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Hatenomics Conquers The Amerikan Left

Rich Lowry is willfully blind. It allows him to describe himself as Conservative while continuing to write for National Review. As professionally useful as this dissonance may be, it leads him to not see the blatantly obvious. While it did amuse me to see him chiding Kamala “Slore of Babylon” Harris over being too blunt and honest, Lowry is missing why she committed such a painful “gaffe.”

Hey moron! It wasn’t a gaffe. Liberals want their leadership to jack the crap out of people who aren’t liberal and steal as much of their wealth as possible. Why do you think Leftism exists? These are the people who conflate morality with having the government beat the snot out of anyone they disapprove of and steal their lunch money in the name of, get this, The People.

You see, Senator Harris openly announced Medicare-For-All would take their Health Insurance away.

Asked on Monday night if the “Medicare for all” plan that she’s co-sponsoring with Sen. Bernie Sanders eliminates private health insurance, she said that it most certainly does. Citing insurance company paperwork and delays, she declared, “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.” She met with approbation from the friendly audience in Des Moines, Iowa, but the reaction elsewhere was swift and negative.

Wait a minute…Who is they? They is as opaque and hard to pin down as Senator Harris’ HBD distribution. As a proud woman of whatever vaguely opaque color is politically beneficial for the nonce, she deliberately leaves these details to be worked out in the mind of the observer. Her announcement of her Presidential Candidacy at the grave of Martin Luther King, Jr., was perhaps the historical meeting of Martin Luther King and Shaun King. Nevertheless, everything she has done has been brilliant in terms of appealing to the people she wants out and voting in the 2020 Democratic Primary.

Nobody really cares whether Medicare for All really works. It’s not whether Medicare-For-All would make Liberals healthy, it’s whether Medicare for All would screw the typical Rich, White Conservative with the same enthusiastic ferocity Kamala purportedly used on “Free” Willy Brown. And that’s the schtick Slore of Babylon, Senator Lieawatha, and AOC use as well.

None of their plans have to produce benefits. They have to produce pain. That pain has to manifest itself in the hearts, minds and households of anyone heretical enough not to want Hillary Rodham Clinton to be President For Life. Liberal economics in the 21st Century is like Soviet economics in the Twentieth. It is hatenomics. The politics of who doing whatever the heck Zhir can get away with to whom.

My immediate reaction to these sick and depraved Leftists lobbing thinly-disguised hatred and spittle at a simple, hapless soul like moi is counter-rage. Wouldn’t it be great to tar and feather The Slore of Babylon until she was actually as black as she currently claiming to be? We could ride her out of town on a rail and dump her sorry butt in the slag heap. But that would only solve the problem of today. On a longer t-axis, the situation is much worse. It’s Kamala today, it will be another frightening freakshow tommorrow.

Bruce Charleton explains how it all works and why demotism will one day to to us what Chavismo has done to Venezuela.

To ‘fix’ the source of this Resentment in some material, literal fashion is, for almost everybody, the number one priority — but there are so many number one priorities that the societal quest is futile/ deceptive/ obviously-manipulative. And if ever it was achieved in any single domain (which attainment could/ would, anyway, never be acknowledged) then such people would find themselves no further forward that The West circa 1965: a state of meaninglessness, purposelessness, superficiality – and despair, nihilism and death.

The zombies always shuffle around yelling “Braaainz! Braaainz!” What good does it do them to munch on the occasional loose synapse? None. It won’t be helping any of our decomposing walkers finish up that PhD in Aeronautical Engineering.

What it will accomplish — what the zombie really seeks here — is that you won’t exactly be getting your thesis done either once the zombie has taken a nice, juicy bite out of your frontal cortex. And those same zombies, with all the stink that they emanate, are exactly the same sorts of people the Kamala Harris types rely upon to boost them into power. Small wonder she’s not really big on backing voter ID laws.

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