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Pipe Meditations (October 19, 2019)

The book featured above is the LD50 gallery publication about Neoreaction, an extreme libertarian movement that wants to create an extreme realist fascism by formally recognizing the financial incentives behind government and making them transparent.

It operates more as a thought experiment than anything else. In a Neoreactionary world, society would be divided up into a patchwork of corporate-nations, basically gated communities the size of Delaware, in which people would pay directly for government services and be granted property rights in exchange.

For all of this elaborate thought, libertarianism and Neoreaction make one solid point, which is that ideological government is both unrealistic and conceals the actual motivations of the people running it. If all you need to do in order to steal money is claim that you are helping the poor, it gets easier.

Much of this seeks to avoid the tragedy of the commons, which basically says that any freely exploitable resource will be depleted because each person has it in their interests to get as much as possible. That denies the need for civilization, which is what used to rein in people in such situations, much as in the prisoner’s dilemma the best strategy is to never peach on a friend, but that only works if your friend feels the same way.

People like myself find libertarianism convincing as an economic doctrine, but no further. Libertarianism denies the question of civilization, and our need to maintain civilization and shared intangibles like culture and learning, because the world is not comprised of individuals but groups. If you want to be an individualist, you must live in the wilderness and depend on nothing and nobody, but if you want civilization, it requires upkeep, and obviously more than we invested in it during the past.

Libertarian fantasies resemble the thoughts that come from middle class second-story bedrooms, looking out at the distant world. If only every were accountable and responsible for their own actions, the theory goes, we could get rid of both misery and parasites by making everyone functional.

That sounds nice in theory, but it depends on having enlightened highly wealthy people who will fund things like culture, learning, institutions, and religion.

Those of us of a more practical and realistic bent simply acknowledge that only one system does this, and that is aristocracy. Instead of choosing our richest, we choose our best, and entrust them with the money, power, and social status.

We do this because otherwise people compete for these things and in doing so, create a world where everyone starts off with nothing and must manipulate and control others in order to have anything. Equality creates a cruel and soulless race for social importance.

Cities facilitate this pursuit where urban areas do not. In a community where people are actually a known quantity, each person has some recognized role and is known for deserving that. In anonymous cities, people reinvent themselves in order to compete, and end up becoming monsters.

It turns out that this benefits no one since instead of finding places where people can be competent, we promote the most viciously self-serving and encourage them to conceal their own limitations. As a result, we have incompetents at every level of our society, and people are unwilling to step outside of a role they are doing badly because then they lose money, status, and power.

When you make the focus of society the human individual, instead of some transcendent vision of an order larger than the individual, people see everything else as a means to the end of improving the socioeconomic status of that individual. They hide that actual reason, and instead spew a series of rationalizations, excuses, validations, pretexts, and justifications in order to take what they want. They defer authority to society itself — what it says is acceptable and not — and obey the letter of the law, not its spirit. Their instability makes them tyrants, in that they see anyone who does not agree with them as an enemy, and the savagery comes out which makes them tend to see people as friends and use them, or see them as enemies and seek to humiliate, subjugate, destabilize, degrade, confuse, deceive, manipulate, and destroy them.

This creates a “negative transcendent” order, or one based on an absence of transcendent good. The transcendental approach looks at life as a whole and sees a positive order because it enables us to live, think, and find better answers over lesser ones; the ability to find better answers, as opposed to compelled “correct” behavior and speech, means that people move at their own pace and understand the why behind all of what they do. That in turn allows them to understand why life must be as it is, including the bad, for logical reasons, since it functions as a whole system and not as discrete parts. Transcendentalism is the antechamber to metaphysics, since once you see the world as the best possible order, the natural next step is to wonder what sort of loving genius force impels us to be as it is.

A negative transcendent order consists of doubt of any order larger than the individual, a combination of fatalism and a lust for power over other humans to compensate for the lack of real power one has to connect with reality and find it beautiful. When people give in to doubt, they use doubt as a weapon, spreading ideas which disconnect humans from how reality works and drive them toward obsessions, because those can be used to control them, and a fatalistic person seeks to control others in order to validate his obsessions and make him feel better, even for a moment.

In the name of making Utopia on Earth, we have made a nightmare, mainly because being imperfect and having constant internal conflict — meaning the struggle for better to rise above the rest, not “adversarial” conflict which is the basis of our society, like fighting political parties or offense/defense in a courtroom — drives the renewal of our world.

Humans deny reality and get bad results. Neoreaction serves as part of the equation, but it needs traditionalism and aristocracy, probably some futurism as well, even if it recognizes that society left to its own devices would more resemble fascism than democracy.

Anyway, the book is quite good, with essays by leading Neoreactionaries and people on the fringe such as myself.

On to some links:

  • Guns seized from Washington man said to be neo-Nazi leader prepping for ‘race war’

    Innocent Republicans have no idea how dangerous these laws are. They send law enforcement looking for excuses to take your guns. First it will be social media posts, then anonymous social media posts since they can subpoena your ISP and social media sites, then self-published material, and finally, any political dissidents. The Left wanted gun control so that it could disarm the Right and for no other reason. All of their “reasons” are simply justifications and pretexts.

  • Confronted by impeachment, Trump adds to the chaos

    Trump is using impeachment to separate everyone but the hardcore Left from the Democrats in this upcoming election. Much as the (failed) impeachment of Bill Clinton resulted in greater popularity for him, when Trump defeats the nagging nannies who harp on trivial “possible” infractions as a means to take him down, he looks smarter and more honest than they are. The Left has been a solution in search of a problem with Trump, first arguing mental incapacity, then Russian collusion, emoluments, and other trivialities in order to try to un-do the 2016 election, in a parallel to how the unelected bureaucratic classes in the UK attempted to un-do Brexit. People sense that our current hippie+corporate order is a regime, meaning that it rules for its own power and not ours, and that it seeks to destroy us and replace us with true believers. We want to escape this fate. Humanity as a whole is waking up to the idea that individualism makes for a miserable society, and we want to escape that fate, too. Trump has ridden this wave and now is shaping it, mainly by revealing how horrible the bureaucratic society of the Left is, and how any ideological system is doomed to failure where realism — in his case, nationalism and commonsense dealing — always wins.

  • Scientific integrity bill advances in U.S. House with bipartisan support

    Cretinous politicians think that they are clever with “scientific integrity,” which basically means that whoever gets the funding to buy a bunch of scientists can over-ride political decisions by insisting on science as a religion. This bill is wholly toxic and will be used to force government to be a mouthpiece for certain fantasies of science, which as we see every generation, are more often wrong than right.

  • How democracy made us dumb

    Plato pointed out that democracy makes us twisted because it is based on the illusion of shared human wisdom instead of the grim reality that external events correspond to our internal degree of organization. Disorganized minds want democracy, of course, so they can keep being disorganized, but the end result of democracy is selfish people who are oblivious to realism. The point of “The Republic” was that once we start going down the path of a society based on external control, we will have to eventually control everything, making a society of misery; he contrasts this to the “gold and silver races” (castes) who rule from an inner drive toward the good, beautiful, and true. We need to restore our aristocratic system and point our aristocrats toward these transcendentals or we will forever be fighting over how to control ourselves. Our Utopian ideas not only do not work, but they degrade our ability to think, and make us into nasty selfish little people.

  • ‘UW 4 Whites Only’ poster appears on UW-Madison campus

    Dissent with diversity rises. No one wants to say this, but we do not need other groups; if Western Europeans go their own way, we can do just fine on our own as we have done for most of our history. These other groups are here to take advantage of what we have created, and they feel bad about that since it points to the lack of achievement of their groups, which causes them to agitate for the destruction of whiteness, white society, and Western Civilization. What they need is to be sent home, reminded of their great ancestors (Aztecs, Ethiopians, Angkor Wat) and gently urged to restore those orders so that finally they feel good about themselves and have control of their future. Reparations-with-repatriation is not a “brown people are bad, get rid of them” plan; it is a recognition that diversity does not work, we have to end it fairly, and that minority groups will be miserable until they have something prosperous of their own.

  • China Cancels Release of Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

    China is doing the right thing; you do not allow other nations to portray you as degenerates who get beat up easily:

    Played by Mike Moh, the Lee in Sony’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is wildly cocky and claims he could have “crippled” Muhammad Ali in a fight (referred to as Cassius Clay). Pitt’s character, a stuntman and former war hero named Cliff Booth, laughs in Lee’s face over the comment and then the two get into a “friendly” contest of who can knock the other down three times without hitting the face. The scuffle ends before either side wins, but Pitt appears to have an edge near the end, after throwing Lee into the side of a classic car.

    Tarantino may have artistic reasons for doing this, but for China, the cultural need requires having heroes who are ethnic Chinese, although Bruce may in fact have been part European and Semitic.

  • Ray Dalio says the world is in a ‘great sag’ and echoes the 1930s

    People love preaching gloom and doom; they are reacting to the past. Globalism failed because it transferred wealth out of the first world and then brought that wealth back only in luxury products and the “service economy,” which cannot fund a middle class; it only makes some wealthy people in California and everyone else lives in hovels and sells junk on eBay to get by. Nationalism and autonomy cure this disease, and the faster America gets there — bypassing Leftists, unions, and unelected bureaucrats on a power trip — the sooner it will see its structural strength return in economic terms.

  • Surge of Mexican migrants is new challenge for Trump border crackdown

    The Left, through its NGOs, has sponsored the migrant crisis in Europe and the USA. They think that this will permanently sway elections in their favor, but they are oblivious to the longer-term consequences, which are that the new voters will elect people who look like them and vote to take away all the wealth of the founding populations, crashing these economies. That will kick off default, race war, and collapse. A smarter move, as Nigel Farage indicated, is to separate from the entangling alliances that control us, focus on what works, and move on those who cannot work within that system without help from the founding population and its taxes. Even better, we could cut entitlements, since those are the source of our impending bankruptcy and the justification for bringing in more warm bodies to swell the voters rolls, taxpayer base, and throng of consumers buying disposable junk that they then just about chuck directly into national forests.

  • PG&E CEO Says It Could Impose Blackouts in California for a Decade

    Consumers tend to treat corporations like piggy banks. After all, they’re just sitting on giant piles of money, right? They hamper who they can hire and fire, tie them up with red tape and regulations, and then are shocked when this results in bloated bureaucracies which routinely miss easy problems. The corporations are returning fire: they will act to cut their own risk first and, if your power goes out, you should have bought a generator. Hint: average Americans trying to operate generators will produce far more fires than power lines.

  • Tension mounts in Canada as election nears

    Everywhere in the West, people face a choice. Do we roll back our Utopian quest and start focusing on reality, or do we just kick the can down the road for the next generation to figure out? Justin Trudeau, like Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, is a Clinton-style leader who does whatever is popular and ignores massive systemic and infrastructural problems because the voters are not jazzed about these boring issues. More entertainer than leader, he knows that as long as he keeps the free money train going, most people will vote for him, even if this means sacrificing the middle class, just as Obama did with the Affordable Care Act. As the world swings away from crowd popularity and its egalitarian ideology, the Trudeaus of the world stand revealed as the parasites they are. Let us hope that Canada frees itself from popularity.

  • 38 people cited for violations in Clinton email probe

    How the deep state fakes investigations:

    “The investigation covered 33,000 emails that Clinton turned over for review after her use of the private email account became public. ”

    The emails she turned over, after she deleted the ones that she wanted gone, will not show many actual violations. She probably used this as an excuse to purge the 38 people who know too much. A real investigation would look at all the emails, or at least address the missing ones.

  • Why Are American Investors Funding Chinese Fraud?

    When you let foreigners buy into your economy, including real estate, they become powerful in your country. Soon they buy your media, politicians, and businesses and use them against you. Not surprisingly, the DNC — who is funded by China — had no interest in looking into this, but we are hearing about it now, and will hear about more in the future.

  • Defiant Boris refuses to sign EU letter begging for Brexit delay after rebel MPs sank deal vote

    Boris should act on the idea that possession (or transformation) is nine-tenths of the law. If he forces through Brexit, then the economy will adapt, and that will transfer the burden to the “Remainers” who will then have to argue for a new election to join the EU, which will not appeal to many people if the UK is doing alright on its own. He should use whatever means he has to, and it seems like he is, to railroad Brexit past the bureaucratic classes and get the UK moving to its new future before it gets beat up by the fearful investors and voters who are terrified of ambiguity. Indecision kills; decision wins. Make it happen!

  • Latin America awash in troubles amid protests, uprisings and a distracted Washington

    Originally Latin America was described as a diversity paradise where European, Asian/Amerind, and African mixed and lived in harmony. Centuries later, it seems that diversity is something which cannot be overcome, and it is dragging these societies (yet again) into thrashing chaos.

  • Black high school security guard fired for telling student not to call him the N-word

    With diversity, you cannot win.

  • Documents Reveal Serious Abuse Allegations By Minors In Border Patrol Custody

    Sounds like more Trump horrors, right? The case covers 2009-2014, during the Obama reich.

  • Dementia poses threat to health similar to HIV and Aids, summit told

    Imagine 75 million people across the globe requiring constant care because their brains have self-destructed. Now visualize all of our entitlements systems, which are already broke and cutting corners to keep costs low, attempting to deal with this situation. As we can see, the entitlements states will be ending soon in a flurry of defaults and crashes. Whoever gets out of the entitlements game first wins.

  • US imposes record $7.5 billion tariffs on European goods

    The EU has played dirty for years. Now that they are getting called on it, Europe has to face the fact that it is basically a theme park that sells exotic foods and luxury items, and that it has no other real economy to speak of. With the Chinese pulling back their spending, and the US market becoming inaccessible, all those “miracle” European market socialist economies look to be hovering near the abyss. We have known that this day would come, like we have known that entitlements bankruptcy default day, resource wars day, and diversity disconnect race war day have been coming. Now people merely need to figure out how to sweep up the broken pieces and carry on.

  • Model, 25, who became Britain’s youngest transgender person at 15 claims she’s a victim of transphobia after pornographer refused to have sex with her because she has a penis

    Transsexuals continue to feign shock at the fact that heterosexuals do not want to have sex with people who are naturally of the same sex that they are. This trend has peaked and will soon fade, as all the people who wanted fifteen minutes of fame discover that they are no happier after surgery than before, and that whatever problem made them confused in the first place is still with them.

  • ‘Morals over money’: Waitress fired after refusing to serve transphobic customers

    Irritating tattooed SJW chooses to be offended at customers critical of transsexuals, and is fired for not doing her job. Management asserts a strong freedom of association and speech position:

    “We are going to serve anyone in here as long as it’s a safe environment,” Wallender said. “I’ve been in the service industry for a good 15 years, and I’ve heard hundreds of conversations I didn’t agree with, but it’s a matter of fact of brushing it off and having to tough it out through your task.”

    In the twenty-first century, people are turning away from ideology toward function. This will offend those who must continually draw attention to themselves with their bold, iconoclastic, “different,” and unique snowflake opinions — all of which are sad clichés repeating dogma from centuries ago — as they figure out that the world really has very little use for them, and their moment of being “important” ended some time ago.

  • Germany shooting: data on online spread of livestreamed attack kept secret

    Social media does not want to reveal how popular such things are. They could always ban all the accounts involved, but it seems that social media has been waning in popularity of late, and they are getting nervous.

  • Chick-fil-A’s first UK location will close after pressure from LGBTQ rights group

    Tolerant Leftists destroy another business because someone might not have Leftist opinions. Apparently they have no idea how much like the dying Soviet regime they appear to be.

  • Students expelled from Vancouver private school over racist social media posts

    Students join a “neo-Nazi” (probably means libertarians who talk honestly about diversity) group on Facebook and are expelled from school. Social media seems to have missed the fact that people were willing to use it so long as it was its own closed little world, but as soon as it has negative real-world consequences, people are going to abandon it for chat services and fully anonymous services. This ultimately will serve a good purpose, in that people might actually socialize in person again now that the social media trend has kicked up its feet and died.

  • French intelligence services thwart ‘9-11-style terror attack’

    Part and parcel of modern life involves having your governments spy on you constantly because the many groups in diversity are plotting to kill you and each other constantly. Those boring 1980s before Clinton-era diversity kicked in throughout the US and EU are starting to look better every day. We might have not been hip and swift with the latest Leftist dogma, but we knew what the rules of life were and could find people like us to live with. Now we are all aliens, wandering through cultureless shattered lands, watching the dysfunction grind against itself daily as it tears what remains of society apart.

  • Germany: Officials pledge crackdown after synagogue attack

    Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and his counterparts from Germany’s 16 states said Friday they support a series of measures including forcing internet companies to report hate speech to police and extending requirements to delete illegal content to online gaming platforms.

    Remember, we adopted democracy so that you could have freedom, any opinion you wanted, and any religion you wanted. It turns out that this pluralistic model is totally unstable, so now your freedom is limited to what is politically correct, your opinions had better fall in line or you will be fired and end up in a ghetto, and you are enrolled in a mandatory state secular religion of egalitarianism. Where do we vote to end democracy?

  • Population shift resulting in fewer homicides

    Worldwide, there are fewer young people, implying that 15-29 years ago humanity started being miserable and stopped reproducing at replacement rates. Part of that shows us the postwar boom, fueled by big agriculture and the sales of labor-saving devices, has faded, but if those people had managed to have families like their parents did, we would have more young people. Humanity lost hope and entered old age, instead of realizing that it could simply return to its youth by abandoning egalitarianism and other silly notions and returning to time-honored means of survival. Civilization is important; individualism degrades it; equality makes equal misery, apparently.

  • Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen urges rejection of ‘one country, two systems’ model she says fails Hong Kong

    The ethnic Chinese who are not living under Chinese Communism see no reason to go join that failing ideology as it circles the drain. This is true in not just Taiwan, but Hong Kong. More importantly, this is occurring in the West, too. Globalism showed us that the Left intended a future for us of unimaginable tedium and emptiness just so that our governments — in theory our agents, for our well-being — could continue to operate their bloated, intrusive, and incompetent systems. People are fleeing at the same time the Leftists, seeing their quarry threaten to get away, are tightening the reins before their systems collapse and force some kind of global war and recession.

  • Sunlight can degrade polystyrene in just decades, rather than thousands of years, study finds

    The problem is not whether plastic breaks down, but how long the byproducts last. Welcome to a toxic world. In the meantime, people seem disappointed, since our dark secular times the only immortality any of us will have is leaving our three hundred tons of plastic waste each in the landfills.

  • Why U.S. Cities Are Banning New Fast-Food Drive-Throughs

    Government tries to curb obesity by refusing to license new drive-through fast food restaurants. In the meantime, the fact that society is so miserable that we shuttle between work from home in cars and then slam the doors to goof off on the internet or watch thousands of channels of video entertainment does not occur to them; they fail to notice that we no longer have public spaces thanks to diversity and other forms of social breakdown. People used to walk around, talk to each other, and even do physical activity out there, but who wants to go outside these days? It is just a stream of foreign-looking people who hate you, no matter what race and religion you are.

  • ‘We’re not going to let anyone tell us how we can wear our hair.’ Council votes 7-1 to ban discrimination based on natural hair

    Since the Civil Rights Acts (1866, 19576, 1964, and 1991), JFK’s XO about affirmative action, and the Fourteenth Amendment, anti-discrimination law has been part of the American legal landscape, penalizing those who refuse to hire, sell to, rent to, or interact with those of other races, religions, sexual orientations, sexes, and ethnic groups. However, no one realizes that this genre of law has two weak spots: (1) it makes it impossible to note hire, sell to, rent, to, or interact with someone of another group because if you do not, you can get sued, even if your reason for doing so is unrelated and (2) it ignores the fact that people have multiple characteristics, such as being from one of these groups and also incompetent or destructive. We have built a giant edifice of mandatory hires and sales which constantly collapses on us, but we keep shoring it up. If these laws perish, America will quickly balkanize, but if not, we are going to continue to suffer a quarter to a third in added costs to support these biased and unrealistic laws.

  • Russian trolls’ chief target was ‘black US voters’

    Diversity is our weak spot. Each group acts against all others and the majority, which makes them prime recruiting ground for hostile foreign powers. If this is what the Russians have been doing, imagine what the Chinese have been up to.

  • Groups rally, urge mayor to dump ‘ridiculous’ homelessness proposal

    Neurotics and hateful people gather to protest common sense “let’s not end up like SF and LA” law:

    If approved, the ordinance would make it a misdemeanor to sleep or camp in a public right-of-way if there are beds available at emergency shelters or space at the Homeless Courtyard Resource Center.

    No one knows what to do with the homeless. Mostly insane, with high rates of drug abuse and pedophilia, they destroy anything they touch. If we admit that, we reject the principle of equality that anchors and binds the Left, and so we must continue in the illusion that there are “solutions” other than shipping them to tent cities in the middle of the desert and trucking in thousands of gallons of MD 20/20 to keep them occupied until their livers shut down.

  • China and Taiwan clash over Wikipedia edits

    Wikipedia thrived because it was fake and could be gamed. Originally run by fanatical graduate school drop-outs smoking weed in basements, it became a prime target for SEO manipulators and foreign powers. Now we are slowly realizing that centralizing things simply makes them targets, where allowing the internet to produce different resources which then compete enables us to have competition between data sources, keeping them more honest than dropping power into the hands of nerdly neurotics will ever do. If you think this is limited to foreign powers, consider that the “swamp” loves Wikipedia too.

  • Trump Will Deny Immigrant Visas to Those Who Can’t Pay for Health Care

    Instead of creating one big plan to take down immigration, Trump continues the pincer strategy of raising cost and reducing reward. The Left specializes in swarm attacks, where something is declared an outrage and the herd attacks, but they do less well with obscure policies and economic forces. For this reason, Trump focuses on sabotaging existing programs so that when they fail, he can propose his own alternatives. A big sign that says GO BACK HOME WE ARE FULL might be a good start there.

  • Lab-made primordial soup yields RNA bases

    The universe seems to be designed to produce life everywhere. This means that we are not alone, and that no gods are coming to save us; we have to get sane and find a way to survive, or nature is going to snip us off and let life on another planet get all the glory.

  • Obesity is weighing on education, productivity and the economy

    Surprising no one, research reports that being unhealthy results in being incapable and therefore, less valuable. The twin challenges of lots of processed food and no desire to go out and walk around in a ruined world get less attention however.

  • Tempers Flare Over Social Justice Issues, Rewriting Of Diversity Statement In Oak Park

    “We work to break down systems of oppression.”

    Translation: sign the diversity statement so that everyone can be obligated to take everything possible from Heritage Americans and waste it on the failing, destructive policy of diversity.

  • Child slavery victims being lured back into exploitation due to lack of support amid surge in cases

    We cannot save everyone. That clashes with our idea of equality, which holds that all people have roughly equal reason, and therefore those who end up in bad situations had that done to them, instead of being culpable in their fate or for not having avoided it. When responsibility is deferred to external forces, people act according to what is easy, and then later look for someone to blame and to pay for their wounds and missed opportunities. It might be better to simply suggest some form of behavior that works — we used to call this part of “culture” — and make sure that the good people do fine instead of worrying about those who pursue or wander blithely into their own doom.

  • Libor rigging inquiry shut down by Serious Fraud Office

    When we decided to make debts into products so that we could continue borrowing to fund our entitlements programs, we unleashed a massive wave of legalized fraud which is only slowly being discovered. At this point, the systems of this fraud are too integral to our economic and legal systems to allow them to be busted, so we have a vast coverup game. What this means: the amounts that things are worth on paper have no relation to actual worth, and as globalism crashes to an end, there will be a further impact as the market adjusts value and in doing so, deletes trillions of dollars of phantom currency, making our debt unstable and bringing out entitlements circular Ponzi schemes crashing to the ground.

  • Understanding extinction — humanity has destroyed half the life on Earth

    “If you take the overall biomass on Earth before humanity arrived on the scene, it was about twice what it is now,” said Ron Milo, a professor of plant and environmental sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, in conversation with Quirks & Quarks host Bob McDonald.

    This means that we have crowded out other forms of life. They need more space than we think, because every species occupies a niche alongside many others, and so needs a vast amount of land to hunt, breed, play, fight, and forage. It is not our dwellings that are crowding them out, but our farms, factories, roads, airports, schools, and businesses. We need fewer humans; even more, we need saner ones.

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