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Periscope (August 19, 2018)

Welcome to a new experimental feature on Amerika. With social media, like mainstream media, having become a Leftist propaganda organ, it is time for us to read and comment on the news in a new way.

  • U.S. consumer sentiment hits 11-month low, inflation in focus

    Inflation has been rising in recent months, driven in part by strong domestic demand and a labor market that is viewed as being near or at full employment.

    Economists said some of the consumers’ unease with pricey goods could be linked to the Trump administration’s protectionist trade policy, which has led to an escalation of a trade war between the United States and China as well as tit-for-tat tariffs with the European Union, Canada and Mexico.

    “Experts” are people who make money by saying things that other people want to hear so that those other people buy lots of the media featuring the “experts.” Our spending power fell 40% under Obama because Leftist “fast money” policies create increased demand without increased production, which devalues the currency over time. Now the market, liberated by a lack of Obama-era restrictions, is bouncing back and trying to recapture that lost value.

  • Why is San Francisco … covered in human feces?

    A city covered in poop is so disgusting it has to be almost comical. But the uptick in street defecation is the symbol of a human tragedy. People aren’t pooping on the streets because they have suddenly forgotten what a bathroom is, or unlearned basic hygiene. The incidents are part of a broader failure of the city to provide for the basic needs of its citizens, and show the catastrophic, socially destructive effects of unchecked inequality.

  • The Leftist knows one gambit: “it’s not my fault, I’m a victim.” Whenever someone behaves badly or suffers from their own actions, the Leftist — who cries out as he strikes you, a proverb originally used to describe Polish people — invariably blames whoever is in power. They do this because Leftists want to seize the power for themselves, despite being modern day intellectual serfs who cannot even manage their own lives, much less ours. As to why there are homeless people? Addiction and insanity explains most cases, and California has generous benefits and many programs for the homeless who can get over those little hurdles. Another non-story from the Left, but sadly most people believe them.

  • How Google Shadowbans Conservative And Pro-Trump Content

    Within days, Google blocked my ad and informed my team that we had violated their policies. I called Google. The problem, they explained, was that the video had hate speech.

    “Hate speech” is the new Leftist politically-correct term for anything that is not Leftist. Good cucked bourgeois consumers do their best to be nice and interpret the phrase literally, but it is a throwaway phrase. They just want to cut out conservatives. Why? Leftists have always been the party of billionaires with megalomaniac ambitions.

  • Germany’s Social Democrats want pension guarantees to 2040

    The ruling coalition has agreed only to keep pensions stable until 2025, but Scholz said his party was pressing for guarantees that would continue through the 2030s.

    Doing so, he said, was the best insurance Germany could muster to prevent further increases in support for populist parties.

    Europe cannot afford its entitlements state. Neither can the US. In order to pay for the retiring boomers, both entities have bankrupted themselves, causing them to import more third-world people in the hope of taxing them to pay for past obligations. This, too, has failed. Defaults are on the horizon. No politician will willingly cut benefits, so the whole sick show will go on until the drunken sailor nations cannot borrow further, at which point the economies will collapse as the currency becomes worthless. Pro tip: the elites and politicians will have transferred their money out of these economies before that happens.

  • Jack Phillips: Despite my court win, Colorado Civil Rights Commission is coming after me again

    For that, my state punished me severely. It told me that, unless I was willing to violate my faith by celebrating same-sex marriages through my cake art, I needed to leave the wedding industry. Meanwhile, the same state officials who punished me allowed three other cake artists to refuse a religious customer’s request for cakes with messages criticizing same-sex marriage.

    People, drugged on democracy, are slowly… slowly… slowly realizing that the State is the enemy. It is a self-serving corporation like Monsanto or The New York Times, telling you fictions that conveniently justify an expansion of its power, wealth, and influence. The State loves an underdog, because no one wants to attack an underdog, so it rules us with guilt. No one should be forced to bake a cake supporting something they disagree with, but if we take that to its logical extension, Civil Rights dies, and with it collapses the legitimacy and power of our post-WW2 government. Good idea.

  • US, Mexico announce new strategies on cartels

    U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials unveiled some additional strategies in combating Mexican drug cartels Wednesday in Chicago alongside members of the Mexican government, military and federal police, who said one priority was to capture the leader of the increasingly powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

    …The targeting of cartel drug lords will remain a core component of bids to disrupt the powerful syndicates, for instance. The biggest trophy in the long-standing kingpin strategy was Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, extradited to New York in 2017 to face U.S. trafficking charges.

    This drama has gone on for ages. A new kingpin arises; we take him down and everyone celebrates. The next kingpin is even more violent. Repeat ad nauseam. El Chapo kept order and relative stability and was less violent than his competition. The real question is why Americans are taking so many drugs, creating this vastly lucrative market. Probably our lives are miserable and boring in modern society, and since no one can talk about this socially, people turn to methods of escape. If we make life more interesting and enjoyable, and then exile any remaining drug users, Mexico will no longer be ruled by cartels, who seem to do a better job than the corrupt third-world-style government.

  • Did Trump Really Save America From Socialism?

    In other words, it is now clear plans were made by Obama to exploit federal power during his presidency to give the Democrats control of our nation — perpetually. It really didn’t matter if Trump was the GOP nominee or not. In other words, the chaos we are witnessing today would not have been much different had, for example, Ted Cruz won the presidency.

    The Left has been trying for permanent control of the nation since the 1960s when they passed the Hart-Celler Act, undoing the previous pro-European immigration theme. People need to look to the roots of the Left, in the French Revolution, to see the Napoleonic Arc: Leftists create problems, then overthrow the existing power by complaining about those problems the Leftists created, then execute dissidents and set up an increasingly totalitarian state which then fails, necessitating endless warfare as the country loses its former vitality. Leftism is death.

  • Modern love

    In America more than a third of marriages now start with an online match-up. The internet is the second-most-popular way for Americans to meet people of the opposite sex, and is fast catching up with real-world “friend of a friend” introductions.

    Egalitarian thinking makes us believe that is intelligent to marry virtual strangers, knowing nothing of their past or background. These marriages are likely to fall apart after the kids are grown. In the meantime, the complete wreckage caused by sexual liberation has made spouses virtual strangers to one another, and turned dating into a minefield of neurosis. The old ways worked better, as they usually do, if they are really “old” and not just the attempts of the previous generation to cope with a rapidly degenerating world.

  • Trump says ‘too many voices are being destroyed’ by social media censorship

    President Trump on Saturday took aim at social media tech giants for “discriminating” against Republicans and conservatives — saying that “too many voices are being destroyed” and promising that his administration would not allow it to happen.

    “Who is making the choices, because I can already tell you that too many mistakes are being made. Let everybody participate, good & bad, and we will all just have to figure it out!” he said at the end of a lengthy post on Twitter.

    POTUS unerringly sniffs out free riders yet again. Selfish people seized the internet by making it friendly to idiots, and now they want to use those useful idiots as a path to power. Leftism pleases idiots, so every cynical manipulator leans Left, and uses it to get into power at which point they enrich themselves further. By calling out their bias, Trump has removed the veil of obscurity from the actual intentions of the dot-com “geniuses.”

  • Monolithic Design Leads To Critical Exploits

    Our results provide very strong evidence that operating system structure has a strong effect on security. 96% of critical Linux exploits would not reach critical severity in a microkernel-based system, 57% would be reduced to low severity, the majority of which would be eliminated altogether if the system was based on a verified microkernel. Even without verification, a microkernel-based design alone would completely prevent 29% of exploits…

    Analogize this to the EU and US: the more we centralize, the more frail we become. It is better that Europe be a network of independent nations who treat each other well because they share a European heritage than that we try to make it into a United States of Europe. In the same way, as the Confederacy told us, it is better that US states have greater autonomy than that we have a powerful central government, as the State always becomes ideological over time and then shifts permanently Left, as postwar history reveals.

  • John Ralston Saul: Citizenship For Whites Must Entail Sponsorship Of Immigrants

    His argument is that Canada’s unique contribution to the world is “the intellectual idea” that citizenship must be predicated on the permanent inclusion of immigrants from different cultures and races. “This is not a mere idea,” he says. “The Canadian experience…has always involved both government and citizen support for the newcomers.” Particularly since the days of Wilfrid Laurier, belonging to the Canadian nation has been about “how to blend immigration with citizenship”.

    If we break this down, it reveals itself as just another form of egalitarianism. Feminism is sexual equality, socialism is economic equality, and diversity/globalism is ethnic/racial equality. When intellectuals bleat out arguments like the one John Ralston Saul is advancing, they are merely pushing for more equality, as everyone in the West has been doing since The Enlightenment,™ much to our great decline.

  • H-1B Visa Use Soared Last Year At Major Tech Firms

    Menlo Park-based Facebook in 2017 received 720 H-1B approvals, a 53 percent increase over 2016, according to the National Foundation for American Policy, which obtained federal government data. Mountain View’s Google received 1,213 H-1B approvals, a 31 percent increase. The number of H-1B approvals at Intel in Santa Clara rose 19 percent and Cupertino-based Apple received 673, a 7 percent increase. Amazon chalked up the largest increase in H-1B approvals, with 2,515 in 2017, a 78 percent leap. Microsoft received 1,479 approvals, an increase of 29 percent.

    The dot-com business model has failed because internet advertising has failed to prove as effective as television. These firms are jockeying for power and want to cut costs by hiring cheap H-1Bs instead of Americans, then use that money to gain political and social control so that they can expand to the point where they are not threatened by the failure of their business model. All of us would benefit from their collapse.

  • White Woman Calls Someone N-Word on X2 Bus in NE, Gets Beat Up

    Video emerged on Twitter showing the woman getting into an argument with another passenger. As the white woman begins walking off the bus near 2nd and H streets in Northeast D.C., she calls the other passenger the N-word.

    The video shows the woman exiting the bus before cutting to a clip where she is on the ground, bloodied up.

    Two suspects were stopped near the scene and identified, but no arrests were made, Fox 5 D.C. reports.

    We are in a fully broken society when we tolerate violence in exchange for words. We also have no idea how the people she was talking to were behaving. The response by most people is to blame this woman for getting in her predicament, which is probably partially true, but the bigger problem is that one cannot criticize any protected groups, which simply encourages those groups to misbehave.

  • Netflix Will Now Interrupt Series Binges With Video Ads For Its Other Series

    One initial claim said that “unskippable” ads for the AMC series Better Call Saul appeared between episodes of Rick & Morty, and that this ad appeared while using Netflix’s smart TV app on an LG set in the UK. Replies to that thread included an allegation that a video ad for I Am A Killer (a Netflix-produced true-crime series) appeared between episodes of the animated comedy Bob’s Burgers.

    No one in the dot-com revolution has a working business model, so they are always looking for ways to expand into something that does actually pay. Television advertising works because once you take your average modern lump, sack him in a chair, and numb his brain with twenty minutes of inanity, he just keeps watching and lets the programming take over his mind. Side note: any adult watching animated media on a regular basis has a mental health issue.

  • After Alex Jones timeout, Twitter CEO mulls deeper changes

    Late Tuesday, Twitter said it had “limited” Jones’ personal account for seven days because he had violated the company’s rules. Jones won’t be able to tweet or retweet, though he will be able to browse Twitter. The company would not comment on what the offending post said.

    But in a video posted Wednesday to the Twitter account for Infowars, Jones said the company suspended him and may shut him down completely because he violated its rules by posting a “video I shot last night saying (President Donald) Trump should do something about the censorship of the internet.”

    Most people think that censorship means you have something to hide. If your Leftist ideology cannot stand up to criticism, then it is weak and needs to be revealed. The big story of our decade is that with Barack Obama, we saw what the post-WW2 Leftists really wanted and how badly it was all turning out, and so independents have swung to the Right. “Populists” simply want to end the Leftist agenda which has ruled us since the 1940s, and the Left — sensing that it has lost control — is reacting with increasingly obvious suppression, hiding behind private companies like media and dot-com media to do its dirty work.

  • German prosecutors probe Yazidi woman’s claim about IS man

    German prosecutors said Saturday they are taking seriously a Yazidi refugee’s claim that she ran into her former Islamic State captor twice in Germany, but say they need more information to identify him.

    The case of 19-year-old Ashwaq Haji Hami made headlines this week after she was quoted telling the Iraqi-Kurdish news portal basnews that she returned to her homeland of Iraq for fear that her alleged tormentor could harm her in Germany. Several reports in foreign media suggested that German authorities were unwilling to act on the woman’s claims.

    The world benefits from seeing the carnage in Europe and places like Houston, where diversity has manifested itself not as evil white people suppressing minority groups, but every group at war with every other group and itself. Diversity does not work. Nations function on the basis of unity, and a prerequisite for that is racial and ethnic unity. Diversity simply causes groups to compete, since every group acts in its own interests alone, and this causes internal friction. Each group could be viewed as a special interest group, and with enough of those, the nation loses a sense of shared purpose and falls into infighting. Diversity is the hill that the US and EU have chosen to die upon.

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: I ‘fully admit’ our bias is ‘more left-leaning’

    “We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is…is more left-leaning,” Dorsey says.

    “But the real question behind the question is, are we doing something according to political ideology or viewpoints? And we are not. Period,” he added.

    He makes it impossible to take him seriously after we have seen the wide range of conservatives who are banned. They were not all engaged in whatever conduct he thinks he is policing; more accurately, Leftists see opinions as conduct, and therefore with political correctness and other organs, they categorize certain types of speech as conduct. This is the same idea behind hate speech laws. To Twitter, mentioning that race, ethnicity, sex, and class are biological and that nations have a genetic commonality is to engage in hateful thinking, which they equate to a hateful act, and therefore that speech must be censored… as conduct. Bail out of Twitter as soon as you can.

  • Race is a part of knife crime and we must speak the truth even if media avoids mentions of ethnicity

    It is time to recognise that what started as a grim fight for territory between hardened criminals is turning into a massacre of the innocents.

    This year three of the killings have taken place within ten minutes of my doorstep.

    My own affluent North London street is surrounded by estates populated in part by the ethnic groups whose names feature in virtually every report of the violence: Somalis, Ethiopians, North and Central Africans, Afghans.

    Conservatives are not egalitarians; this means that we see egalitarianism as unnecessary. Egalitarians, driven by a need to “prove” that their philosophy is right, or at least make it so deeply entrenched that no one can remove it, become pathological in their drive for ever-increasing forms of equality which presumably will lead us out of a bloody dark age past into a new Enlightened Utopia through “progress.” In reality, equality does not exist in nature for a reason; it would create vastly accelerated entropy. When we try to contradict the laws of mathematics and thermodynamics, we find ourselves in the midst of failure, which is that genetics is real and third world people are poor for a reason. We now see those reasons play out on our streets at the same time diversity fails because it removes our sense of an effort in common, culture, values, and community, and replaces them with endless ranting ideology.

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