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Periscope (December 4, 2018)

  • France protests: PM Philippe suspends fuel tax rises

    If the protesters are morons, this will buy them off: a tiny token based on the touchstone issue or pretext for these riots, instead of looking at the underlying cause, which is that since 1968 life has gotten miserable in France at the same time that ideological goals have been achieved. Leftism always does this: in the name of the very left side of the bell curve, it redistributes wealth, energy, and power into a flat curve, at which point all productive activity ceases. Revolutionary France went out this way, so did the Soviet Union, and now so do the modern European republics, because apparently even higher average IQ humans cannot resist the call of “doing it our way” instead of paying attention to reality, logic, and nature. The protesters should double down now that they have gotten concessions, and keep at it until the welfare state and its high taxes are replaced by a libertarian society without the extensive government that the Left requires.

  • Free Money? Swiss Village Can’t Raise Enough Funds to Experiment

    1,300 people sign up, but only 3% of the money needed is donated. Guess that pretty much settles the UBI issue.

  • Nine children in typical class of 30 now living in poverty as levels soar to worst seen in decades, report says

    At the same time France is finding that going Leftist has impoverished it, the UK is waking up to the fact that its government has taken all of its wealth, frittered it away, and destroyed the sources of this wealth. Since WW2, the UK has gone far to the Left, much as France has been drifting to the Left since before 1789. When you go full Leftist, the ideology of equality replaces reality, in which inequality produces more competent people and therefore benefits everyone. As Leftism takes over, the manic need to redistribute wealth replaces any notion of how to generate it, and the society winds down into chaos. We are seeing the same in Europe as in the post-Obama USA, where high cost social programs have bankrupted the government. Voters are dupes who automatically vote for free things that assuage the sense of guilt inserted into their minds by the whining of those who are not productive and therefore, not wealthy, and so every time they go pull the lever for the free stuff and only now, fifty years later, do they realize that they were in fact voting for their own doom. This is why faith in democracy is fading worldwide: it makes consistently bad decisions, even if they take decades to manifest, that threaten not just a temporary loss of stability but long-term destruction of any civilization stupid enough to adopt democracy.

  • Florida girl with aggressive cancer in need of ‘extremely’ rare blood

    Race is a social construct until you need blood of an extremely rare type found in people who are “statistically likely…of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent.”

  • NYC’s school diversity plan could lead to another ‘white flight’

    In order to make schools diverse, NYC abolished admissions standards. This means that schools will be flooded with low-IQ kids, standards will go down, and those schools will become useless to middle class children. The short term solution here is obvious: allow middle class families to take their kids out of public school and by doing so, be exempt from the taxes that pay for those schools. The middle classes will then build up a network of private schools, and the masses will have to fund their own education, which should be cheaper since there is less that one can teach low-IQ children. In the long term, the only solution is to remove diversity, since it causes endless clashes of this nature.

  • University hosts ‘critical look at whiteness’ forum

    “They’re trying to make people feel guilty for being white.” You don’t say?

  • Stanford Fraternity Told to Take American Flag Down to ‘Improve Image’

    The Left manipulates us through social control, or in other words presuming to know better and that “all the smart people” agree, when in fact that is just a pose, and the “smart” people are merely clever, with the actually intelligent having fled to obscurity while they await the final collapse of this civilization.

  • We Must Face Persistent Racial Gaps in Academic Performance

    Black academic performance has not changed, but Leftists are using it to justify racial quotas in education on a perpetual basis. One writer argues that it is time to end the pretense.

  • Why We Need Anti-Censorship Legislation For Social Media, Stat

    As I wrote some time ago, social media is the new commons and exists on a government-provided resource, the internet. It makes sense to apply our free speech rules there since the internet is based on mutuality, even if it now has passed into the hands of private industry.

  • Tired of Waiting for Asylum, Migrants From Caravan Breach U.S. Border

    Trump struck hard: he stalled these people and made them go through the applications process. Now they have forced his hand, which justifies treating them like criminals, which is what he will do. They are hoping that illegal entry will qualify them for asylum; if he wants to win this one, he will point out that they circumvented an existing fair procedure, so have the right to nothing except to be deposited back in Mexico.

  • Emblematic East Med Gas Pipeline ‘To Start Soon’: Report

    While Russia has been raging around in the Sea of Azov, the West has quietly replaced the only products that Russia can sell in Europe with alternatives from elsewhere, using pipelines to deliver them instead of relying on transport that can be subject to military interruption. This interrupts the Russian-German plan to pipe gas into Europe so that Russia has a product to sustain its flagging economy. Russia, impoverished and increasingly angsty, is being isolated, probably for the mistake of making a partnership with China.

  • Video of high school students singing KKK-themed jingle sparks district investigation

    Students satirize “Jingle Bells” with KKK-themed lyrics. It remains unclear if this is actual advocacy, people making fun of the KKK, or kids just doing whatever offends their uptight and starchy elders for whom civil rights is more sacred than religion, values, culture, or life itself. Reading the response of the school district reminds me of every 1980s movie where the only unifying theme is that all adults are complete morons who go through the motions without any sense of what a reasonable, measured, and balanced response to a situation might be.

  • Judicial Watch Sues for Records of FBI Meetings with Clinton-DNC Law Firm, Perkins Coie in 2016

    Conservative activists want to know who paid for these dubious dossiers and where the money trail leads. It certainly seems like somewhere, we have someone manipulating our country, and people deserve to find out who it is.

  • Tim Cook to white supremacists: ‘You have no place on our platforms’

    To the Left, you either get on with their civil rights agenda or you are a white supremacist. If you notice that diversity sucks, you are a white supremacist. In short, Cook’s statement is that only Leftist dialogue on race is permitted, and he seems not to have noticed how Soviet this is, relying on the fact that he and other private individuals have formed an unofficial gang in order to claim that this is somehow different than when an organized government does the exact same thing. This sort of thing makes it clear why physical removal of Leftists is required: they base their entire lives on a Big Lie, namely that people are equal, and will not stop until we kill them or exile them to Venezuela.

  • Altria in talks to buy cannabis company Cronos Group

    People really should look deeply into relationships between the Left and big business. If business were to get its way, there would be some sort of permanent authority which made sure that the biggest audience — the two-thirds of the bell curve on the left side — had money redistributed to them while business was left alone because it does not concern the ideology of that government. Hippies yelled for legal pot, and now, a giant Big Tobacco firm — the maker of Marlboro cigarettes — is looking into entering the market. Combine this with the knowledge that legal weed costs three times what it returns in taxes, and you see that again the voters got played. The hippies convinced them to legalize marijuana so that big industry could profit off of it while being subsidized by the taxpayers! If the voters were a single man, we would call him an incompetent tyrant and hang him.

  • Small bookstores are booming after nearly being wiped out

    When the internet was new, people were fascinated with it. Then it displaced enough industry that we realized how predatory the Big Tech firms were, and how we were soon going to lose things that we depended on. People were running to the internet starting in the 1990s because diversity took over our public spaces and made them hostile, but now people are going to spaces which correlate with their group. White middle class people love their local bookstores, and so these are coming back, although it is likely that the places which require them to interact with diverse audiences will increasingly fade away.

  • Get Woke, Go Broke? DICK’S Sporting Goods Warns Investors That Decision To Get Rid Of Guns Cost Company Dearly

    Everywhere in the West, people are realizing that civil/human rights have turned out societies into diverse dystopias and that government will not act against minority groups but it will act against majorities (whites, Japanese, Jews). As a result, members of those majorities are arming themselves, not only to protect against the constant low-grade ethnic warfare brought on by diversity, but to be ready for social chaos and perhaps the need to overthrow or at least threaten their governments. A sporting goods store without guns, then, is like a grocery store without milk; people route around it, and go somewhere else. Dick’s followed the pundit advice in advertising magazines and business texts which said that the white middle class was being replaced by a new audience of the diversity, single women, and soyboys, and so it could get big by catering to that audience. However, that audience does not buy the products that white middle class America likes, and so stores that sell these products find themselves eliminated when they cut out their actual audience. Perhaps we should even admit that the new audience buys fewer large products, and tends to consume only entertainment and smaller products, while paying little attention to price/quality because it is perpetually broke and tends to break, lose, or throw out its disposable products and then simply replace them, instead of shopping around for something good that will last. The message to business is clear: gamble on the new audience, and unless you are in a narrow segment of industry, you will lose; stick with the core white middle class constituency, and be rewarded, which means that it is in their interest to stop diversity before it replaces that core audience or drives them to self-destruction through the misery of diversity.

  • The Real Significance of the French Tax Revolt

    You heard it here first, but others are catching on:

    For more than 100 years, European governments have built their invasive states, with the public sector controlling ever more of life. The promise of combining security and prosperity through state enhancement has failed to achieve its promise. And what does the political class propose? More government power, this time in the name of green energy.

    At some point, it is too much. Just as the citizens suffering under Soviet rule finally said no more, the people suffering under social-democratic rule might someday do the same. Observers have waited decades to see reforms that might forestall such a thing. Reforms haven’t happened. Now the people are in the streets, setting fires and protesting the police.

    And it’s not just France. It’s spreading to Belgium and the Netherlands – the building of a European Spring.

    In other words, these protests put the Leftist Utopia on trial. Egalitarianism means tax-and-spend for wealth transfer, but also division of power so that bureaucrats with short-term thinking instead of strong leaders with long-term plans rule. This means lower wages, more work, higher taxes, and lower purchasing power. In every way, Leftism destroys us, not just in these economic terms, but also savaging our spirits, hopes, dreams, values, heritage, families, culture, and customs. Leftism is genocide. Civil rights (and human rights) is the battering ram that it is using to subjugate us, just as the Soviets used class warfare. We are in a Soviet-style regime, albeit a decentralized one, which will fail just as the French Revolution and USSR did. We must escape this and reclaim our countries before we are destroyed.

  • NYC is drowning in ridiculous, pricey lawsuits

    Democracy removes responsibility from the individual and externalizes costs. Lawsuits are just one of the many cash-ins that it offers. As the state grows more bloated, it becomes one of the few ways to make a buck, whether legally or through abuse of legality.

  • On Health Costs, ObamaCare Was A Massive Failure, IBD/TIPP Poll Shows

    A typical egalitarian program, Obamacare promised to provide health care for all by making the middle class pay for it. This promptly raised costs to the point where the middle class experienced an economic crash, mainly because there are always more people without money than those with money, mainly because there are always more people who are disorganized in their thinking than those who are organized.

  • Chirlane McCray’s latest hires hint at run for public office

    The Left is warming up its new diversity candidates to take advantage of the new demographic, mostly under JFK, Clinton, and Obama, that it has created.

  • FBI Raids Home Of Whistleblower On Clinton Foundation, Lawyer Says

    Bigger than Watergate, but because the perps are Leftist, not noticed, the ongoing scandal of uncovering the deep state and its penetration by the Clinton-Obama gang reveals many twists and turns. In the latest, someone who revealed the complicity of the Clinton foundation finds FBI agents at the door, undoubtedly to confiscate any evidence they can and lose it strategically if it implicates the wrong people.

  • 82 per cent of Australians support immigration despite population concerns

    The real story is that 43 percent of the little hamsters thought that immigration was “too high,” but this reflects the middle class sensibilities of the voter, who is always afraid to offend but will say in private what he really means. Democracy proves to be a total disaster in part for this reason, and in part because voters — thinking they are clever! — always base their opinions on what they think is likely to happen, so they bet on the system not changing far more than they should. If these people were thinking at all, they would realize that immigration means the overthrow of their political system by foreigners, but no one is thinking, which is the norm in democracy.

  • ‘Their ideas had no place here’: how Crete kicked out Golden Dawn

    If this were done to a Leftist party, we would hear about how this is the second coming of Hitler. The Left operates purely through the pretense that egalitarianism is the only good, and therefore that anyone who objects to egalitarianism is bad, and those who have a contrary view which is not based in equality are the worst of all. To any objective observer, it is clear that the Leftist view is the ultimate intolerance and closed-mindedness, and will create a type of robotic human being who is unable to consider reality out of a very narrow view which is defined by his ideology. Such a human would make the kind of pathological and compulsive mistakes that world Leftist has made during the last half-century of its rule, and this explains why the EU and USA are dying just like the USSR did…

  • Map reveals how Russia is building up its presence across Africa

    It’s a good thing we kicked out those nasty Western European colonizers just in time to make room for the Chinese, Russian, and Indian colonizers, who have zero intent of improving the situation and hope only to profit from it. People power strikes again.

  • Fraternities, sororities sue Harvard over single-sex rule

    Harvard has a rule discouraging people from joining clubs that are all male or all female. Now, the Greek system is fighting back against this PC monstrosity, pointing out that it is discriminatory. It is unclear how well this will work because generally telling egalitarians that their actions have resulted in discrimination elicits the statement that they are discriminating in order to achieve equality and therefore all is well. However, the shining of light on the Ivy League and its affirmative action and gender equality policies shows that these false idols are ready to fall and be replaced with actual, organic (self-arising), and realistic options. If affirmative action falls, the civil rights agenda will fall with it, and diversity will collapse soon after that. Diversity delenda est!

  • Italy’s Salvini gets win with new asylum and security rules

    For politicians, the safe bet has been to vote for more equality, at least for the last fifty years but probably more likely the last century. Equality makes everyone feel good. Now that we have achieved equality, and it turns out to be as crazy in this implementation as in the Soviet model, people are fleeing it. They see that it will lead to poverty, disorder, and genocide. As a result, states like Italy which are hardest hit by immigrant diversity are turning farthest to the Right, since the Right is the only political system that emphasizes an order larger than that of the individual.

  • A Chinese man illegally photographed the Navy base in Key West, feds say

    Future historians will record that Leftists adopted “diversity” simply to allow agents of the enemy, who had paid off the Leftists, to live and walk among us so that they could subvert, infiltrate, and identify our sources of military strength.

  • Census confirms: 63 percent of ‘non-citizens’ on welfare, 4.6 million households

    They are here for the free stuff and the easy jobs that let them send money back home. We never could afford these social programs. By adopting them, we condemn ourselves to a future like that of France or the UK: constantly broke, owning nothing of long-term value, and working like dogs to pay the taxes to fund the permanent underclass so they keep buying our subpar products and keep everyone employed. This, my friends, is what democracy looks like.

  • North Dublin residents look to go vigilante in an attempt to stop gangs who continue to terrorise seaside towns

    In any society blighted by civil/human rights, no police officer will risk arrested, challenging, or detaining a minority person in less absolutely necessary, and they will fudge the numbers so that criminals acts appear less “diverse.” If a journalist or politician sees a police report in which most of the perpetrators are minorities, or most of those arrested or otherwise interdicted are minorities, they will scream “racism!” in order to advance their own careers. Consequently, police officers think of their careers, and refuse to allow themselves to be destroyed by these diversity policies. Only in America is this different because after a couple hundred years of diversity data, we realize that black, Hispanic, Amerind, and Asian crime are facts of life here and so it is not surprising when more of them get arrested and convicted. In the meantime, citizens are arming up and forming posses throughout the first world because the police are not going to do anything about these diverse criminals, much as they slept through Rotherham’s child abuse factory because they were afraid of being called “racist,”

  • University ‘forced out’ from Budapest

    As Hungary recovers from the fever of Leftism, crazy Leftist Soros propaganda factory is forced out because its dogma-heavy curriculum no longer meets the definition of academics that Hungary desires. By raising standards, in other words, Hungary squeezed out the mediocrities, which includes Leftist propagandists who are essentially those who defend mediocrity by insisting that the mediocre be considered just as valid, relevant, and useful as the excellent (and as a side effect, the bad as well).

  • Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost

    Under egalitarianism, people must be made equal. This requires raising up the lower, but since that cannot be done by external means, because to actually raise the lower requires them to change their behavior and their genetic abilities, which they cannot or will not do. As a result, egalitarianism always involves lowering the higher as a means of raising the lower, usually by taking from the successful to give to the unsuccessful, from the productive to the unproductive, from intelligent to dumb, from strong to weak. There is a reason that people see egalitarianism as the inversion of Darwinism… anyway, feminism is simply sexual egalitarianism: make women (weaker sex) equal to men (perceived stronger). To achieve that end, it gives women a powerful tool that allows them to lower the higher, namely the accusation of sexual harassment, discrimination, or favoritism. Since our society is egalitarian, when the accusation is made, that accusation is closer to our overall ideology than the needs of whoever is being accused, so the weight of inertia favors the accuser. There is no way out of this. Men are slowly seeing this and changing their behavior to exclude women because eliminating risk is always a good strategy. That will in turn result in a wave of discrimination lawsuits claiming that men simply refused to hire women. At that point, men have a golden opportunity: they need to stand up to egalitarianism and assert their right to hire all men if they want to, for any reason but specifically to avoid the extortionate scam of sexual harassment lawsuits. We all know that affirmative action must fall, and with it diversity — of many types: sexual, racial, cultural, religious, ethnic, social class — must also be erased, mainly because diversity is a form of egalitarianism that like all forms of egalitarianism punishes success and rewards failure, which orients our future toward failure.

  • Italy walks out on UN migration meeting saying national borders are no business of the UN

    The UN was sold to us as a way of keeping peace between the nations. Good democratic idiots saw this as a good solution, but did not realize that hiring bureaucrats meant that those would find a way to justify hiring more of them, which allows the original bureaucrats to get bumped up in the hierarchy and thus make more money. The bureaucrats will introduce “mission creep,” or steadily adding on roles to the UN, so that they can hire more of themselves and pay themselves not just higher salaries but consulting fees and speaking fees. Fast forward by a few decades, and not surprisingly the UN has expanded its role, mainly because most national leaders are afraid of speaking out against it because the crowd might turn on them, and then they lose an election and go down in history as losers. Finally, with the rise of populists, people are treating the UN like what it is: a self-interested corporation that will take an inch if given a mile because by expanding its power and influence, it siphons more money from the rest of us to its core of bureaucrats and clerks.

  • Just Because Anti-Semites Talk About ‘Cultural Marxism’ Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Real

    Marxism arises naturally from Leftism. If you say that everyone is equal, at some point you realize that people are financially unequal, and then strive to find a way to “fix” that through taking from the prosperous to give to everyone else, much as with political equality you took power from the naturally talented to give to everyone else. We call this economic egalitarianism “Marxism” only because Karl Marx was the first, Thomas Piketty style, to invent a theory explaining how this was logical, objective, scientific, and historical fact and not merely theory. This gave Leftists a rallying point from which they could demand that the rest of us accept their insane and parasitic ideology. What we call “cultural Marxism” is simply the 1960s shift to taking over cultural momentum and institutions instead of striving for a direct political solution, and it is “Marxism” only because Democrats shifted from their moderate role to a socialist-oriented direction because they finally had enough power to do so. Leftists differ only in degrees; a Communist is a Democrat who has enough power to make his Utopian fantasies finally come true. When Leftists are few, they play the victim and claim they want a level playing field, but when they are many, they turn totalitarian and demand that everyone obey the ideology because defectors make it clear that the ideology is actually not needed, which is its Achilles’ Heel; Leftism quakes at the thought that people will point out that it does not achieve its ends, that the problems it claims to solve are eternal to humanity, and therefore that Leftism is merely a very expensive and destructive way of not solving those problems instead of the old way, which was just to ignore them and throw money at them through charities. Of course cultural Marxism exists, and has existed for fifty years or longer. We are just finally calling it what it is.

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