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When less experienced, to me politics seemed a dodge, a cheap stand-in for the real questions of our philosophy, culture, and social order. We were swapping around tokens, supporting candidates and slogans, instead of addressing real questions.

Over time it became clear that the old saw was true and that to stand aside while political decisions were being made was to be ruled by them. As Old America perished before our eyes, it became clear that decades of just taking care of our own business had not worked, and we had allowed crazy to dominate.

This leads one to, over time and the many iterations of interaction with other humans, become more political, in the sense of seeing politics as an inevitable evil that must be controlled or it becomes controlling, meaning that it uses us for its own purposes, and those are parasitic.

In other words, “you may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.”

Many of us become conservatives because we recognize that there is nothing new under the sun. The “new” ideas consist of old failed ideas that can be propped up if enough people support them, at least for awhile, but these require constant forward motion to seem to be accomplishing their goals.

As of the twenty-first century, it has become clear that some of these fake new ideas have run out of room, specifically liberal democracy and Leftism.

Liberal democracy means democracy plus civil rights, a term which means government-enforced equality. Most liberal democracies these days also incorporate market socialism, or free markets (to a degree) which are then taxed to provide for Marxist-style social services as a wealth transfer mechanism.

Leftism refers to the series of philosophies which descend from egalitarianism, or the idea that people are equal, should be equal, or once were equal and can be again. Egalitarians always take from the strong and give to the weak in order to end conflict and fear, but this produces its own instability.

Both of these systems have to push hard toward “new” implementations of their ideas because without people propping them up, they fall of their own accord, so they have to keep swimming toward a mythical Utopia or people lose interest and they fall apart.

This brings us to 2020, where Donald Trump is running on the idea of “populism,” or people taking back their countries from the elite of unelected bureaucrats who have taken over thanks to Leftists expanding the role of government to an unsustainable, parasitic point.

He finds himself in this role because Leftism, having won over its opposition in the first and second world wars, and being freed from fear of going far-Left with the end of the Cold War, has settled into its final form, something we might call Late Stage Democracy:

  • Unelected bureaucrats run a vast government driven by the legal mandate of the fourteenth amendment to provide civil rights, which unlike the previous natural rights, consist of enforced equality instead of personal liberty.
  • Market socialism provides a socialist-style entitlements state that transfer wealth from the upper half of the earning curve to the lower, producing permanent dependents who will continuously vote for those who provide their benefits.
  • Multiculturalism or “diversity” brings in people from third world countries who, not being part of the majority, are hostile to it and vote against it, but also create ghettos which people labor hard at their jobs to be able to afford to escape.
  • Consumerism consists of the money redistributed through market socialism being spent on inexpensively-produced luxury products, while entitlements like Social Security cause people to avoid saving money and instead, spend it on entertainment, luxuries, and competitive status symbols.
  • Popular culture refers to the dominance of the tastes of the common people, rather than the refined, which means that they lean toward sensationalist journalism, simplistic music, movies, books, and art and use it as their primary reference point for what is true.
  • Sexual liberation indicates the ability of people to, instead of gearing themselves toward families, engage in sexual behavior for the convenience of the individual, essentially using others as masturbation aids.

Reading this carefully, one can see that at this point, civilization has fallen apart and been replaced by the bureaucracy that always accompanies democracy. Government and business interests like media dominate where culture, hierarchy, family, faith, and history once reigned.

As Leftism took over in the years following WW2, it became clear that it was running out of room. Leftists of the 1930s had considered Communism the modern and scientific answer to government; eliminate conflict and inequality by distributing wealth, they argued in the wake of the Great Depression.

No one looked too deeply into the causes of that depression, namely the imposition of an income tax causing market distortions and people to place their money into investments in order to outrace the inflation, deflation, and tax cut which would devalue money kept at standard interest rates.

By the 1960s, Leftism had nowhere to go. We had defeated Nationalism, imposed civil rights, and began the entitlements programs which expanded under Kennedy and LBJ. The only remaining step would be go to from a market socialist system to a fully socialist one, and the Cold War held that back.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, America experienced a brief span of time in which full socialism was still off the table because of the recent example of its failure, but Leftists still wanted to expand market socialism without it failing. These were the Clinton years.

In order to keep market socialism alive, however, Clinton made some changes, mainly bringing in mass immigration to work as cheap labor, transferring the profits from their work to the mainstream so that it could work its way into the tax intake, and sending labor overseas to avoid the problem of unions.

Unions, after all, had experienced non-stop successes up through the 1980s. They had beaten back the corporations, gotten legal protection with the National Labor Relations Board, and in the 1980s, defeated the strongest adversary they had ever known, the auto industry.

This created a huge slump in automobile sales, since costs were high and manufacturing quality was low, until a man named Lee Iacocca figured out a workaround: have his global partners manufacture assemblies in foreign lands cheaply, then put them together with American labor, reducing his American workforce.

This sent the unions into a tailspin. They realized that from that point on, they could only lose by winning in most industries, since union wins meant that the factory packed up most of its equipment, shipped it to the third world, and made most of the product there.

Americans got used to a new term: “assembled in USA.” Not Made in USA as they were accustomed to, but assembled, meaning that it was made elsewhere but finally bolted together here in the States. Bill Clinton and his “global village” accommodated this with treaties like NAFTA.

For some time, things were good in America. Products were cheap thanks to Chinese labor; jobs were plentiful in offices, since there was tons of paperwork required with all of this labor shifting and regulatory compliance. Even race relations seemed normalized thanks to more federal money.

However, like all “successes” in democracy, this one consisted of kicking the ball downfield for someone else to deal with. Third world labor created huge third world empires; Europe, protected by American military might, took advantage of these. All of those office jobs demanded more computer power.

Around the time that George W. Bush ascended the presidency to clean up what was rapidly becoming apparent as a Carter-style recession following the excesses of the Clinton years, America had gone into a dark place: it no longer made much of what it used, and all those office jobs were miserable.

This gave the Left its Petri dish, namely widespread misery whose source could not be articulated and lots of pampered people who despite having all of the basics they had wanted a generation ago, still aspired to more simply because someone else had it.

It vaulted Barack Obama into power after widespread discontent about a war in Iraq and Afghanistan had turned into an occupation, the least-rewarding and most damaging type of war, because Bush had gone off on a spirit quest for Christian redemption.

However, with Obama, the Left ran out of room. It had its Leftist majority; it had a Black president; what now? Back to the Clinton program, but without the “it’s the economy, stupid” safeguards: more entitlements, specifically Obamacare, which removed most of disposable income for the middle class.

When election 2016 came around, most of the Republicans were repeating the Reagan-Bush playbook simply because it entitled them to low-risk employment: lower taxes, protect defense and industry, abortion/Jesus, and defend Israel.

This resonated poorly with Republican voters who had figured out with the rise of the Tea Party that Obama had “transformed” old America, wrecking it with demographic replacement of Whites just as the 1960s had replaced WASPs with Southern/Irish/Eastern/Mediterranean Europeans and socialist-style programs.

Donald Trump ran his campaign instead based on what people were not talking about: immigration, regulations, high taxes, and our offshored industry causing wage stagnation:

Year-over-year growth has mostly ranged between 2% and 3% since the beginning of 2013. But in the years just before the 2007-08 financial collapse, average hourly earnings often increased by around 4% year-over-year. And during the high-inflation years of the 1970s and early 1980s, average wages commonly jumped 7%, 8% or even 9% year-over-year.

After adjusting for inflation, however, today’s average hourly wage has just about the same purchasing power it did in 1978, following a long slide in the 1980s and early 1990s and bumpy, inconsistent growth since then. In fact, in real terms average hourly earnings peaked more than 45 years ago: The $4.03-an-hour rate recorded in January 1973 had the same purchasing power that $23.68 would today.

Not to mention the rising cost of living:

Meanwhile, the cost of living — including food, housing, education and medical costs — increased by 2.3% over the past year alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Consumer Price Index. The cost of medical care rose 4.6% in 2019, the largest year-over-year increase since 2007, the BLS reports. Housing also jumped 3.2% last year, while education expenses rose 2.1% and food prices increased about 1.8%.

He stopped short of blaming unions, diversity, entitlements, affirmative action, and the 14A for this crisis, but it was clear that this was implied to those who follow such decisions, while the rest of us could just follow along with the “populist” formula of noticing that what he was saying comported with what we were seeing despite media, academia, and government telling us that it was not so.

Like other populists such as Nigel Farage, Trump pointed out a simple truth: government is as much as a self-interested corporation as the large corporations that we know to fear for their pursuit of profit above all else. Government has grown huge under the Leftist program.

The “Deep State” — or entrenched bureaucracy — survives between different administrations and always increases taxes, costs, immigration, and regulations independent of market needs, making us less competitive and increasing the drain of our wealth to China and the EU.

This threatened the Establishment, which was on the verge of importing enough third world people to have permanent power, something it needed because it had no more room to move Leftward without going to full socialism.

Consequently, the most intense propaganda campaign in history began with the goal of unseating Donald Trump. Leftist politicians, bureaucrats, LGBT+, media, academia, “science,” government agencies, and various neurotics joined hands to overthrow an elected leader and replace him with the Obama plan.

This tells us that Donald Trump is the first conservative politician — somewhere in the intersection between moderate Democrat and Reagan Republican — in a long time to actually threaten the Establishment. He was interrupting their carefully-laid scheme.

Their goal, as seems to be the goal in all Leftist revolutions, is to replace organic culture including hierarchy, family, faith, heritage, values, and customs with an Asiatic-style central control system based on mass mobilization, conformity, and symbolism instead of realism, which is the origin of organic culture, namely the adaptation of a group to its environment.

The Left hopes to achieve this total control through demographic displacement, noted by both Aristotle and Plato as a method employed by tyrants: import foreigners because they will always vote against majority interests, therefore destabilizing the organic majority and replacing them with the tool of tyrants, a System.

Systems are always bureaucratic and always tend toward democracy so that they can maintain the illusion of choice while gaming the outcome from the back-end, since the same people are employed to run the State no matter who is elected. Like a race track or lottery, it uses the sense of power to induce people to ruin themselves.

Those who run Systems know the grim truth of humanity, which is that network effects rule all. People do what is popular without thinking about whether it is right. Therefore, once a Crowd is established, it races toward illusions — we are all equal, no one should be attacked for being wrong about reality — and beats down anyone who refuses to indulge in its collective psychosis.

In all human groups and societies, we see the same pattern. Someone does something that benefits everyone; then, in rushes the Crowd, and they repurpose it to fit themselves, in the process destroying what made it useful, mainly that it does not repeat the eternally popular illusions and instead focuses on (a) realistic function and (b) qualitative optimization.

Conservatives opposed Crowdism and other forms of entropy. We rely on realism, or observing results in reality independent of what our social group thinks about them, and syncretic eclecticism, or seeing patterns in different areas of reality and realizing that these are what we must emulate.

Leftists currently are consumed with worry. They have had control of the West since WW2, and all of their programs are failing. Populism threatens to upend their agenda of demographic replacement and selling out to China. They are not going to get their permanent consensus through importing minorities if populism continues.

For this reason, they are fighting hard not to achieve anything, but to defeat Trump. He will end their quest for total control and transform America into a place that is functional, instead of one dependent on government and its endless tax-and-spend wealth transfer cycle.

Their goal could be summarized as “Mexico.” They want a camouflaged dictatorship, or a place where the same people stay in power no matter what party wins. They want a giant mass of poor, dumb, and angry third world people who vote for whoever promises “change” or free stuff. This enables them to have permanent power without assuming responsibility for it, so they are safe from Soviet-style collapse because there is always someone else to blame and the illusion of choice.

Donald Trump is fighting to get to the number one spot. No, not as a candidate; he is on track to be the best president that America has ever had.

Competing with Washington and Reagan, Trump wants to be the man who saved America from itself and China. He wants to set this country back toward what its origins promised, namely a place safe from the crazy European wars over religion and power where sane, ordinary, and competent people can get ahead and live decent and enjoyable lives.

He saw an under-valued property: the United States, after being ruined by years of Leftist misrule and the religious fanaticism of George W. Bush, was under-performing and about to become a third-world ruin. He knew that with a little work, it could become the best performer among first-world nations.

He learned from Bill Clinton: “it’s the economy, stupid.” Before he embarked on any transformation, he had to restore normal life for the inarticulate consumers, who would fail to notice why things were bad or what should be done, but would notice when things were fixed. They did, during his first term.

Trump saw that America had experienced some bad times recently. The country reeled under the ruined Obama economy and a deep sense of self-hatred, so he gave it purpose and self-esteem: Make America Great Again. In other words, we have the potential, so we should live up to it instead of failing.

He gave us some simple ways to do this, namely by getting government/entitlements/socialism and red tape out of our lives, letting markets and people be free from bureaucrats and political correctness, cut the flow of people into this country that the Left is using to replace voters as both Plato and Aristotle noted all tyrants do, and focus on the goal, which is excellence and quality of life.

He named the two big issues that no one would discuss — immigration and China — and has been reining in our excesses on both cases. He has revealed the deep state of unelected bureaucrats who have been ruling us (badly) and begun unraveling their power.

He showed us the biggest political scandal in American history, namely Obama spying on and sabotaging his political opposition by using the state security services. He demonstrated how regulations, bureaucracy, affirmative action, and entitlements were choking prosperity.

No one gets everything on their wish list, especially not in the American system which is designed to restrain sudden action (and therefore, becomes subverted by persistent slow action, as the Left did with its Long March through the institutions). He is a first step toward many to follow if he succeeds.

Unless one takes the hostile Leftist press seriously in their endless attacks on his character, his superiority as a leader stands out. The country feels better about itself again. The economy is on the rise. Against this, the Left summoned a plandemic and race riots.

Looking past the usual glitches and missteps, he has done a great job, and since I do not take the hostile press seriously, I realize that all the gibberish and gabber about his incoherence, rudeness, etc., is just hype for vidiots.

He is a great President, far better than the last three, and better than the vast majority of American presidents. He is wiser than the tyrant Lincoln, the crypto-Communist Roosevelt, or the last candidate the media fawned over who left the country in a ruined state, Jimmy Carter.

He is gentler than people think; retributions have not been coming, the fascism we were told is here has not manifested, and oligarchy does not rule America now as some warned.

I was highly skeptical when he first showed up, but became a supporter after his first speech. Instead of manipulating us with emotional symbols, he quickly went to a structured argument that sounded like a man in a boardroom turning a company around.

I read his books. I was impressed. Maybe he was on reality television — I still have trouble with that — but then again, in my experience, the only serious thinkers are always ends-over-means people who will do whatever they need to in order to achieve their goals (this is the original “by any means necessary,” a phrase now interpreted to mean “let’s just do the violence instead of thinking”).

On the internet, you get a skewed perspective. These people are heavy media consumers who don’t have anything else better to do with their lives, so you get a massive loser contingent with the usual communist-style resentment.

I see them outraged about Trump and realize yet again that he’s doing the right thing, not only by his affirmative acts but by how much he irritates, enrages, and forces into tantrums the insane people. Heck, they’re burning down the country now. Trump should win in 2020, if we love this country and its people.

Trump represents an end to the pendulum swinging, which only happens if the pendulum is anchored to something unchanging. That unchanging thing is American bureaucracy and the “Deep State” of entrenched highly-paid government workers whose agenda is always to increase the size and power of government.

Our pendulum is anchored in the basic Leftist idea of equality. As long as our society is dedicated toward equality, as Abraham Lincoln and the Fourteenth Amendment geared it to be, it cannot reward the good and punish the bad. As in a union or socialist state, everyone gets rewarded just for breathing.

In the Trumpian view, the anchor of the pendulum is the idea that we must have a System to manage our lives. Like classic Right-wingers, he wants organic culture and natural selection through markets to determine our future, not some bureaucrats studying cherry-picked and slanted studies.

He gave a voice to the inarticulate, which was his worst sin as the Left sees it. “Populism” means people opposing the System because it threatens their organic culture. Trumpian Populism says that we need to get government and symbolic belief systems like the Leftist ideology out of the way of our natural tendency to do good and benefit everyone.

Most normal people — even non-whites — want a return to 1980s America during something like the Reagan years. That era rebuked the 1960s, put WASPs back in power, and got rid of the Carter-era (similar to Obama) campaign to raise up the poor and minorities through subsidies, which only grew government massively.

In the 1990s, we got a new business model: accept that our best years were in the past. Instead of making things, we would design them and market them, and have the Chinese manufacture them or Mexicans do the work while we all sat in Office Space workplaces, bored and hating ourselves for it.

That business model has ended. It turns out that sending money to the third world simply makes them into Mongol-style tyrants who want to come conquer us out of rage at how far we have risen while they have fallen by doing the opposite of what we are doing.

It also turns out that importing lots of third world people simply produces a population which permanently has its hand out, demanding more free stuff from the middle class because it is poor even though it pays no taxes and already receives generous benefits.

Lots of people got rich during the 1990s by offering up consumer junk and entertainment to those who were subsidized by government. These people, now in power, want to suppress any possible competition that they might have, and Populism will open up that field, so they oppose it.

Their terror originates in the realization that they can easily be replaced. Google knows that another search engine can replace it; Twitter knows that it can be easily duplicated and improved. They want to maintain their power, status, and wealth by ensuring that potential competition is destroyed.

Now we see that era ending. Tech has produced nothing new for decades, just relied on miniaturization to continue past markets with mobile gadgets. The consumer bubble has bogged down with a few companies winning big and everyone else struggling.

Clearly, the Leftist model does not work, and that leaves them with one choice: seize power or be deposed.

Leftism has run its course. The West steadily went farther Left during the 1930s, 1960s, and 1990s, and now both has nowhere left to expand and must explain why all of its “reforms,” “progress,” and “innovation” have produced a dystopia.

Look at your average modern citizen. No hope of a stable marriage, a future that consists of a boring career and rising costs to stay away from the ghetto, and living in a society that not only admits that its best years are behind it, but hates itself and wants itself to die.

People are fleeing Leftism because it makes them miserable. However, conservatives had become weak because only Leftist seemed to win, so all the strong characters shied away from conservatism. Instead we got career bureaucrats who specialized in not offending anyone and keeping the System afloat so Leftists could rule it.

With Trump, we see a model of the new conservative leader:

  1. Free markets. Keep the economy healthy by limiting socialism and the System. The two feed each other; a government empowered to “help the poor” will steal money to do so and enrich itself in the process, just like any corporation or individual would do in the same role.
  2. End civil rights. Governments committed to forcing everyone to be equal will becoming controlling monstrosities and head right into tyranny. We learn this historical lesson again: totalitarianism does not announce itself, but shows up in defense of the weak.
  3. Anti-Communist. All Leftist ideas, meaning anything based on equality, tends toward Communism and will eventually get there. We need to fight the Left like a moral enemy and treat a desire for equality as a moral, intellectual, and physical failing indicative of a mental health problem.
  4. Nationalism. Disconnect from the third world and controlling groups of neurotics like the EU because these groups seek to subvert us. Have a strong national identity, ideally based in the genetics of our founding group, the WASPs like Trump.
  5. Strong economy. Use supply-side economics to produce more than we need but most importantly, to produce everything that we need so that we are dependent on no one else and therefore cannot be controlled by them. This is civilizational “liberty.”
  6. End parasites. Smash unions, immigration, feminism, anti-poverty, and diversity because all of these rely on a Giver (White middle class) who sponsors another group that is required to do nothing to raise itself up. End collective reward and replace it with promoting the good and smiting the bad.

These must happen simultaneously, but they represent a whole philosophy of building organic civilization and staying away from control systems that seek to counter-act nature by mass manipulation through symbols like equality, peace, love, tolerance, acceptance, and other boundless superlatives that appeal to people with ruined self-esteem.

Populism in the sense of Farage and Trump has beaten out the Right-wing fixation with National Socialist style platforms, which are simply re-purposing Leftist government to serve Rightist ends, forgetting that the machine will act for its own goals, not ours, and over time will turn Leftist.

Naturally, Trump is widely opposed by foreigners, including our domestic minorities. He is opposed by aliens to healthy life like soyboys, boxwine thots, neurotic ex-hippies, and bureaucrats. Even more, he enrages our opposition.


Many Chinese analysts predict that China will need to deal with Biden in at least the next four years, and they noticed that the proposed Democrat platform on foreign policy showed that if Biden wins, the US will remain tough on China. So Beijing should remain vigilant. But tactically, the US approach would be more predictable, and Biden is much smoother to deal with than Trump — a viewpoint that is shared by many countries.


More than three-quarters of Germans anticipate improved relations between the US and Europe should Democrat nominee Joe Biden win the US presidential election in November, according to the German foreign policy journal Internationale Politik.

They want weaker American leaders because an America that does not stand up for its own interests will allow these other groups to pursue their own interests unchecked. They liked Obama and Carter too because these presidents subsidized what these foreign groups wanted to do to advance their own power.

Everything seeks to make more of it iself. If we make a happy America, it will perpetuate. If we make a System, it will become more powerful and dominate us. If we rely on foreigners (diversity, immigration, globalism) or aliens (Leftism, neurotics) they will conquer us.

Trump shows us a hope for the future, namely America going in its own direction and working to make itself thrive instead of focusing on those who are not thriving and feeling guilt for them. It shows us a world without subsidies or race riots.

For these reasons, I enthusiastically support Donald Trump in 2020 and believe that he will be the best American president history records. I question those on the Right who think it is wise to accelerate the decline or give up because Trump has not turned into a far-Right führer.

Conservatism associates with the natural and human, where Leftism is the artificial and social. This world is good, and we can make ourselves good as well. That is what a Trump campaign points us toward doing, and since that is our only good future, it is an opportunity that we must grasp.

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