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Removing The Thin Veneer

So the cuckservatives have finally landed on the prongs of a good, hard fork. As democracy increasingly collapses into mob rule, the status quo increasingly becomes the socialism William F. Buckley pretended to rigorously oppose.

There isn’t much room left to oppose The Left while simultaneously avoiding allegiance with those Conservatives. There just aren’t enough non-socialists left to be socially picky. There just isn’t any room anymore for people who want to be socially superior to Hard Realists while simultaneously opposing the Leftist Fantasy World. We are increasingly down to the rights and freedoms we will willingly kill another man to condignly preserve.

John F. Kennedy understood more about the perils of Socialism than most modern cucks. He warned the world as follows.

In his 1961 inaugural address, President Kennedy — whose positions once represented the Democratic Party mainstream — called on the new post-colonial nations of the Third World to resist the temptation to adopt Marxism and avoid the self-destruction that system always brings. “Remember,” he declared to these “new states” among the “ranks of the free,” “in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.”

The tiger now growls and cucks worry about the rise of the socialism that they have surreptitiously aided and abetted. It destroys their jobs like the burger making robot at a McDonalds. Nobody needs a phony Right anymore. They aren’t necessary to the Left.

Once Bernie Sanders thinks he has the correlation of forces he needs to solve his own political Lanchester Equations, war will be very interested in you. And The Bern and his followers will no longer be particularly interested in tolerating the continued existence of Kevin Williamson or David French.

Or maybe the existential reason for the phony right to live has now passed. Socialism doesn’t destroy demotism. It fulfills it. But how could Marxism fulfill anything? It fulfills an ultimate Platonic Universal. In physics, this is represented by The Laws of Thermodynamics. All that glimmers will one day fade. All that is great will one day fall. Marxism is the modern version of the entropy that destroys any culture that gets fat, dumb, and happy. The fundamental belief that anyone is just owed a living is the corruption that destroys all that was once excellent.

So now the phony Rightists who have stabbed right in order to retain their class status are seeing their biological niche collapse. When their was a tolerable number of empowered Leftists, they could be balanced by a tolerable number of politicians on The Right. As a waffling centrist, Mitt Romney could be a very powerful man. He was nominally of the right, but he was a check on the right. A gatekeeper of sorts who curried favor with the left by forestalling the Severe Conservatives. They also happily allowed their clients to help themselves to the wallets of working families with at least as much gusto as Rashid Talib or AOC. Here is a condign and worthy takedown of the execrable David French in Occidental Dissent.

Classical liberalism has lingered on as an ideology to cripple the Right in the form of the “eternal principles” of True Conservatism. In reality, classical liberalism in practice was discarded in the early 20th century. For all his handwringing about “statism,” David French has no objection to the United States maintaining a global military empire funded with an annual military budget of $750 billion dollars a year. Even to this day, he defends George W. Bush using state power to invade and destroy Iraq. Let’s see David French stand up to Big Ag and tell agribusiness interests that the eternal principles of True Conservatism requires the end of all of their agricultural subsidies, disaster relief funds, their EBT subsidies in the annual Farm Bill and all their attempts to lobby the government to advance their interests by using the state to open up foreign markets to their exports.

So what can be done to stop the Left? Stop giving any aid and support to a Potemkin Right. Let Buttplug Buttigieg pleasure himself to Rich Lowry getting fed through a wood chipper. Lock CongressTumor Omar in a dark closet with (((Bill Kristol))). Shoot whichever bloodied survivor manages to crawl back out. The Establishment Right will be forced to make a fundamental choice. They can take my route and disavow their prior association with Lamestream Amerikan Conservatism, or they can become the train conductors to the new Triblinka. That is until the last train is loaded, and then they are all aboard The Mitt Romney Express to oblivion.

There is only one True Right. It is a right that believes in traditionalism, Freedom of Association, Cultural Separatism, and a foreign policy of national interest without empire. Mickey Spillane had Mike Hammer describe best how to handle anyone who thinks a good and honorable conservative alternative to the scum that is socialism involves anything else.

I killed more people tonight than I have fingers on my hand. I shot them in cold blood and enjoyed every minute of it. I pumped slugs in the nastiest bunch of bastards you ever saw and here I am calmer than I’ve ever been, and happy too. They were Communists, Lee. They were red sons of bitches who should have died long ago.

Now that the veneer coating these phony conservatives has worn thin, it shouldn’t be too hard for Mike Hammer to adequately seek and destroy his new prey.

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