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Periscope (December 28, 2018)

  • Emmanuel Macron: French would ‘probably’ vote to leave EU

    Leaders know this: people want to get out of globalization because they realize that it means Leftist wealth transfer through tax-and-spend Keynesianism, and globalization, which seems to mean that all of our jobs go overseas in order to avoid parasitic unions. If the voters were in any way involved with conscious thought, they would see that unions are the worst way to solve any problem, and create additional costs to labor that are passed on to industry, and thus to consumers, which then gives business the choice to move offshore and stay in business, or try to sell higher-priced products to an audience that mostly cares about the bottom line. In short, Leftist policies have defeated us as surely as they did the Soviets or revolutionary France, so the first one to figure this out and exit the egalitarian Utopia pursuit will be ahead after the crash. The first step is to exit the large federal entities like the EU and US, of course, and this is why Brexit started such a worldwide revolt.

  • Chinese schools enforce ‘smart uniforms’ with GPS tracking system to monitor students

    Here are the two components of the modern surveillance state:

    1. It is voluntary. You receive a discount or an opportunity for participating. Think of the whole world having a Costco membership or grocery store discount card. You can opt out at any time, but then, the only housing available to you is a shack and the only job anyone will trust hiring you for is as a street-sweeper.
    2. It is based on rank. You do not get shot for going to the brothel, but do it too much and the only job you will work is as a street-sweeper. You are receiving a credit score or American high school behavior grade, not a prison sentence or a promotion. You are assessed numerically for risk and those who are low risk to the control authority are promoted.

    People seem shocked that China is doing this, but consider two factors: first, China is attempting to become a world superpower despite a long history of attempting empire and then collapsing, and second, they think it will work for them, but that does not demonstrate that it will work for them, …much like their last few attempts at empire. In general, Asia is the Pinky and the Brain of world empires.

  • Germany to curb mosque funding from Gulf states

    Poor Germany. In the last week, they have discovered that the Chinese bought their industry and that Islam, Incorporated, is funding their mosques, even though to anyone with a thoughtful mind the idea of mosques in Germany is oxymoronic. Speaking of moronic, Democracy, Incorporated, wants to make sure that diversity “works” even though it never actually works, so they are going to bring out rules about speech, handshakes, dress, and funding in order to minimize the visibility of the dysfunction of diversity. Voters, being equal parts domesticated livestock and narcissistic yeast, will buy it.

  • Facebook moderators reportedly rely on inaccurate, outdated documents to determine forbidden content

    Censorship is a tricky business. First, you have to find an excuse to remove your opposition and competition — the Left removes both, the Right removes only the first — and second, you have to find people willing to do it. This becomes the problem much like finding someone to moderate your internet forum, in that the only people who want the job are those who are already on a power trip, which means that they are not very bright or subtle, which in turn means that your censorship will soon become widely hated for being ham-handed. Facebook tried to work around this by hiring $1/hour third world Mickey Dees to do the flagging and tagging, but this failed since half of these people were Muslim and promptly went on an anti-Christian banning spree. In general, even if the person hired is not an idiot, the job is odious and vague, so they ban anything that they think that they will get in trouble for not banning, which creates equal parts happy trigger fingers on anything “controversial” and slack standards when it comes to actual threats. Symbolism trumps reality yet again. Now the “NEETs and Pajeets” of Facebook must use lengthy documents in order to try to make low-cost labor into something as effective as its corporate management masters, and this will not work either. A better solution is to view the entire internet, including social media, as a common carrier and to stop censoring anything. If someone violates copyright or posts child porn, use it as evidence in their trial and pack them off to jail. For the rest of us, let us have a public space even if it is a virtual space because that way, we can actually use it to communicate, instead of exchanging corporate-approved innocuous and contentless memes while clicking on the requisite number of advertisements per day.

  • Wolf population surpasses ‘viability’ level in France, reigniting row over its protected status

    People tell us about what they want us to think is impossible. It is impossible, they say, to reverse diversity, but around here a few days of government shutdown has done almost that. It is impossible, they say, to repatriate other groups, but we see Chinese-Americans doing that en masse now that the easy money is over. It is impossible, they say, to bring Europeans back to a state of racially- and ethnically-unmixed genetic health. However, as we see from the return of a wolf population, this is not as hard as people think. Take a sufficient number of individuals, restore others from past DNA as necessary, and give them space, and nature will do the rest. Diversity, dysgenics, and hybridization can all be driven away with diligent application of naturalistic principle.

  • Recent origin and evolution of obesity-income correlation across the United States

    It turns out that “refined sugar in processed foods may be a prime driver of increasing obesity and diabetes.” This may seem obvious, but it shows us that great trend of the twenty-first century, which is realizing that all of the innovations of the past century were in fact bubbles, or limited time periods of benefit to new changes before the more profound downsides could be seen. Democracy seemed to work, until it crashed; Keynesianism seemed to work, until it destroyed nations; mass transport by diesel trucks and automobiles seemed to work, until we discovered that it gave us cancer even faster than smoking. Modernity seemed like a good thing, until we saw that it was killing us with loneliness. Now it turns out that our food revolution, which allowed us to have billions of people by stuffing them with grain products including high fructose corn syrup, in fact has made us sick. It turns out that the kings knew some things with their nuanced, careful, and naturalistic standards, and that the proles who were shouting “why can’t everything be free?” had in fact entirely missed the qualitative dimension which could have predicted all of our current problems. As a result, prole rule has fallen, and something new will rush into the void.

  • Superintendent: Ref in hair controversy won’t officiate in Buena Regional School District again

    More minority privilege: everyone on the wrestling team must adhere to the hair rules except the black kids because any rules enforced on them will be perceived as discriminatory, even though the rules are being enforced equally on everyone. Republicans take note; this is why meritocracy will never work: when you declare equal beginnings but come to unequal endings, the principle of equality to which you have agreed prevails over everything else, and so you are forced to “edit” your results in order to make them equal, or you will look like someone who has failed in applying an idea or has chosen the wrong idea. Double down or lose face.

  • President Trump threatens to ‘close Southern Border entirely’ if Democrats don’t fund border wall

    Every day that Trump keeps government closed, another Republican is minted. The European-descended middle classes see clearly that we do not depend on government, but others do, and that life is better when those others are staying home because government is closed. In fact, if we lost them entirely, life would improve. That means that if we lose government, life gets better. Sure, we want our military, roads, firefighters, and police. Other than that, we really would be okay with most if not all of it going away, since it is super-expensive, works against what is good or at least of high quality, and has empowered our enemies to live among us and hate us, all while telling us that we are wrong for noticing the failure of programs like alternative energy, gun buybacks, cash for clunkers, diversity, and Section 8 housing. Driving around the city yesterday, I noticed a lot of white faces. People were more polite in stores and restaurants. The line at the Post Office was shorter. There was less aimless activity, with people driving around without purpose or loitering around businesses. Things worked more like 1980s America. I would like more of this world, and if it takes removing government to make it happen, well, c’est la vie.

  • 2018 Was A Year Of Drastic Cuts To U.S. Refugee Admissions

    Trump is a realist, which means that he recognizes that libertarian economics are superior to socialist/Keynesian varieties, and that people are fundamentally different and not equal, with that correlating to a complex mix of religion, race, caste, ethnicity, class, and nationality. Intelligent people avoid fundamentalist and extremist religions, for example, and tend to not flee their home countries but retreat to the countryside and improve local communities there. This means that third world refugees, especially the ones from warlord-ruled theocracies, are not the best and brightest; in addition, they will bring with them problems that are not temporary but permanent because they are genetic. He also recognizes the law of supply and demand in another form, which is that the more workers you have, the lower wages are. If we removed all of our diversity and got women out of the workforce, for example, white families could survive on a single income, and costs would go down because we would not be subsidizing our third world underclass. Toward that end, Trump has begun cutting legal immigration as well as illegal immigration, knowing that if he raises costs and reduces benefits for people arriving here, the flow will stop, and then the others seeing that they are odd men out will begin an outflow back to their home nations. This in turn also invokes the law of supply and demand, which is that cheaper low-quality goods will drive out more expensive high-quality ones, but that also reduces demand for the marketplace itself, since it has lowered in value by lowering itself in quality. These actions by Trump are the first step to what the next Right-wing president must do, which is point out the plain and obvious reality that diversity has failed and cannot ever function except as an agent of destruction, and that like any policy that is this destructive, we must stop it and reverse it, which means removing all of its effects, as quickly as possible.

  • Israeli premier demands German government stop funding Jewish Museum Berlin

    Jews allied with Leftists in order to protect Jews against discrimination, a decision which used begging-the-question logic by assuming that the diaspora was necessary and good in the first place. However, Leftism is inherently negative and defensive; it will protect Jews when they are a useful implement for breaking up national culture in order to replace it with equality, but will then turn on Jews when theirs is the national culture that must be broken up with a poorer, browner group (Palestinians, the “Mexicans of the Mideast”) in order to promote equality. This takes us to 2018, when the museum designed to preserve Jewish culture against frequently European anti-diversity pogroms has in fact gotten buddy-buddy with Muslims who want to kill all Jews, and joined the BDS movement (not to be confused with the BSD movement) which seeks to destroy the nationalist state of Israel designed to protect Jews against all pogroms. This leaves us with the obvious conclusion: Jews made a mistake by allying with the Left, just like everyone in the West did, because the high cost of class warfare is that someday, it turns on you and your people. Leftism is pathological, voracious, parasitic, and insatiable. It will consume everything it touches until it is opposed and those who advocate it exiled to Venezuela forever.

  • Former Hitler house owner seeking €1.5 million compensation

    Here, have some “freedom”: a certain national socialist leader was born in your building, so government will seize it and destroy the historic building while paying you a fraction of what it is worth. If you object, you are considered to possibly be one of the Bad People who actually like national socialism, and with that threat, government hopes to get quite a bargain. That way, your retirement investment is sacrificed to pay for their symbolic victory over the darkness at the heart of humanity. Remember that you are “free” and if you do not like it, you can join those Nazis over there in the pile of people who can never get jobs, have friends, make normal social connections, or otherwise live in any normal sense of the word. So if I were you, I would simmer down over there, citizen.

  • Police: Man in US illegally kills California cop from Fiji

    New diversity kills more compliant diversity. We all sit around feeling stupid, suspecting that somehow one of our most basic assumptions has gone wrong here. Let us instead turn toward realism. Diversity does not work. Immigration does not work. Even legal immigration does not work. Diversity creates chaos by forcing people to either be conquered and “assimilated,” or take to their native cultures as a matter of pride, and this divides society into many conflicting special interest groups. Unity works. Nationalism works. Let us abandon the failed policy of diversity for the time-proven policy of nationalism, and then get to work fixing the myriad other things that are wrong with our fallen modern society.

  • Sydney streets fitted with anti-terror concrete bollards

    Terrorism was easy when foreign people were foreign and therefore, were under constant scrutiny. With diversity, they walk among us, and thanks to civil rights and human rights law, it is illegal to notice that they are different. Therefore, we just wait for them to get enough trucks, explosives, knives, gasoline, or even guns to hatch a terrorist plot against us. Since that is not an acceptable answer, we cover our public spaces with armed military police and put up anti-terror bollards everywhere. Now we are living in a police state in the name of freedom. Who thought this was a good idea?

  • Over 40 percent of activity on the internet is fake

    Following up on the analysis from yesterday of an article claiming that most of the traffic on the internet is fake, this article shows us how grossly inflated much of this traffic is. Social media got big by counting two groups as real users, the bots and the under-$40k/year crowd who make up the majority of its traffic. The audience it needs to reach, the middle class, is busy doing other things that are related to real life and not the fantasy symbolic world of the internet. This leaves the losers, impoverished, disabled, insane, retired, retarded, broken, and dysfunctional people as its audience, and not surprisingly these Starbucks baristas, call-center workers, Whole Foods checkers, and user support technicians have an agenda of destruction and revenge on a world that correctly does not value them much or care about what they think. On top of that, millions of search engine optimization consultants have launched bots to spam the internet with links, inflate numbers of views, produce fake reviews and fake upvotes, and generally create a whole lot of traffic to make things seem more important than they are. To make a non-entity into something big, you can take your product — say, a a rock band — and buy it millions of fake Twitter followers, tens of thousands of fake “likes” on Facebook, hundreds of fake reviews and fans on blogs, and even purchase media coverage through the many article farms and independent small news sources out there. You can create a persona and the attention around it, making yourself a celebrity. On the internet, nobody knows that you are a dog.

  • Huawei: China accuses UK of ‘pride and prejudice’

    The third world has one defense when we refuse to accept what they want: assuming their own 100% innocence, they argue that we are simply bigots. So far, this has worked, but it is wearing thin. One can both be of third world origin and be doing something evil, criminal, vile, deceptive, or of low quality.

  • Endangered Grauer’s Gorilla Develops Harmful Mutations Due To Shrinking Population And Inbreeding

    Here is how species end: they lose habitat, which forces them into cramped conditions and interrupts the sorting process by which the high quality prevails over the low quality. The new low quality group then loses even more ground. At some point, it becomes inbred, and then genetic defects or opportunistic diseases finish it off. Humanity is doing the same thing to itself, with a twist: we are driving the most promising populations into reduced habitats through immigration and diversity, which will finish them off, at which point we will be a low intelligence world population which will then inbreed itself through incompetence and die out or simply evolve downward into chimpanzees. The notion of equality, addictive like the apple that seduced Eve or the white whale that drove Captain Ahab mad, proves too symbolically appealing for humanity because it makes every individual feel important because he is “free” from being judged by others for his failings, and so the deluded group chases the illusion right over a cliff, screaming all the way down about how they are finally victorious and soon, Equality Utopia will be at hand.

  • The Crisis of America’s Upper Class

    This article states a good point, but fails to state the vital one: per David Brooks in his excellent critique of our new upper class, the upper class now are the Irish, Italians, Jews, Asians, Spaniards, Greeks, Poles, and other minorities who displaced the WASPs back in the 1960s. We are no longer in a WASP nation, but one run by mixed Europeans, and they have made themselves rich by preaching what other mixed Europeans want to hear, namely that (1) “we are all one” and “we are all equal,” (2) that an agenda of civil rights and human rights is required to enforce that, much as it enforced Irish equality during the civil war, and (3) that class warfare through tax-and-spend wealth transfer is right because it keeps the WASPs from rising again if we tax them to death and use it to subsidize an underclass which keeps them on their toes. It is race warfare, alright, that of mixed Europeans against Western Europeans, and everyone else has gotten taken along for the ride. Trump has simply targeted point #3 of the mixed European ideology, and by suggesting a libertarian — or consequentialist, meaning results-oriented not social approval oriented — basis to American policy, has removed the idea that we must be a republic devoted to enforcing its ideology of individualism/equality worldwide. This has the new upper class panicked, but the former upper classes delighted and looking forward to the day when they can recapture their nations again.

  • U.S., Israel work to block unilateral Palestinian statehood drive at U.N.

    The UN is like hip-hop: a bunch of third world people sit around and tell hard-working white people what is true and what is not. Now that we have lots of third world countries in the UN, they vote for third world interests, and this means having the Palestinians — the “Mexicans of the Mideast” — take over Israel. They want to take the first step through the law, which is to legally recognize Palestine as its own state, so that if Israel does something about the constant assault of suicide bombers, missiles, gunfire, and rocks, it will be an international incident. If anyone had any brains (spoiler: no) they would recognize that diversity does not work, and therefore the Palestinians need to be taken from the historical home of the Jewish people and placed into friendly Arab lands like Egypt, from which most of the Palestinians genetically originate. However, that would not advance world Leftism now, would it?

  • Trump threatens to cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

    Trump understands that all transactions in life are quid pro quo, or ones in which a party does something so that another party will do something, with both benefiting. This becomes twisted when the exchange is internal, for example the United States doing things for other nations so that it can feel good about itself, or buy off a constituency (Leftists, Armenians, Catholics, Hispanics, Jews, Evangelicals, Greens) in order to keep its own political system stable. Trump correctly points out that certain Central American countries depend on us and hate that fact, so they work to subvert us, taking our foreign aid money and then urging their citizens to migrate north and send money back. He wants to make the quid pro quo external again: we give them foreign aid in exchange for them doing certain basic things, and we stop caring about “the optics.”

  • Which bits of the federal government are essential? (non-paywall)

    Editorial asks a vital point: if when government shuts down we have to decide which government workers are “essential,” does that mean that we can simply stop doing what the others were doing, since if they are not essential, they are unnecessary and therefore useless and expensive? No one dares state the obvious: if we removed the entitlements state, government would shrink to a quarter of its size, leaving the cool parts like NASA, NOAA, and the parks service intact.

  • Things really aren’t that bad. But we like to think they are. ()

    These articles are perennial popular because they are ironic. Things seem bad, but they are good, if we look at the following measurements. However, every single one of them dodges the vital question: how are we doing, as the order required to form a civilization? The answer is that our civilization is coming apart, and every single of of their metrics relates to technology. Yes, our technology is doing great. Everything else — all the intangible stuff: social order, brotherhood, culture, values, existential well-being — is in flaming free fall just like it was during the Roman collapse. We might ask why the writers of these perpetually popular fluff pieces never, ever mention that; probably, they simply want to make enough money to escape our dying civilization by selling people palliative illusion while their money is still worth something.

  • German army ‘could recruit EU citizens’

    Finally, the plan emerges: we would like to fight WW2 again, but instead of emulating the systems of the losers, we want to emulate a combination of the American (capitalism) and Soviet (civil rights) systems. The Soviets wanted diversity, too, and supported women’s rights. Their dogma of equality seduced everyone, especially the restive lower classes who tend to revolt and destroy empires. With civil rights, the EUSSR could control its population; with capitalism, it can keep them fat, happy, and oblivious like Americans. Soon it will need an EU-wide army. That starts by hiring foreigners to work in IT, clean toilets, and serve food. Eventually, they will take foot soldier and later staff roles. Why not? The EU is a superpower now. It can have a diverse superpower army. Then, it will conquer Eurasia and Asia, defeat America, and rule the world.

  • Latino support for GOP steady despite Trump immigration talk

    Three in ten of the Latinos/Hispanics who voted supported Trump. That means that seven in ten did not. The GOP is touting this as a victory because they want to believe that they can win elections in the post-Hart-Celler world, when in fact they cannot, because those other seven Hispanics/Latinos vote also. Any time you see the cucks in the GOP, the media, and the Left agreeing on something — even if for now the Left is pretending to be injured and afraid — it is imperative that you realize that you are being played. Especially when the GOP announces “mission accomplished,” be afraid… be very afraid.

  • How Trump Made War on Angela Merkel and Europe

    Leftism fears defectors more than anything else. A defector does not have to be an enemy; someone who simply does not want to be a Leftist is a defector, just as someone who chooses a less-extreme version of Leftism is. All of the Western first-world nations were clustered in the Leftism ghetto, warming their hands by the fire. They all knew that whoever exited first would win big because they could stop limiting themselves by committing a third or more of what they produced to the ideological project of Equality Utopia, and they could instead focus on self-improvement, since the advantage of the West over the third world had eroded a great deal in the past two centuries since the adoption of democracy (hint, hint). First Nigel Farage wandered away, but he seemed to stay in the light, and then Donald Trump just outright left the Left. This meant that he gained the advantage of not having to support an expensive lie, and could rebuild America, just as America did after WW2 when Europe was in ruins. Ah, well. History repeats itself, and we have to wonder what kind of epic morons the leaders of Europe and worst, the voters who elected them, must be in order to choose the same failing option again.

  • Trump’s invisible wall: how his 2018 immigration policies built a barrier

    As suggested here in the past, a border wall is nice and all, but we would do even better by using the law of supply and demand to raise the costs and risk of immigration, both legal and illegal. This invisible wall could be as simple as removing affirmative action and civil rights law, or as complex as adjusting hundreds of details of policy across the board to raise costs to immigrants, delay their entry into the country, make their acceptance uncertain, remove their free medical and social benefits, or otherwise take away the guaranteed jobs and entitlements that our ideological commitment to Soviet-style civil rights Utopia requires. Trump is building two walls, a visible one to keep the media and politicians fighting among themselves so that he can get something done, and an invisible one, which by making immigration less of a sure thing, is encouraging people to stay home, which will eventually cause the ones who are already here — legal and illegal alike — to see their position as more tenuous, resulting an outflow to the third world. Maybe it is “4D Chess,” and maybe not, but Donald Trump stays ahead of his adversaries and invisibly accomplishes his objectives, all while the media stands around confused while complaining about what Melania chose for the White House Christmas decorations.

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