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DiversityWatch (November 15, 2023)


  • UK’s top court rules government’s Rwanda policy ‘unlawful’

    Courts rationalize by precedent and use it to expand their power, which traps them in a symbolic reality unrelated to consequences. In this case, it is beyond obvious that the UK needs to stop migration by sending migrants back, but the court will read the civil rights law, UN treaties, and anti-discrimination acts and conclude that if anyone from anywhere gets any body part on UK soil, they are now a ward of the state. When conservatives talk about the Left “legislating from the bench” for the past century, this is what they are speaking of.

  • Xi Jinping arrives in US as his Chinese Dream sputters

    Say what you want about the Chinese, but they are honest about their ambitions: they want to take over the world. The Chinese Dream was obviously an illusion because it was dependent on the West, and Trump scuppered it by throwing momentum behind the conscious decoupling of the West from the new Chinese Empire. Xi now goes to plan B: bribing or otherwise subverting American leaders, such as the Clintons who his predecessors funded with suitcases of cash, to continue to weaken themselves with DEADS so that eventually China can take over the ruins. The Chinese play the long game, which possibly includes terror attacks in Israel as a way to get the world focus away from Taiwan and toward areas that will divide us in our diverse state.

  • Tell the Truth About Law Enforcement and Crime

    The Ferguson Effect occurs when police officers to go jail for detaining a minority suspect who fights back and dies, because in the ensuing backlash police stop arresting minority suspects whenever possible, leading to a crime wave that mostly victimizes minorities. After Derek Chauvin was done up for murder by a suspicious second autopsy, cops stopped arresting Blacks and other non-Whites whenever possible, leading to the current outbreak of property crimes washing through the country. Minorities are always going to feel that policing is White Supremacy, since in a diverse society every group acts against every other group, and hwites are always going to play the outraged victim who has his hands tied by the unreasonableness of others, imagining themselves to be Christ on the cross or at least Willy Loman nobly passing into history.

  • ‘Erase Gaza’: War Unleashes Incendiary Rhetoric in Israel

    As predicted here provocatively before, ethno-nationalism has been vindicated by the Israeli experience, and Israel is now revitalizing the notion that democracy propaganda erased in the 1940s, namely that mono-ethnic states are the only ones with a chance of surviving.

  • Players Can “Embody Tintin, Not Just Follow Him” In Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh

    New game drops today following an old-school European character who revels in the foreign-ness of the outside world and has adventures in it because it is exotic and does not play by the staid, conventional rules of suburban Europe (if we are going to be honest, all of Europe is one big suburb built on what the kings established and industry amplified). Few know of the occult Right-wing roots of Tintin however:

    Eight years ago, former Belgian fascist leader Leon Degrelle published a book called My Friend Tintin, in which he claimed to have inspired the cartoon character. The book alarmed Tintin fans and drew attention to the wartime activities of Herge. During the Nazi occupation of Belgium, the artist worked for the conservative daily Le Soir, which was run by collaborators. He produced comic strips under the title L’Etoile Mysterieuse, in which some of the villains were caricatures of Jewish bankers with names such as Blumenstein.

    Not surprisingly, once the Tintin series took off and the bankers — not all of whom were Jewish — realized they had a money fountain on their hands, this was not so much brushed under the rug as politely ignored like a wandering flatus in the health food section of your local grocery store.

  • ‘Her Behavior Has Been Disgraceful!’ Ben Shapiro Destroys Colleague Candace Owens for ‘Ridiculous’ Israel Rhetoric

    People like myself pay attention to Benzodiazepine Shapiro for a simple reason: unlike almost all of the Right-wing pundits out there, he is a neoconservative pundit who at least understands how legal systems work and therefore, how laws are interpreted by the political system. The rest of these clowns are just posturing with symbols based on emotions and broad categorical thinking, and have literally no idea how anything actually works, which is fine with them because their audience has no clue either and does not want to know. Conservatives work with their guts, and their guts say that all this red tape, black letter law, and extensive manipulative bureaucracy is just bad news like Satan handing out candy at the Virginia McMartin preschool, but while the hips (and gut) don’t lie, they are also prone to seize on imagery instead of looking at how the sausage is actually made, which makes it easy for the other side to circumnavigate them and defeat them. In this case, however, Big Ben’s reliance on the legal side of things has missed the bigger point:

    Shapiro has also blasted former Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his “bizarre” and “ugly” take on Israel’s war against Hamas.

    “There are some people on the right who I think are being fully disingenuous and who are looking for an excuse to jump right on the same moral equivalency bandwagon as the left. I think there are certainly people like that,” said Shapiro at the time.

    Conservatism was never about asserting a universal morality as the Abrahamic religions argue is true. Rightists aim to conserve the best of human endeavor, and that requires recognizing that morality is not absolute and universal, but reality is real and therefore whatever produces the best results in reality is best. We cannot morally argue for the seizure of Israel from its interim occupants after the Romans any more than we can morally argue for the settlers conquering America after the Amerinds attacked, but we can point out that humanity advanced a great deal by both actions and that replacing primitive third-world savages with functional civilizations improves the future of our species.

  • 8 teens arrested on murder charges in beating of classmate in Las Vegas

    The fight began after a group of ghetto dwellers decided to steal a vape pen and headphones from a smaller kid, who fought back, at which point the Good Samaritan intervened and paid with his life because this enraged the mob into monkey troupe behavior, to which humans are prone at times of great excitation because we are all basically talking monkeys with car keys. The big point here is that cultures are different genetically and assimilation is a dream; we all reflect the environments that produced us. In tropical cultures, defending your team against the other team is more important than airy morality, and the strong stealing from the weak is the natural order of things. We are forcing people to behave against their genetics in order to integrate into their society, which is neither fair to us nor them.

  • University of Nebraska’s proposed $800K DEI budget cut is a good start

    DEI/ESG are jobs programs like affirmative action and they allow universities to attract students from all levels of ability, since the degrees in these programs are easily attained if you memorize the right simplistic propaganda. However, with the legal status of affirmative action finally falling after sixty years, schools are realizing that the DEI/ESG jobs are going to get cut, therefore the degrees are going to be worthless, so they are slowly tip-toeing away and will probably start making more of their staff part-timers in order to gently let these programs expire.

  • Company behind Miss Universe files for bankruptcy after transgender controversy

    “Get woke, go broke” is not universal. If the image of your brand involves selling to luvvies or minorities, for example, going woke will not hurt you. If your image involves selling heterosexuality to heterosexuals, like Bud Light and Miss Universe, then going woke means something worse than a boycott, namely that the illusion is punctured and the audience goes elsewhere for its heterosexuality fix. The interesting companies are those like Nike and Coke which flirted with woke but have backed down not so much for fear of the hwite audience leaving, but in recognition that even their minority customers see woke as weak and neurotic, therefore will see the brand and weak instead of strong and relevant.

  • Australian bounce house company denies business to Jewish school: ‘Zionist school’s blood money’

    Just like how Jews are restoring ethno-nationalism to the list of viable types of social order, Muslims are restoring the freedom to discriminate, which will eventually trickle down to even Whites and hwites who want to be separate from all woke, foreign, or anti-biological notions. This might have started with refusal to bake a gay cake, but it is going to end with full Balkanized pluralism, where you only bake cakes or rent bouncy castles to your own tribe. Hitler won in the end, and we are best if we accept his wisdom without necessarily embracing his methods, although Aktion T4 was pure sanity from a scientific perspective.

  • Massachusetts town bows down to anti-Israel mob as it hoists Palestinian flag over public park after ‘heated’ debate – where activists were booted out after chanting anti-Semitic slogans and Dearborn, Michigan raised Palestinian flags on the official city sign

    What do you do, when the diversity has the swing vote? You raise their flags along with your own, knowing that someday they will replace your own flags, because you are a population that conquered itself with individualism manifesting as “equality” which promptly removed any loyalty to culture or reality. Voters, you did this to yourselves. You do it every time. You are not competent to rule. The phrase “(absolute) power corrupts (absolutely)” applies to you, doubly so because it is power without accountability.

  • Biden slams ‘loser’ Trump for using the language of ‘Nazi Germany’ after ex-president said migrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country’ – during San Fran fundraiser as pro-Palestinian protesters march outside

    Trump was probably speaking about these illegal aliens being criminals that are now breeding criminals into our gene pool, but Biden tapped into White fears because he fears them: diversity means ethnic replacement, even if a few elements of your original genetics live on in the new mixed tawny grey population.


  • US evangelicals drive Republican support for Israel

    Someone finally states the obvious. Evangelicals and other fundamentalist types want Israel to exist so that there can be a final war in Har-Megiddo and we all get Raptured to Heaven by some kind of special words magic, or some other Abrahamic gibberish that anyone functional ignores.

  • Texas Bill Gives State Power to Arrest and Deport Migrants

    Legal experts have no idea if this is constitutional, but a quick hint from the Tenth Amendment suggests that any powers the federal government refuses to exercise return to the states, and if this clashes with federal civil rights law and treaties the federal government signed with international authorities, the state has the right to make its own exceptions sort of like with gay marriage, abortion, and narcotics decriminalization.

  • US to resume food aid deliveries to Ethiopia

    In an effort to retain the control status of colonialism simply so that other nations do not seize it and weaponize the third world, the West has been feeding the third world and therefore causing a population crisis as people who could not otherwise survive are now having multiple generations of multiple offspring. This aid also has a dark side in that it is never enough, and therefore we will always be resented for not providing enough, even when doing so would be impossible without crashing our economies or killing our people. Charity makes resentment when it becomes a regular thing, just like civilization gets taken for granted when it becomes stolid, staid, safe, and predictable.

  • Number of Venezuelan migrants at US-Mexico border halves

    “The US government restarted regular deportation flights to Venezuela last month.” Deportation works. The Biden administration does not want Venezuelans, who have had negative experiences with socialism, but Mexicans, who have positive experiences with cartels and blame capitalism for many of their woes in life, mostly being poor, low IQ, and from the third world.

  • Why Buffy Sainte-Marie’s ‘pretendian’ case strikes a nerve

    There are four root races — African, Asian, Australid, and Caucasian — and every ethnic group on Earth is made up those, alone or in combination. Amerinds, including Hispanics and Indians, are Mongolian, ethnically. An Italian with enough Phoenician, Arab, Jewish, or Chinese will resemble an Amerind, much like many Eastern Europeans look like whiter versions of Mexicans, and many Vietnamese are indistinguishable from Mexicans. What offends the Amerinds most is how they are not as unique as they pretend, nor as safe from replacement by outbreeding as they like to imagine. The rise of “pretendians” also threatens the minority status and benefits that Amerinds have enjoyed over the past century of White Guilt.

  • Why South Africa regrets its liberal post-apartheid asylum laws

    Now that Blacks have been nominated as the official rulers to distract the public, the majority of South Africa will be taken over by Hindus and Chinese, and at some point people are going to wake up and say, “apartheid protected us from this?”

  • Cambodia: Amnesty alleges ‘mass evictions’ at Angkor Wat

    Well-intentioned Western saps want to force Cambodia to allow impoverished people to live in a cultural treasure even though this will lead to its further breakdown. Egalitarianism has fled straight into insanity.

  • Video shows moment mob of FORTY people loot FedEx truck while it’s stopped at red light in Memphis

    It seems like mobs looting delivery trucks is the replacement for BLM riots and flash mobs raiding corner stores.

  • 309,000 people encountered at US borders in October — second busiest month in history: CBP

    History will show that both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden argued hard for unification with Mexico.

  • ‘X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X’ Review: Songs of Struggle at the Metropolitan Opera

    Tribute to Black Nationalist leader goes off well, but mainstreaming the struggles of other peoples into our art forms works to abolish Us.

  • Study reveals unfair representation of migrant domestic workers in mistreatment cases in Chinese media

    The diversity virus starts eating away at China as well. For people who are enraged at their society, appealing to the foreign has been a time-proven winning way to throw a tantrum.

  • Q&A: When does shaming work?

    Experts admit that guilt and shame are the primary tactics used to force human rights on otherwise sensible people.


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