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Periscope (December 16, 2018)

  • Scope of investigations into Trump has shaped his presidency

    This headline sanitizes what is actually occurring: all of those who make a lot of money from “business as usual” in Washington, D.C., are fighting back by spamming the Trump campaign with dozens of investigations, none of them legitimate. Leftist politicians never face this kind of scrutiny, and the Right needs to change that, right after we get done defending Mr. Trump against this absurd and malicious political theater and the corrupt individuals responsible, all of whom are liars who need to be exiled to Venezuela for their part in destroying this once-great nation. There are people who want our government to serve Us — a mosaic of the history, heritage, continuity with the past, aspirations for the future, customs, genetics, calendar, languages, faith, and values of our founding group, the Western Europeans: English, Scots, Germans, Dutch, northern French, Scandinavians — and those who want Us to serve government because to an ideologue, everything is a means to an end of the achievement of Utopia through egalitarianism, and that in turn requires strong government which is justified by the fact that it redistributes wealth, and therefore anyone who opposes it must be not just disagreeing, not even a dissident, nor simply wrong, but bad and must be destroyed. They have Trump in their sights now with that type of “my way of the gulag” thinking.

  • What is Frame?

    Frame means understanding the world through the context of what is real and what your position within this world is. You know what works for you, and you know roughly what has been proven to be true, so you must keep those in mind at all times as you make decisions. Conservatives need to learn Frame because right now, they operate without a context either within the options offered by our time or within broader time, and it forces them to treat each detail as a plan for our future in itself, sort of like how self-help books and academic papers do, even though no detail can offer that kind of vision. You know, “How The Mongols Invented Modern Society” or “Why The Ancient Greek Concept Of Deep Frying Created Our Legal System.” Like scientists, they take a laboratory measurement and draw broad conclusions from it in order to sex up the research, then appear nonplussed when it is discovered that these details do not apply as broad, absolute, and universal theories in real life. Frame allows you keep that insanity at bay.

  • Invasive species: removing them can be challenging

    Invasive species have fewer requirements than native species, therefore find it easy to take over, and only later discover where their lack of specific adaptations makes them weak (usually: epidemics, droughts, cold snaps). In the same way, immigrants and minorities are poised to take over any society stupid enough to admit them: the natives carry a huge burden of maintaining civilization, but the immigrant only has to take advantage of what is there and exploit it. The majority is thus always at a disadvantage and for that reason, should never admit immigrants, because since every group acts only in its own self-interest alone, immigrant groups will attempt to place themselves in charge over the majority and other minority groups once there are enough of that immigrant group that they can mount a plausible challenge. This is why at first they demand tolerance, then equal status, and finally, obedience.

  • Why Do Libertarians and the Left Have Such Similar Views on Immigration?

    Libertarianism (hereafter “lolberts”) are Leftists; as you recall, after the French Revolution, the national assembly divided into two groups. On the Left sat those who liked the new idea, egalitarianism, and on the right sat those who liked the old ways better and were determined to preserve them as much as possible. This gave rise to our modern terms Left (egalitarians) and Right (realists). As France burns for the fifth week in a row, we can see how well the People’s Revolution is working out. Libertarians are classical liberals, or those who think that the revolution is crazy but want to find a way out through “liberty,” one of the values of the revolution. This way, the clever libertarians think, they can use the arguments of the enemy against that enemy, forgetting that they are also strengthening the enemy. An intelligent person simply says, “Nope, your framework is flawed from its most fundamental assumption,” but in the time of the proles, everyone wants to be clever and ironic instead because it makes them seem iconoclastic and important on a personal level. Libertarians assume that equality is good, but want to introduce competition through markets into that equality paradise, forgetting that this puts the results of libertarianism in conflict with the fundamental idea of an egalitarian society. In so doing, the libertarians create the modern cycle: libertarians take over and make prosperity, then the Left notices inequality and seizes power on that basis, creating a nightmare that the libertarians must then intervene to fix. It is like a bad relationship, a dependency between the insane ideologue and the equally insane pragmatist, with realists excluded because we would simply get out of the cycle by denying its core, the pathological and delusional belief in “equality.”

  • Farm linked to romaine E.coli outbreak also recalls cauliflower, other lettuce

    The expensive way to generate produce is to hire domestic labor. They face all of the expenses of living here, so they demand higher wages and sanitary conditions. Unfortunately, the morons will also unionize, forgetting that unions always destroy their host industry, usually after a decade or so. Since the morons will unionize, which will raise produce costs above what the market will bear, you want workers who have no basis to unionize, preferably those who are not legal in the first place. Note: if unions drive your prices above what the market bears, your company goes bankrupt and your family starves, and ten years later some article comes out telling the true story and a few intellectuals buy you beers but you are still starving. This is why companies do not mess around with unions; if possible, they foreclose them before they happen, because after they happen, your company is already dancing with one foot in the grave.

  • Brexit: EU immigration to UK ‘to be slashed by 80%’ after we leave bloc

    The “deep state” professional bureaucrats, experts, lawyers, and politicians have not yet figured it out, but immigration has become unpopular because diversity has become unpopular because you had fifty years to make it work and everything has just gotten worse. That in turn led people to question whether combining different special interest groups into one nation-state could work, and after some thought, they realize that this makes about zero sense and so our diversity policy is not just wrong but insane and is being used to control us because if they can force us to choke down insanity as truth, they can make us do anything. People want zero immigrant, and in fact if asked in private, they want to repatriate the other. England for the English. Irish, Pakistanis, gypsies, Poles, Jews, Muslims, Romanians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Italians, and Mexicans need to Go Back Home.

  • A video game lets you play as Jesus, Trump or Hitler. You win by shooting LGBTQ people.

    This has to be a troll inspired by Angry Goy II. Either that, or it is a troll designed to wind up the Left or make the Right “admit” that they are all secretly Christers who love Hitler and want to exterminate homosexuals, Leftists, and immigrants. Either way, it is funny and has grounding in truth, although it sounds like a depressing game to play.

  • Disarray in Europe and U.S. Leaves a Hole Where `the West’ Was

    No, dummies. The West was replaced by the governments of the West, who were all democratic and therefore leaned toward expanding their power by insisting on class warfare, diversity, feminism, LBGT++, wars for democracy, equality, immigration, globalism, and the New World Order. Now people are backing away from these things because they realize that the West is the mosaic of its cultures, genetics, values, customs, and faiths. We want nothing to do with your faux West formed of your crazy Leftist governments and their Asiatic control methods. Diversity delenda est!

  • I’ve got a top degree, but I’m stuck washing dishes

    Young person writes newspaper to complain that they got an advanced degree, but now cannot get anywhere because they will need a volunteer job in order to get work experience. Rather than pointing out the obvious, “agony aunt” (that is what, apparently, you call these columnists whose work consists of writing about your pitiable letters of misery, sadness, failure, and doubt) goes on a rant about how Brexit is scapegoating and ruined their future. Isn’t that the problem, right there? Everyone has their head so far up the digestive canal of ideology that they will not notice the obvious. Back in RealityLand, we realize that too many people got sent to college and the degrees were dumbed down to be obedience contests instead of measurements of thinking capacity, which means that business no longer trusts college and graduate degrees. This is why they insist on internships: to see if you are minimally functional outside of the academic environment. This young person needs to hear that they should take out another loan and do the internship, get the job, and then declare bankruptcy because this career is probably above their capacity anyway.

  • Messianic Jewish Lobbying Group Builds Support for U.S.-Funded Ethnic Cleansing Plan in Palestine

    Of course people are whining about this; the plan offered by this group is pure sanity. Start with realizing that diversity does not work because, like egalitarianism itself, it simply divides up power so that there is no single source of power, and instead we all fight over power all of the time, with different special interest groups representing the diverse tokens — of all types: religious, racial, cultural, ethnic — that then war it out for dominance. This means that diversity is path to war, not peace, but it is always sold as a path to peace, because by giving “the other” what they want, sitzpinkel soyboys and women reason that the other will then have no cause for irritation. In fact, the opposite is true: now the other sees that it has a chance to conquer, and so the battle intensifies. Good thinking, voters, to use a word that has become more vile and vitriolic than any racial epithet in my usage. Once we recognize that diversity does not work, we recognize that it cannot be our direction; we need a better one. As part of that, we realize that since diversity is paradoxical, it will destroy us. Thus, diversity must end, and plans like this that offer subsidized relocation — reparations-with-repatriation as described here before despite the controversy even from the Right — make every party whole. The diversity gets relocated with a payment for its inconvenience and no threat to itself, and the majority population is able to survive without diversity constantly threatening to destroy it at any minute. The terrorist attacks and racism cease; life can be good again. It is pure sanity, which is why the Left screams and opposes it.

  • Thousands march in Brussels against U.N. migration pact

    The UN migration pact was a typical Leftist begging-the-question agenda: they get you to agree that yes, every country should accept immigration from everywhere. This is not legally binding, so you think that great, it means nothing. Then when immigrants show up, they show you the signature on the page and say, “See, you agree that this must be done, and if you do not, we are going to sue you and claim that you are not fulfilling your obligations.” Bureaucrats, who are clever and not intelligent, think that this is a brilliant strategy. This time, people caught on, and so mass demonstrations against the idea of immigration and diversity as necessary are breaking out across the West. Good: these rare signs of life are encouraging.

  • Father of Guatemalan girl who died in US custody has ‘no complaints’ about her treatment, consul says

    The Left was foaming about the dead migrant baby yesterday. It turns out that she had been sick for a couple days before dying, and that by the time the border patrol got to her, there was nothing that they could do. So much for the Leftist narrative, but what do they care? They got the hive to buzz together on a Saturday night when, tipsy on wine and good feelings, they take to Facebook en masse to demand that the rest of us agree with them or be considered demons straight from Hell who want to kill six gorillion migrant babies.

  • ‘Our faith will be lost if we adopt technology’: can the Amish resist the modern world?

    They will most likely be subverted because they have fingered technology as the source of modernity, when it is only the enabler. As far as the root of modern goes, you can either worship reality (nature, gods/God, intuition, logic, cosmic order) or humanity (self, social group, universal idea of humankind). Modernity, starting in “muh The Enlightenment,™” has shifted its focus from reality to humanity, and not surprisingly it has made us into fat, wealthy, bloated, narcissistic little pigs who are pursuing symbolic victories which ensure our defeat in the undiscovered real world outside of the bubble of human opinion, ideas, emotions, and socializing that comprises 100% of the world that we recognize as true, factual, and real.

  • Did a nearby supernova cause one of Earth’s mass extinctions?

    Living on planet Earth seems solid, but really, it is tenuous. Earth is one tiny part of a huge system of galaxies out there. If an errant rock hits us, or a cosmic burst of radiation comes our way, or even some random mutation creates a virus against which we have no defense, it is curtains for us not just as individuals but as a species. We know that at some point the sun will implode, and that before that at random it will lash out with solar radiation that can roast us. We have to get off this planet and take its beautiful life with us, but we cannot do that until we become sane. Right now we are insane, drugged on individualism and egalitarianism, and as a result, we are not going to be able to go anywhere in our bickering, paradoxical, neurotic, and pathological state. We need to fix ourselves before we can journey to the stars. Ray Bradbury wrote an excellent book about this, The Martian Chronicles, for whom a powerful cinematic adaptation exists which you can watch here, but we might as well rely on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.

  • The Ultimate Irony

    Lately, I have been pondering just what will be the result of more affluence on humanity in general and in specific areas/nations. I used to think more was better just because…yeah, but now I am not so sure. Of course, I am not advocating lower standards of living as this will clearly harm many people. But how much more will be “better?” And what are all the consequences of affluence? At this point, it looks like many people go soft under the influence of affluence — relaxing into some sort of personal or collective destruction. If so, would that not be the ultimate irony of the human condition?

    Here is the beginning of wisdom: affluence is relative to the abilities of its possessor. In the hands of an aristocrat, wealth leads to more wealth and beauty; in the hands of a merchant, it leads to more wealth; in the hands of a prole, it dissipates. Only the first is non-toxic.

  • Netanyahu’s Son Says All Muslims Should ‘Leave The Land Of Israel’

    He is not wrong, but if he wanted to be more right, he would say this: everyone but ethnic Jews needs to leave the land of Israel. We know that diversity does not work and ends in genocide for all groups involved. We also know that Israel is the historical home and genetic origin point of the Jewish people. The best solution for everyone worldwide is for Jews to exist in an Israel that is large enough that it would be difficult to destroy. At this point, if all of the middle east except for Israel and Lebanon disappeared, that might be the best outcome for humanity. Those two places alone seem functional.

  • Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana following protests over ‘racist’ Indian leader

    It took a full ten minutes to clean up the coffee that was spit all over the screen with this one. History has accelerated past my wildest dreams. Clearly, we went from destroying statues of Confederates to tearing down Gandhi because our egalitarianism has achieved terminal velocity, which means that the ground is rushing up at us too fast for us to react. We are expecting people not only to be saints, but to be representatives of our ideology, and we are determined to delete anyone from history who is not a flag-bearer for our ideology. In the meantime, just as we remind others that history changes and what was once considered true and normal is then rejected and comes to be seen as ignorance, as much in a description of our medical knowledge as our political outlook, we should remind them that the same is true of egalitarianism: its moment in the sun, stretching from The Enlightenment&trade to 2018, has ended. In another generation, we will probably not be pulling down its statues, but we will be casting aside the endless propaganda for diversity, tolerance, pluralism, inclusion, “love,” and iconoclasm that differentiated this ridiculous hipster era from the rising curve of learning, wisdom, realism, and excellence that predated it.

  • Britain sees surge in far-right activity

    The Left moves with a single mind: smash anything but that which advances its own ideological agenda. As a result, when terrorism becomes a problem, the Left demands new laws against terrorism, and then turns around and uses those against the Right while ignoring as many of the actual terrorists as they can. If you watch shows like Spooks or Bodyguard, you might be forgiven for assuming that the UK spends most of its time hunting down Islamic terrorists. In reality, as in the USA, they try to block attacks by these so that they can use their anti-terrorist laws to further weed out ideological enemies; this is not a conspiracy because it is what the Left always does. In the meantime, no one asks why Britain is seeing a surge in far-Right activity, even though the far-Right groups are generally inept at recruiting and maintaining membership. The short answer is: people have seen through the toxic mix of globalism, NWO, diversity, immigration, LGBT++, taxes, rules, red tape, welfare, and dominance by corporate products, and realize that our System itself is toxic and they want out. No one can blame them. The yellow vests are just the touchstone; more articulate movements will follow.

  • China’s consumers, factories take a beating as economic gloom deepens

    Trump raises the skull chalice over China in a trade war. He is making America self-sufficient again, which requires that we stop buying everything cheaply from China and start making our own. Next step: picking our own vegetables, making our own sandwiches, building our own homes, and cleaning our own toilets. The only people who shriek about getting their lily-white hands stained with turds or lumber are the pretentious proles; the upper castes have always had a can-do by-any-means necessary attitude. Our proles in their pretense have demanded that we treat them like royalty, and to that end they always demand a servant class of foreigners to do their nails, nanny their kids, mow their lawns, cut their hair, build their McMansions, serve them food, and clean their houses, solely because to primitive prole-understanding this is what rich people do. In reality, aristocrats hired servants in order to give the lower orders employment. No prole on Earth can understand that one however! In the meantime, the Left keeps pretending that we are losing the trade war because they want China back. Well, that and the fact that many of them if not most of them have taken Chinese bribes like the Clintons did.

  • Vladimir Putin says rap music should be ‘controlled’

    Putin says what we should all be thinking: mass culture manipulators like social media, popular music, movies, books, and journalism are being used by our enemies. They hide behind free speech and work together, as they did on the JournoList mailing list, to present a perspective that is false and designed to manipulate us. Our founding fathers believed in free speech for individuals, not support for mass manipulation by organized propaganda fronts, which if they are foreign or seditious, can be removed.

  • Europe must fight illiberal forces, Draghi warns

    The EU comes out and says that it is an egalitarian regime that should suppress all non-egalitarian forces. If you wanted confirmation that you live in a neo-Communist regime, here it is. Liberal = good; everything else = we might fight it! Just like we did in WW1, WW2, the Civil War, and now our wars for democracy in the middle east that never seem to end… getting tired of this hamster wheel yet? It does not stop until we end egalitarianism. Right back at ya, {{{ Draghi }}}.

  • EU Members Approve Upload Filters for “Terrorist Content”

    The EU finally found a way around social media: it requires them to remove “terrorist content” within an hour. This means two things: (1) government can designate anything as terrorism and the social media sites have to remove it, and (2) the social media sites are going to begin to block anything that government might designate as terrorism, because otherwise it will cost them a lot of money to remove it and fines when as is inevitable their low-cost third world workers screw it up and fail to remove something within an hour. We now have invisible censorship, since government does not have to make public the requests it sends, nor will social media be rewarded for mentioning what is removed. Instead, information will simply disappear, and we all know that the definition of “terrorism” either already does or shortly will include Right-wing content that crosses the RINO line.

  • Debt Worldwide Hits Record $184 Trillion, or $86,000 Per Person

    How does modern society end? We will find out that we could never afford those socialist-style entitlements programs, any more than the Soviets could, and in bankruptcy our governments will fall. They will do this voluntarily through the mechanism of “default,” which enables them to say that they are out of money and therefore, need to declare bankruptcy and quit paying down the debts that they can never actually erase. This debt is held by national governments, like the $21.8 trillion that the USA owes, by states like the $305 billion that Texas owes, by cities like the $20.2 billion that Chicago owes, counties like the $2.6 billion that Harris County owes, and even school districts like the $242 million that Alief school district owes. On top of that, add whatever your local community owes and whatever pension plans your city, state, and community have “funded” owe. It’s a huge debt bomb, and no one expects to be able to pay it, so we are partying before the crash, knowing that we are going to have a Soviet-style debt apocalypse and our system will collapse with it.

  • 37% of Metro Vancouverites think real estate market is ‘extremely corrupt’: report

    How has the West kept going? We sell ourselves: citizenship, real estate, stock, and bribes. Since we are superpowers and leading the world, we trade on that value, and count on the winners of the third world kleptocracies to buy into us, and hope that this infusion of cash can keep us going despite our reckless spending. It will not, and as Trump equalizes trade with the third world, that source of investment is withdrawing, forming a perfect storm with the coming dot-com crash as a massive loss of value across the West. On the downside, everything you own will lose a ton of value, so it’s a good time to stock up on land, factories, gold, guns, and tools. On the plus side, we may finally be rid of pernicious Leftism. The future’s so bright that I gotta wear shades (made in China).

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