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No War In Syria II

Honestly, I’m not a 100% Trump-bot.* I think one area where he is being poorly advised and is on the knife-edge of an epic fail is his policy towards Syria. This is not the first time I’ve felt this way and laid out my angst over his policies in this part of the world in a previous post.

In a worst case scenario, Donald Trump undergoes a horrifying transmorgification into George W. Bush. He puts boots on the ground of the hell. He would reap the following whirlwind of abject tragedy and stupidity. Cindy Sheehan is returned to relevance by a turbo-charged Amerikan Left. If you think this post is anti-war, you have forgotten 2004-2006 American politics. Donald Trump’s presidency and any meaningful Amerikan political resistance to the Progressive agenda will be utterly destroyed for another ten years. Happy Obama II, morons! America’s military breaks. We never repaired from the prolonged and draining OPTEMPO for nothing we racked up in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Air Force will be a self-imposed no-fly zone due to overstress and deferred long-term structural maintenance. Russia probably invades Georgia, the Ukraine or the Balkans in retaliation. Syria has been a Russian stalwart ally since the Assad family assumed power. It would never be tolerated.

This was over his cruise missile strike against Syria for use of chemical weapons. Trump was smart enough to stop at this after he made whatever point he felt needed to be made. One of the cardinal rules of Macho-Man Guts Poker is that if you can’t crush the other guy completely, then you at least let him walk away with one of his nuts intact to fornicate another day. In retrospect, President Trump was wise enough to keep this in mind and lay off when it was time to call it a day.

If the Syrians were the only forked-up actors in Syria, then Donald J. Trump could tell Vladimir to properly police up his semi-white trash, and let life continue in The Middle East the way it has since Flavius Josephus wrote about Rome’s efforts to answer the JQ in or around 70 A.D. Iran now has aspirations of an empire, and apparantly has found common cause with Turkey and Syria via the age-old panacea of Jew Hating.

This hostility extends far beyond the cliche jokes about (((Firestein Tires))) not only stopping on a dime, but also picking it up. Iran arms two groups of terrorists who pretty much cash their pay checks by declaring it permanent Jew Season in the areas surrounding the PLA Territories. Hamas and Hezbollah are engaged in perpetual low-intensity conflict against the State of Israel. This has predictably pissed in Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyau’s bowl of Cheerios.

Israel’s methodology for coercing protection and favorable treatment from foreign governments is much more urbane and sophisticated than the rather crude and barbaric Ayatollah’s misgoverning Iran. The (((Lobby))) has done far more to tilt American policy in Israel’s favor than any terrorist merc running around with a SAM on his shoulder ever could. A recent attack by Hamas brought all of this into graphic bas-relief.

Hamas decides to drone over Israeli airspace. Israel reacted the way you would react if you considered having genociders fly drones that could easily carry VX canisters over your territory an existential threat. Pat Buchanan puts his spin on this below.

Friday night, a drone, apparently modeled on a U.S. drone that fell into Iran’s hands, intruded briefly into Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights, and was shot down by an Apache helicopter. Israel seized upon this to send F-16s to strike the airfield whence the drone originated. Returning home, an F-16 was hit and crashed, unleashing the most devastating Israeli attack in decades on Syria. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu says a dozen Syrian and Iranian bases and antiaircraft positions were struck.

This is all fine and dandy. You could microwave a hot-pocket, pop open a homebrew, and enjoy watching the ordnance cook off the way I like spotting lightning during Northern Alabama’s tornado season. We’ve sold Israel Apache Helicopters, Abrahms Tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and F-16s for a reason other than profit motive. We want them to operate these weapon systems and handle their own nasty business with the unpleasant people. But nope. The Jewish-Industrial Media Complex fires up on queue to cozen us into a stupid and pointless war.

Monday’s headline on The Wall Street Journal op-ed page blared: “The Iran-Israel War Flares Up: The fight is over a Qods Force presence on the Syria-Israeli border. How will the U.S. respond?” Op-ed writers Tony Badran and Jonathan Schanzer, both from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, closed thus: “The Pentagon and State Department have already condemned Iran and thrown their support behind Israel. The question now is whether the Trump administration will go further. … Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (has) affirmed that the U.S. seeks not only to ensure its allies’ security but to deny Iran its ‘dreams of a northern arch’ from Tehran to Beirut. A good way to achieve both objectives would be back Israel’s response to Iran’s aggression — now and in the future.”

So how should the US respond? Here’s my recommendation. “Good Luck. LockMart would appreciate the opportunity to sell you every high-tech missile you have the shekels to afford.” But no, this doesn’t show proper dedication on our part.

Chagai Tzuriel, who heads the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence, echoed the FDD: “If you (Americans) are committed to countering Iran in the region, then you must do so in Syria — first.”

Really? Why are we committed to this stupid course of action in the first place? Let’s say we kick Iran’s sorry, camel-plunking asses out of the region completely. How would this make my adorable, seven year-old daughter better off? Let’s say Iran no longer even exists when we get through with The “Bring Out The Gimp” Phase of our transactional diplomacy with these guys. What would we win from this other than the boffo prizes we got from “liberating” Iraq?

I’m not seeing how Uncle Sam brings home the bacon from a part of the world where it is considered just as Haram as my favorite bottles of homebrew. Part of the Art of The Deal is knowing when the time has come to issue that Fatwa of Go Forth and Fvck Yourself. It can’t be like Donald Trump appreciates the role (((Bill Kristol))) is playing in his presidency so far. If Israel wants war with Syria, who are we to stand in the way? I just hope President Trump will make sure our men and women in the US Armed Forces don’t stand in the way of any mortar rounds or bullets either. #NoWarInSyria II.

* – I’d give him a one-man approval rating of about 80%.

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