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Diversity, Inclusion, and WalmartTavion

The average and fortunate among us have never personally interacted with WalmartTavion in his native habitat. Yet, like Big-Foot, myths inform us of his frightening existence. Unlike the Yeti, we’ve got some pretty scary footage of WalmartTavion. It follows below for your perverse viewing pleasure.

Progressive democracy shows us the shiny brochure. They run out a pitchman somewhat less like a basilisk hatchling than Jen Psaki to offer us diversity, inclusion, and equality. One poor woman in Florida got diversity, insemination, and WalmartTavion. I make fun of this, but if it were my daughter, whom he tired his unique and rather blunt form of Pick-Up Artistry on, then WalmartTavion would have a brief and unfriendly discussion with a shotgun and a noose.

WalmartTavion just hasn’t read a whole lot of RooshV or Chateau Hartiste. When he’s looking for love, he strolls down aisle five and grabs them by two holes like a six-pack. Our society needs to do far better than just telling the fine, young ladies to try shopping Dollar General instead. WalmartTavion needs to be leashed up like The Gimp in Pulp Fiction.

The official news reports were sanitized. WalmartTavion was disadvantaged youth suffering. The comments section got down on into the fulsome and scurvy truth. “Jim Crow had a point.” Offered one commentator. “The demographics explained it all.” Explained another. This isn’t just a few Neo-Nazis over on the Alt-Right. WalmartTavion will make more people care.

Places that fail to properly Gimpify WalmartTavion will wind up like the section of Santa Monica that no longer gets regular mail deliveries from the USPS. Any place willing to include WalmartTavion, will not have any diversity left that can afford to move elsewhere.

Places that fail to restrain WalmartTavion will deny equality to anyone too weak or too timid to beat the feces out of this slobbering, priapic bugbear with a brick. Stores where the female customers must hire an NFL Linebacker to chaperone them while they peruse the fresh fruits and vegetables won’t remain viable for long. WalmartTavion is the death of street corner retail.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality can be abbreviated DIE. This is appropriate. Any society that tolerates WalmartTavion, ends up tolerating its own demise. Eight years ago, YouTubers like Cynthia G were ride or die with BLM. Now they’ve seen a lot of people do the former and too many of them have found themselves doing the latter. WalmartTavion is what you get when you tolerate.

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