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Osiris Akkebala Releases Reparations-With-Repatriation Manifesto

Where in previous ages people attempted to make their actions organic, or arising from the natural order of things, modernity defined itself by humanity stamping its boot in the face of nature forever and setting up artificial, man-made, and individualistic orders.

In other words, humanity was tired of being subject to the rules of nature, and so it threw a tantrum and smashed back nature with mass mobilization and technology. Giant herds of people, agreeing to be in denial together about how the world worked, formed a little human bubble in which we could exist in complete narcissistic oblivion toward the actual facts of logic, information, mathematics, energy, and even biology which should have constrained us but did not thanks to our newfound wealth, capacities, and power through having millions of others just as deluded as us.

Now the tide turns. As people realize that this human-only order has failed in everything it has done and left wreckage in its wake, we are turning against the idea that every person is competent to make their own decisions. We want order and hierarchy. That means an end to pluralism, and with it, diversity.

Reparations-with-repatriation offers the sanest compromise between all parties that is possible. In his email essay today, Osiris Akkebala sent forth the following manifesto:

If you Are Seriously Black And Is With A Desire To Be Free, Then Study To Understand This Reparation Manifesto, With A Quality Of Mind That Will Have you In Pursuit Of Afrika And Black Afrikan Freedom.

  1. Be it to be known to be understood that Reparation is not a Civil Rights Request but is a Divine Right earned from the Criminal Act Of Chattel Enslavement Of Black Afrikans, Crimes Committed By White Racist Prejudice Oligarchs, A behavior adopted by White Human Beings against Black Afrikan people.
  2. Where ever the evil of Chattel Slavery was a horror to the Living of Black Afrikans, Reparation rise to be the representative of Justice, Freedom, and Independence for those Enslaved Afrikans.
  3. To you who have benefited from the evil of Chattel Enslavement of Black Afrikans, you are the debtor of Reparation owed to those Black Afrikans you used as your Chattel Property to be Enslaved to provide the service you forced from those Enslaved Afrikans.
  4. Reparation is not a Civil Rights appeal and the action to be used to have Reparation to render Justice, Freedom, and independence to those Enslaved Black Afrikans, any means used to collect Justice from the Mind of injustice, rendered by those people who refer to themselves as being White / White Americans, is in fact justified.
  5. Any and all appropriate means are to be used against any Black Afrikan who attempt to under define, misrepresent, and defile the integrity of Chattel Enslavement Reparation.
  6. All who are Black and do not express honor and respect to our Enslaved Black Afrikan Ancestors, is not worthy to reap the challenge to come from the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.
  7. Racism and Unjustified Prejudice against Black Afrikan People, was, in fact, the cause for the Enslavement of Black Afrikan people, against their will.
  8. The refusal to pay to those Black Enslaved Afrikans their Reparation, is a sign that Racism and unjust prejudice, is still being acted out against Black Afrikan people in and out of America.
  9. The only reason and purpose Reparation is to be used, is to provide for a Mass Exodus of willing Black Afrikans who are descendants from those Afrikans who were Enslaved by America and her surrogate white Nations, and must be returned back to Afrika to become the next established State in Afrika.
  10. There will be no compromise in order to extract Justice from America and all who profited from the Enslavement of Black Afrikan people, and for those Black Enslaved Afrikans who deserve a greater good to come to them for the pain and horror that come from being held captive in the institution of Chattel Slavery, implemented by white people in and outside of America, Reparation must be the punishment for the evil acted out against those Enslaved Black Afrikans who were in fact treated as Chattel property owned and evilly treated by White Racism.
  11. The descendants of those Enslaved Black Afrikans must become organized for the purpose to declare Black Afrikans in America not by choice, the right to declare to be an independent provisional Government being held captive by America Government, in America, using as the chain that keep the descendants of those Black Enslaved Afrikans captive, by not consenting to pay the debt of Reparation that is owed to those Enslaved Black Afrikans.
  12. It must be the action of those Black Afrikans who are Descendants from those Black Enslaved Afrikans, to declare by Demand, the payment of Reparation, owed to those Black Afrikans who were Enslaved to serve White people in and out of America, without respect and without compensation, they been forced to be away from Afrika against their consent, will, or choice.
  13. There must be acts of civil unrest promoted by the descendants from those Black Enslaved Afrikans, and all who have a desire to see Freedom, Justice, and Independence to be deserve to be experienced by all life-loving living people, regardless of the pigment of their skin and their place of residence on Earth, to be respected and have the Right to such universal principals that is the foundation to living life, provided by the Divine Essence, that which have Life to be in all things physical and not physical.
  14. Racism and Unjustified Prejudice is not a Mind performance that is of Divine Nature Design, so no Greater Good can ever come from a Spirit that takes pleasure in such practice against people of a different pigment shade of a much Darker kind.
  15. Reparation is not to be treated as if to be elastic, as if to be stretched to fit the want of different Black Mindset, when in fact, Reparation is immutable, it is to be used to rectify a Racist physical wrong that has been committed against Black Afrikan people, for the purpose to serve the selfish want of white people, in and out of America, without labor cost to white people, for work and death occurrence, which such treatment of Black Enslaved Afrikan people suffered, at the mind and hand of white Racism, in and outside of America.
  16. Descendants from those Enslaved Afrikans must be given the service of the Marshall plan, to assist in the restoration of the living life by the descendants from those Enslaved Afrikans, back in Afrika, such must be a part of the Reparation payment to those Enslaved Black Afrikans, if Justice is to prevail in this act of repentance with Reparation retribution, by America, for all the evil that was done to those Enslaved Black Afrikans.
  17. Racism is a permanent fixture in America, and as long as America refuses to show respect by repenting for the evil Chattel Slavery caused to the living of Black Afrikan people, by paying to those Enslaved Afrikans their Reparation and by showing respect to them having the right to be taken home to Afrika, by their descendants, and to become the next state to be established in Afrika, by the descendants from those Enslaved Afrikans.
  18. A plebiscite vote must be taken by the descendants from those Enslaved Black Afrikans, to determine who is willing to return our Enslaved Ancestors back to Afrika, and those who elect to stay in America, remain to be the responsibility to and of America, receiving no Reparation, because Reparation is freedom, justice, and independence to be enjoyed away from America, in Afrika as the next established state in Afrika, to be occupied by descendants from those enslaved Afrikans, to whom Reparation is owed, and their descendants are to represent as being their proxy in this settlement endeavor.
  19. This is manifesto is stating what is just for those Enslaved Ancestors, without interference by Racist distraction caused by America lying and deceiving anti-Reparation elements, they who serve as a sign that America still is ruled by Racist oligarchs, willing to show continuously, their Racist and Unjustified prejudice toward those Enslaved Black Afrikans, as is done to them, so is it done to those descendants from those Enslaved Black Afrikans.
  20. There must not be allowed by the descendants from those Enslaved Black Afrikans in America, an Expiration date to be assigned to the crime of Chattel Enslavement, committed b America against Black Afrikan people.
  21. There is not to be any Racial Harmony between Black and White people in America, one is here by thievery, lying, and deception, and the other, not by choice, and not until Reparation is paid to those Enslaved Black Afrikans, will there be a settlement approved by those Back to Afrika descendants from those Enslaved Black Afrikans, who were forced to come to America, by white Racist Prejudice White men.
  22. Black life will only be shown to matter by America, only when the Life of those Black Enslaved Afrikans are proving to matter to America, and such proof comes from America payment of Reparation to those Enslaved Black Afrikans who worked and died for and by the hand of white America.
  23. Reparation means freedom Back in Afrika for those Enslaved Black Afrikans, anything less, is an act of an attempt to exploit the sacredness of Reparation Freedom, which has been already earned by those Enslaved Black Afrikans.
  24. Reparation is not about an individual check, it is about the collective of Black Afrikans to be with the Divine Right To Be Free, Away From America, In Afrika.
  25. Land in Afrika belong just as much to those Enslaved Black Afrikans, as well as to the descendants from those Enslaved Afrikans, and any Black Afrikan in dispute of that Right, is an agent of the Racist and unjustified prejudice mind of white Racism then and is now, practiced against Black Afrikan people.
  26. No Reparation, No Justice, No Peace, No Racial Harmony between Black and White people in America.
  27. Reparation not paid, Reveal The Dishonesty Within The White World And Who It Is That Is Still In Practice Of Racist Prejudice Behavior Against Black Afrikan People.

Akkebala writes in a unique style that combines African-American dialects with his own neologisms to convey depth of meaning, but once you learn to parse that, it becomes clear that what he is saying has great weight: the age of individualism is over, and the age of orders larger than the individual — culture, hierarchy, logic, the divine — is dawning.

We are heading back through a long night to a place of sanity, which we have abandoned so long ago that it seems alien to us, and yet since our exile from the Garden of Eden into the devices of our own minds has failed us, we return to the natural and exit hubris knowing that it is our only hope.

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