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  • The Central Park 5 Were Murderous Thugs

    Most people have forgotten the details of this case. One thing that was never in doubt: Black and Hispanic teenagers went on a crime spree in Central Park, looking for whites to victimize.

  • 25 years after murders, OJ says ‘Life is fine’

    Like the CP5, OJ was a black man accused of attacking white and Jewish people, and he was never “found innocent” as Leftists like to blather but rather, was not convicted by a criminal trial, much as the CP5 had their convictions vacated when another man confessed to participating in the same crime that the CP5 participated in. At the time of his trial, LA was divided along these lines: all whites thought OJ was guilty; all non-whites thought he was innocent and a victim of racism. I was of course in favor of giving OJ reward money, since he was cleaning up race-mixers, gigolos, and generally useless people from LA. This upset the white nationalist types who insisted that even a cocaine-addicted prostitute was “good” if she was white; in my view, if you want strong whites, you kill off the weak ones, and OJ Simpson is a hero for slicing her head off and killing off her Jody.

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates Revisits the Case for Reparations

    Ta-Nehisi Coates is like Oprah, Martin Luther King, or Morgan Freeman: he is our token Negro and our magical Negro, so all the clueless white people who got fat on make-work jobs and city living have someone to look up to as a religious figure. Really, you need go no further to disprove “white supremacy” than to observe the thinking of the average white person. Of course, when caste rules are applied, you start to get better answers, but the middle classes are still proles, just clever proles, and their cleverness leads them into infinite stupidity every time.

    This means that they like to have African and other minority people as “pets,” or inspiring creatures that they can treat as idols, since that is much easier than, you know, figuring out reality or history or any of that complex stuff. Coates, as one of those idols, can scribble nonsense on paper and get paid millions for it, just like half of the stuff that Oprah says makes no sense. However, in this case, he is on point, partially. Black Americans deserve reparations-with-repatriation, meaning that in acknowledgment of their importance in history as slaves, we make things right by relocating them to Africa with a reasonable amount of money for them to get settled there.

    Diversity does not work; they cannot stay here any more than the Irish can. We cover this idea here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

  • Air New Zealand drops ban on staff tattoos amid discrimination concerns

    When we say that diversity means the abolition of standards so that we can fit all of those different cultures into a loose bag marked OUR CULTCHER, this is what we are talking about. You cannot prohibit tattoos if some other culture uses them. The same will be true of pedophilia, anti-Semitism, violent gang activity, drug use, promiscuity, and other things we do not want to mainstream but will be forced to by multiculturalism. Having all cultures be tolerated means the erasure of your culture.

  • California lawmakers agree to health care for adults in U.S. illegally

    If you live on a coast, you pretty much automatically get rich because your terrain is necessary for others to use as ports and defense. When money comes easily, it goes to proles, and these proles then spend it wantonly on whatever makes them feel “deep,” different, unique, iconoclastic, profound, or otherworldly. Essentially, what you are seeing is monkeys putting flowers in their hair to seem more sexually desirable to other monkeys, despite not being all that sexually desirable.

    California consists of people who specialize in selling stuff to other people who are going to buy it anyway; people always need movies, coastal vacations, military bases, almonds, and oil rigs. Thus California is easy job central, and an easy job turns someone into a bored captive who seeks ways to amuse himself that he is important when he is not, since people will buy the same stuff anyway. Like the listless suburbanites of generations passed, the Californian looks for ways to seem important, and raising an Hispanic community of ethnic pets appeals to his sense of grandiosity, self-importance, pretense, ostentation, pomposity, and of course, New Age profound communion with the eternal compassion of the deepest universe, or words to that effect.

  • China says it will support Hong Kong to pass extradition law

    People in 1998: “Don’t give Hong Kong to China, because they will eventually seize control and turn it into the same disaster that is the PRC!” People in 2019 realize that those people were right all along. The people of Hong Kong have finally realized that their pseudo-country is stolen from them and that they will not become like Singapore or Taiwan, two PRC-free Chinese ethnic areas, but more like the industrial-ideological wasteland of mainland China. In the meantime, China has blamed the West for the fact that its new citizens do not want to join it in doom. The days of Obama and Clinton when we blindly, stupidly trusted the Chinese are over, and they know it, so they are accelerating the process of building Mongol Empire 2.0, which will fail just like the first one and for the same reasons, but it will take another two centuries.

  • Alabama governor signs bill banishing ‘free speech zones’ from public colleges

    In Alabama and Texas, public colleges can no longer shut down controversial speakers by relegating them to free speech zones and charging them high fees. This means that voters will be on the hook for the costs of Antifa burning the place down, and will be more likely to support slamming Antifa into jail as a result. It also means that we might actually get diversity of thought on campuses after years of lock-step Leftism.

  • UK economy shrinks by four times as much as predicted as Brexit paralysis takes hold

    Now we see the high cost of Theresa May. If she had simply exited the EU as planned, industry could have picked up the pieces quickly and gotten on with it; instead, while she was following the official rulebook of 100,000 niggling details about what is right, she introduced chaos and confusion into industry and so it has contracted. In addition, the US is no longer playing dead on tariffs, so American products are more price-competitive with European ones, and no one really wants a UK-made car. They’ve been a disaster for fifty years or more. However, Theresa May is an example of what Bruce Charlton calls “the head girl” (sort of like a valedictorian in UK schools) who always knows how to say and do the “correct” thing but is a partial intelligence or thin intelligence, able only to operate within the narrow channel of externalized meritocracy, and so she always says the right thing even if she is out of her depth in reality-referential tasks like Brexit. Here’s Theresa on the recent gay-molesty attack in London:

    “Nobody should ever have to hide who they are or who they love and we must work together to eradicate unacceptable violence towards the LGBT community.”

    What a nice greeting card that would make! Or platitude. Reality it is not.

  • US embassies defy Trump administration orders not to fly LGBT+ flags

    Trump wanted to avoid using the embassies to advance political agendas outside of America itself. That he is widely defied shows us not how “brave” these people are, but how sure they are of impunity, which means that the deep state (permanent bureaucracy) is vaster and more entrenched than people thought. On the other hand, it also shows him who to fire.

  • Skinhead vigilantes attack hipsters on Moscow’s streets to ‘uphold Russia’s moral code’

    Disorder creates opportunity. As Leftist ruins what is left of our cultures, ordinary people want the return of order, honesty, and competence. For this reason, they will support whatever party goes out there and beats up on the disorder until it leaves. When skinheads beat up on migrants, people felt an emotional projection onto the migrants and objected; when skinheads beat up hipsters, junkies, prostitutes, and migrants, people see it as part of a general cleaning-up and do not mind. Every society produces dead weight, and whoever shaves off the 40% of a decaying society which consists of parasitic free riders wins a healthier society that will out-compete those around it.

  • Motorists warned to stay off N3 at night as route becomes a warzone

    More diversity hilarity from South Africa. History will recall that it worked best under white supremacy mainly because there was a clear authority, worked less well under apartheid because it was divided rule, and self-destructed under equality.

  • Minorities in the US breathe in more air pollution caused by white people

    The Left will have you believe that white people run exhaust hoses into minority neighborhoods to spew pollution there, but the reality is that minority groups have lower average IQs and therefore are poorer and therefore live in the industrial quarter of American cities — usually the southeast or northeast because of the way the wind blows — and therefore, experience more pollution. To fix this, we could export these minorities back home to their native lands where they will experience zero white pollution. Instead, we have yet another brown person penning yet another editorial about how white people are treating brown people badly in lands created by white people to which brown people came because the lands created by brown people are impoverished, unstable, corrupt, and filthy. Instead of fixing their own, they have come here to ours and want to tell us how to run our countries in the same failing ways that made their own countries into ruins. Send ’em all home.

  • Iran deploys 2,000 new ‘morality police’ units to quell hijab rebellion

    A campaign called “White Wednesday” that encouraged women to wear white and discard their hijabs has also gained support, much to the consternation of conservative clerics.

    Leftism is like a powerful acid; it dissolves everything and leaves behind goo. This applies even to foreign religions like Islam and Judaism, both of which are under assault from the weaponized neurosis of the Leftist herd.

  • Actors in award-winning LGBT+ play ‘pelted with stones in hate crime’ after kissing in street

    This looks like the UK Jussie Smollett here. When you can get headlines for doing something trivial, that is like free power and money, so people will abuse it everywhere it is implemented. In this case, if your failing drag king play wins lots of awards from Leftist luvvies and LGBTHIV+ activists hired at Leftist NGOs, but no one attends and so it hovers near bankruptcy, you can stage a fake attack and all the chattering neurotics will show up to support you because “an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us” or something else they heard in a movie once.

  • Did American outlets refuse to publish the MLK sex transcripts?

    American media most likely knew all along that MLK, Jr., was a con man, plagiarist, and sexual abuser. They covered it up because they needed him as a symbol of equality, which is the one idea that animates the Left and the lonely, creationless, bored, and resentful people that it attracts into its neurotic herds.

  • Iran-linked terrorists caught stockpiling explosives in north-west London

    Diversity means that instead of having enemies overseas, they walk among us. Every group wants to conquer every other group. Smart people adopt “benevolent xenophobia,” or recognizing that this is the nature of life itself, and not some moral failing by these other groups. Do we blame dogs from stealing steak from the table? To them it is not stealing; there was a steak, and well, dogs love steak. Do we blame rats for sneaking into our grain? To them it is not parasitism; there was grain, and they wanted it. Do we blame stoners for being lazy? To them it is not laziness; they spent all their energy being high. We should not blame other groups for wanting to kill us, or waging war against us through crime and corruption when they get here. It is merely the nature of things, and we are the ones in denial of that nature, therefore the blame is on us.

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