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Nostalgia for 1990s Shows How Much Diversity Has Ruined

Out of one side of its mouth, American media and entertainment praise our new “woke” existence, but via the other side, they spread an almost constant dose of 1990s and 1980s nostalgia.

Some of this simply reflects the fact that Generation X, with the first of them hitting their fifties now, represent the target age demographic because they finally have enough money to buy luxury products, in theory.

In reality, Gen X were the original basement NEETs who decided when they were preteens that this society had gone insane and was committing suicide, so most of them fled to outlying areas where they could work slacker jobs in isolation.

To Generation X, most of what millennials and zoomers are now experiencing is old hat. We grew up under the threat of instant nuclear annihilation and leaders who seemed insane but were not, like Reagan and Trump.

We also came to realize that almost everything that was accepted as “normal” seemed sane but was insane, and that it was not going to change because it was popular so people voted for it and bought products related to it.

However, for most people who came after us, the 1990s looked like an idyllic time. Ordinary people could afford to live, and cheap goods from China meant prices were going down. Life was like The Simpsons, goofy and absurd but not bad.

They forget that the 1990s kicked off with the fall of Communism followed by the LA (race) riots, after which point the nation elected Bill Clinton to smooth out racial strife.

He adopted NAFTA to crush unions, expanded trade with China, relaxed rules on immigration, and made the Black experience and equality the central focus of his administration.

By 1994 or so, the nation seemed to be doing really well, and the press reported economic success up through 1998, but it became clear the following year that things were the opposite of good and the “sane” was insane again.

The Clinton miracle wore off quickly because it consisted of making consumer products cheap and money easily acquired, but like all “fast money” demand-based policies, this backfired as did pro-diversity programs.

When we look back on the 1990s, what people liked about it was that diversity had not hit yet. America was still mostly White, with assorted Other groups generally keeping to their own communities.

Fast-forward thirty years and you cannot find a normal White family in a television commercial. Almost all government and private industry bureaucrats seem to be Black women. Affirmative Action has excluded Whites from education and most of the good jobs.

Sure, those who got into their career tracks before the early 2000s are doing pretty well, since they are not going to be fired. New workers, especially White males, have no hope.

Following affirmative action ideals, businesses prioritized hiring minorities. This quickly displaced Whites, since business would hire a minority if given the choice. Government did the same and soon became mostly minority hires.

At the same time, Hispanic labor flooded into America and displaced almost entirely construction, repair, food service, and janitorial jobs. New Asian immigrants became predominant in much of education and finance.

In the next decade, Barack Obama mandated that Section 8 housing be moved to the suburbs. This left White people without places to retreat to as neighborhoods became increasingly diverse.

Political correctness at universities skyrocketed because the people who took over schools during the Clinton years only promoted fellow goodthinkers, resulting in a solid wall of Communists from elementary through graduate education.

Slowly people are figuring out that cultural, racial, and ethnic differences matter. For one thing, very little in America is run well anymore; it works more like Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam, or Russia at this point.

We are a first world nation with a third world within and, because of government programs based in the Fourteenth Amendment, the third world runs the first world portions of the country.

The solid labor we used to count on to build houses and businesses has gone away, and the new workforce seems to miss things, like obvious flaws, in its zeal to get the job done quickly with little effort.

Our new bureaucracy, both public and private, seems to do a terrible job of just about anything. People do a half-ass job, and then take it personally when this is noticed, resulting in constant bickering.

In law enforcement, after the Ferguson/Floyd effect, very few minorities get arrested for anything. Cops will drive on by rather than risk being the next Derek Chauvin. Crime is rising across the land.

Three-quarters of our budget goes to entitlements — healthcare, welfare, social security, anti-poverty — and almost all of that goes to minorities. You cannot use an emergency room any more because there are twelve hours of illegal aliens in line in front of you.

People idealize the 1990s for being a time before the nation was divided by diversity. Social media did not do this to us, nor did politics. Diversity made us aliens to one another and created an environment of fear of deplatforming.

Citizens spend less time in public away from home, work, and a few shopping establishments in order to avoid the diversity and the constant low-grade race war violence it brings. People seal themselves up in their homes with television and wine.

As humanity learns too late time and again, diversity is a death trap. First it removes your ability to have culture, since that excludes somebody, and next it obliterates your ability to promote people based on ability alone, lest you be called “racist” for not hiring the transsexual, Black, brown, Asian, Jewish, or Irish candidate.

Not surprisingly, this political system has advanced non-Whites to positions of power where corruption promptly spreads. It is not their country, after all, but in their view an oppressive colonial power which must be destroyed.

Back in the 1990s, we were relatively free from guilt. We could make fun of men in dresses or adrogynous characters like “Pat” on Saturday Night Live. People could speak more honestly about what was going wrong.

Now, if the person who is responsible for what is being criticized is a minority, you get tagged a “racist” and your life destroyed. No one talks about anything important anymore, and propaganda for goodthink has filled the void.

The world is seeing that diversity fails. It kills societies by making them internally hostile, and the native group stops reproducing and is driven out or destroyed.

Slowly we are beginning to see that equality itself is a false goal. You cannot raise up the lower, only take from the higher and give to the lower, at which point you eradicate the higher and end up with a mass of selfish idiots.

Our democratic leaders have no problem with this since they want an electorate of low-IQ, mentally unstable, personally disorganized, and selfish people who can be manipulated with handouts. That builds careers in government.

It took only about thirty years for Clinton-era policies to thoroughly wreck the nation. The victory of the Left is near complete, at which point they will destroy the genetics of the land and leave a third-world nation with no future.

No wonder people want to go back to the 1990s. Back then, people had a future, and it was possible to pretend for awhile that the doom racing at us was not going to take us completely.

Amazingly, you find few people willing to admit that our actions in the 1990s have failed and we need to cease and desist from those while cleaning up the mess. We could have our country back, but people are too afraid and without hope.

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