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Periscope (December 27, 2018)

  • ‘Wrong to ignore’ ethnicity of grooming gangs – Javid

    Driving around yesterday, it was clear that something was different. There were many more white faces than normal. It was as if the minorities had stayed home because of the government shutdown. Not only that, but normal, healthy, family-oriented people were over-represented. I suppose that this means that the dipsomaniac single women, videogame-playing soyboys, burnt out neurotic activists, deleterious mutation load people with schizophrenia, sad divorced people on opioids, and other detritus of the modern social landscape had stayed home. It was glorious; America almost felt functional again! When government is active, everything takes on that Jacobin/Soviet feel… you must make everything that you do and say into a support for civil rights or you are an enemy of the state. If you speak out against civil rights, or simply fail to mention it in a positive light, you are seen as opposing the one thing that holds together the dying regime. Javid in the UK just stepped over the taboo line — he can, because he is of Pakistani (Indian + Muslim) heritage — and pointed out that the grooming gangs were all non-British, and that if this fact is denied, it legitimizes everything the “racists” say about how their government is controlled by the civil rights agenda. Now imagine if the UK and US ditched the civil rights agenda, how many more white people we would see, and how little government we would see. There is an inverse relationship between the two. Most white people are staying home because minorities, protected by government, enjoy being seen in public as a way of saying “we own this now.” Look at me; I am the captain now. In the meantime, online business is booming because white people are avoiding movie theaters, shopping malls, pubs, stores, and restaurants where they have to encounter minorities. Hilariously, the millennials seem to be the worst about this, which means that they have fooled themselves into thinking they are “non-racist” when their behavior says otherwise. Any time someone tells you diversity cannot be ended, point to the government shutdown and let them know that if one itty-bitty cessation of the welfare stream caused this many minorities to vanish from our streets, if we get rid of affirmative action or welfare, they are going to voluntarily get on boats to return to the third world. That will provide the best possible solution for everyone.

  • ‘Kick Them Out’: Syrian Women Tell Europe to Send Men Home to Rebuild Country

    Finally, it has dawned on the world that migration creates chaos at both ends of the journey. The target nation must pretend to “assimilate” different people, which causes nothing but chaos; the source nation loses people and then finds itself a victim of those who are left, a group that often proves to be less promising than those who have departed. At this point, even the middle east is realizing that the exodus to Europe is a great gimme of free entitlements and is unrelated to the political situation or making life better. Even more, with the rise of anti-immigration powers like Italy, the law of supply and demand works against immigration by cutting the supply of places for immigrants. As costs and risks rise but rewards fall, immigrating becomes less of a “certain win” decision and more of a gamble. This means that the great outflow will slowly reverse as fewer people are willing to undertake high cost for low reward, which gives Europe a chance to fix the broken policies that have bankrupted it to the point where it sees immigration and taxes those immigrants as a “solution.” Trump is implementing the same change in America by adjusting hundreds of tiny policies behind the scenes to make it more likely that would-be immigrants will spend money to get across the border, and then lose their investment entirely. Anything that makes immigration into the US and EU into less of a sure thing and into more of a gamble will slow the numbers of immigrants, and that in turn will reduce the “network effects” or practical benefits caused by their being many immigrants who can be used as a resource. If that happens, look for a net outflow that accelerates as the number of foreigners reduces to a tipping point and crashes.

  • Dangerous Court Ruling Says Colleges May Be Required To Block Access To Certain Websites

    Under the original internet ruling, all sites were common carriers because they forwarded packets to everyone else. It was assumed that they could not and would not oversee what was in that traffic. Then came the centralization of the internet through sites like Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook. These sites sold an experience to their audience, and tailored it to the audience, which meant that they started leaving out material that might offend that group. In response, people started calling for the return of the open internet, so the large companies launched a lobbying effort to make every site responsible for what its users posted. This peaked with SESTA/FOSTA which in a classic “think of the children!” democracy moment, decided to make every host responsible for its content. This reversed the standard of the DMCA which made it the duty of the copyright holder or person who noticed problematic content to report it to the host, who then could contact the user, shielding anonymity but providing a process for data removal if it was against the law. Now, since the duty to remove content in advance has been thrust upon providers, and they face penalties for not doing so, they are all paring down as much as they can, which will reduce the internet to kitty pictures and photos of lunch. At that point, it will lose any interest for the cutting edge people, and become a sort of dump site for all of our defective and neurotic people so that they can spend their time away from the rest of us. This serves those in power because now instead of having to manage many voices, there will be a few big market leaders — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google — that must be convinced to report the “right” thing, and any dissent can be removed through indirect means, namely by hinting to the big providers that it is possibly illegal and therefore, that they should remove it right away. Europe’s anti-terrorism law is even worse, and if history is any guide, voters approved it to remove Islamic terror content but will see it used mostly against the Right.

  • Canadian Imam: Muslims Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ Worse Than Murder

    Tribal loyalty is most important. Accepting the beliefs of another tribe makes your own tribe experience a weakened position, where forcing them to accept your beliefs while simultaneously denying their beliefs makes you seem to be rising and them to be falling. Diversity does not work for this reason; even if we enforce pluralism, or the simultaneous acceptance of different group beliefs that are necessarily contradictory because otherwise they would have merged, we create a situation that is permissive so that any belief can be accepted, but this is not what groups want. They want areas under their control where their beliefs define the social standard so that it is clear to their members what they must do in order to avoid being judged. The judgment punishes those who are disloyal to the group or inept in understanding its values, heritage, and practices, and this is how groups maintain independent status so that they can pursue their own semi-idiosyncratic beliefs and not be swallowed up by other groups. Each group wants to maintain autonomy. They cannot do this under diversity, so diversity creates constant conflict to assert their values, heritage, and customs against those of every other group, which is why diverse societies consist of passive-aggressive racial warfare that periodically explodes into exciting race riots.

  • Congress demands answers on AP’s relationship with Chinese state media (non-paywall)

    Do you ever get the feeling that, while Russia is obviously guilty of some acts against us, we spend a lot of time discussing Russians in order to avoid mentioning other things? The Associated Press (AP) and Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua have announced that they are working together, causing politicians to fear that we will be getting propaganda in our news feed. We already are, mainly because to work with industry or government, you must report what they want to get out to the world, or you will not get the story next time. People are wondering if China has not made the AP a similar deal, meaning that if it reports what Xinhua wants the world to hear/see/read, it will gain exclusive access to whatever is going on inside China that reporters can reveal without getting shot at the base of the skull with a 7.65x25mm round. The Communists like those high velocity rounds because they immediately overpressure the brain, causing rapid loss of unconsciousness, which makes it easy to drag the dying dissident away so the next one can be shot. Efficiency, you know.

  • Trump Wanted Others to Pay More at UN. No One Picked Up the Tab

    For years, the world order was simple: the Americans intervened as necessary to keep the peace, paid off foreign nations with financial aid, and relied on the UN to back them up. Now the UN has made it clear that, like the Vatican, it speaks for third world interests; at the same time, rising China has brought up the notion of a superpower as purely self-interested. Europe seemed delighted to have America pick up the tab for defense, and the whole world wanted the ability to sell products to America while keeping American products expensive. This worked fine for guys like Barack Obama who rely on wealth transfer as the basis of their legitimacy, but for a populist like Trump — who is equal parts libertarian businessman and pragmatic social conservative — its tendency to make America reliant on foreign interests causes a degeneration of productive ability in America, and therefore it must be reversed. He is pushing back against the role of America as a service to other nations whether that service is an open market, military intervention, or funding for organizations like the NATO and UN which no longer represent American goals. This will more than anything else remake world order into the notion of parallel societies, each going their own way, instead of one universal “right” way to do things, as Leftism suggests. Trump may have been a Democrat, but at his core, he sees the instability of that position.

  • Falling total fertility rate should be welcomed, population expert says

    Make statistics general enough, and anything looks good. After all, we know that there are too many humans and we need fewer of them. However, the big story here is that first world populations — burdened by miserable daily lives as wage slaves, living through white flight and buying private services, while getting taxed to death and living in ugly cities where it seems most of the people in power are incompetent and choose suicidal but popular paths — are reducing their number and being replaced by low-IQ third world populations. Even within those first world populations, the more intelligent are dying out and the miserably dumb are replacing them, which is what you would expect under a Leftist regime, because in order to have “equality” we must take from the productive, successful, and intelligent and give to the less successful, simply because we have no means to raise the lower but can always lower the higher.

  • GOP allies still trying to figure out how to read Trump

    No one knows how to handle Trump because they are accustomed to people who allow the political system to define their goals for them. Trump, as equal parts a deal maker and realist, the latter so that he knows what will succeed and therefore how to orient himself, knows that he must keep the system destabilized in order to achieve anything. This means that he does the opposite of what they expect and plays toward an objective instead of a power balance. To them, he appears to be chaos; to him, he is probing multiple angles while throwing randomness at his opposition in order to keep it scurrying. The GOP will learn to understand Trump once they realize that, like the founding fathers, he sees “the system” as a menace that must be deactivated as much as possible.

  • Vietnamese community rallies together to fight back against Sudanese gangs terrorising their strip of shops

    Diversity in Australia working about as well as diversity everywhere else. A spontaneous race war breaks out between Vietnamese and Sudanese diversity. For double hilarity, Vietnamese find themselves taking an anti-immigrant position: “Why we let them in, feed them and give them money for making trouble to us, what is the Australia law?…It’s not fair – we are working hard, paying tax and support these mother f***ers.” When half of your diversity starts sounding like the Klan, then you know that diversity has failed yet again, as it always does.

  • The crisis of modern liberalism is down to market forces

    Any time humans get together in large groups, they start doing what “seems like” the right thing, but ends up sabotaging the group by taking resources from the edges where it grows and transferring them back to the center. The center then consolidates, and this excludes the parts of the population which can contribute, while those who are obedient to “the system” prosper. This creates a few very rich and makes everyone else poor, sort of like the Soviet Union or Enron did. We do better with ecosystem-styled latticed, tiered, or cascading hierarchies that reward performance after it happens, and worse with systems that move money around in order to keep people orderly. Our fear of conflict creates stagnation. Now, it seems, the mania for taxes, regulations, and benefits has overwhelmed the “growing tips” of our economy in small businesses while creating massively powerful huge ones, and this has choked out the next generation in order to keep stability for the previous one. The solution seems to be to get more people involved, but that requires that we give up our subsidy state and go back to having winners and losers. As the old saying goes, “good to the good, and bad to the bad,” or in other words reward performance and allow non-performance to fail. That contradicts the notions of Leftism itself and so throws Leftism into a permanent crisis and death spiral.

  • Why It’s Hard to Escape Amazon’s Long Reach (non-paywall)

    We are coming to “peak Big Tech” as people realize that the advertising model of the commercial internet is fake because it uses a small, non-representative sample to represent the whole market which means that its advertising is overpriced and when this is discovered, its profit center will collapse and create dot-com collapse 3.0, or the third iteration of the cycle of over-investment and then market recalculation of value. Perhaps we were warned when it became clear that the dot-com 1.0 crash of the late 1990s was based on the same advertising model, with a few tweaks, that internet companies use today; perhaps all of our drama about how intrusive Facebook and other advertisers are could have been easily predicted from the failure of early anonymized ads. Now we are seeing that the internet is essentially bots selling stuff to bots based on the false assumption that the people clicking are actual buyers, and not just an 8% of the internet audience who commit 85% of the clicks simply because they are directionless, unemployed, impoverished, retired, on disability for mental health, or simply Whole Foods checkers and Starbucks baristas on cell phones during their copious “breaks.” In the meantime, Amazon has finally revealed its business model, which was to get huge so that its stock was worth lots of money and to use that to leverage further buyouts in a wide spread across industry. In other words, it was designed as a virus, built to get as large as possible and to take over from everyone else, and then worry about what to do at that point, sort of like the Communist party. In the meantime, the angry proles who are always looking for a payout have finally figured out that market share measured in share of user data makes these internet companies into monopolists that could be prosecuted under an antitrust law, if we found antitrust lawyers and regulators who were brave enough to do it. It looks like the regulators were held back for as long as the Left could use social media as a propaganda organ but now that people have seen past the “Russians stole muh ‘lection” narrative and have identified the Leftist behind the curtain who is manipulating both social media censorship and its boosting of heartwarming, uplifting, and life-affirming stories that just happen to have a Leftist spin 100% of the time, the Left is suddenly OK with busting social media by making it accountable for any propaganda posted by non-Leftists to it, a new method of censorship based in the notion that hosts, registrars, and social media must be “responsible” for what individuals post, which then gives these companies an undeniable incentive to remove any potentially controversial content. If you did not think that “They” could make the internet into daytime television, now you see how clever “They” really are. Even more shocking is that almost half of “Them” are Chinese.

  • ‘Chinatown’ rising in central Istanbul

    Chinatowns are the first stage of balkanization. An ethnic group creates its own communities; these become places where the native costumes, language, culture, products, customs, values, and behaviors of that ethnic group are imposed on a small portion of the host country. This provides the best option for diversity, in that they get the benefits of the host country but can be who they are, but it never lasts, because over time members of the community reach out into the greater opportunity found in “assimilation” or (if we are honest) giving up their culture and adopting that of their conquerors. This basically destroys their self-respect, which they supplant by being proud of how much money they earn and their position within the bureaucracy, which creates truly soulless people who care only about how to use the rules to make themselves experience greater wealth, prestige, and power. If you want a formula for the last man, diversity is it.

  • How a former CIA officer was caught betraying his country

    Under Obama and the Clintons, Chinese spying got a pass mainly because the DNC got so much of its funding indirectly from China; they would later be linked to efforts to manipulate the election which the Leftist press covered up by focusing on far less effective Russian efforts (which Russia, as an ally of China, might have engaged in merely to be the token bad guy). Add to this Clinton selling China American missile technology and then concealing the aforementioned spying so that China could engage in “pay-to-play” funding of the Clinton re-election campaign and we see a pattern of deception and collusion here that suggests that, for all practical purposes, the Clintons were purchased by China as its agents and are still acting on behalf of China in what they do today. Slowly, the Americans are awakening to what the Clintons concealed, which is that since the 1960s China has been building a massive spy network in America with the help of people like the Clintons who were purchased in exchange for campaign funding but probably chosen for the Leftist values that they shared with Communist China. Under the Clintons and Obamas, corruption became the normal way of life in America through the pay-to-play methods pioneered by Hillary and Bill Clinton which later became the norm for the Clinton Foundation, possibly with the aid of deep state (permanent bureaucracy) nerds who delayed prosecution until it was too late to catch the Clintons in the act, allowing the transfer of advanced weapons technology to the Chinese military. Now, finally, we are rediscovering Chinese spying at the point where it pervades every aspect of our government; when, one might wonder, will we question Chinese influence on the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which brought diversity into America?

  • State freezes admission to psychiatric hospitals for patients who are not in the criminal justice system

    We are now in a race in the West, but unlike the space race, this is a race against its end result: we are trying to avoid being the first to point out that we are dead broke because the entitlements programs that we promised our proles are too expensive for any government to maintain, just as socialism was too expensive for the Soviet Union to maintain, leading to its collapse. Colorado may have lost the game by de facto admitting that it cannot afford its mental health care commitments; although you will not see this in the news, America has an abundance of people with mental health problems. Our insane modern lifestyle causes enough of these, but the prevalence of deleterious mutations exacerbates the situation, including those created by mixing disparate things like ethnic groups within the same race or racial groups of different origins. What do you do with all these insane people? The Left wanted to institutionalize them but, thanks to legal liability and regulations, this became prohibitively expensive, so Ronald Reagan turned them loose onto the streets, creating a large part of our current “homeless problem.” Now we dance around the truth, which is to say that we are awash in insane people who beg for money and spend it on alcohol and drugs, and that our society needs to decide whether it wants to keep them or not. If we want to keep them, we will have to institutionalize them, and that requires toning down our human rights standard because it creates institutions that are too expensive to run; if we do not want to keep them, we need to find a way to pipeline them into Mexico or Venezuela or some other place that needs people. Even more entertainingly, this is just the first domino to fall. Wait until our poverty assistance, socialized medicine, and subsidized retirement programs also begin to fall. Suddenly, the “free stuff” will haunt the voters, who hoped simply to steal from others and then die before the default came crashing down.

  • Economic growth is slowing all around the world (non-paywall)

    We are witnessing the death of globalism. Following the “broken window” theory, where if I break a window and somone else then has to hire someone to fix it, we have “created” wealth, Keynesians worldwide observed increased economic activity as if it were productivity, forgetting that a lot of this was created by regulations, lawsuits, unions, and other parasitic forces. Much of it was speculation or transition, in the way that building a new $400m factory in China or Thailand can seem like economic growth but really it is displacement of three $200m factories back home. Now, after we had some years of boom with all this activity, the market is demanding accounting: did the activity actually create more productivity? Since it did not, globalism is collapsing. That will in turn cause an automation boom as manufacturers try to avoid the plague that is unions and regulation, which makes them unwilling to hire too many people. Much as globalism was caused by manufacturers looking abroad in order to escape the parasitism of unions, which received government protection and therefore could not be worked around, the backlash to globalism will involve workers being replaced by robots. The workers have no one to blame for themselves: they elected to support collectivism in the form of unions and regulations, which extracted money from the industry without generating value, and this — akin to the 30% that corruption costs third world industries — bled the extra margins needed for future investment and research from these industries, throwing them into death spirals. Choosing to avoid death, industry went offshore and much of American manufacturing died. Europe, which integrated its unions into the business process, is finding that the world no longer wants to pay twice the going rate simply for the privilege of something built in Europe, since the European brand no longer means quality and inovation above all else, but reeks of a bloated and calcified business ecosystem where there are many parasitic fingers in the pot, from the EU to the unions to the mafia to lawyers and bureaucrats of overgrown national governments. The markets reward performance; humans reward promises. The latter will now give way to the former. Get ready for a big, fat kill-off.

  • Hospitals required to post all prices online beginning January 1

    With all the complaining about American healthcare, and all the failure going on with socialized medicine in other countries, this simple change seems to have the best chance of forcing people to see the truth of the situation: right now, each person who pays for services is carrying up to a dozen others who will not pay, thanks to feel-good policies like EMTALA and endless regulations that increase the paperwork load, not to mention insurance which is based on the idea of “spreading risk” or externalizing cost to those who pay into the system in order to support those who do not. Around here, hospitals have emergency room waiting areas full of illegal aliens, halls packed with welfare cases, and whole wings of people busily filling out paperwork that the insurers think is protecting them against lawsuits and ripoffs. The whole system is legally corrupt. The only salvation comes in stripping away all of our efforts to improve it, and allowing healthcare to become a market again, because as much as they “seem” heartless, markets reward performance while human wishful thinking rewards appearance and penalizes performance.

  • Ex-NATO commander: Allies wondering if Trump was blackmailed to pull troops out of Syria

    Dummies who have never successfully run large projects do not understand Trump because they have never carried the burden he routinely faces, so do not realize that large projects usually die a “death of a thousand cuts” through mission creep, over-staffing, committee mentality, or most of all, too many fingers in the pot, which is the first world analogue to the third world standard where a third of everything gets paid out in bakshish, mordida, gratuity, and “consulting fees” and then the end result turns out to be of inferior quality, perpetuating the third-world status of its host nation. If third world countries could produce even one functional institution, they might rise above their status as post-death civilizations, but the corruption fee precludes this from ever happening. In the first world, we simply heap too many people with contradictory demands into the project and have them all fight it out, democracy style, which results in the special interests becoming extremely polarized and demanding incompatible things. If you wonder why both Windows 10 and Google Chrome show the same neurotic and schizophrenic design theory, this is why: they were designed by committee, and on the committee, each person was advocating for her department and its needs instead of working with others to make a product that is good for the end consumer, as happens with smaller companies where people can beat back the self-interest, neurosis, braggarting, and CYA (cover your assets) activity. This is why with humans, once a sense of shared purpose is lost, organizations swell and become bureaucratic, creating a internal counter-flow of people wanting independence from anything but self-interest, eventually producing a cancer-like dark organization which works contrary to the goals of the project and organization. This legalized parasitism dooms those projects as fundamentally as corruption dooms the third world, and Trump has seen how the well-meaning college graduates, follow-the-book women, lawyers, consultants, and optics-wary politicians install this type of legal corruption into every project they touch, dooming it to the type of hyper-expensive mediocrity that we expect from all government projects since the WPA. This is why Trump refuses to be drawn into projects with too many fingers in the pot, and will abandon them, knowing that they will fail and then he will come in, sweep up the refuse, fix what he can, and make a success where others have failed. I have said it before and will say it again, much as Trump said it on the campaign trail: the secret to his method is what he did with the Washington, D.C. post office, which was bungled by government for years until Trump could get enough power to do it his way, and turned out great as a result. The Left insists that he is “corrupt” because he evades their oversight mechanisms, but really what he is doing is evading the legalized corruption that those oversight mechanisms install. When American foreign policy experts insisted that he include Turkey, the EU, Israel, and of course the neurotic and disorganized list of “American foreign policy” (an oxymoron) demands, he told them all to screw themselves and went his own way. Now the failure will occur: Turkey, Syria, and Russia will bungle the situation; Israel will continue to bomb them into submission; the Kurds will be gassed and machine gunned in front of open pits; the region will become even more unstable. If past history is any hint to future, Trump will send more weapons to Israel and tell them to rule the region, and even if you hate Israel, you must admit that this will place the most competent people in authority, or at least those who show that they can make a high average IQ functional modern state. The jihadies and Leftists will join hands and talk about how they have been wronged yet again, but in reality, all Trump did was seize power from a schizoid committee and then drop their requirements so that he could be free of the parasitism for whose bad results he would later be blamed. This is accountability at its finest.

  • Finland shamed as the EU’s most racist country in new report

    The made-up Leftist propaganda term “racism” means (1) those who notice ethnic and biological differences between groups and (2) those who prefer their own group. The Left has tried to slant it to include bigotry and scapegoating, which mean those who blame all of their problems on another group or refuse to admit that there is any good in it, but sometimes bigotry is accurate. For example, we are bigoted against pedophiles, but they are a real threat; some of us are bigoted against the insane, mainly because crazy people do crazy stuff, and so they represent a worthless risk, meaning a risk that one takes which will never return any reward. The Finns, who have made a happy life for themselves by being realistic about life, are also realists about diversity, and this means noticing differences between groups. Racist? It would be “racist” not to do this, as then Finns would be abolished for the democracy committee project of diversity which is failing all around us. When the country where it is best to live on planet Earth decides that diversity has failed, you know that this means that intelligent people worldwide will follow their lead, and eventually this will even trickle down to the losers, imitators, and poseurs who are currently LARPing around as SJWs and “activists.”

  • The costly journey of returned goods means big business for some

    People return about a third of what they buy. Most of it goes straight to the dumpster, but much is resold. This model is not sustainable and will reverse the supposedly amazing gains we had with online commerce. Convenience costs a lot, and the industry can hide or eat that for some time, but eventually, it comes home to haunt them. Hopefully it will do so in time to save the brick and mortar stores who also are facing an epidemic of returns, in part probably because most products are mediocre and do not work as advertised.

  • The Secret History of Christmas at Mar-a-Lago, an Unlikely (and Increasingly Uncomfortable) Oasis for the Palm Beach Jewish Community

    Every time someone has attempted to smear Trump as an anti-Semite, someone has brought up the fact that he made a name for himself by letting Jewish people into exclusive clubs when no one else would. The man is less anti-Semitic than your average Rabbi, but he also recognizes people for what they are, and in his view, diversity works because groups preserve their differences and accept each other for who they are. This is a man who was comfortable in a New York comprised of many different groups, each formed by a mosaic of race, class, religion, ethnicity, and profession. He navigated these groups by respecting what people were instead of treating everyone like the same shade of idiot. As the Trump era unfolds, expect “we are all equal” to become “we are all different.”

  • About 500 migrants released by ICE Wednesday, over 1,000 released past few days

    Media sets up a wail about moronic Amerinds who bring their children on thousand-mile trips without enough food, water, or medicine, leading to the children dying upon arriving in the USA. The Leftist herd thinks it is strong, but Trump counters by releasing thousands of illegal aliens onto the streets. Forty-eight hours of crime, rapes, and public defecation later, and the public will stop caring about how many children die in custody.

  • German industry views Brexit, Trump as biggest risks to economy

    In Europe, the game has been set up as it normally has been since the kings were deposed: the nerdy bureaucrats run everything, taking taxes from the dumb bourgeois sheep, giving them to the poor but only after salaries and benefits have been paid, and because this leads to a stable and thoughtless society, business can keep on churning without being particularly competent. Trump has upset and threatened this circular Ponzi scheme by introducing an element of competition and through it, results-based measurement of performance. This scares the Europeans, who want procedure-based measurement, namely that if they followed the procedure adequately, they expect to (1) get paid and (2) be able to completely ignore any results of their public actions. If the city burns, well, the procedure was followed, so all is in order. America has always threatened these people because we care more about results than procedure, thus tend to point out that Europe is cruising on the wealth produced by the stability brought by the kings, but has been eroding this since, and so is in full decadence and collapsing much as Rome did. No one in a collapsing society wants to hear about it, which is why they never recover. They want to die like patients in palliative care, on an endless stream of morphine while the television plays something entertaining and pleasant in the background…

  • Trump Just Gave the Finger to His Jewish Voters

    Trump actually just gave Israel free rein to do whatever it wants in the middle east. This has been lost on people raised in the American system, where either the government “does something” or it has denied the people involved and they are suffering because government has not made them equal enough. In reality, Trump got out of what was almost certainly an extortionate relationship with Turkey and other parties in the middle east, and has essentially said that America will no longer be the world policeman that it has attempted to in the post-Reagan years, which led ultimately to neoconservatives uses conservative methods to spread Leftist ideals like democracy, equality, civil rights, and consumerism. On the flip side, since America is no longer the world policeman, if Israel decides to nerve gas everything from its borders outward to the edges of the middle east, America is going to shrug and comment that at least a solution was found. Trump said as much when he referred to recent aid to Israel as a reason why his new policy is not a terrible thing. In the meantime, he has prevented multiple nations from using America as their shield, and directed more attention toward his focus on domestic issues while quietly clapping for an Israeli bombing raid that destroyed Iranian missiles in Syria. This did not placate many on the Jewish Left, who promptly released a dubious story about Trump being a Russian asset as if they just discovered the files, of course. The whole thing reeks of a few Jewish-American Leftist groups wanting America to defend Israel for the same reason NATO wants it to defend Europe, which is because that way, its Leftist governments can spend all the money on buying votes with domestic benefits and not have to face reality as it would when it must pay for its own defense. In reality, both Israel and NATO are better off this way, as they are more self-reliant, which fits into a new world order of parallel nationalist countries working together when effective but staying out of entangling alliances.

  • District attorney declines to prosecute men in subway incident

    Minority privilege is strong in current-day America, mainly for conservative reasons: no one wants to be seen as “racist,” so they decline to prosecute, and pass the costs down to the voters who seem to be enforcing this absurd double standard. When people who are both criminals and members of a minority group face no legal consequences for committing crimes on the subway, they will commit more of them. In the meantime, the cops who patrol that beat will spend more time hunting down white turnstile jumpers and are going to be nowhere near when people who are both criminals and members of a minority group start committing crimes. The average subway rider will experience more crime and less justice as a result. Good going, voters!

  • Now they call us ‘White Jews’: A new American antisemitism

    Everyone sits somewhere on the equality scale. At dead middle are the real audience for Leftism, the white working class; these are the people who were promised by white merchants that if they overthrew the kings, a prole paradise of equality would create a Utopia. Unlike most hierarchies, in this one you win by being closer to the bottom, because those people are considered “less equal” and under the civil rights regime, it is the duty and obligation of society to make them “more equal” by giving them free stuff taken from the rest. You lose points to win, because each lost point means more free stuff, and you can lose points for any of the following: third world origins, outsider religion, deviation from the sexual norm, physical disabilities, or mental retardation. Jews used to be recognized as having third world origins, and received pity points as a result, but now that we have brought third world groups into mainstream society, Jews no longer have a special status. In fact, they are whiter than Palestinians, and so the Left has rallied around Palestinians instead of Jews. For this reason, brown people refer to Jews as “white Jews” as a means of saying that it is still acceptable to discriminate against them because they are on the higher end of the equality scale, above even working class pseudo-white (Italian, Irish, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Polish) proles simply because Jews are disproportionately wealthy and well-situated in the professional classes. If Jewish leaders are thinking clearly, they will see that they will never be able to regain pitied status, and so it is time to stop supporting the Left and also to end the diaspora/diversity and repatriate to Israel, especially now that Trump is going to allow them free rein in bombing whoever they want however they want. If Trump were to wake up tomorrow and find out that Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iran were mysteriously empty of people and reeked of nerve gas, he would probably chuckle and go off to get breakfast. In the meantime, this article is full of errors. It asserts that the first resistance to Jews was on the basis of religion, forgetting that brown people who showed up from the middle east were always seen as outsiders, and were accepted only because Europeans had the Christian religion at that time. Diversity does not work, and whatever makes you an outsider makes you a target. You can suspend this for a little while by seducing the population with egalitarianism as Leftists have, but like all control states, it ultimately inverts when people realize that it is illusion, and then the retribution begins. Better to skip that step entirely.

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