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Periscope (December 8, 2018)

  • Prosecutors: Michael Cohen acted at Trump’s direction when he broke the law

    The prosecutors here have been sent with a mission: get Trump. If they found a smoking gun, this would be easy, but as we saw from the Whitewater investigation, it is actually quite difficult to come up with proof of someone being corrupt unless you have an informant at one of their meetings. In Trump’s case, there is likely no lawbreaking mainly because he had no incentive to break the law: he knew that if he won, it was going to be for the same reason the “yellow vests” are winning, which is that the voters have finally gotten tired of the stuff they have been voting for; if he won over Putin, it would be by promising economic opportunity, not quid pro quo. This means that unlike Whitewater, where the targets were not just corrupt but aware of it and actively hiding it, this probe has an easier objective: slime the guy who has not been hiding what he has been doing. However, so far Mueller and team have failed to find a smoking gun, so they have leaned on weak underlings, found them in technical non-compliance with the law, and are using those convictions in lieu of proof of Trump’s wrongdoing. To rectify that gaping hole, prosecutors are alleging — this is the correct term — that Trump did wrongdoing and that this testimony will support that supposition. Anything to keep the investigation in the headlines for another week, we suppose, and to thwart team Trump, which shows you that if Mueller was a Republican it was only as a deep cover agent for the other side. Their big problem is that most of America and the world sees this investigation as a non-story, a lot of drama that has produced nothing substantive, as opposed to Whitewater which produced evidence of a cover-up but could not find evidence of the crime.

  • ‘It’s a sad reality’: a troubling trend sees a 97% decline in monarch butterflies

    There is a price for our endless growth in human societies, which we engage in because in order to defend against other human groups, we need constant economic and population growth so that our group is big enough to resist their human wave warfare, and it comes through our over-use of land destroying the habitats of natural wildlife at the same time that our pollution interrupts their breeding and kills them off with a variety of maladies that we have not even yet diagnosed. Even running a road through the woods interrupts a habitat; if we want nature to survive us, we need to set aside half of the land for the uninterrupted use of nature. That appeals to aristocrats and people on the final two standard deviations on the right side of the bell curve, but to everyone else, unless they can eat it, defecate on it, use it for entertainment, or profit from it, it is useless and they see “no reason” in their astute Dunning-Kruger wisdom to protect it.

  • Charlottesville driver Alex Fields Jr found guilty of murder

    The Charlottesville gambit is this: convict him of murder one, despite the total lack of evidence for that, because the jury is easily swayed by what they see on their televisions and the judge essentially commanded them to find murder with his haughty statement about the impossibility of finding that Fields acted out of fear for his own safety from the rioting, armed, and violent antifa attacking him. That buys Charlottesville a couple years to let this fade from the public eye. Then, the case will be overturned on appeal, because obviously they did not find intent to kill, only intent to be part of the Alt Right. That allows the Left to declare victory and then let someone else clear up their mess, which seems to be their S.O.P. on most issues. In the meantime, Fields will go to jail for a couple years mostly because he used unencrypted communications to send Hitler memes. This is a travesty, but not actually consequential, because everyone knows that part-Jewish Fields is the fall guy for Charlottesville, which encouraged its police to push the Alt Right into Antifa, guaranteeing conflict. If we are lucky, someone will figure out that there is big money in civil lawsuits from that, since anyone who is injured can sue Charlottesville PD and win a few million since the police literally initiated the violence.

  • Students hold walkout after teacher at center of transgender student controversy fired

    Principal demands that teacher use “politically correct” pronouns for transgender students, and teacher refuses to comply, at which point the school fires him. Students point out that if the transsexual has the right to free speech, so does the teacher, and this makes everyone nervous because leftism/egalitarianism is based on only giving rights to the lower by taking them from the higher. Who is higher here, a student or a teacher? Usually the student wins by transsexuality points, but that trend is sort of dying, so the conflict rages. In the meantime, the student walkout has made the principals upset because it achieved the exact opposite of what they wanted, which was the quelling of controversy so that they could keep parasitizing dollars from the taxpayers through high salaries to do nothing of importance.

  • A college kid running for 13th Ward alderman gets a lesson in the Chicago Way

    Man tries to run political campaign in district of Chicago run, like most parts of Chicago, by the Irish political machine. He finds out that most people are on the take, either officially by receiving high salaries for government jobs for which they do nothing, or unofficially because they are getting a spread of butter from the graft at the core of the political machine. Chicago has always been corrupt, at least since we moved in ethnic diversity in the 1800s, and will be corrupt in that way that only third-world populations can be, where everything top to bottom is rotten. The only reason it keeps going is that for business, paying off the government is better than having a government which obstructs business, which is what it gets otherwise. The problem is that this corruption is being paid for by debt which will be passed on to future generations, but as the mob bosses themselves might observe, if the voters are this stupid, as they seem to be, they deserve whatever they get. This is our future under diversity, whether ethnic or racial. Diversity delenda est!

  • French police fire tear gas in Paris to halt angry protests

    Nothing will halt these protests in that the real protest is dissent from the idea that democracy is working. These protests are not actually about the gasoline tax; that was the touchstone, the Fort Sumter, U.S.S. Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, or Lusitania that kicked off an underlying conflict. That conflict is that democracy is impossible because people vote for what they desire without considering the consequences of the vote. The French voted for lots of free stuff; who would pay for it? They taxed the rich, and the rich fled; they tried taxing the new immigrants, but those do not even have jobs and are there for the free benefits; that left only the middle class, and so they taxed them to death and now the sluggard voters are finally waking up and protesting. In the meantime, the upper half of the middle class worldwide is realizing that democracy has joined fascism, communism, kleptocracy, oligarchy, military rule, and national socialism in the dustbin of history where systems that do not work go. Now the question is how long it will take the good obedient dummies to figure out what remaining options they have, since it is clear that we must exit the sinking ship of democracy.

  • ‘They kill jobs’: Meet Canadians who refuse to use self-checkout

    Hint: if jobs are based on inefficiency, they are going to go away when technology comes around. If that reveals that your last two centuries of democracy have bred a whole lot of proles, and very few people of higher intelligence or moral character, then you have created quite a problem, because you are going to need to lose a lot of people. Guess people who said that your path was a stupid one knew what they were talking about, after all? Idiots.

  • Bolsonaro abolishes human rights ministry in favour of family values

    This is more important than most people think: Bolsonaro, like most conservatives, hates civil rights. Unlike natural rights, which conservatives support, civil rights relies on government to enforce equality on the citizens and for the citizens; natural rights, on the other hand, says that “all men are created equal” and so the role of government is to defend that state against government, not enforce it. In other words, we are not born equal, and the most equal we are going to get is that natural state, but we know from history that government always promises equality through free stuff — taking from the productive to give to the unproductive — as a means of getting power, and that this kills civilizations. When you have a division of civil rights, you have a branch of government dedicated to justifying and expanding government at the expense of your productive citizens; when you have a division of family, you have a branch of government dedicated to protecting people against the stupidity and parasitic avarice of the rest of government.

  • Ohio House passes bill requiring students to learn cursive by end of 5th grade

    Awhile ago, in the midst of the hype that surrounds a trend like the dot-com boom, schools were arguing that they should not teach handwriting at all, but should get kids typing and teach everyone to code. Billions of dollars of donations flowed in as the sheep reacted to that one. Now, some years later and wiser, we see that most people have no need to code, that handwriting will always be important, and that the dot-com boom was a bubble that is now going away and we still need people to do the other stuff instead of prole-style chasing that lottery win that comes if your startup has the right timing and produces a product that the market needs at a certain moment, and so you end up billionaires while everyone else starves.

  • New report reveals growing threat of organised social media manipulation world-wide

    They should just boil it down to this: modern society operates through mass mobilization. The masses mobilizes in response to radio, television, entertainment, and internet. This means that these media will always be manipulative, either in a cynical for-profit method or in taking donations from others in order to skew the news. Our society is complex enough that we require newspapers to make any sense out of what is going on, which is why we trust the news more than our own two eyes in many cases, but we forget that the news is as for-profit as Monsanto, and that our government-funded news is a branch of the deep state, whose profit motive is higher salaries and greater job security for bureaucrats.

  • Ammon Bundy Quits Militia Movement in Solidarity With Migrant Caravan

    That tiny screech you heard is peak libertarianism. Many of us defend libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism because we recognize, simply, that socialism does not work, and so you either have a capitalist economy or you get thrust into the type of total control social system that makes communism, national socialism, fascism, and even social democracy so appalling and suicidal. We are libertarian to that degree. However, we also recognize that “free markets” exist only in the laboratory and textbooks, and that markets are made of people and their values. Culture, heritage, and customs are always upstream of markets, so those must come first, which means that the markets must serve them instead of the other way around as is the case in cultureless mixed-race government-created wastelands like California. There, people only have the culture that they get from their televisions, and everything else is pure individualism, or indulging in their personal drama.

  • ‘Your time is up’ South Africa sets date for white farmer land grabs – March 2019

    Third world kleptocracy formalizes the failure of diversity by insisting that it will seize land from white farmers in order to give to the many starving black faces out there. This follows the typical egalitarian pattern of seizing wealth, power, and prestige from the productive to give to the unproductive simply because there are more of the latter. In South Africa, it is tainted by hypocrisy, since the smiling black faces out there now are not natives but people who came from the north to take advantage of the thriving economy built by white people. Like all Leftist regimes, the diversity remnants in South Africa will kill the goose that laid the golden eggs, and then loll in poverty while looking for someone else to blame as their leaders exit on jets to Switzerland with the billions they stole. This is a typical democracy, leftism, equality, and diversity outcome.

  • The missing collusion investigation

    Finally, we come down to the ugly truth: America has an Inner Party of Leftist elites. These people will never go to jail. Jail is for the rest of us little people, and laws exist to manipulate us and be broken freely by the Leftist elites. Farage, Trump, Bolsonaro, Le Pen, and the yellow vests are a revolt against the Party and this is unacceptable, in its eyes.

  • Google Chrome Is Poised to Swallow the Whole Internet And That Is Very Bad News

    Remember way back when Mozilla fired Brendan Eich for not toeing the Leftist line on gay marriage? As usually is the case, Leftism provides a way for incompetents to seize power based on them having the right opinions instead of the right abilities. The incompetents took over, Mozilla became far less than competitive, and Google Chrome absolutely dominated the market at that point. Now few people use Firefox because its management cannot seem to make any decisions correctly; updates are frequently bungled and require updates to fix them, basic features work badly, and the company has no discernible strategy other than trying to hold on to its remaining paltry market share while raking in search engine money. The parasites won, as always happens with Leftism, and so Mozilla is done. Unfortunately, Eich’s new company is not up to the task and so will end up in the dustbin of history as well. This means that Google’s project will now completely dominate the internet, which gives Google the ability to alter its product in ways that further enforce Google control over the internet. Good work, Leftists.

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