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Periscope (December 29, 2018)

  • Lawsuit says theme park should put warning signs in Spanish

    The Enlightenment™ advanced a simple proposition: human achievement arose from individual desire, which could only be achieved by independence from contextual hierarchies like nature, religion, and human moral and intellectual quality. Instead of worshiping the context which made people exceptional, for example the reality of which their thoughts were a more accurate description than those of others, we should focus on the people themselves, the agreement they share, and most of all the form and autonomy of the human individual. If we removed all restrictions and social judgment, the true potential of humanity would flower! The first to pick up on this were Bohemians, who were sort of like proto-hippies who explored sexual promiscuity, living in filth, using drugs and drink recklessly, and flouting tradition simply for the sake of overthrowing hierarchy, context, harmony, balance, virtue, and socially-communicated wisdom. Later, the Romantic movement was split in two between a Bohemian strain and a variety that adulated the achievements of the ancients of Western Civilization in ancient Rome, Athens, and Sparta. Finally, it flowered in the West when the mixed-white hippies overthrew the old WASP order and brought in diversity, which they had learned was a powerful political weapon during the Civil War era. With diversity, no individual is responsible for anything; if something goes wrong, we blame the contextual hierarchy since the individual is blameless and equal. This means that under diversity, signs will need to be in all languages, a veritable legalistic Tower of Babel, because no one is responsible for learning the language of the place in which they find themselves.

  • Trump, Democrats play the blame game in 2nd shutdown weekend

    Government shutdown has been paradise here. The people who depend on government — neurotics, single women, minorities, pajama boys, the insane, and the impoverished — have vanished back to their own little holes. Instead, on the streets I see mostly upper half of middle class Western European people. Even the grumpy Boomers, now retired and driving around angrily with nothing to do since a life lived for oneself equates to a life without purpose, have retreated to their big screen televisions and outrage over the nightly news of whatever flavor they detest. This government shutdown is great. I really hope it lasts for as long as possible, because life now is like the 1980s or earlier, less complicated and as a result, people are talking to each other more. They are finding activities to share. Normal, organic, and natural human life resumes as the civil rights agenda retreats with the deactivation of government. The Left should be worried, because the longer this goes on, the more people are going to like it.

  • Brazil’s president-elect plans decree allowing wider gun ownership

    The Right has learned from the Left: if the other side gives you power, go for that fundamental transformation. Ted Kaczynski was correct in that this is the goal of all revolutions; you must seize power, and then change your country so that it cannot be changed back. Having more citizens armed so that both bad guys and cops are not the supreme authority is fundamental transformation. It also takes people out of the mental state of “what can government do for me?” to “get government out of the way.”

  • Rising star political journalist, 26, dies one day after she was found unconscious in her apartment

    Bre Payton has left us. This is unfortunate. To celebrate her life, as you would with any writer, read her writing.

  • Mumia Abu-Jamal case could return to spotlight

    Diversity cannot work. Mumia Abu-Jamal is guilty as sin (see also an overview, the background, a moderate/balanced view, a review of the forensic evidence, his own attorney doubting his innocence, and the case against him), just like the Central Park Five were guilty as sin (full story: it was actually a Central Park Six, but they only caught five, and all six are guilty). Despite the obvious nature of the guilt in these cases, we also see legal/political systems twisted by trying to work around diversity despite its destabilizing paradoxical nature, and a world divided despite the facts being plain. This means one thing: diversity cannot work, and in fact, it will end us.

  • Did Email Providers Suppress Republicans in the 2018 Election?

    At major free email providers, Republican emails went to spam a lot more than Democrat emails did. The main factor this analysis misses: there are Leftists out there signing up for these lists just to mass-flag them as spam. Leftists follow a messianic cult ideology that says that all of their personal failings in life were caused by a lack of equality, and that forcing equality onto everyone else will solve those problems and make them into kings; they do not consider how well they will rule, especially given that since nature is unequal and they did not thrive under that standard, they are unlikely to do well, just like how nations that were impoverished before colonialism were clearly not made poor by colonialism. The fanatical nature of Leftism enables them to marshal up a few thousand people to sign up for Republican email lists and then click the spam button in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and AOL, which will cause all messages from those addresses to be thrown in the spam folder in all accounts on those services.

  • Government accused of ‘dodging responsibility’ as study reveals most English people live with illegal air pollution

    Your governments spent the money on entitlements instead. They could have designed cities where people could exist in an orderly fashion, but diversity and class warfare — both projects of the Left — prevented that. Instead, you got the modern dystopian industrial horizon, where utilitarian design, or that which most people when polled feels meets their minimum needs, and a lack of unifying purpose create an anonymous jumble defined more by commercial, political, and social convenience than any sense of aesthetics, culture, daily life, beauty, or comfort. Conservatives have a few pet projects that they want to accomplish despite most of government existing to serve the entitlements state, and so they steal what time/money they can for these, which guarantees that nothing will be done about air pollution, not that anything can be done in a society where government basically exists to redistribute wealth and anything else it does is by accident.

  • Senior Israeli Ministers Launch New Right-wing Party

    New party named “Hayamin Hehadash, the New Right” will “attract both secular and religious voters” and may reflect growing dissatisfaction with “a government that talked right-wing but walked left-wing.” Most interesting is that the idea of a New Right, one which rejects past approaches in favor of a hardline realism about both markets and genetics, is spreading in Europe, America, and beyond. It is as if the whole world finally awoke from the stupor of Leftism, which promotes an anti-realism based in what “should” be through its cult-like ideology, and has controlled the West since 1789.

  • Morocco arrests Swiss national in connection with killing of Scandinavians

    Europeans really, badly want the beheading and rape of these two girls to be linked to ISIS. That way they can say, “Oh, it’s just terrorism, not the much worse conclusion which we must draw if ISIS is not involved, which is that diversity will never work and people in the third world really, really hate us.” Denial is an expensive luxury, but most people would rather feel good in their heads than confront troubling details and act on them, so down in flames and euphemisms they go!

  • Old favorites, outdated attitudes: Can entertainment expire?

    In our neo-Communist era, many of the scenes from older films offend our sense of universal human rights and absolute civil rights. However, these movies are about the only culture that democracy has allowed us to retain, so people want to keep them around, even if they have to put extensive and awkward disclaimers on each one and then hold a safe space seminar after every viewing to explain how the past was ignorant, terrible, and awful but we know so much better now, despite every era thinking it knew more than the past regardless of whether its civilization was rising or falling.

  • Diane Abbott admits she would INCREASE boat patrols to assist migrants coming from Calais

    Minority groups are aware that they are minorities who exist at the pleasure of the majority. Should the majority decide, it can stop enforcing its laws and allow pogroms to happen, or simply change those laws and send them home. As a result, the position of minorities among a majority culture is always unstable, and they feel it will only improve when they have control, simply because the default human assumption is that when the human or its group has power, things will be done well (this is not always wrong; it depends on the group or individual). For this reason, minorities temporarily unite with other minority groups in order to dethrone the majority, as we see in America where Hispanics, Africans, Asians, Jews, Southern Europeans, and Eastern Europeans all vote against the majority founding population of Western Europeans (WASPs). Once the minorities dethrone the majority, they will fall to fighting against themselves, but for now each group thinks that it will win, although Asians are favored by the odds for fast reproduction plus above-average performance.

  • Get Ready for Europe’s Next Crisis (non-paywall)

    Summary: Europe faces a huge future recession not because of intermediate factors like falling imports, but because its consumer spending is falling. The “yellow vests” could not wish for a better exoneration: the regulatory, class warfare based tax-and-spend welfare state ran out of money to steal from the wealthy alone, and so has begun to take from the middle class in order to support its diversity underclass (mostly Roma/Pakistanis, Muslims, Africans, Turks, Eastern Europeans). This means that people have less money and their daily expenses are higher, which drives down consumption. It took a few decades to see the results, but now we are at the point where government has dried up the well of its own citizens, who are most likely supplementing their purchases with more barter, gardening, and under-the-table cash jobs in order to avoid the dying economy. Just as in the Soviet Union, where people turned first to the black market or trades with neighbors, people in the West now know that the big shiny box stores belong to the very wealthy and the diversity underclass which has redistributed money to spend in them. It turns out that, much like both totalitarianism and democracy reveal a common principle in Crowdism, both Communism and Keynesian entitlements-based social democracies share a similar central theory in the idea of class warfare driven tax-and-spend welfare states, and that not surprisingly, they fail the same way. The coming European economic burnout will parallel the downfall of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, paving the way for its eventual capitulation.

  • Another migrant caravan with 15,000 people is set to depart from Honduras next month

    Who keeps funding these? Obviously someone has been passing around money and information to induce people to take these treks, and has been paying for the buses and trucks which take these people most of the way to their destination. The Leftists complain about Citizens United because their own form of activism consists of giving money to NGOs which then act not for particular candidates, but to advance the Leftist ideology, and for them spending a few hundred thousand to launch a caravan both increases the power of Leftism and brings in more donations for their “successful” activity. This is why our grandfathers lumped all the Leftists who were not patriots into the general group “Communists” and investigated them as such. They knew that all Leftists fund Leftism and not particular candidates because in the ideological worldview, all things are temporary means to the end of the ideology itself, and so the candidates were disposable and targeting them would mean that the Leftists would simply abandon one and move to another, keeping their finance stream intact. Better is to simply target Leftists and ship them all to Venezuela, where they can fund whatever elections they want.

  • Bankruptcy leaves Detroit police abuse claims unpaid

    If you want to see the future of the West, look no further than Detroit and Chicago. They bankrupted themselves by paying for generous pensions for affirmative action employees, and when they declared bankruptcy, simply screwed all of their creditors by giving them cents on the dollar, which meant that it was usually not worth it to collect. This society will very happily spend itself into extreme debt and then declare itself insolvent and shirk the impossible obligation, leaving the taxpayers as always holding the bag. In many ways, this is only fair, because the voters either voted for this insanity or failed to stage a violent revolt once it passed. Remember the Golden Rule: politicians will never revoke entitlements programs because voters love “free” stuff. They may sabotage them to make them less effective in an attempt to stem the bleeding, but they will never cauterize and suture the wound. In modern society, wounds are permanent, because even losses are properties for someone upon whose vicissitudes they hope to make fortunes.

  • It Is Both Ridiculous And Dangerous To Make Domain Registrars Liable For Content On Domains

    This is how Google showed the US government how to control the internet: respectability. If you hosted any content that upset someone, they would remove your ads. This encouraged other businesses to remove controversial content like GoDaddy removed or Google removed These ideas then passed into law in 2012 with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and now, have moved into other laws in the US and EU which follow the SOPA/SESTA/FOSTA model. They will claim that this is not censorship because these are private businesses, just like the employer that fires you for a tweet, the HOA that refuses your application for a blog post, or the friend group that turns its back on you for a MAGA hat. This is how Crowdism works; a gang or cult forms within a group, and it punishes all who fail to join it. If the Right does not reverse this trend, we will not only be ruthlessly censored, but it’s going to be doubly hard to find pirate copies of Apocalypse Now in time for poker night.

  • Opinion: Fake news and alternative facts target EU’s core

    Leftists when trying to overthrow your society: “No information should be censored, we are a democracy and people have freedom to think as they want, and if this information convinces them, it is our duty to debunk it with contrary argument.”

    Leftists when they control your society: “These bad thoughts and words need to be eliminated or we might have defectors from the One True Shining Path Toward Equality Utopia, and that would destroy everything and end our jobs, so we have to declare some information ‘fake’ and punish people for spreading it.”

  • California organizers cancel Women’s March due to ‘overwhelmingly white’ participants

    Right now, the Left experiences massive internal conflict because it has become paradoxical. Leftism works when it can promise a mythical better future, and fails once it delivers its version of that future, it turns out to be terrible, and the Leftist response is to enforce hard denial of the failure while insisting that more of the same is our only possible salvation. This leaves Leftists in a state of confusion and darkness, raging against imaginary enemies, while turning on each other in an attempt to force the doctrine further Left so that it can distinguish itself from the status quo. They are right: for them, the world is a very dark place now that a populist backlash has deposed the Establishment from its position of moral and “scientific” right, and pointed out that we are a dying society and have been shepherded to this state by the Left. If they think critically, they will realize that their only hope of survival as a political movement lies in seizing control of society and executing or exiling all Rightists. However, they are going to find that many of their rank and file are not as much true believers as they need to be, and that their coalition of groups opposed to the majority are now turning on each other or making alliances based on something other than Leftism alone. Call it the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez effect.

  • Sheriff blames sanctuary laws in officer’s death

    It turns out the guy who blew away the Indian-heritage police officer in California was an illegal alien protected under California’s sanctuary law despite having two DUIs. While this does not surprise anyone of a realist leaning, it apparently proves a shock to Leftists, who are so addicted to linear categorical thinking that they find themselves amazed that anyone could be both from a protected group and also a dangerous sociopath.

  • The Mumbai ‘toxic hell’ where poor are forced to live

    If we accept egalitarianism as truth and therefore assume that all people are equal, we might believe this headline. In reality, most of humanity is always poor; a few rise above and through self-discipline adopt better methods of living, then become more intelligent over the generations as a result, and finally set up a society which is so prosperous that it needs people to do basic repetitive tasks. At this point, the poor appear, both from afar and from among those who through deleterious mutations become less intelligent than the founders of the society, and by the nature of being less intelligent and less self-disciplined, they have more children. At this point, we see a successful society become surrounded by poor people. No one is forcing them to live in a wasteland; they force themselves, and create a wasteland wherever they go.

  • Sheep slaughtered in anti-racism protest, after guards are accused of targeting blacks by clearing South Africa beach

    On an elite beach, private security asks a group of unruly people to leave, including members of all races. This becomes a riot in which a sheep is slaughtered and death threats are made against “racists,” a group that apparently includes all white people. Diversity never works: only one group can be in control, and when we divide up authority, we end up with constant internal conflict of this nature. The West is slowly realizing that diversity is simply a bad policy, and that we will have to end it if we wish to survive.

  • Bigger paychecks and cheap gas drive best holiday shopping season in six years

    Trump is racing against time to make the American economy self-sufficient before a global recession hits. He liberated our energy industry to produce lower-cost gasoline, incentivized industry by demanding a fair balance of tariffs in worldwide trade, cut taxes to return more money to the workers, slashed regulations so that business could return more to employees, reduced immigration so that workers were in under-supply and therefore more valuable, and finally shut down government so that normal middle class people could go out into the world without being mobbed by the underclass and other government dependents. As a result, he delivered a massively powerful Christmas shopping season — the most important one of the year — and may have jump-started American industry just in time.

  • German broadcaster fined by Polish court over WWII drama

    German documentary points out that the Poles, who were famous for herding Jews into barns and setting them alight, hated Jews because they saw them as Communists and organized crime figures. Poland, which is trying to restore its sense of national pride, promptly objects and applies a fine that no one cares about, mainly because most people now know that most of the Holocaust killings occurred in Eastern Europe and were not done by Germans.

  • New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics

    It turns out that Russian intervention in our elections was neither widespread nor particularly competent. In fact, it has all the earmarks of a distraction, which means that it was engineered to benefit the Left and not Trump. That would make sense since the Left seems to be in bed with the Chinese and the Chinese are allied with the Russians. For a few hundred thousand rubles, Russia intervenes in the American election through some script kiddie activities, which allows the Left to claim the election is illegitimate and hopefully seize power, which then places a group which is friendly to Russia-China back on the American throne.

  • A Chilling Reminder of How the Soviets Weaponized Psychiatry against Dissidents

    Rightists will never understand Leftists because Rightists do not understand ideology. Forming a type of cult or gang around itself, ideology is a charismatic viewpoint that explains all problems through a single cause that can be defeated by promoting its opposite. As a result, it establishes an absolute good above reality itself in the form of the Utopia that the ideology promotes, and so in its view, any defectors — those who fail to join in the effort — are morally and mentally defective and must be destroyed. As is sometimes observed, the Right censors its enemies, but the Left censors everyone but itself. Expect our neo-Communist elites here in the West to do the same thing if they can find a way to get away with it, and they are plenty creative.

  • Building blocks of ocean food web in rapid decline as plankton productivity plunges

    Something is causing the organism at the base of the food chain in our oceans, phytoplankton, to crash in numbers. This means that food resources from the ocean will drop at a time when our burgeoning population relies heavily upon them. When the food wars come, you had better be ready.

  • Did 2018 usher in a creeping tech dystopia?

    William Gibson (Neuromancer, Pattern Recognition) describes our current technocracy as a “retro-future” because we are still fighting the battles of the 1990s; he is correct on two front: (1) our technology has not changed in its basics since the 1990s, meaning that innovation is dead and we are simply improving what we have, and (2) we are still caught in the struggle loop politically, socially, and economically that we were in the 1990s because our political and social systems have not changed. If we want to explore the universe, we have to first become stable and mature on Earth, and we will not get there with egalitarianism/individualism, which really triumphed in the 1990s when the Soviets fell, the Clintons took over, and cheap Chinese labor created a consumer paradise of infinite vapidity.

  • Seasonal UPS Workers Had Almost Entire Paychecks Handed Over To Union

    Unions are parasites just like Leftist government: they transfer some money from the productive to the unproductive, but in the process justify their continued existence in a sort of “perpetual war” against an enemy who may not exist. That is, inequality is the state of nature; Leftism and unions presuppose that inequality is a human choice affirmatively applied by others instead, and that the solution is to take what they have and give it to those who are less competent, able, or successful. This causes industry to experience high costs for zero reward plus damage from strikes and bad headlines, so industry heads for the hills and offshores its labor, uses contractors, or any of a dozen other methods at its disposal in order to avoid the unions. Eventually, the industry dies or moves on and the workers — who thought they had really hit a goldmine — are left standing around wondering why all of the jobs went away and their formerly prosperous towns are now wastelands. As they do that, a jet plane roars overhead taking all the union organizers to Switzerland with their millions. Over and over again.

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