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Periscope (November 22, 2018)

  • The World Is in the Middle of a Reproducibility Crisis in the Sciences

    When science is funded by a person or group with a special interest, science becomes a form of lobbying, whether that person or group is a government agency, an NGO, a non-profit, a multinational megacorporation, or simply a billionaire with an axe to grind. We are now finding out that scientists, being human, paid attention to how their bread was buttered and designed experiments to come up with results complimentary to the ideological objectives of their funders. As a result, the sugar lobby successfully paid for research that blamed eggs instead of sugar for obesity, we blamed smoking instead of diesel exhaust, and lots of race-denialist propaganda came out of government sources. “Science” cannot be our new religion, because not only is it not absolute, but behind all of its pretense, it is simply human and reveals our fallible exclusive self-interest instead of the “universal” (LOL) perspective it purports to express.

  • White House authorizes lethal force for troops at Mexico border

    Anatomy of a Trump troll: bluster, posture, provoke; let your enemies claim that you will be the next coming of Hitler; then, apply soft pressure. The military is going to meet these people at the border with non-lethal means and whisk them away to tent cities where these gimmegrants will wait for their court cases for several years, during which time they will enjoy free beans and cheese from the government while slowly becoming bored out of their minds. In Mexico, this will mean that immigration now carries new risks, and therefore is more expensive, so the chance of coming to the USA for higher wages to send home to Mexico will be less attractive. That in turn will result in fewer immigrants, which means that industry will seek other sources for cheap labor, and thus, the immigration industry will crash. That will in turn raise American wages, since any infinitely expanding labor pool will drive wages downward by the laws of supply and demand.

  • Merkel brands opponents of U.N. migrant pact ‘nationalists’

    Angela Merkel is a Communist. She grew up under Communism, thrived under it, and imbibed it with her mother’s milk. Being a good Communist, she knew that in order to succeed, she had to tell the herd what appealed to them in a way that caused the guileless voters to transfer power to her. They did so, and she then embarked on the Leftist/Communist agenda through her invention of neo-Communism, which like National Socialism mated a Leftist social policy to capitalist economics in order to fund the otherwise financially unstable socialist welfare/benefits state, through which she wanted to control her citizens by making them dependent on government payouts and terrified of tax authorities. Leftism has one goal: world equality. This allows the nouveau rich and powerful to rule through centralization instead of the more complex structures of tiered or cascading hierarchy. Merchant elites always produce socialism because it gives them more control than markets do. Merkel understands power, and so she has taken a side, which places her opposite nationalism, or the idea that local unity and leadership are more important than worldwide equality. This tells us what we need to know: to avoid going down with the ship of the failing Leftist neo-Communist regime, we should become nationalists, and stay away from addictive but insane ideas like equality.

  • Girl, 13, Who Wrote Essay on Gun Violence Is Killed by Stray Bullet

    All of the blaming of guns and demands for gun control are designed to serve one objective: to conceal the fact that, before diversity, we had no problem with gun violence here in America, and that after diversity, even if we ban guns, we will have problems with violence, corruption, and disorder as are common in the third world. In fact, our mass shootings occur because of our gun control. Genetics is destiny and demographic replacement will make us into the third world, instead of lifting up the third world.

  • UK Homeless population ‘rises to 320,000’

    Leftism failing everywhere. The UK threw so many resources into diversity and immigration that it taxed its population into poverty, drove up the costs of housing and daily life, and made cities alienating enough that people fled them, leaving a huge portion of its native population in the lurch. This is happening everywhere that Leftists rule. It is typical for the outcome of Leftist programs: they pursue ideological or in other words symbolic ideals, while ignoring plain reality. Leftism is one giant fraud.

  • White supremacist pleads guilty in connection with violence at California rally

    Some pro-white guy assaulted people at a California event. In the meantime, the bike lock attacker got off with a slap on the wrist because unlike this “white supremacist,” he followed the ideology of the regime that rules us.

  • Jerry Brown Blames Those Who Deny Global Warming for Deadly Wildfires

    Leftist confuses weather with climate change, gets given a pass. Trump posts one tweet saying “Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?” and Leftists lose their minds. Double standard much, Leftists? Of course: ideologues do not care about what is true and real because those things are only useful insofar as they advance worldwide equality.

  • White Liberals Present Themselves as Less Competent in Interactions with African-Americans

    Diversity destroys civilization, and Leftists have chosen diversity as the hill for us to die upon because they would rather have absolute rule over a failed civilization than only a slice of the pie in a thriving one. It turns out that white liberals engage in baby talk with minorities because white liberals acknowledge the difference in IQ between first world and third world, and are excited for the ability to manipulate these people by being covertly condescending. This whole thing is gross and makes me think the black nationalist rant that white people have a devil within has some truth to it, at least for white Leftists. Sort of the same as how when white nationalists complain about The Jew,™ they are exclusively speaking about Leftist Jews. Does this mean that Leftism is the devil within us?

  • The Decline and Fall of the Zuckerberg Empire

    Most of history is forgotten and replaced with convenient homilies that we tell people so that they might feel ease and comfort in believing that they are in the grips of a historical motion toward something good. In internet history, the Wild West succeeded because it was decentralized, or had no command and control center that could regulate content, which meant that the talented could succeed on the basis of that talent alone; naturally, the offended the herd, so they created a centralization of the net — Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Amazon — in which a few large companies could control all the content so that it could be made “safe” so that popularity (herd consensus) could rule over talent (hierarchy, unequally perceived). Now people are finding out that the proles+merchants alliance that forms mob rule has destroyed the internet, and they are looking for someone to blame, but they will fail, mainly because Facebook and friends replaced the old internet. When those content providers were no longer rewarded with recognition and most of all, attention to their ideas, they went elsewhere, and now the internet is as insipid as 1980s American daytime television and as controlled as 1980s Soviet Pravda. You killed it with your need to participate, you stupid bastards, and scapegoating poor delusional nerd Mark Zuckerberg will do nothing to change that. Your murder of the pioneer internet was just crowdism in another form.

  • Triathlons, ultramarathons and ambitious baking: why is modern leisure so competitive?

    When you make everyone socially equal, you create a nasty competition for distinguishing oneself from the herd. This manifests in corporate greed as well as social status signaling like hipsters, hippies, far-Rightists looking for the most comical way to Name The Jew,™ ultra-marathons, competitive baking, extreme sports, true metalheads, furries, fundamentalists, New Agers, Christian missionaries, and of course, yuppies (a word you don’t hear much anymore). This competition eats up society and is part of the megalomaniac narcissism and solipsism created by democracy and equality. You wanted to end conflict, so you made people equal, but that just moved the conflict instead of — as traditional societies did — incorporating it into an elegant institution that served everyone by achieving better results instead of the stream of mediocrity that we have now. As always, herd behavior (the extension of selfishness to the group) defeats humanity.

  • Bride and groom perform wedding vows as rap battle

    This is what happens when you displace a culture: the crassest, coarsest, dumbest, and most commercial elements win out as people try to be “cute” and unique, different, iconoclastic, and otherwise, simply attention whores.

  • Oklahoma City: If a Democrat can make it there, she can make it anywhere

    Leftism wins by making people dependent on the herd and its proxy, government. Anywhere you take from people and make them dependent on what is given out in turn, you have control, and you can then use that control to demonize any method which will unseat you. This is why Leftism starts as an alternative and becomes a pathological addiction that destroys any group or society foolish enough to come under its sway.

  • A $9 trillion corporate debt bomb is ‘bubbling’ in the US economy

    The debt bombs will go off in sequence: first, the false wealth dot-com 3.0 economy will implode; second, the pension bomb; third, the debt of cities and states; then, the government debt bombs across the West; after that, the consumer debt bombs; then, this glorious corporate debt bomb; finally, lots of little stuff like student debt, car notes, mortgages, and so on. Kaboom! Everything will fail at once, roughly at the same time that the air pollution bomb, diversity bomb, rising third world superpower bomb, and social instability bomb go off as well. Your modern society will translate into a wave of detritus and debris, and it will happen more quickly and more silently than anyone expects.

  • Bill Maher Says Outrage Over His Stan Lee Comments “Proves My Point”

    “What I was saying is, a culture that thinks that comic books and comic book movies are profound meditations on the human condition is a dumb [expletive deleted] culture.” He’s right: mass culture is idiotic. Rock music, rap music, Hollywood movies, news-entertainment media, modern art, etc. are part of the same degeneration as we race to the bottom in order to include everyone so that the prole-merchant revolt can succeed.

  • Revealed: one in four Europeans vote populist

    Leftism — egalitarianism — has failed. It did not eliminate social strife but amplified it. It will destroy our civilization unless we dethrone it and exile those who support it. People are (slowly, because voters are slow like Down’s syndrome kids on cough syrup) figuring this out, and turning away before the crash. One wonders if they will be too late.

  • County official in Kansas resigns over ‘master race’ remark

    You meant well. You were even sardonically signaling against white privilege. It does not matter; what matters is displacing you and replacing you. This is a diversity war, which means that your skin is your uniform, and the other side does not care at all if you are good, kind, or even one of them. They simply want to take the power that you have, and the race card gives them infinite power to do so, at least until we stand up and say DIVERSITY NEVER WORKS and thus revoke that race card.

  • Mexican immigration agents detain 213 migrants in fourth caravan

    Trump policy consists of recognizing that everything is a market or behaves like one. For immigration, he is raising the cost and lowering benefits; to Mexico, he is rewarding compliance and punishing damages. While this does not produce instant results like totalitarianism, it also does not produce the unintended conspiracy of details that defeats raw force, because raw force targets effects and not causes. Trump is targeting causes, which seems oblique until you realize that it is structural instead of aesthetic. He is our best president ever, coming right on the heels of our worst. Wonder if the voters will notice.

  • Florida officials investigating possible election fraud, use of altered forms by Democrats

    The people who brought you guillotines and gulags might cheat on an election? They never change, mainly because they are not an identifiable group but people in the grips of a pathology. Drug addicts always steal. Gamblers always think the next roll of the dice is going to make them rich. Fat people believe they can stop any time. Human pathologies are real, and in groups, they become a form of collectivized individualism designed to justify those pathologies and stop others from pointing out that they are, in fact, pathologies and not reasonable and realistic thinking.

  • Israel to demolish dozens of Palestinian shops in East Jerusalem

    If we are going to learn anything from the Holocaust, it is this: diversity does not work. It did not work in Europe, where Jews were thrown out of 109 nations, and it does not work in Israel, where Palestinians are hoping to out-breed the Jewish population and thus enslave them with the vote. End diversity and survive; adopt diversity and die. It is that simple and it always has been, but the Left adopted diversity in order to perpetuate its class warfare through the hysterically erroneous notion of “equality.” All of these illusions have fallen but most of humanity is too slow or too dishonest to acknowledge this — yet.

  • Proud Boys founder quits the group

    Gavin McInnes just proved what the rest of us have known for some time: civic nationalism will go nowhere because the Left calls anyone who is not Leftist enough a “white supremacist” and destroys their lives, no matter what they do. The Proud Boys were multi-ethnic and Gavin McInnes has a third world wife and children. They are obviously not racists. They are, however, against political correctness and the ethnic quotas used to enforce the Leftist ideal of diversity, but not for racist reasons so much as because they perceive that this “anti-racism” is in fact “racism” against white people, Jews, Japanese, and other successful groups. However, the does not matter, because the Left sees the world in binaries, and you either adopt diversity enthusiastically or you are bad and must be destroyed. Guillotines and gulags.

  • Gap looking to close hundreds of stores at malls ‘quickly and aggressively’

    The internet killed retail. Why? Diversity makes people nervous, and so instead of going to shops where the diversity lurks, they can order online and have their products delivered. This is the same reason movie theaters died: why go out into the diversity, where you can be a victim either of violence or political correctness if you object to pushy minorities, when you can watch your movies at home? American business has yet to figure out that the “new audiences” it got dollar-sign eyes for have in fact driven away the old audience, and that audience was — unlike the new — responsive to differences in quality and price. Third world populations buy whatever is convenient or novel, so they’ll get iPhones but they are oblivious to greater quality, better prices, or even appropriateness of products.

  • One-Fifth Of Russians Live In Poverty, 36 Percent In ‘Risk Zone,’ Study Finds

    Russia is yet another failed diversity experiment: Europeans ruling Eurasian peasants. As is the case with most of the world, this mixed-race population has run itself into bankruptcy yet again, so Russia is partnering with China in the hopes that war and empire can solve its poverty problem. Expect the same results as last time, but only after lots of people suffer for the vainglorious stupidity of the impoverished diversity herd.

  • Trump forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico

    “A major break with policy.” Again, he is raising costs (including risks) and lowering rewards. The caravan thought they could force his hand, but instead of attacking them back, he is subjecting them to a death of a thousand (financial) cuts, which will defeat them.

  • Will Viggo Mortensen’s Racial Slur Doom His Oscar Chances?

    They want to get scalps, not change the world for the better. If they can use their race card to destroy a white person, they will do it. This is typical of diversity, and always happens when minority populations get political power because their presence serves authoritarians by fragmenting the vote.

  • Laura Loomer banned from Twitter after criticizing Ilhan Omar

    Following the endorsement of of censorship, Twitter has resumed its practices of making “safe spaces” by eliminating critique of the neo-Communist Regime, starting with Jewish Nationalist Laura Loomer, who is one of the good guys.

  • Steve Bannon’s far-right Europe operation undermined by election laws

    Somehow, the shady NGOs that the Left relies on are legal, but one lone man trying to make statistical data available to Right-wing parties is illegal. Ever notice that pattern in our laws? Yep.

  • Judge Tigar Strikes Again

    To the Right, the Constitution is a set of rules for maintaining order; to the Left, it is a set of arguments which can be contrived without context to force government to be the applicator of equality to all people worldwide. The Constitution died in the 1860s, but it lives on where convenient for these Leftists.

  • Market Turmoil Shows Why Trump’s Pro-Growth Policies Must Continue

    The American voters, apparently made stupid by the process of democracy if not congenital idiots themselves, decided to thwart Trump by electing Democrats. Those will attempt to impede his agenda because if they get lucky and sabotage the economy, they can blame him and then swoop in during 2024 and restore their demand-based economy, which will make it easier to get loans and splash money around and seem like an economic recovery — shades of Clinton, Obama, Kennedy — but will in fact be setting us up for a giant, Soviet-style recession much as happened ten years after the “boom” those presidents created. To avoid this crisis, we should continue with the Trump agenda of supply-side economics which reduces the size of our workforce, improves our competitiveness abroad, and returns production to America instead of relying on “the service economy” which is vanishing with a huge flushing noise as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, et al. demonstrate that their promises were fake and their business model does not work.

  • Voters Give Trump Highest Grade Ever on Economy

    That’s great and all, but half of our voters want government-as-an-economy — that’s the socialist model, basically an elaborate form of fraud that insists on estimated profits being treated as literal income — instead of a thriving economy. We cannot coexist with them; we will have to deport them. I hear Venezuela is lovely this time of year, especially by the light of a huge fire of burning passports.

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