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Our Problem Is Not Blacks, Nor Immigration, But Diversity

Ron Unz opines that Black diversity is worse than Hispanic diversity in his article The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism:

The overwhelming majority of American immigrants are concentrated in a handful of large states including California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois, and by all indications they get along quite well with their white and native-born neighbors, as I had demonstrated in a long 2011 article. Therefore, I thought it very unlikely that such equanimity would be seriously disrupted by the harsh rhetoric of Trump and his national allies, even if magnified by the media and the Internet. And this indeed has turned out to be the case.

For obvious reasons, non-white immigration has always been an issue of paramount importance to the white racialist community. Such individuals therefore constitute the bulk of fervent anti-immigration activists, though many of them might fiercely deny the nature of those sentiments, perhaps even to themselves. But these political zealots may mistakenly convince themselves that the general public shares their particular ideological focus. Instead, I see very little evidence that the immigration issue is of overriding importance to “normies,” except in particular situations when it directly affects their lives in a negative way.

Living in a diversity paradise with relatively few Blacks, I can address this one easily: to understand our crisis, you have to look at the whole situation.

With a holism analysis, we see that diversity of any kind has negative impacts. If the transition from WASP America to mixed-white America in the 1960s was not enough of a disaster for you, consider the massive loss of social trust created by even small amounts of friendly diversity.

Then look at what you have lost. You no longer have any identity except as an equal economic unit there to work, pay taxes, and kick up the GDP so that the nation can have the power to compete with others. You have no culture — after all, any cultural choices will be upsetting to the diversity — and you will be reduced to “political culture” (a mock term for ideology) such as laws, economic system, and political system.

You see this in civic nationalists who want to talk about how we all share the same “culture” (ideology) and therefore, can be good ‘murricans together.

In reality, diversity hits in stages.

At first, you do not mind the Mexicans here; after all, some of them are quite nice people. Then you notice the shift to your economy: it now emphasizes unskilled labor done cheaply, and repackaging that for others, such as through construction and food service. Then you notice that place names are gone, signs are in Spanish, and behaviors change. The majority alters its behavior too; it adapts, and loses some of itself.

Years go by and at some point, you wake up to living in Mexico City (or Bangkok, or Beijing). A small White group rules because it has the wealth, but this White group is getting progressively darker. That is, they are all MBAs, lawyers, or doctors now, and there is no flourishing White culture (really: ethnic Western European culture).

Sure, people go to the symphony, but it sounds more South American now, since the conductor wants to jazz it up for the new audience. People watch those old 1950s movies. But there is no hope. The ruling caste knows that it is conquered, and its culture, habits, aesthetics, and norms will be assimilated by the vast worker caste.

This is how class warfare destroys every human civilization.

In my view, Unz has it exactly backward: hating on specific ethnic groups is a loser, but pointing out that diversity has transformed America into an ugly place is a winner. We want WASP America back; this was the last time America was a pleasant, hopeful place with some kind of organic culture instead of simply a libertarian shopping mall with lots of guys on Segways enforcing discipline.

Voters are like musicians; they are completely inarticulate. A musician speaks with his instrument, but he has no idea how to talk about what he is doing except in general terms, and he never reads contracts (this is one of the fundamental laws of the universe). Voters show the same pathology: they are oblivious to the fact that the law as written is how it will be interpreted, and instead rely on the pleasant words said when a law is passed. They are shocked when in future generations, the scope of the law expands and suddenly inconveniences them.

For most White people now, diversity means something happening only tangentially, at the edges of their suburbs. They see foreign faces and think how nice it is to be in a cosmopolitan country. They are unaware of what they are losing, even as they become more despondent and lose any sense of self. Over time, they will stop reproducing, starting with the most sensitive and intelligent. This paves the way for their ruling caste to become dark-haired, dark-eyed, and most of all, dark-souled. They will dominate business but lose the attitude toward life and inner inventiveness that once made them great.

However, people are starting to see the dark side of diversity, but they must see it in terms of visual images because very few people — under one percent — have any ability to translate from abstract language into a conception of how something will impact reality. They see the burning cities and the damage done by immigration to our economy, and think for the first time, “I don’t know about this…”

Upon that foundation we can built. Our civilization is fallen and we need to restore it. It has lost a sense of who it is and through that, its creativity and urge to do good. It has become a nasty little commercial zone without a soul. We can reach people with the idea that we (WASPs) need to go our own way, independent of others, and that diversity is destructive for those others too but they have not seen it yet.

At the end of the day, diversity and equality like democracy turn out to be ways that a civilization commits suicide. We want to stop dying and start living. There is no point blaming Blacks, Jews, or Mexicans for our plight, but for our restoration, they need to Go Back Home. This simple message captures the whole of the issue and is superior to anti-Black activism.

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