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  • Conservative thinker Roger Scruton dies at 75

    What a loss. I had hoped that we might have another twenty years of Mr. Scruton. He showed the reason for conservatism: we cannot discuss issues and Systems in the Leftist model, but must look at the type of life that connects us to existence and makes us believe in the best possible outcome of the human experience. Scruton tied together the aesthetics of beauty, the moral awareness of the transcendent, the spiritual appreciation of existence, and a commonsense stewardship that would have us do the best by nature and our human past as well as ourselves. He may not have been as hardline Nietzschean/Platonic as I would prefer, but he had to get published in an increasingly censorious time, and he did what the Alt Right and Neoreaction need to learn to do, which is offered a philosophy of life from which a philosophy of politics could be derived, not just a philosophy of politics. This is a great loss and we should all consider reading him, notably Beauty, “Why it’s so much harder to think like a Conservative,” “In Defense of Elitism,” and “The Fabric of the City.” You can read more about him at his official web site or

  • Floyd County organizes militia muster call over potential new state gun laws

    Feels like the 1850s again. The city people of the northeast want to impose their way of life on the rest so that, by controlling the rest, they can maximize the profit they make by “adding value” to raw materials, mostly through advertising and novelty. The rest of us want to stick with what works, since we know that all human societies centralize/standardize, become cosmopolitan, and then self-destruct, despite thinking that they are following a “logical” path. Once you assume equality, which is how you form a consensus outside of pursuing what works in reality, you go down this path, and every human society extinguishes itself this way. Someday, one will beat it. In the meantime, we are gearing up for both culture wars and a Civil War like conflict over guns, since for those of us who do not live in dense population areas, guns are a necessity to defend against rattlesnakes, criminals, and wandering illegal aliens alike.

  • Stockholm blast ‘one of the most powerful explosions’ in the capital

    Import diversity, and you import both its conflicts and kick off a war of minorities against the majority. They are not being unreasonable; they can either be conquered or conquerors, and anyone sane prefers the latter.

  • Some Democrats alarmed at impending all-white debate

    Democrats never intended to be diverse. In their minds, they would use minorities to ensure that The Good People ruled forevermore over The Dirt People and their antiquated ideas of realism, transcendence, and faith.

    Back in Realityland, we can see that only Warren is plausibly “white,” and she claims to be Amerind. Buttigieg has a Semitic last name related to chickens, Biden is Irish (and therefore part Semitic), and Klobuchar looks Asiatic or Turkic. The Left seems to have trouble finding another Obama, or its electorate favors white people; either way, the Hart-Celler strategy is backfiring on them.

  • Chinese students accuse Australia of ‘politically motivated’ visa delays

    Across the West, governments are realizing that diversity is the fire that is slowly boiling the pot in which they find themselves, and they are following the Trump/Farage doctrine of chipping away at it with a pincer strategy, namely making it more risky and expensive to get here and reducing the free stuff (including affirmative action) that one receives as a foreigner when coming to the West. Even a five percent reduction means that immigrants are rolling the dice, and those who lose spend a lot of money to get nothing. That makes it less attractive to come here, and is the gentlest way to get out of the obviously failed and destructive policy of diversity.

  • Ukraine tells Israel to stay out of debate about honoring Nazi collaborators

    It is time for Jews to realize that Israel is where they belong. We ended the diaspora after WW2 because all of us were sickened by the Holocaust (and you should be, since it was both counter-productive and sadistic; these are not our behaviors, and show the massive Leftist influence on National Socialism). Now it is time for Jews to manage their affairs in Israel, and not intervene in other countries, lest they be blamed yet again and the cycle repeat.

  • Facebook to remove pro-Soleimani content in compliance with US sanctions

    We have to decide at some point whether we are serious about freedom of speech and the open society. If people are easily swayed by propaganda, democracy is a farce and we are simply trying to limit their exposure to sources of propaganda outside The Establishment; that is a lie, and means we should abolish both that Establishment and democracy. If they can be trusted to make their own decisions, we need to allow them to have open access. People like me, who are realists, suggest that democracy is pants-on-head retarded and hot bucket of diarrhea insane, and that an open society cannot exist. You need a hierarchy administering every level of existence, but doing so in a minimal way designed to work with nature instead of against it; “freedom” means the ability to do anything constructive without interference on the basis of your eccentricity or how “offensive” your ideas are. In RealityLand, we know that most people make poor decisions on anything beyond their local sphere, so we need people of great intellect and moral nobility to make those decisions. Even more, those traits are heritable, so we need to breed those people like livestock to produce an aristocracy.

  • Confederates tout backdoor dealings of $2.5 million Silent Sam settlement

    Chalk it up to another diversity cost. Minorities wanted Silent Sam removed, launching a legal battle which culminates in damage to the university. Next year, students will find their bills got just a bit higher, all for a symbolic victory for the Left, who do not care anyway since they intend to get student loans and then default on them. When that comes back to bite them in the ankles, they will loudly proclaim “racism” until the bills are lifted.

  • New Zealand schools to teach students about climate crisis, activism and ‘eco anxiety’

    Only in a dying society do we cheer for more propaganda in education. Children need to learn how to think, but most of them cannot, so instead we teach them rote dogma and expect that then they will act like assimilated immigrants and proclaim our “values,” despite us having replaced ourselves with a grey race that cannot understand the why behind the talking points it has memorized. In time, they will simply re-interpret those things as they are genetically wired to do, and soon those “values” will be inverted as well.

  • Chinese woman with mystery virus quarantined in Thailand

    Nature needs to lose almost eight billion human beings. Disease would be the most effective method, and a flu which kills off the weakest would be ideal (even one 73% similar to SARS). If not that, maybe an asteroid which kills off most plants and leaves starving humans hunting squirrels, rats, and grackles. Perhaps even an ice age! Humans do not like to think about mortality — why bother, it is pointless — but we may have to consider that if we do not limit ourselves, nature will defend herself.

  • A European Green Deal

    Environmentalists may be the worst people on Earth. Instead of using their forum as a means to restrain the excessive and reckless growth of humanity and the use of too much land for nature to thrive, they have come up with a plan to insert the State into every area of life, following the civil rights agenda. Humans in groups crave unity through quantity instead of quality, and this always drives them to Asiatic-style totalitarian social engineering. A better plan would be to cut off the free stuff, send away the foreign, and come up with a lifestyle based on something other than pedaling the job treadmill in order to keep the taxes flowing so the entitlements and borrowing can continue.

  • Tech Giant Alibaba Releases Ad Featuring Same-Sex Couple

    Industry pursues equality because it thinks it wants more warm bodies in the door. This reflects the fact that industry is made up of humans, and humans, even smart humans, tend to go along with whatever seems to be the dominant trend, which since The Enlightenment™ has been to expand quantity at the expense of quality because under individualism, every human individual is a precious snowflake who should have autonomy to express himself whether good or bad (equality: good = bad). When they get someone who can actually think, they will realize that the only market that responds to advertising is the group of upper half of middle class on upward people who care about quality of product over novelty. Pandering to special interest groups will not acquire them the consistent audience that advertising to normalcy does.

  • Yoghurt pot launched during 1976 Olympics washes up on beach

    As they warned us during the 1950s-1980s, plastic takes a long time to decompose. When it does decompose, it breaks down into little bits which are toxic, then chemicals which are toxic. We never should have gone down this path, but presuming ourselves to be smarter than nature and its pattern order, we adopted an insane policy of having a society based on disposable things because that way, the proles can afford them too. Unfortunately, proles tend to toss around their garbage when they are done with it — “out of sight, out of mind” is a natural Dunning-Kruger test which separates the rs from the Ks — which means that we have filled our oceans, streams, rivers, fields, forests, prairies, and even deserts with little bits of humanity. We need to see nature as something valuable in itself, which requires us to get off our hubris horse and come down to see ourselves as one species among many, with our “higher intellect” (spit) being an ability we need to use for stewardship not dominion over nature.

  • UK household debt hits record high as families ‘borrow to scrape by’

    Everyone is broke paying for taxes to fund the welfare state, which were designed to hit The Rich™ but actually just slaughter the middle class. Proles voted for it, mercantile interests approved it, and somehow the middle classes just sleepwalked into this disaster. Now they are suffering not under “Late Stage Capitalism,” but Late Stage Democracy.

  • Couple flies Nazi flag over Victorian home

    This society has become too easy to troll. Just smear a poop swastika (or equivalent) on something and sit back to watch the fireworks.

  • Poison and explosives used to kill elephants as record numbers die in Sri Lanka

    Read into the article: “The expansion of rural farming is making natural habitats shrink” and “The competition for food and water often leads villagers and farmers to illegally kill the animals.” More humans equals less nature; more human land use equals less habitat. Natural ecosystems need space. If humanity does not check its expansion, ecocide results.

  • Trump Authorized Soleimani’s Killing 7 Months Ago, With Conditions: Sources

    The real story comes out. We were told that Trump shocked his military advisors by randomly deciding to kill Soleimani; in reality, the choice was made long ago based on what Soleimani was doing. When he orchestrated an attack on a US embassy, Trump decided to go anti-Benghazi and send a strong message that anyone attacking our embassies will get snuffed. This means less chance of war in the long term, although you will not read that in the media.

  • Oscars: Top nominations overwhelmingly white and male

    In a society designed by “white” people for “white” people, “white” people are going to predominate. It is cruel and unreasonable to expect diversity to benefit minorities. White people carry a great evil with us: we are clever, and in our cleverness, we assume that the rules do not apply to us and we can break the patterns of nature. That includes insanity like slavery and colonialism alongside diversity and globalism, since with a bit of analysis, we can see that these come from the same root, which is “white” solipsism or a demand that we project our mental state on the world, which when you think about it is another form of conquest. To end the “white” evil, we need to end “white” hubris and the notion that it requires, which is a universal truth which is higher than reality itself, representing a triumph of symbolism over study of the more difficult problem of the real world.

  • Why today’s young men are terrified of sex

    It turns out that having a sex-driven society where women have sexual experience from a young age causes men to feel insufficient, since their performance is now held up to others and compared. This further exacerbates the basic problem of promiscuity, which is a lack of ability to form long-term bonds, since instead of a union based on transcendent love, it is anchored in material convenience and can therefore be easily broken. No intangible commitment means no desire to participate. The only people who live happy lives are those who follow tradition and pursue a chaste heterosexual family. You will not have a happier life than marrying young to someone from the same race, ethnicity, social class, religion, and background as you when both of you have minimal sexual experience.

  • Jobs putting women in workplace in record numbers

    Women naturally serve better in subordinate roles because of their focus on details, where men are obsessed with quick realization of the big picture. Women, who tend to be more diligent in school and careers, are now taking over. This shows us how a society dedicated to equality becomes a matriarchy and immediately loses sight of the big picture, which causes it to deny both reality and the need for human experience to involve beauty instead of constant work, red tape, and detail-orientation. People no longer look up at the sky, thanks to our centralization and standardization. Do they even dream?

  • Fears of a cult takeover roil a tiny town in northern Maine

    America has lots of small, dying towns ripe for the takeover. Those towns can pass laws. Those laws will be challenged, and work their way up through the appeals courts to the Supreme Court. These are good places for conservatives to challenge the Fourteenth Amendment, affirmative action/disparate impact, civil rights, entitlements, illegal alien “rights,” and other fictions invented by the Left during its period of tyrannical legislating from the bench.

  • Nordic countries at odds with EU over minimum wage

    Minimum wage crushes job experience by making workers more expensive to hire and fire. In a sane society, you could hire someone for anything that they were willing to work for, so you could in theory hire some homeless guy for a dollar an hour to watch the parking lot or a teenager for two bucks an hour to do basic work and gain workplace experience. As with all Leftist plans, the minimum wage started from a business need to control the workforce, was justified with a pretext of compassion, and ultimately hurt everyone including those it was designed to protect.

  • Conservative ‘Moms’ group slams Burger King for using ‘the d-word’ in a commercial

    The word damn comes to us from the idea of cursing someone to an existence of a dead soul (much like most people in the modern world). For that reason, it is considered offensive by many but of late, this has been eroded. While pottymouths like myself may try in vain to rein in our torrents of Tourettes-style obscenities, we also recognize that a polite society takes itself more seriously and gears itself toward beauty instead of the crassness that obscenities reference (including promiscuous sexual congress, feces, and damnation).

  • US threatens sanctions if China keeps buying Iranian oil

    No one wants to admit it, but the middle east is an important area to control because oil equals power. Cutting off China makes sense since they are both megalomaniac and incompetent. For the same reason, Trump wants the US separated from China because globalism or interdependency of economies is enforced pacifism, which means (like all pacifism, compromise, committees, bipartisanship, equality, and democracy) that we are more committed to getting along than finding the right answer. As usual, the fearful human mind demands stability at the expense of accuracy, and this leads to delusion and creeping away from reality until, like the Romans and Athenians before us, we live in a bubble of symbolism of a political, emotional, social, and economic nature and do not notice reality until it rises up in the patterns within our society and destroys them for being unstable, delusional, and solipsistic.

  • Water-related crime doubles as drought hits many Indian states

    History will record that the water wars began in our most at-risk areas and spread outward. There will be plenty of water, but finding water that is not laden with industrial pollutants or parisitic organisms will become increasingly difficult. Soon there will be two groups: a few very obedient people living in sealed condominiums and eating factory-farmed food in the comfort of their air, water, and radiation filters, and many poor out there in the disaster who die young of cancer and liver flukes.

  • Protesters gather again in Iran, chant against authorities

    While the accidental shootdown of an airliner may have provoked this as pretext, the real sign of discontent here comes from Iran choosing the path of jihad over the path of stability. The country clearly needs to clean up its act internally, but since that is hard, has focused on external warfare instead. That has backfired; its middle classes would prefer functional institutions, industry, agriculture, and leadership instead of more (radical) Islam. Trump just revealed this by blowing up a general and making the Iranian leadership look weak, and whichever army unit blasted a Ukranian airliner out of the sky simply showed the weakness of theocratic dictatorships: yes-men who are obedient get promoted over the talented, and so you end up with political appointees trying to work their anti-aircraft missiles. The real problem is that middle classes under democracy tend to vote for delusional things, paving the way for the next round of dictators.

  • The blue-state exodus gains momentum

    People may vote for blue-state style laws, but once those kick in, they flee the high tax red tape nightmare they have created. We are seeing Late Stage Democracy here. The grim fact is that what “most people want” is almost always delusional, meaning not just incorrect but also pointed toward some fantasy that has nothing to do with reality and therefore forces us, socially and politically, to ignore reality. That is how Rome and Athens died, and we follow them into the grave. Humanity has an inbuilt defect that causes us to pursue the dream of individual safety over the need to always assert what is more closely approximating reality in our actions.

    And always car trouble: in St. Louis traded the 1942 Studebaker in (it has a built-in engineering flaw like the Rube) on an old Packard limousine heated up and barely made Kansas City, andbought a Ford turned out to be an oil burner, packed it in on a jeep we push too hard (they are no good for highway driving) — and burn something out inside, rattling around, went back to the old Ford V-8. Can’t beat that engine for getting there, oil burner or no. – Naked Lunch

  • New bill would require students to play sports based on gender identified at birth

    The Left uses transsexualism to push for more human/civil rights, which means less focus on social order and more on individualism, because that way it can advance its agenda of tearing down society and replacing it with an ideological bureaucracy as prescribed by the doctrine of equality. They do not actually care about transsexuals, or they would emphasize mental health care, and they have no problem if plenty of attention whores sterilize themselves pursuing this latest novelty trend (to be fair, this is a victory for Darwin as well). The pushback shows that people are outraged by this, but that is the bull charging after the red cape and not the matador; we must target civil rights (called “human rights” in an international context) itself. That means repealing the Fourteenth Amendment and all that laws written in its style and theory.

  • The deadly ‘ghost gear’ which haunts seas and coastlines

    Fishing boats abandon gear all the time and it kills off wildlife because unlike those old hemp ropes, it cannot rot, being made of plastic and other modern substances. Perhaps our inefficient fishing of the past was in fact a good thing? We should consider, instead, to make the decision to farm fish on land and avoid all of those tasty and expensive deep sea fish. They are about to become cancer vectors anyway because of high mercury and industrial pollutant load. However, many struggling waiters and tax-cheat restaurant owners depend on you to keep buying tuna, salmon, and grouper because they make big bucks from the high-end dishes.

  • South Africa teacher suspended over class ‘split by race’

    In the inverted world created by democracy, where individual self-expression is more important than social order or natural law, doing the sane thing and grouping like with like will get you punished. The Left claims that “racism is still embedded” in South Africa, not realizing that “racism” simply means each group sticking to itself as is common sense. The Leftist narrative demands that we deny reality no matter what it destroys.

  • Michelle and Barack Obama advising ‘friends’ Harry and Meghan on life outside Royal Family

    Once you commit yourself to a mixed-race relationship, you have also dedicated your life toward the doctrine of individualism in defiance of reality. In reality, tribalism exists so that groups can distinguish themselves; the human brain, in the interest of safety of the individual, demands that we agglomerate them together in order to have nothing but individuals, because that way the individual can never run afoul of the values or behaviors of the group. Harry has found himself in an entirely new group, one that wants people like him destroyed, and yet no one will tell him that so, relying on the face-value measurements of a democracy, he stumbles on unaware.

  • White power inmates on the rise in New Zealand prisons

    Prisons show us the future of diversity. You need a gang to survive, since the authorities are impotent and insane, and your skin is your uniform.

  • Who Signs Up to Fight? Makeup of U.S. Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity

    The military has become a specialized caste, with 79% of recruits having relatives in the service. This shows us the growing divide in values and behaviors in a diverse society. In the meantime, while half of the military is non-white, most of the casualties are young white men, showing that the difference between signing up and going to the front lines is quite vast.

  • For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical

    What does it look like when symbolism outweighs reality, you might ask? This kind of insanity. The more we try to be “safe” and include everyone so that there is false unity through tolerance, the more we drift away from nature, common sense, logic, history, and future.

    I’m the enemy. Cause I like to think, I like to read. I’m into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I’m the kind if guy who wants to sit in a greasy spoon and think, “Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with the side order of gravy fries?” I want high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, butter and buckets of cheese, okay? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in a non-smoking section. I wanna run through the streets naked with green Jello all over my body reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to. Okay, pal? – Demolition Man

  • Ford’s vehicle sales in China tumble 26.1% in 2019

    China’s auto market continues contracting as its own carmakers rise, squeezing out American-homed companies like Ford, who manufactured vehicles in China for that market. This will further the decoupling from the interdependent global market, and encourage Ford to sell its cars in places friendly to the US, including Europe.

  • Plight of newspapers in US generates uncommon bipartisan unity

    Media had a huge market when there were few channels for news. Three on the television, newspaper, magazines, radio, and cable news meant that local news could survive. Now people get their news through Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The market is concentrating, which means that soon there will be a few big sources and everyone else will fade away. This has been happening since the 1980s, when the media stopped pitching itself to the upper half of the middle class as the USA Today effect kicked in and turned all news into human interest stories.

  • A Japanese woman was asked to take a pregnancy test before flying to a US island that has become popular for birth tourism

    Beating diversity will be all about the details. To end a death by a thousand cuts, you must close each cut enough to make death unlikely, at which point the pendulum reverses direction. The West is ramping up its signaling that diversity is not wanted; when in turn it abolishes its crazy civil rights regime, started by the Fourteenth Amendment and the Civil Rights Acts (1866, 1957, 1964, 1991), diversity will reverse itself. This will benefit all parties: we get to keep a functional ethnic Western European society, and the ethnic and racial diversity go home and strengthen their motherlands, where they have control of their future and never have to worry about “racism” ever again.

  • Pakistan bans ‘bed scenes’ and ‘intimate moments’ from TV

    Shades of the Old America where it was deemed that media had to reflect our shared cultural values. That went out the window with ethnic diversity and later racial diversity, but it returns as we see the need for unity and not merely forced conformity through centralized bureaucratic administration. Government cannot be civilization; civilization requires an organic component as well, and when we drifted from that, we fell apart, just like the Romans and Athenians who as they became more diverse found they could not agree on much except the need for strong power.

  • Brexit: UK public wants to remain in EU, new poll finds weeks before withdrawal date

    The bureaucratic Establishment will never tire of trying to undo the escape of the sheep, who briefly realized that the bigger the government, the more it was going to tax them to death while social engineering them into a grey race of mixed-heritage people with allegiance to nothing except Leftism. Deport your local bureaucrat!

  • Boeing’s ousted CEO departs with $90 milli

    The unions took down Boeing, which caused the company to outsource as cheaply as possible so that the Mom-and-Pop investors got more dividends. In the meantime, everyone who could jumped ship because union shops self-defeat and are eventually replaced, and you do not want to be the last person to float a resume with that black mark of grief on it; the same thing happened in Detroit in the 1960s and 1970s, resulting in an exodus of competent executives and garbage-quality cars by the 1980s. Fast forward a couple years, and Boeing has become non-competitive. In the meantime, unions are busy eating up the media industry and plunging France into recession. If you want to destroy your foreign competition, just send money to their unions.

  • Couple left bikes in yard to lure thieves, beat them with bats and post videos to YouTube: police

    Why on Earth would we punish this? These people are cleaning up society. Let them shoot bike thieves if they want; Darwin will smile on us as a result.

  • Photos taken by US Special Operations forces show aftermath of strike that killed Soleimani

    Quick reminder:

    Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, told Fox News: “If you see a wounded veteran missing a limb or seriously disfigured the odds are pretty good they were wounded by an IED that was designed and deployed under the direction of Soleimani.”

  • B.C. naturopath’s pricey fecal transplants for autism are experimental and risky, scientists say

    This line is designed to waste your time reading in order to give you a moment to get over the “ick” factor, which is as instinctual as it is correct.

    The bigger point is that our gut bacteria matter, which is one of the nearly infinite reasons why we should live around people like us. Organisms are shared, like it or not, and so it makes sense to live around people who have compatible organisms with your biology.

  • Israeli education minister implies homosexuality is unnatural

    His impulse, to draw a line between acceptable behavior and unacceptable, makes sense but his methods do not. Homosexuality occurs in nature, and the best scenario for all parties is for the majority to tolerate it so long as it remains undercover. It likely represents mutations — think of high homosexual mortality, or the “gay face” that people can recognize — which we do not want to incorporate into future generations. Tolerate gays in exchange for them keeping gayness quiet so that it does not become a political weapon used against us, and stop trying to convert them or mainstream them. For whatever reason, they walk a different path, and compassion and self-interest balance in this mutual intolerant tolerance.

  • Report: Israeli intel helped U.S. assassinate Soleimani

    The Alt Right sometimes complains too much about Israel, failing to recognize that Israel is the solution to Jewish diversity in the West and the problems on both sides that it has caused. The American relationship with Israel has benefited both parties, despite some hiccoughs on both sides, and with strong nationalism, will continue to benefit all involved.

  • MIT warns foreign students of possible visits from ICE

    The pincer strategy continues: making it riskier to be here and less rewarding to be here results in less diversity, which means that instead of going for the easy solution of buying foreign labor, we fix our society so that our competent people are winning again. Right now, most of our best are in hiding, far underutilized at their slacker jobs, simply because they want as little part of the rotting carcass of our society as possible. End the legal protection for unions, roll back the high taxes and regulations, and bin affirmative action, and we have a chance again.

  • Charges upgraded against man accused of slashing tires at Palos Hills churches

    With diversity comes war. Only one group can rule, and so they will all fight until they destroy each other and leave behind a sea of cultureless grey race people.

  • Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Arab world’s longest-serving ruler, dies aged 79

    An absolute monarchy ruled well, despite being ignored by our media, who fear that if people realize that there are alternatives to democracy, even the most intense propaganda system ever created will be unable to stem the exodus. #Dexit

  • Terrorism police list Extinction Rebellion as extremist ideology

    Greens get lumped in with the Right because both groups want to change modern society fundamentally, and modern people fear personal change (i.e. conformity to reality, not social pressures!) more than anything else. Humanity does not want to self-actualize, mature, and enjoy life. It wants to continue scapegoating someone irrelevant while pursuing a disposable, self-destructive lifestyle because with that, it does not have to pay attention to reality and change itself to match. Watch for more Green-Right collaborations, or a Green Right and Crunchy Conservative, counter-revolutionary activity in the future. Humanity either grows wise and grows up or it destroys itself while committing ecocide, an unforgivable sin.

  • Hebrew nametag on ancient wine jar reopens debate on size of Israelite kingdom

    Ancient Israel was a thriving kingdom which followed the same path to doom as Athens and Rome, ending up miscegenated with Asiatics and North Africans and producing the quasi-Turkic genotype of Jews before they entered Europe. This mixed-race origin constitutes the source of most Jewish self-hatred and confusion. As Israel matures, however, it steadily Europeanizes with a flow of immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe who have one Jewish grandparent or more Jewish heritage. That, plus self-rule leading to stricter upward breeding, can restore the ancient Jewish kingdom, at which point the Jews of the world will finally feel the pride of ethnic self-determination and make a pilgrimage of return.

  • India to double US oil imports to cut reliance on others

    Restoration of the American oil industry offers a better source of energy to those of a partially European bloodline in India, who are trying to restore their own nation through populism much as we are struggling here.

  • Texas based H-E-B voted nation’s favorite grocery store; see top 5

    This shows us the utter futility of democracy. The secret to HEB is low prices on convenience items, higher prices or lower quality on staples, and long lines at checkout. However, the consumer sees only the six-pack or chicken tendies. We need an upward evolutionary pressure placing our most sensible people in power or we degrade (further) into Idiocracy.

  • Property owner offers to pay for move, shelter homeless moms occupying vacant West Oakland house

    The mothers moved into the vacant home on Nov. 18 and have refused to leave, saying that they have the right to housing and have no where else to go.

    We see the end result of “human rights”: people who construe themselves as having a need seize from the rest, disrupting the ability to have a productive society. Even if it hits “the rich” first, it always trickles down. Soon we all pay a huge percentage of any purchase or reduced salary or high tax just to keep the parasites at bay. A saner society would simply physically remove (boats to Venezuela, delete passports, confiscate Costco cards) its parasites.

  • Mexico Is Doing the U.S.’s ‘Dirty Work,’ Say Researchers as Border Apprehensions Decline for 7th Month in a Row

    Ah, so that is what “a border wall and Mexico will pay for it” means. Good work Mr. Trump!

  • Brake dust is a major source of air pollution and can weaken the immune system, study finds

    Societies exterminate themselves by empowering self-interest at the expense of civilizational goals, a process called individualism. Now that everyone made great money selling us these gadgets, we will all pay for the ignored risks and dangers; this is a form of the tragedy of the commons involving the destruction of an existing good thing through externalized/socialized costs rather than mere consumption of resources. However, switching to Half Earth could produce more clean air and scrub much of our damage.

  • Chinese internet users bombard US embassy’s Weibo page with anti-America comments

    When people tell you who they are, listen to them. We are seeing a clash of civilizations not a political conflict here.

  • Fires in Australia prompt animal group’s call for koala relocation to New Zealand

    More arrogant human manipulation shows us the danger of cleverness, especially “white” cleverness, which focuses on one issue and ignores the others (linear thought). Ecosystems operate on a pattern-based reality which takes into account all factors. We move the koalas to end the fires, but then what happens to both ecosystems? The people proposing this do not care; they got their fifteen minutes of fame and promotions in response, since they are now “important” in the human social sphere for affirming human cleverness.

  • People who second-guess themselves make worse decisions, study finds

    Equality operates by reducing everyone to the same level and making them distrust themselves so that that trust the external, centralized social order more. This creates an epidemic of terrible thinking and neurosis, leading to lower quality of outcome across the board.

  • Neighbors Fed Up With Bagpipes Blasting From McDonald’s On Broadway

    No one will address the homeless problem, which is actually a mental health crisis. As ethnic-mixing and caste-mixing continue, we get more mutations passed along through random recombination, leading to an epidemic of ill-health including bad mental health. Now we have huge herds of people wandering around, abusing drugs and alcohol, doing insane things and causing a low-grade crime wave. We would institutionalize them, but unions and Leftist ideologues burned down that system, so now we all pay endlessly, part of the death of a thousand cuts consisting of costs applied by our dysfunctional democracies.

  • IRS Personal Income-Tax Audits Drop to Lowest Level in Decades

    In our diverse society, certain groups cheat on their taxes quite a bit. If the audits were serious, we would see an epidemic of Asian businessmen getting called on carpet. Rather than look racist, we Rotherham the issue and stop enforcing.

  • Violence escalates as Romania cracks down on illegal timber trade

    Self-interest means that people destroy their local natural environment for a boost in income. The only thing that can oppose this is strong culture with a reverence for nature, but that cannot exist when government occupies the space taken by culture and our leaders are more concerned with tax-and-spend entitlements than making society work as an ecosystem, including nature.

  • Putin, Xi more trusted than Trump worldwide: poll

    At some point, we have to admit that democracy fails for two vital reasons: first, most people lack the biological wiring to make sense of much more than their daily lives, and second, people in groups conform to what they anticipate is the norm, which results in them chasing an ever-lowering lowest common denominator. You would have to insane to believe that Putin and Xi are better leaders than Trump, but socially, it is popular to scapegoat Trump because he is forcing us to change and decouple from the interdependency of globalism, diversity, and entitlements.

  • Night rider: 21 years sleeping on a London bus

    Slowly, the white population declined as a proportion of the total. The ranks of the homeless expanded.

    Diversity in a single image. As the social chaos spreads, everyone flees, leaving behind ruins of cities. They do the same with civilizations, which is why Athens and Rome today are miscegenated societies from which little of greatness emerges. The West is living off the past because every time we try equality and democracy, we ruin another society and make everyone spiritually homeless, at which point the unity of that ecosystem falls apart.

  • US International Development Finance Corporation targets Asia as Washington seeks to offer alternative to Chinese cash

    Under globalism, the real products offered boiled down to currency, real estate, and citizenship. Not surprisingly, the Left has always enjoyed selling these products, since in a Leftist-style tax-and-spend state your only possession of value is your real estate. Now that America has turned to supply-side economics, our currency will become gradually more favorable than those based on demand alone. Trump is pushing hard for us to become self-sufficient, at which point China and the European Union will implode.

  • CNN settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann

    We enter a new age of media accountability now that defamation is back on the table. Our media treated the Covington Catholic story recklessly in order to force its agenda, and it is only fitting that they pay out accordingly. In the future, media will have to be more cautious about promoting ideology over reality, a condition which preserves free speech but makes the wealthy media corporations accountable for their careless and biased statements.

  • Fontainebleau palace ‘plot’: Chinese mafia link probed

    Has anyone noticed that all of our organized crime in the West is foreign? Sicilian, Irish, Russian, Jewish, Pakistani, and Chinese mafias now pervade the West, hidden behind the cloak of diversity. When your enemies walk among you, you are already conquered.

  • Hungary to provide free fertility treatment to boost population

    With good intentions, Hungary adopts a terrible idea because despite being Right-wing it is still addicted to the underlying assumption of equality. You want healthy babies, so encourage your most productive people to breed. This looks like a subsidy for the rich, but it means that you have to lower taxes and have flat taxes. Right now, the West is killing itself by taxing its best and brightest while giving a free ride to those who contribute little. There are many mouths among the takers, and if you let them eat the makers, soon you will have a third world wasteland and import the third world to populate it as tyrants manipulate the remaining clueless population through the vote. Democracy always ends that way, which is why Rome and Athens are tourist destinations not major powers.

  • Man intentionally ran over 75-year-old veteran, saying he was ‘looking for someone to kill’

    “There are some cases … that make us realize there are pure evil in this world,” Nocco said. “Because of the pure evil that happened yesterday, there’s a 75-year-old man, who’s a father, a grandfather, a Vietnam War veteran, who was killed.”

    Pennell admitted he had thoughts of killing someone for several months and planned how he was going to do it. He told detectives he left his home with the intention of looking for someone walking or biking on the road “to run over them so he could see what it’s like to kill them.

    Please, let us get out of the cargo cult days of superstition and neurosis. The symbolic talismans of good and evil do not describe our world; a struggle to become more realistic, balanced, and purposeful does. We either achieve a high degree of personal mental order and reflect that in society, or we fall into disorder, confusion, neurosis, and schizoid/paranoid reasoning. The real “evil” is disorganization, incompetence, lack of realism, and solipsism/narcissism. We can beat it, but only if we as a civilization focus on reality and through that, sanity and development of our intuition as something natural and not based in human cleverness.

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