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Periscope (December 20, 2018)

  • Two female backpackers found ‘decapitated’ at popular tourist hiking trail in Morocco

    People in the West grow up in safe, stable neighborhoods with functional services and a sense of fair play, and assume that the rest of the world is this way and would be doing just as well as we are if it were not for some meanie white people who “oppressed” it with colonialism, slavery, apartheid, racism, inequality, or some other such Leftspeak nonsense. In reality, the West is a little bubble of wealth and order brought on by our sense of fair play that is about to be erased by Leftists, who we might simply say are people who want to bring third world ethics into the first world, and the diversity that they are importing by the millions into our nations. Genetics determines behavior. Culture is an expression of genetics. This has nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with the nature of the third world; they are poor not because we did it to them, but because they are so individualistic and unwilling to work on order — what made the West organized, effective, and pleasant — that they act more like animals than humans. Their suffering is the result of their choices. We hate to see it, but we cannot fix it; only they can fix it. Two wealthy, beautiful Scandinavian women go camping in Morocco as if it were Denmark or Norway and, in an outcome reminiscent of that of Pippa Bacca, are raped and beheaded (but for some reason, the media is light on details, perhaps because they realize that your average white man would kill to have one of these women in his life, and seeing them callously wasted by third world savagery makes his blood boil. WARNING: the following is the video of the death of one of the women that was mentioned in the BBC piece as possibly being fake. I include it only to show you the future that awaits you under Leftism and its symptom, diversity. This video includes beheading of a struggling, crying woman calling out for her mother while jihadis chant slogans of revenge for crimes that never happened. You have been warned.

  • German security office warned German firms about Chinese hacking: report

    All across the West, Chinese firms and government agents are infiltrating, yet we hear about the Russians mostly. Normally, we would assume that this means that the Chinese spread some bribes around since under Leftist government, our public leaders seem corrupt or at least prone to accepting “lobbying” that previous generations would have seen as corrupt. While the West sleeps, its enemies gather around it. Russia would love to conquer Western Europe, and China would love nothing more than for Russia to absorb those casualties so that at some point, the Chinese can invade a weakened Russia and take over. They know that our days of organized response to invasions are over because, thanks to diversity, we are internally divided into many special interest groups and the idea of loyalty to a nation is dead.

  • Toblerone’s halal certification outrages the far right

    Toblerone did not change their recipe, but they did get a Halal certification, showing compliance with the presence of Islam in Europe or dhimmitude as many call it. While to the business, this was a purely practical matter, allowing them to add more customers with the price of a certification process, to those who want Europe to remain European it signals a takeover by Islam which is itself a proxy for third world people who tend to interpret any religion or culture like Islam or Morocco.

  • Tucker Carlson Dropped by at Least 20 Advertisers Over Immigration Comments

    Ironically, despite all of the Leftist kvetching over bourgeois mentalities, these may have done in the Right more than anyone else. The bourgeois outlook is an anti-civilizational viewpoint; it says that your job is to work toward your own success, not offend anyone, not get involved in anything risky, and to always think of how you are viewed by others. It is the morality of shopkeepers, basically, and it encourages people to give up on the task of making civilization function because that entails risk, offense, and controversy and those are hostile to just keeping the money flowing over the register counter. The bourgeois do not want to talk about immigration; to them, as long as their stock portfolios and rental properties are doing well, there is nothing to complain about. The rest of America may be suffering but, heck, they are always suffering and seem self-destructive in their pathological pursuit of what is bad for them, anyway, so why bother worrying? For those of us who are fortunate enough to snap out of this mentality, we see that our civilization defines our options. Those who live in failing civilizations have few good options, although they have more personal freedom and liberty than members of any other type of society, mainly because third world societies are intensely individualistic or structured around the individual in lieu of the social institution, organization of society, or future direction of civilization. Carlson pointed out the obvious: third world immigration makes us more third world here, so we should consider it carefully instead of blindly accepting the Leftist dogma that “diversity is our strength.” No part of conservatism or common sense argues for diversity; it is wholly a Leftist notion that the workers of the world must unite in order to defeat capitalism and aristocracy. Your food service workers, Starbucks baristas, call-center employees, and Whole Foods checkers all agree that capitalism is bad, the Rich are the enemy, and that socialism and other forms of equality will lead us to Utopia. That should tell you why you do not listen to them: these are not people with the capacity or the experience to make such decisions. In the meantime, the more Mexicans that pour into the United States, the more it looks like Mexico. Feel free to join me in boycotting SanDisk, Pfizer, Takeda, CareerBuilder, TD Ameritrade, ScotteVest, United Explorer, Just for Men, Voya, Zenni Optical, IHOP, Jaguar, Pacific Life, Indeed, Bowflex, SmileDirectClub, NerdWallet, Minted, Ancestry, and SodaStream.

  • Sir Roger Scruton on Political Unrest, Puritanical Progressivism, Illiberals Versus Free Speech

    But when you’ve lost religion, as most of our societies today have, what is lost…is a coherent possession of the people as a whole. Then there’s inevitably this need for a substitute religion, and the doctrine of equality is a facile way of re-creating religious comfort without belief.

    We worship at the church of a promised hypothetical future Utopia brought about by equality, instead of paying attention to the glory of life and the meaning that it has, all because out there in the crowd, someone is struggling and unequal, so everyone else must sacrifice their enjoyment of life for the suffering of that one idiot.

  • Warning To Democrats: Most Americans Against U.S. Getting More Politically Correct

    Political correctness is thought control based in regulation of language to include only terms that lead to positive conclusions about the Left and its policies. This idea arises from the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis or “linguistic relativity”:

    The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is the theory that an individual’s thoughts and actions are determined by the language or languages that individual speaks. The strong version of the hypothesis states that all human thoughts and actions are bound by the restraints of language, and is generally less accepted than the weaker version, which says that language only somewhat shapes our thinking and behavior. Following are quotes from the two linguists who first formulated the hypothesis and for whom it is named, Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf :

    “Human beings do not live in the objective world alone, nor alone in the world of social activity as ordinarily understood, but are very much at the mercy of the particular language which has become the medium of expression for their society. It is quite an illusion to imagine that one adjusts to reality essentially without the use of language and that language is merely an incidental means of solving specific problems of communication or reflection. The fact of the matter is that the ‘real world’ is to a large extent unconsciously built upon the language habits of the group. No two languages are ever sufficiently similar to be considered as representing the same social reality. The worlds in which different societies live are distinct worlds, not merely the same world with different labels attached… We see and hear and otherwise experience very largely as we do because the language habits of our community predispose certain choices of interpretation.” -Sapir (1958:69)

    “We dissect nature along lines laid down by our native languages. The categories and types that we isolate from the world of phenomena we do not find there because they stare every observer in the face; on the contrary, the world is presented in a kaleidoscopic flux of impressions which has to be organized by our minds – and this means largely by the linguistic systems in our minds. We cut nature up, organize it into concepts, and ascribe significances as we do, largely because we are parties to an agreement to organize it in this way – an agreement that holds throughout our speech community and is codified in the patterns of our language. The agreement is, of course, an implicit and unstated one, but its terms are absolutely obligatory; we cannot talk at all except by subscribing to the organization and classification of data which the agreement decrees.” -Whorf (1940:213-14)

    The Left realized that if language shapes thinking, they had a justification to force control of language, which was something they had always done anyway. As far back as the French Revolution, things were given political names in order to make people think good or ill of them. Even the nonsense known as The Enlightenment™ gave itself a trademark much like shopkeepers had begun naming their new creations so that the herd could request them from all over town. Political correctness weaponized the fundamental idea of the Left, which is that their Utopia is good and therefore anyone who fails to approve of it is bad and must be destroyed — a begging-the-question fallacy that uses passive aggressive bullying to induce the drones to revolt — into the dogma that you had to use Leftist language or be seen as a Royalist, Fascist, Capitalist, or whatever the non-Egalitarian enemy of the day is today.

  • The Mueller delusion

    This article points out the obvious: Trump did nothing wrong, which means that Mueller can prove nothing, and therefore in order to save his career, he is attacking trivialities at the margins. His actions will ultimately backfire on his employers, but Mueller is a good worker bee, so he does not care; you hire him to do a task, not to salvage your crusade, and there is probably not a bigger Me-Firster in the capital than “Anthrax Bob” Mueller. He joins the other Me-Firsters, who are of two types: (a) the bureaucrats, consultants, lawyers, and politicians of Washington, D.C. who want “business as usual” through a government dedicated to a world Utopia that it can never achieve and therefore must always raise its budget and profile in order to keep fighting, and (b) the R-money 47% who want to keep the tax-and-spend wealth transfer socialist style state alive so that they can vote for “free stuff” that they take from the productive to give to the non-productive. Trump and Romney did nothing wrong when they pointed out that our society is divided between these two groups, the productive pioneers and the parasitic Me-Firster underclass (and its nerd bureaucrat masters).

  • Trump’s push on prison reform called ‘goodwill’ to minorities

    Trump was glad to get prison reform because his form of conservative outreach to minorities is to avoid any laws that impact them specifically and do not benefit all of the rest of America. The Trump agenda, then, will have minorities spend less time in prison, but also spend more time in their own neighborhoods, where they will have to deal with the consequences of having all of these people out of prison. This will in turn encourage minority groups to self-police. This cannot save diversity because the problem with diversity is not crime (alone) but that diversity turns every group into a special interest group which competes with all others for dominance of our society. Trump cannot fix that because no one can; the only solution is to end diversity. In the meantime, minorities will face fewer mandatory sentences for drug use.

  • Texas AG, universities face suit over Israel boycott law

    Texas passed a law designed to curtail the BDS Movement, a Leftist-driven jihad designed to force Israel to accept Palestinians so that every other nation will be forced to accept third-world refugees as well. Here again the Left is ahead of the Right, who have not yet figured out that the struggle for nationalism in Israel is intensely linked to the struggle for nationalism everywhere else. If Israel, presumably formed as the result of violent nationalism, then endorses nationalism, it means that nationalism is legitimized after its defeat in WW2; if it does not, nationalism remains subjugated by the Left. Every Rightist who speaks out against Zionism is defeating himself.

  • Children’s toys: The backlash against pink and blue branding

    Much of what culture does is signaling because individuals need something that tells them the right way to behave in order to be seen as successful and good in their society. This can be as simple as going on the mammoth hunt, or following a complex series of social rules that demonstrate morally upright behavior. We signal things to children so that they do not suffer doubt. We seek to minimize doubt for them until they reach the age of majority and can do more of their own thinking, but even more, to avoid foreclosing options from them before that time. We use arbitrary things like colors to signal to children strong sexual and social identities so that they may retain these options. If a child wants to cross one of these lines, that in itself does not mean much, but most children require and benefit from these lines, so we keep them. Zombie Leftists, insistent on using their propaganda to beat all of us into submission, want to remove all of this signaling so that individuals have more freedom, liberty, equality, individualism, etc., but this then leaves those individuals less well-situated in their relationship to society and reality, and knowledge of themselves. In short, Leftism seems like a factory for producing neurotics.

  • Marlboro maker Altria nears deal to take 35 percent stake in leading e-cigarette company

    People ask why we say that government regulations are destructive. The answer is for the same reason that progressive taxes are difficult for the poor: a fixed amount penalizes those below a certain minimum. If a rich man has to pay $500 in taxes, that represents a tenth of a percent or less of his income, but a poor man would find it to be a much greater percentage of his income and therefore more devastating. In the same way, a small tobacco company might find half of its revenue gone in compliance with the latest insane FDA regulations on tobacco, but a giant corporation can ride out that tenth of a percent of its earnings quite easily. Regulations create market concentration; they also produce heartless, insane multinational corporations that rightly see that they already pay quite a bit to government, and therefore will do anything that is plausibly legal to avoid paying more. The day before this merger was announced, the Surgeon General called for regulation of vaping, which promptly drove a large vape/vaping company to seek protection from a much larger Big Tobacco firm. Like all Leftist plans, regulation backfires, and the useful idiots do not know this, but their deep state protectors — bureaucrats, consultants, politicians, lobbyists, journalists — do, and they take advantage of that because every failure of government necessitates more government and simply makes the parasite class more powerful. The voters are idiots and the professionals give it to them good and hard for being idiots. Who won the prole revolution again, proles? No one, as it turns out.

  • Least-Educated State: California No. 1 in Percentage of Residents 25 and Older Who Never Finished 9th Grade; No. 50 in High School Graduates

    California is our future: most liberal, most socialist, most diverse, most morally flexible. If we look into this crystal ball, we see the future of America, which is a few cynical rich people of uncertain ethnic origin who rule over a vast herd of clueless proles who are addicted to government welfare, entertainment, intoxicants, sports, and easy jobs which waste their time buy pay for “muh good times.” In other words, it is just like the third world, where people always seem to be standing around doing a whole lot of nothing while the latest government steals all of the money and then flies off to Switzerland to enjoy it. One might imagine that the reason the Left wants to take over the world is to eliminate this backdoor in its prole revolution agenda, so that there is no longer a first world for its leaders to escape to, which would require them instead to rule more responsibly. More likely, they desire a world where everyone is impoverished except for a few areas to which the rich can retreat, ensuring that there are no competent armies which can threaten their safe havens.

  • Russia, The New Power in Central Africa

    Russia and China have bought their way into Africa. As former third world countries with many third world attributes remaining, both of these aspiring superpowers see the question of politics in terms of resources, and Africa has more than any other continent. Thus they will seize it, and use their control of those resources to in turn force control on others, causing those others to become obedient to the will of Russia and China. At least, this is the theory, but as with all comic villains, things do not usually work out as Wiley E. Eurasian Coyote plans.

  • China increases its stake in Australian land

    At the same time that China is buying its way into Africa, it is also buying up the West, specifically Europe, Canada, California, and now Australia. Its plan is to become so important in local markets that people will not vote against it, and because it controls their jobs, they will instead vote to support it, enabling China to take over the world. Like their Mongol forebears, the Chinese have given up on stabilizing their own society, and instead want to conquer all others in order to eliminate threats and use the wealth of those countries to make China prosperous. This will, like the plans of all parasites, fail, but in the meantime we should remember that China is parasitic and if we want to avoid destruction, we will sever from them and become self-sufficient, allowing them to collapse from their own lack of stability and forward thinking.

  • Deadlocked Swedish lawmakers to vote again on new PM in Jan

    Swedish far-Right party — one that we might say is moderate far-Right, even — wins part of the representation in an election, and so the Left and cuck Right join hands together to exclude the far-Right party from the power structure. This forces them to have another election for prime minister, since a ruling coalition cannot be had. We now see why Europe loves its multi-party system: it always hands power to the Left by splitting the vote, which forces even greater compromise. Morons drunk on the wine of egalitarianism think this is good because compromise means no strong power, but it also means no clear direction, and that means that the ideological fanatics win if they can disguise their fanaticism as “progress.” Again, the voters commit suicide every time they go to the polls, no matter how intelligent they are.

  • The data-sharing at the heart of Facebook’s latest scandal isn’t an anomaly — it’s how Facebook does business (non-paywall)

    Rewind your time machine to 1992. People were asking how to make money off this new internet thing. The answer was that you could not, since the internet was basically a giant volunteer network, where every site forwarded information to every other site and you put information out there for free to be part of a community. In other words, it was a publishing medium, not a sales medium, with the exception of a few people selling content like books, databases, movies, and games. For most of us, it simply functioned like a phone book or free magazine (remember The Greensheet?) where we could use it to find information, and then locate people who could perform the services or deliver the goods that we wanted. For everyone else, it was simply a way to have their say. “Oh wait, it’s a propaganda machine?” asked the MBAs. “That means advertising!” They tried to sell ads on the internet and failed, so instead they used it as a way of harvesting personal information from people in order to sell them other stuff. Now, the voters/consumers are slowly awakening to the fact that they are entirely compromised and, through hacks at these large companies and those who shared their information, that compromise has spread to the bad guys. Now they want “action”! Too late, the horse has left the barn, so slam that door extra hard.

  • Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro claims that migrants have made parts of France ‘unliveable’

    They focus on the outrage over his comments, instead of whether or not he is correct. In reality, diversity produces underclasses who then create unlivable ghettos in otherwise prosperous nations. Idiots import the diversity in order to use it for votes or as buyers of low-end products, thinking that they can externalize the costs to society at large, but they forget that they depend on the same society. Whenever diversity is adopted, costs rise across the board, instability occurs, government gets more powerful, taxes rise, and people hole up in their homes just hoping that someone will fix the problem but rage at anyone who criticizes diversity. In other words, diversity is death: it destroys your civilization in a death spiral.

  • France hikes police wages to defuse anger in wake of Yellow Vest protests

    The kings simply told the revolutionaries that they were delusional. Government laughs at them. Yes, demand more wages… you will pay for them, either directly with taxes or through the raised cost of the taxes applied to others. Sure, we’ll tax The Rich,™ and they will then raise the cost of the products that they make that you buy, meaning that you will receive lower salaries (in order to keep prices from getting too high) and pay higher prices. Macron knows how to buy off his people, and he will keep floating out these little gifts, knowing that the voters will be the ones to pay for these. What does he care, though, because when he is out of office and his successor inherits these intractable problems, it will only make Macron look better in comparison? Everyone profits from decline. There is nothing dumber than the voter.

  • ‘We are becoming a joke’: Germans turn on Deutsche Bahn

    German trains always ran on time; that was part of the pride of German engineering, efficiency, and orderliness. Now they do not because investment in infrastructure was cut. Why was it cut? To pay for the entitlements state, which is mostly going to people from previous generations who are now entering the very expensive years of pensions, elder care, and end-of-life care. It seems that legal euthanasia reduced these costs somewhat, but not enough, and government fears openly enacting triage. That would give up the game and reveal that democracy, equality, and the subsidy state are all shams designed to manipulate the herd into appointing powerful leaders who can then live as a parasite class off of the population; essentially, everything that Marx accused capitalists of doing applies doubly to the Establishment — journalists, politicians, consultants, lawyers, lobbyists, and academics who support the system — since the Establishment produces nothing, where at least the capitalists could churn out bread, meat, vegetables, cars, books, clothing, and other items on a functional level. Out of fear of someone having more power, and knowing better, than they did, the herd overthrew its kings and natural leaders, and replaced them with canny parasites. Has any civilization died of a stupider premise?

  • Award-winning journalist Claas Relotius wrote fake news, German magazine Der Spiegel says

    We have selected the sacrifice for tonight. Claas will be given to the ancient gods of evil at midnight so that the rest of us can feel safe in our sin. A critical look into journalism will tell you that nearly all of it is “fake news” to a degree, whether the news stories written from press releases, the “highly placed anonymous sources” who actually work in the mail room, the made-up “real people” whose heartbreaking stories touch the lives of millions, and the Leftist narrative that allows the press to say “well everybody knows that this is true” and not bother to source or prove much of anything. We know that it is fake because journalism no longer generates the cash necessary to do real in-depth stories. When our newspapers, magazines, and books were all that we had, those paid quite a bit, but since that time, we have added other media such as radio, internet, television, cable television, and satellite radio. Each of those takes a slice of the pie, which means that less exists for any source, which means that they are having to pump the stuff out as cheaply as possible, which is why they hire drug-addled recent graduates to write click-bait and take 90% of it from press releases and single phone calls to favorite sources within government and industry. None of it is fully real, even though it never really was, and it never can be. The “objective” press is an illusion, just like the idea that the news tells you the full story, mainly because the full story is always hidden in backrooms, whispered arrangements made during walks through city parks at midnight, handshakes at private clubs, torture rooms of espionage agencies and mafias, and within the inscrutable and dark endless human heart. Do not trust the narrative; it is a projection.

  • Scottish wildcats ‘functionally extinct’

    Again it must be said that natural species require large amounts of land — not divided by roads and railroads, not scattered with human habitations, just wild land — in order to survive. They probably need more than we think, especially roaming species, and since species coexist in ecosystems, this requires that each ecosystem be represented, including the land that humans want because it is valuable. Aristocrats preserved such land by calling it “hunting preserves” and essentially leaving it alone except to venture in a few times a year to shoot deer, foxes, and other animals who were taken in limited quantities. Then along came the Robin Hoods of the world who wondered why, since there are people out there who are starving, humanity could not just take everything it wanted, and give nothing back. Aristocrats sighed, put down their pipes, and explained their reasoning, but they could not contend with the Dunning-Kruger effect, which ensured that the proles heard Greek and went ahead anyway to overthrow the lords and sacrifice the countryside.

  • Assistant principal suspended in West Virginia after transgender harassment claims

    If not made specifically non-Leftist, every organization becomes a vehicle for Leftism:

    Harrison County Schools superintendent Mark Manchin agreed to meet with ACLU officials after receiving a letter on behalf of the teen and said the district has reached out “for help with additional sensitivity training around transgender students,” ACLU said in a statement.

    The Left wants to shove transgenderism down your throat for a very practical reason: if they can make you accept reality-denying insanity, and repeat it back to them, they can make you do anything. These people are proles who think they are kings, and so they seek absolute power, all while claiming that they are protecting you from others who want to do the same. We have created false elites by suppressing the naturally intelligent and good, and the result is terrible leadership across the board.

  • Trump faces scathing criticism from supporters on wall funds

    People are serious about wanting the wall. Trump realizes that the wall is mostly symbolism; if he destroyed affirmative action, for example, that would be more effective than a physical wall. If he implemented more reliable citizenship checks for employment and held employers to this standard, that would be more effective. If he finds any way to stop free benefits to illegal aliens or obstructs their ability to send money home, that would be more effective. Anything he does to raise the cost and reduce the reward for those who are coming here illegally will be effective; the wall is one of many strategies to that end. However, his base has become worried, because they fear that the old New York Democrat Donald Trump has come out of hiding now that he is forced into making compromises with innumerable special interests, as leaders are forced to in democracy. The good news is that this pressure legitimizes him doing whatever he has to in order to shut down immigration, both legal and illegal, because Americans have made it clear that — like Europeans — we realize that diversity means permanent Leftist rule, collapse of social order, demographic displacement, and eventually our genocide, and we want no part of it. The bigger message here is to people who are not of the founding bloodlines of our nations: you are not wanted here; Go Back Home.

  • Medical insurance fraud widespread, as employees, providers rip off benefit plans

    We hear all about how socialized medicine works great in Canada, but now we see the reality: people were simply strategically choosing not to notice the many problems, including widespread and rampant fraud. When you give out free stuff, people exploit it; when you make them accountable by making them having to pay for it, they treat it more carefully. In the same way, free socialized medicine means that people no longer have an incentive to take care of themselves; if something goes wrong, they just get a pill or therapy. It also gives them a medical excuse to miss work or school, or otherwise flake out on their lives, and human beings are addicted to that.

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