Arab faith as a Greco-Buddhist version, or otherwise — tell you to do? He would look down and kindly point out, like talking to a microcephalic traumatic brain injury victim, that He made reality for a reason.

No sane God would make Earth and Heaven discontiguous. They exist and operate by the same set of general rules which have more in common with information theory and mathematics than morality. Those rules are plain if you take the time to observe; God loves those who help themselves by paying attention to His creation and taking it seriously.

All of the religious people waiting for Heaven are just like the drunks and lottery addicts telling each other that this is the last one, their big score is coming, and the world will see how they were right and everyone else was wrong. Sort of like the armchair no-political-solution neo-Nazi theocrats and Constitutional Republicans.

We are here to thrive. Life is opportunity, full of possibility. The only sin, if such a thing exists, is to miss opportunity by becoming snared in the morass of egotism, fear, and neurosis. If we want to live a blameless life, we must make our society thrive again. All the complaining about “immoral” methods ends when we succeed and only then.

There is no political solution, but a political solution is part of the only path to victory. Instead of making excuses, Make Ascendent the West Again (MAWA). We have to get Leftism/egalitarianism off our back and then we can rebuild our societies, cultures, and spirits, but not before we detach and disable the parasite.

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