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Subcultures Of The Right Wing

A neglected field of study

As “the right wing” of politics has quickly turned into a vast jungle of ideologies and political parties it has also become more and more obvious that these groups have developed into different subcultures that have been neglected for too long by science. 

Too often they are described as hundred million covert skinheads who suddenly appeared out of nothing in 2016, while in fact the right wing is more than anything characterized by extreme diversity. We see it as our mission to right this misunderstanding and try to explain some of their characteristics in an easy-to-read manner that focuses on the different subcultures instead of being upset by their ideas. How do they dress? What do they think about the world? What music do they listen to? What would you expect from a date? We dive into the muddy waters of discontent and reveal our findings.


We start with the “ordinary” right wingers. They are all about democracy and free speech, are normally well behaved and can get a decent job unless their boss is a Democrat. You can talk with them about movies, their funniest holiday memories, the education system or where you can eat the best hamburger in Kansas. They fit quite well into the modern world and just want to tweak the system a little to make it acceptable. The “ordinary” right wingers come in three shapes: as Mainstream Conservatives, Classic Liberals, and Conspiracy Theorists.


Personalities and appearance

Mainstream Conservatives can always enjoy a nice barbecue. They go to work, they support Israel, they want immigrants to get jobs or get out, and they dress neat and tidy. They often talk about family values, guns and they stand up for the national anthem. They cheer when the president says “God bless America,” they leave the plantation, and they can talk for hours about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, or why not General Belgrano if in Argentina?

Music and dating

They often listen to country and classic rock and some Mainstream Conservatives like the old hits of the 70s and 80s. If you want to date a Mainstream Conservative you dress well (do not forget clean shoes) and say you want to visit Masada one day. Do not forget your MAGA hat or your Bolsonaro scarf and remember that you are the backbone of the entire right wing as you probably make up at least one third of all right wingers worldwide.


Personalities and appearance

Classic Liberals can sometimes remind of Mainstream Conservatives, but they don’t dress as neatly and show a keen interest in new cultural expressions, such as music or art. They articulate well and debate forever. Sometimes you can get the feeling that they want to come out as Jesus Quintero from The Big Lebowski and they can sometimes be part of the gay culture. It happens that you see the top of their shirts unbuttoned. They are always defending democracy as defined by John Stuart Mill when they are not going full Counter-Jihad.

Music and dating

Classic Liberals listen to most kinds of music, as they believe in being open-minded. Do not be surprised if the Classic Liberal plays both Bob Marley, Edward Elgar, Venom, and The 4 Skins in one evening just to be able to discuss the sounds, different interpretations, and the narratives. To date a Classic Liberal you should have a nice shirt and impress with an academic and diplomatic approach to things. You should also be familiar with dry wit. Try telling a joke with a reference to Greek mythology that only 0.1% of the population understand and you are married within a year … and if you have a religious background, now is the right time to become an atheist.


Personalities and appearance

Conspiracy theorists have a few similarities with Mainstream Conservatives and Classic Liberals but since they lack a few social skills they often become loners. They range from people who used to watch the X-files, to Ufologists, preppers, guys who think the Soviet Union won the cold war, to Ted Kaczynskis and rogue journalists who want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. These people get dirty for real. In their effort to expose the powers that operate in the background they spare no expenses.

Music and dating

Since most Conspiracy Theorists have an IQ above 140 and are extremely individualistic they rarely listen to R’n’B and avoid square dance if they can. Prepare to be scrutinized if you ever date one of them. Only because you say that you were born in Philadelphia doesn’t mean you’re honest unless perhaps you can namedrop at least five food truck drivers who occasionally pass by Navy Yard on Tuesdays at 4 pm. Just remember that when the world comes down and all the fury of Hades is unleashed upon earth the man or woman you are dating will have seen it coming years ago and hidden you 40 yards underground with 50 tons of canned meat. Better safe than sorry.


For the “far” right wingers heritage and tradition are more important than the superficial whims of the average voter. Some of them are vegans and wear organic clothes, many of them have read The Communist Manifesto, but you soon realize that even though they can quote Karl Marx for half an hour they spend their days defending Evropa and can always suggest a great book by Ernst Jünger you definitely should read. In stark contrast with the “ordinary” right wingers, the “far” right wingers do not think a compromise is a good agreement, and left wingers are not merely people with another opinion, but idiots who should be in a zoo.

Let us take a closer look at the Paleoconservatives, the Alt-Right, the Identitarians, and the Traditionalists who make up the “far-Right.”


Personalities and appearance

Paleoconservatives value a certain old time way of life that perhaps best can be described as a more elegant brand of the stubborn men and women who settled in the Old West and defended their farm with a gun, a bible and a government that should stay as far away as possible from people’s daily lives and stop getting involved in war overseas. Accordingly, they dress rather old fashioned and they expect straight forward communication with as few words as possible.

Music and dating

Music should be there for amusement and perhaps a singalong once in a while, but the whole entertainment industry is more or less revolting to the Paleoconservatives. If you wanna date them, don’t use contractions like “wanna,” but expect hard work that is its own reward. Stay calm, and if you have to protect your twitter account during the latest purge or defend your farm against a gang of outlaws, don’t complain. Just shoot them and tell the sheriff you had to take care of a vermin problem. If you lost a finger or two in the gunfight, remember this is no country for city slickers, you have to be tough to survive.


Personalities and appearance

The Alt-Right dress like Richard Spencer. You recognize the haircut and the ties. They sometimes remind you of the rogue son or daughter of a Paleoconservative. They believe in the power of the individual and their choice of clothes show that they expect more from life than what they get. If they were born in 16th century Spain they would probably have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and conquered the Aztec Empire, just to show everybody they can do it if they want to.

Music and dating

Alt-Righters listen to fashwave and neofolk, often suggestive, synthetic music that has very little emotional expressions but would fit perfectly at a mass meeting, blaring from the loudspeakers. Dating them is difficult, because they have tons of work and have no time for shallow people. Be prepared that the cause is everything and you should enjoy reading long articles about the geopolitical effects of Israeli politics toward Syria, Iran and Turkey, the importance of understanding testosterone, and why sanctuary cities should be nuked.


Personalities and appearance

Identitarians may often look ordinary, but expect to be surprised. They are a quite European movement that believe in preserving their heritage and prefer action over debate. Think of them as the Tintin version of Fight Club. You often find them stopping migrant ships on the Mediterranean or helping homeless people with a nice bowl of pork soup. They could be on the cover of any lifestyle magazine and are easily mistaken for the actors from Friends but their blue shirts and eye-catching banners separate them from the crowd.

Music and dating

Identitarians are at war with the generation of 1968 and therefore they prefer rock that will get your blood pumping on the barricades, such as rock identitaire, an odd but interesting anti-establishment music genre that sounds like a mix between Stiff Little Fingers, Crass, The Levellers and The Waterboys, sometimes slightly resembling 60s folk. Good dating advice is to stay true to your cultural heritage, keep a three millimeter stubble if you are a man and let your hair grow if you are a woman. Just act normal and raise hell when the authorities arrest you and your partner.


Personalities and appearance

Traditionalists are the mint condition guys of the “far” right. They are highly aware of their masculine or feminine traits and you have probably already seen their biceps or silhouette on the Internet. The women wear medieval braids and the men cut their hair like Tancred and Bohemond. You often see pictures of them on a mountain top or on a lake shore in the evening with the sunset in the background, prancing like a Norman warhorse. Sometimes they run barefoot through the woods and practice the longbow.

Music and dating

Traditionalists often listen to classical music and reject anything that was composed or written after the French revolution. A date can be quite exhausting, and if you look for a serious relationship, you should dress and behave like people on 19th century paintings of vikings and shield maidens. Be straightforward and do not waste anybody’s time. Remember that the person in front of you is looking for Sigurd Fafnir’s Bane or Brünnhilde the Valkyrie, not just any old Jack or Jill.


Let us leave the “far” right behind and take a look at the White Nationalists and their soccer incarnation the Ultras. For them heritage means the right to drink a beer or eating a bacon sandwich wherever they want and tradition means starting a fight when somebody tries to stop them. Do not expect them to pursuit a career and never brag about your education. Think of them as the honey badgers of the right wing. They are the bad boys of the savannah and even most “far” right wingers tend to stay at arms length away from them.


Personalities and appearance

White Nationalists are the ones with t-shirts. They rarely have a job because they have all been blacklisted because of their opinions, or perhaps they way in which they share their opinions. They are angry and post slogans like “Islam is a murder cult” on VK. You see them in messy rooms, photographing their dinner, drinking a beer and waiting for their favorite podcast. Sometimes you can see their new tattoo. They are working class, they work out and they are proud of it. They know that “fancy” people look down on them, and they have no intention of rolling over.

Music and dating

When White Nationalists are not banned from Facebook you can also listen to their favorite music. It is always heavy metal, Russian RaHoWa-punk, Skrewdriver, or Sweet Home Alabama. Dating them is easy, but if you want to take it any further you must enjoy a good hockey game and be prepared to be doxxed by the media, because your future spouse definitely is.


Personalities and appearance

Skinheads can sometimes have a slight resemblance to White Nationalists and have been around for some time. Even though they peaked in the 1980s there are still skins of some kind in most civilized countries, especially in Europe, where they often are the backbone of the soccer firms referred to as Ultras. When they are not busy beating up terrorists, other Ultras, tourists or just a random guy with a silly haircut, most of them like to watch a nice game of calcio, fussball, futebol or whatever they call it in their county. The men shave their heads and occasionally grow sideburns, wear a few special clothing brands and speak with a dialect. Most of them are heavy drinkers; they almost always hate politicians and they think of the law as a nuisance the upper classes have invented.

Music and dating

Ska or Oi! were the obvious music choices for the skinheads of the 1980s. Many Ultras honor the old ways and soccer anthems are a natural part of their repertoire, and for dating purposes it is a good thing to watch a few Hellas Verona or Zenit St Petersburg matches to talk about. Learn Avanti Ragazzi di Buda too, that will come in handy during your first fish’n’chips. If you want to prepare yourself a little extra you should get a tattoo with your country’s and club’s coat of arms, and a slogan like “Fuck Antifa” or “Onore e Fedeltà.” Remember your working class roots, conquer the Curva, and never even think about climbing the social ladder.


The “extreme” right wingers sometimes think of the “far” right focus on heritage and tradition as poor excuses for not having an agenda of one’s own, and even if they occasionally receive support from White Nationalists and Ultras they are much better organized and do not believe in random street brawls. The two main subcultures, Fascists and National Socialists, differ very much from each other, but they all have progressive ideas and want to create a society fit for the masses. If “far” right wingers are gentlemen, the “extreme” right wingers are the kids from the poor neighborhoods who learned all the dirty tricks to stay alive. Just do not confuse them with people who forgot to shave and posted a picture of themselves doing a sieg heil salute in a shed somewhere.


Personalities and appearance

On first observation one might assume that Fascists are Anarchists or Communists but rather think of them as a bunch of European avant-garde lions in Italian clothes. They want to blow up the parliament, look nice on photos, and restore the legacy of Il Duce. And make no mistake, these people mean business, in a syndicalist sense complete with social progressivism and squatting. Return to the origin, start a revolution and let the world start over again.

Music and dating

Fascists enjoy music that encourages them to work miracles, for example Zetazeroalfa’s brilliant album Morimondo from 2017. If you dream of dating a Fascist you should be aware that fashion and fascism are basically two sides of the same coin, and that Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the counterfeit. Be in or be out, prepare to get your clothes dirty (in a stylish way, of course), avoid calling yourself “left” or “right”, stay loyal, and use the Roman forearm handshake. And do not speak about all your countrymen as “the people” like the “ordinary” right wingers do. Anti-Fascists are not included. Remember that Cain and Abel were brothers too.


Personalities and appearance

National Socialists are the black sheep of the right wing because of their focus on twentieth century social engineering and progressive totalitarianism associated with Adolf Hitler, and for an outsider it can be hard to tell in what ideological camp they actually belong. Are they left or right or something in between, one may ask. They can be seen with backpacks in the most remote parts of the country, climbing a mountain or trekking, to harden the soul and unite the pack. If you are lucky you can hear them sing Horst Wessel Lied in chorus. They wear clothes fit for outdoor living when they are not dressed up in clean shirts for any of their marches.

Music and dating

National Socialists listen to rock against Communism, National Socialist black metal, and Third Reich marches, but can also enjoy one or two patriotic folk songs. They are mostly polite and regard themselves as parts of an organic machine where each individual has an important role to play. A date means commitment. You do not look for a one night stand, you look for a family, new brothers and sisters, and at least fourteen children. And do not make the rookie mistake of referring to them as “Nazis” or they might suspect you are part of a ZOG infiltration unit.


As you have understood, the right wing is just as diverse as the left wing (that ranges from Neocons and the Islamic State to multinational corporations and Antifa). This last category, the right wing hippies, are extremely hard to describe, as many right wingers are extremely individualistic. Let us just say that some right wingers may wear a nose ring, dye their hair pink and listen to Einstürzende Neubauten, Linton Kwesi Johnson, or The Exploited. Many of them are just sick and tired of political correctness.


Personalities and appearance

Right wing hippies are perhaps best described as “out of bounds” when it comes to politics, and should perhaps be treated as an anomaly. Some right wing hippies, like us, have a weird sense of humor, like pushing buttons wherever we go, are “nearly indescribable” according to Brett Stevens and spend our days creating music, art and writing articles on dissident popular culture. One could call us halfway-psychopaths if one must categorize us. Lilou prefers to wear a cat-ear diadem, a knitted sweater, skirt, matching handbag and pantyhose. John wears Dr. Martens’ sandals most of the year, have seven white shirts, a black leather jacket and one pair of jeans that he patches up when they fall apart.

Music and dating

We mostly listen to our own music or music recorded before 1945, and seldom read a book because we think books are boring. If you ever come up with the idea of dating us we are already in a relationship, have two kids and three Devon Rex, the ugliest and most gorgeous cat breed on the planet.


If you have come this far, you may have reached the conclusion that we are either making fun of the right wing or its critics. Nothing could be further from the truth. As artists we look at the right wing as a cultural wave, where we find many vibrant, fascinating and inspiring movements that reach beyond the obvious, ask difficult questions and look at the world from unexpected angles.

This is just an attempt to describe them in a light way, perhaps a first introduction for anyone who wants to know more about the world. That said, we have probably missed half of the most significant subcultures, and some readers are maybe infuriated by our description of his or her own subculture, but hopefully someone else will be inclined to continue our work with energy and enthusiasm.

If you like what you read and want to hear some good music coming from beyond the narrow scope of political correctness, please visit our website for a treat.

All the best,
Lilou & John

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