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Blood Will Out (#2)

Texas A&M used to be a great school, but now it is an international school, with international scandals to follow:

The complaint states that this access allegedly allowed Cheng to further his standing in China at Guangdong University of Technology and other universities. The charges further allege he held senior research positions there unknown to Texas A&M University and NASA and was able to serve in the People’s Republic of China Talents program.

“As alleged, Zhengdong Cheng knowingly deceived NASA officials about his association with Chinese owned companies and universities, willingly accepted U.S. government funding, and defrauded his university,” said Assistant Director Alan Kohler, Jr. of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. “The FBI is committed to aggressively pursuing those individuals who try and undercut our U.S. research institutions and government agencies by concealing their participation in Chinese talent recruitment programs and to hold them accountable for their actions.”

Blood is thicker than water or what civic nationalists refer to as “our values,” meaning political values like the Constitution, rule of law, meritocracy, and so on. People are going to defer to their originating culture.

This means that all of the talk of “assimilation” and “integration” by moron-tier conservatives was in fact wishful thinking and not reality. It was simply a convenient way to argue for what they wanted, which was to inflate the economy and dominate the world. Proles in control destroy everything.

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