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Periscope (February 6, 2019 PM)

  • Karl Marx grave memorial in London damaged in hammer attack

    Perhaps rage is rising against the fraudulent last two centuries of history. In any case, this makes sense: if they take our monuments, we should destroy theirs. Maybe next time dynamite the whole Karl Marx monument in order to tell the world that ours is a country for coherent thought, not pandering to the herd by pointing out that as capitalism makes us wealthier, it will naturally tend toward becoming a support system for the useless.

  • Confederate emblem remains on Mississippi flag as bills die

    Critics — Leftist neurotics — have been complaining that Mississippi honors its past by keeping the Confederate battle flag on its flag. Others have denied this, perhaps by pointing out that neurotic people try to re-make the world in their own image simply because they fear it having a will of its own. In any case, the pendulum swing toward erasing any pro-white history seems to have swung back the other way. With any luck, someone in Mississippi will dynamite a Karl Marx statue as well.

  • Trump: “America Will Never Be A Socialist Country”; “We Were Born Free And We Will Stay Free”

    As usual, Western political leaders fail to understand the difference between “control” and “leadership” and as a result run to the false opposite of “freedom,” a term that is never defined because it has no actual meaning. Control means altering behaviors as a means to alter thinking and enforce conformity, and is exclusively used by tyrants, or those who rule in order to perpetuate their own power instead of for the benefit of those they rule or the intangibles held in common like heritage, culture, values, customs, and identity. Control is a social force because it uses herd behavior to unify and manipulate but in the process increases disorder in the system by maximizing repetition. We do not need “freedom”; we need sanity. As part of that, all Leftism — egalitarian ideas and people who like them — needs to be driven from our shores and marked down in the history books as evil, stupid, and narcissistic.

  • Lost City in South Africa Discovered Hiding Beneath Thick Vegetation

    The tribes that once lived in South Africa were more advanced than most African tribes, sort of like the Ethiopians. However, these are not the current black inhabitants of South Africa; those people, like Mexicans pouring into the US or Palestinians rushing into Roman Israel, were economic migrants coming there to work unskilled labor jobs because someone else had made a thriving economy that they could take advantage of. In South Africa, the only logical conclusion is to repatriate its black population to the north, and to leave the community for those who made it. Diversity does not work. Ideally, we would simply bring the Western European descended South Africans to Texas, where they can appreciate a similar climate and natural beauty.

  • Super Bowl Viewership Falls To Lowest Since 2008 In Historically Low Scoring Game

    Maybe this Stupor Bowel was less fascinating than others; knowing that is beyond my expertise. However, a larger pattern shows itself, which is that people are losing faith in their society. Previously, they trusted in the shopping malls, doctors, bureaucrats, experts, entertainment, politicians, police, and judges. Now, they see this society as insane, parasitic, and hostile to them. As a result, there is simply less need to tune into the news, entertainment, or politics. You already know that they are hostile and therefore, everything they say is either lies or distraction.

  • Baby Diapers, Syringes and Furniture Wash up on SoCal Beaches After Storm, Advocacy Group Says

    Humanity had to choose between quality and quantity, and we chose quantity, because that makes everyone in the crowd happy even though the few smart ones rage. Now, we are overgrown, and since we have low-quality people, they throw garbage everywhere, which promptly gets washed into the oceans. Our public figures do their best to distract us from the reality that we are steadily poisoning and crowding out the natural life around us, mainly because no one knows how to hit the brakes on modernity. It requires doing something unpopular, which means personal loss of prestige-wealth-power, and so no one will do it. Thus, there must be a tragedy. It always takes a tragedy for any change to happen simply because most people are stupid cowards who will avoid engaging, and the quality people who do engage are destroyed by the herd, meaning that the quality level gets even lower every generation.

  • Bosses of social media giants could face prosecution over online harm, warns suicide minister

    A new theory for interpreting the law has appeared over the past few months and that is that maybe we cannot get social media companies into court for privacy violations, but we can sue them for having a dangerous product. Even better, maybe we can apply criminal charges. Why stop at social media? Anyone who is doing something harmful in this society should be jailed, even if they run a massive corporation. That includes the heads of the SPLC as well as Facebook.

  • US prepares to start building portion of Texas border wall

    Customs and Border Protection was granted funding to build a “fence system” which is based on the existing “fence system” which already includes walls, and as a result, they are going ahead with building a segment of the Trump wall. It seems that America has realized — belatedly — that it will be destroyed if it allows continuing third world immigration. Consequently, the wall is going to happen, but since Leftists are raging around destroying and obstructing everything good, it will happen through careful maneuvering by Trump and his allies. The Left does not want to admit that all of its policies have failed, and that this means that Leftism itself is destructive. Every counter-Leftist action that happens is pushing Leftism further into the dustbin of history alongside Communism.

  • A Man Was Shot at a Queens Subway Station. He Died on the Platform. (non-paywall)

    What is so wrong and toxic in the north? It is not their fault: the toxic brew of bureaucracy, industry, and egalitarianism landed there first because the population was so dense. Yankees were not born bad, but political pressures made them so, since as any society expands in population density it becomes more invested in manipulating masses instead of building complex natural internal hierarchies that like the crystalization of salts show us repeated structures in a fractal pattern. For years, they have governed through a bourgeois mentality that takes civilization for granted, assumes that more warm bodies = more sales and therefore = good, and assumes that anything bad will happen in the cheaper zip codes and not the affluent city neighborhoods where those with money, power, and prestige live. Their attitude toward illegal immigration has essentially been to view it as more ethnic food and cheap labor with zero consequences, but now it has come home. An MS-13 illegal alien gangster shot up a subway platform and the cops are trying to hide that fact because not only would it give Trump ammunition for the SOTU speech, but it might also make New Yorkers — who pretend to be bad-ass but are actually big weenies who hide in their gated communities — quiver and quake with existential doubt. Maybe not only have they made bad political decisions, but the underlying reasoning behind those decisions is also bad. This more than anything else keeps them up at night.

  • Woman seeks to replace Confederate statue in downtown Macon with Little Richard

    Insane debate brings up a good point: if you are going to remove history, remove it all. Change all the street names and town names to generic things and tear down all of the historical statues. Only then will we be truly equal, comrades!

  • Trump asks U.S. Congress to prohibit late-term abortion

    Much as muh borts has been a destructive issue for conservatives, Trump has found a way to use it to his advantage. He is forcing the Democrat contingent to affirm late-term abortion, which is going to create a political storm that he will use to his advantage. Most Americans want legal abortion, but they do not like abortion, and would prefer that it be as humane as possible. They want it legal because, thanks to sexual liberation, their kids are becoming sexually active in their teens and in their mixed neighborhoods are dating inappropriate people. When the inevitable accidents occur, the choice is between having a useless child or a quick abortion, and they all choose the abortion. Since almost no one actually believes in Christianity anymore, especially the Christians who undertook atheist progressivism instead of transcendental union, the opposition to abortion is a niche group. However, most people only tolerate it because they believe it is “scientific” and done in “modern” and “compassionate” or “humanistic” facilities. If you show them nearly fully-formed babies getting done in with a chisel, their support wanes rather quickly.

  • Poll: Over half of Israeli Jews believe Nation-State Law must be fixed

    More for the idea that voters, no matter how intelligent, make themselves stupid by voting. Half of the people polled thought a law that defines Israel as a nation-state for the Jewish people (a religious, cultural, and ethnic identity) is bad, but “61% of the Jewish public in Israel believe the state’s democratic identity should be in line with its Jewish identity.” Obviously, they have no idea what they want and are reacting to what they anticipate are the opinions of others instead of thinking about consequences in reality. Such is the nature of social control.

  • Britain may intervene to get more women in top finance jobs

    Affirmative action policies are everywhere, and always have the same result. People are chosen for their category, not their abilities, which means that if someone in a protected category shows up, they must be hired. Since most of these are incompetents, companies will quickly adopt shadow governments of their own in order to avoid the results of incompetence, and these will hide actual decisions from their leadership and enact them behind the scenes. At that point, we will have given up on law and order entirely, since no one in charge is in charge and there is absolute zero transparency.

  • Massachusetts high court upholds Michelle Carter’s conviction for texts encouraging boyfriend’s suicide

    All of the social media companies started banning people for telling other to “kill themselves” after this ruling, which shows that they and their lawyers are both stupid. In this case, the Irish-American woman in question repeatedly told someone to kill himself through specific methods, including during the commission of the suicide. That is far different from telling someone on the internet to kill themselves, which is pretty much what all of us think when confronted with the rampant stupidity and intellectual cowardice out there.

  • Survey: Half Of Americans Consider Themselves Modern-Day Workaholics

    The more unstable that we make jobs, the more people show up to be seen doing “important” things, which means that they invent make-work instead of doing necessary work. Consequently, quality of output slides, and middle management doubles down by forcing people to spend even more time doing whatever it is that they do. In the meantime, no one is focusing on the bottom line, which is how to achieve quality results. Americans should be spending less than four hours a day working, thanks to our labor-saving machinery, but instead we are like dummies clustered in offices for more hours than ever before. This shows how incompetent our leadership really is.

  • Census Bureau: 75 million more immigrants by 2060, 95% of future US growth

    People who operate by means of external control see only columns of figures. If there are not enough people, they idiotically deduct that they must have more, and since all people are equal by the egalitarian assumption, they seek more warm bodies. In fact, like a pilot flying on instruments who pulls back on the stick to get out of a dive when his plane is in fact upside-down, they are making the problem worse by fragmenting national unity, importing low-IQ unskilled labor, destroying a sense of culture and identity, and changing our focus to bulk labor instead of productivity. This creates a death spiral just like that in the Soviet Union. Luckily this means that the USA is committing suicide and that the South can finally be free.

  • City should annex suburbs, McCarthy says. No thanks, suburbs say

    Broke Chicago, in the hands of unions and political machines, created a deep state of many bureaucrats with expensive pensions. Now it wants to annex the suburbs so that it can pay for obligations in the past, essentially taking a whole lot of tax money for doing nothing for these suburbs. As always in democracy, parasitism becomes a way of life.

  • Jacques: Men face discrimination on campus

    Morons like to say “equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome,” forgetting that the former is measured by the latter. For that reason, any equality always ends up taking from the strong to give to the weak, which ends up in everyone being weak because you marginalized and destroyed the strong. This is why every failed empire is now a third world country. They literally reversed natural selection and picked the weak over the strong, then became incompetent and dropped out of history. Any support for equality, democracy, diversity, and class warfare takes you down that path to suicide.

  • New York has a giant tax problem its leaders don’t want to face

    New York decided to tax the rich, so the rich sought better deals elsewhere. All cities and countries that choose entitlements go down this path because entitlements cannot be afforded unless you have a giant investment fund which pays out proportional to what it earns each year in dividends. If New York had, in 1960, dumped all of its money into a giant stock and bond fund, and done so for a decade or more, it could have then funded some entitlements. Instead, they paid for these directly, which means that any fluctuation in income creates debt, and now the city is broke and yet the voters keep rubber-stamping more free stuff. At what point do we simply admit that humanity is too incompetent to make decisions in groups? Or that because of social pressures, making decisions in groups becomes about getting along with others and not making the right call?

  • Founder of Proud Boys sues over being labeled hate group

    Old idea: they label us as a hate group to defame us. New idea: they label us as a hate group in order to get social media and others to censor us, therefore we have been deprived on whatever value that media has. This one should work. It is time to sue the SPLC, ADL, ACLU, Amnesty International, and other Leftist NGOs until they are bankrupt.

  • Surging Wealth Inequality Is Poverty’s Greatest Enemy

    Our “winner takes all” system encourages people to invent technologies that make the poor able to live better lives. If we sabotage that by taxing it, we get less of it. A better solution is to ask why the poor are still poor, and to realize that it is because of their poor decision-making (“poor people have poor ways,” old Texas proverb) and therefore, that they need less “freedom” and more sanity, even if applied with force by others. After all, they take our taxes with force, so why not force the poor to do the sane instead of the insane.

  • FX Boss John Landgraf Tears Apart Netflix’s Own Viewership Data: Not ‘Remotely Accurate’

    Silicon Valley is faking its numbers; Netflix seems to be faking by a factor of five, which seems about appropriate, although it may be much higher for social media. We are basing a great deal of our assumption of “wealth” on things that are actually not that valuable, and at some point, the market will issue a correction which will leave our economy in tatters. On a side note, the program in question is called You and is a Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) production which sardonically addresses the narcissistic oblivion of our time. It is thoroughly disturbing and worth watching.

  • No Holds Barred: Why Hollywood hates Israel

    Jews are mixed-race whites, simply put. There is Asian and what looks like North African in there. This means that they are clever like the Asian, but lack the depth of intelligence of whites. This explains their massive success in fields like science and medicine but total failure in others like literature, art, and classical music; these require a nuanced intelligence that can deal with huge amounts of ambiguity, essentially balancing thousands of factors at once to find a sensible trade-off. Their cleverness leads them to be very successful in the diaspora, but inevitably, the residents turn on them for having been too nepotistic, as always happens in diversity. This is not a problem with Jews, but diversity. Leftists do it too, and after years of bleating out Leftist propaganda, Hollywood has turned on the Jews for daring to support Israel, a nationalist state. Similarly, in the Soviet Union during its early years Jews were great successes, but then were distrusted later on. For those with penetrating intelligence, the lesson is clear: avoid diversity, because it kills everything and destroys anything good.

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