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How To Know If You Have Joined A Hate Group

Like any game, politics has specific rules. Among those an astute observer will discover the basic rule, which is that you either motivate the masses or they turn on you.

Since politics relies on appearance and not results, which come might later, it relies on the use of techniques that mobilize large groups by exciting them about an idea. To do this, you need to craft an idea with three vital traits:

  1. Not your fault. You must explain to them that nothing is their fault; their personal failures, the collapse of their society, and the mediocrity of everything was not their fault and was in fact done to them. All humans are good; no human is to blame, so we can all be friends and not fight, which means that we are all “safe” and this pleases the herd.
  2. Someone else. Since these problems still remain, you must explain how it was done to them by someone else, in this case aliens. These aliens, you see, hate our peaceful and loving society — it never hurts to butter up your audience — and so they have tried to destroy it by turning us against each other.
  3. One simple trick. Just like a clickbait headline, you now have to offer them an armchair solution, which needs to be mentally easy and very, very simple. The solution is simple: we show the aliens that we are united by beating up only the aliens which violate our sacred rule, which is that all humans are good.

If you do this, you can get the group together. It will be comprised of selfish people, since only individualists find a group appealing, because anyone who has transcended individualism is more interested in end results of a qualitative level of greatness. You are appealing to people who do not have answers and are not self-actualized, which is most of humanity.

When you get the group together, it will form a crowd — like a cult, gang, witch hunt, herd, stampede, or clique — and it will promptly declare itself enlightened while everyone else is a stupid monkey. This will cause your crowd to grow, and you will prosper with it, since its members will depend on you for guidance.

At first, you will not have much power, so you will have to play the victim. This means that you must demand “tolerance” and acceptance from others. They will do this, not wanting to seem uncharitable, since that is a sign of weakness. This allows your group to move in and set itself up to become powerful.

Eventually, your group will have dominated, and at this point you face a quandary, because your rhetoric becomes real. Whatever you scapegoated as “the problem” will be destroyed, even if you personally refrain or advise against it, and whatever you idealized will be implemented, even if — especially if — it clashes with known reality.

When groups utilize this method to the point of arguing for the destruction of other groups or people, they are known as hate groups because the majority of their focus is on negative solutions (removal of something else) with little on positive solutions (creation of a dominant alternative).

Use this handy chart to understand hate groups:

Constituency Utopia Scapegoat
Anti-Semites Jews corrupt innocent societies, turning them perverse and materialistic, so a world without Jews would be idealistic and innocent. Jews have taken over our democracies through an organization called the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) which rules covertly and indirectly by destroying those who go against its Talmudic objectives. The Jew, which includes all of those who are Jewish by faith, culture, and/or heritage. These Jews group together through a philosophy of Zionism which means power to the Jews and bad things for everyone else, and they intend to rule the world unless we stop them possibly including killing them.
Incels A world in which men control everything and women are rendered compliant under religious laws known as White Sharia would afford us freedom from thot-style behavior, and would enable men — even nerdly, basement-dwelling, rigid categorical thinkers with STEM degrees and bad personal hygiene — to start families, that is, if they can deal with women that long. Women are responsible for promiscuity, voting badly, race-mixing, divorce, dishonesty, and installing a crippling passivity into our society. With female empowerment comes female power, which rests on their inferior wisdom and naturally results in bad results. Essentially, when they are not property, women are a threat to civilization.
Socialists In the state of nature, people live equally and share freely. There are no wars or crimes. Everyone does the work that must be done, sharing it equitably, and then distributes the results so that everyone may eat, have shelter, and live normally. This state of nature persists until evil people introduce capitalism. Capitalism divides people into groups of haves and have-nots. It imposes ownership on nature, so that nothing belongs to itself anymore, and everything must be owned by someone, ending free movement and the ability to live equitably.
Leftists Equality creates a society where we would have peace, love, compassion, empathy, and altruism because there would be no need to struggle over the division of wealth, power, or social status. Everyone could be on the same level, a vast sea of humanity tolerating and respecting each other. Elitists impose hierarchy on humanity so that they can control others and profit by having people work together to produce excess, which the elites then steal.
Atheists When we are children, we exist in a world without God. We guide ourselves by our own choices, have no reason to have enmity toward others, and accept our mortality as we do anything else in nature. The human concept of God causes us to alienate one another based on whether or not we believe in the magical sky fairy. It creates an arbitrary morality that impedes human freedom.

With the above, you can see that all modern groups are essentially hate groups, but some conceal the targets of the rage behind vague terms like “elitist” or by targeting the belief instead of the believers who are the actual target. You can tell that you have joined a hate group when it fits into these criteria.

As to how to act without a hate group, only two methods exist. You can be an autonomist, which is a type of extreme individualist who denies all politics but also refuses to contribute to society; “sovereign citizens” are an example of this type. You could also be a realist, which means that you act toward positive solutions as measured in reality, and your only negative solution consists of removing threats to this (the insane and the delusional, including egalitarians).

Of those two, the reality-focused group, which includes those who hope to improve reality qualitatively by making it more like heaven or more excellent, provides the only option in which you can be a hero. Otherwise, you are either selfish, or participating in the cycle of scapegoating and wishful thinking which makes democracy a grinding path to exhaustion and doom.

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