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History Proves That Our Culprit Is Crowdism, Not Jews

A long time ago, when the far-Right was starting to flex its wings under Clinton, many people opined that our problem was not the Left, or the Right, or even democracy and egalitarianism, but the eternal Jew.

In response, I wrote that our problem was not Die Ewige Jude but bad policies like democracy, equality, and diversity which were rooted in the egalitarian idea that people could not seem to reject. It just made us all feel good, like a warm bath or cold soft drink.

Later, I expanded this idea to a critique of Crowdism, or the tendency of humans in groups to converge on a bureaucratic, egalitarian, and anarchic worldview because that is what everyone in the group either likes or thinks the others will like enough to support.

In other words, when you do not have a clear command hierarchy, you create a group dedicated to feeling good in its mental state by denying reality from which it is separated by technology, time, wealth, power, and most of all, the fact that others are in denial also.

Further I wrote that this crowd arises when we have some sort of unallocated excess, like that which was previously required to cause civilization to happen, and a lack of goal. When there is no need to keep paying the money forward, people decide to pay it backward by diving up the seed corn and eating it at today’s party with no heed for tomorrow.

This is an eternal human pitfall like addiction, abuse, or trying to control others. In the state of nature, we select people who are competent and promote them; in control systems, we try to manipulate and bribe others to do exactly as we would in one moment, cutting them off from reacting naturally to events as they occur. In abuse, we demand compliant victims, and control them by implying discontent, relying on them to infer that punishment follows; in addiction, we assume that something of a symbolic nature can make everything in life better, when nothing does that. All of these are types of control, and they seize our imagination because all humans seek power, while only some humans can wield it (much like intellect or wisdom).

In this way, control parallels socialism, which instead of rewarding the good workers, tries to reward all equally and then motivate them to do the right thing as designated by central command. It is also similar to an abusive family or the greed of addicts.

Opposition to specific groups in diversity is a type of control. Instead of recognizing that diversity is just a stupid and horrible idea, it seeks to remove those who cause problems for diversity, leaving the rest unchanged.

Our enemy is crowdism, and it manifests in related forms of egalitarianism, which is an idea spanning both a desire to control and personal narcissism. In crowdism, people hope to use a mobilized mass to force others to believe what they do, invariably out of fear of their weaknesses in reality. Human social institutions tend to ignore real-world weakness and focus on social weakness in order to make their hierarchies.

The person addicted to control remains a solipsist. He believes that what he wants in a moment must be stamped on the world like an industrial mold, imprinting his intentions upon unruly nature and standardizing it. As a result, he wants people to do exactly what he says, instead of reacting to the many individual moments and complex circumstances.

Control and crowdism are the psychology and method of the tyrant. They seek to crush nature and replace it with a human form made uniform so that it can serve the intentions of its leaders more accurately. In a crowd, everyone imagines that he is the leader, even though he also serves the crowd. Crowdists manipulate others by offering them the same rights as are given to everyone else, seemingly because the words “equal” and “all” turn off the human mind, and in so doing create a group that must act as one, making it the perfect tool. In control, everything serves as a means-to-the-end of what the controller intended, including other people.

In my writing, I have emphasized that we must overcome racial enmity and scapegoating in order to see that diversity — in any form: religious, racial, cultural, ethnic, political — is destructive because it obliterates unity and prevents the formation of standards, customs, and ideals specific to a group. Instead, you get surface-level conformity on general standards which tend to be permissive in order to include all groups, which leads to internal disunity as all of these special interest groups battle for power, much as in democracy much more energy is spent on fighting over the wheel instead of steering the vehicle. Without hierarchy, humans devolve into the usual squabbling mass of talking monkeys, each thinking he should be supreme leader and wanting nothing more than to smash down the others so he can order them around.

These writings proved controversial. Statements that we should discard racism and anti-semitism for the benevolent xenophobia of nationalism, that hatred is not a friend, that white nationalism is too focused on race and not enough on the dual imperatives of ethnicity and civilization restoration, and that we cannot trust universalism provoked people to claim I was a “philo-Semite” or Leftist.

In reality, neither anti-Semitism nor racism will get what we want. We want our civilization back, which requires sending everyone else away and then filtering our own people for those who “get it” and then deporting everyone else. We have too many people, and too many of those are bad, apathetic, incompetent, or parasitic. Our civilization seed needs a general purge and our civilization needs a restart with working political methods and removal of all who are in the way. This is different from hating other groups; it recognizes that we need only our group here, and only those from that group who live up to the ideal of Western Civilization.

Against the anti-Semites — who simultaneously attack the wrong target, miss the real target, and burn through our energy and goodwill in doing so — I argue that we need to defeat democracy, equality, and diversity (D.E.a.D.) by restoring nationalism, which means the nation is comprised of its founding ethnic group alone, and then rejecting egalitarianism entirely. No one is equal.

Israel shows us the path to this sanity under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, who has revitalized nationalism by pointing out that if Israel does not become an ethno-cultural state for Jewish people alone, it will be inundated by Arabs who outbreed Jews and then take over with the power of the ballot and later, racial admixture, effectively genociding the Jews more completely than Hitler ever intended (Hitler simply wanted Jews out of Europe).

My prediction was that Israel would reject the post-war demonization of nationalism by recognizing that nationalism alone can save Israel, and with that vindication of nationalism by its supposed victims, Leftist Jews would stop their agitation for multiculturalism as a means of protecting against anti-Semitism, and instead embrace the idea of nationalism for all as a means of preserving Israel. In fact, Israelis are discovering what Hitler knew, which is that diversity destroys nations, and so whichever nation escapes from it first, wins.

In fact, Jews are now realizing that Leftism will end them as it begins to attack them. Leftist Jews after all detest the Right-wing and demonize nationalism even though it is saving Israel from assimilation by the many Arab Muslim states around it:

“This anti-Arab rhetoric is a deeply troubling trend that, if continued, could undermine Israel’s vibrant democracy,” she added. “The representation of Israeli Arabs in the Knesset has historically been a source of pride for Israel, highlighting its democratic character, despite the enduring conflict with its Arab neighbors, and attesting to its genuine efforts to include the Arab community as equal citizens.”

On election day in 2015, fearing a possible loss, Netanyahu mobilized his supporters by releasing a frantic midday video in which he warned that Arab voters were heading “in droves” to the polls. The move, for which he later apologized, may have helped turn the tide and secure another term for him.

There you have it: democracy or survival. In order to uphold democracy, which like all things Crowdism is both bureaucratic and a pathology, they must include Arabs; however, if they do so, the Arabs will gain power, breed rapidly, and soon dominate the nation. Israel fights the same battle as the West in attempting to gain control over itself and defeat the Left before the Left successfully destroys the founding population, leaving only grey race people who depend on ideology and government for guidance.

Diaspora Jews — those outside of Israel, and especially, those before Israel was re-founded — saw themselves in a precipitous state. If they allowed nationalism in Europe, Jews would be expelled along with other groups; if they, echoing the Crowdist idea, demanded that every group could stay, then Jews would be safe from nationalism. The only problem with this is that diversity is unstable, so eventually it would be rejected, and the Jews ejected along with other groups.

As a result, Jews are taking a long time to realize that nationalism is a friend and that Leftist Jews are trying to destroy Jews in the exact same way that Western Leftists are trying to destroy what is left of the West. Even more, they are realizing that in groups, people aim toward the mean instead of the heights, hoping to control others by offering them something that they cannot refuse, but in doing so compromise any goals and reduce them to a lowest common denominator.

Netanyahu pointed out the simple truth that people in Israel probably cannot admit in public but in private will vote for, which is that Israel is for Jews, and only with nationalism will Jews survive:

“Israel is not a state of all its citizens,” Netanyahu wrote in response to comments from an Israeli actress.

“According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people — and only it.

“As you wrote, there is no problem with the Arab citizens of Israel. They have equal rights like all of us and the Likud government has invested more in the Arab sector than any other government,” he said of his right-wing party.

Currently, Netanyahu takes a middle path. He argues for tolerance of the Arabs, but preservation of Jewish rule and a strengthening of Jewish identity, at which point Arabs will naturally feel that they might be more comfortable and secure somewhere else.

It will take many small steps to get from the present disaster to a nationalist state, but as diversity fails worldwide, more people are seeing the wisdom of one ethnic group per nation. In particular, as support for Israel falls as Leftists embrace Muslims, Israel is realizing that it must be an advocate for itself and cannot rely on world Leftism to help it.

In particular, some of the leading Leftists of the West have made it clear that Israel is the enemy because it is “Right-wing” even though it is not particularly Right-wing:

Senator Bernie Sanders said in a statement that “we must not … equate anti-Semitism with legitimate criticism of the right-wing, Netanyahu government.”

Leftists only care about the Left. Conservatives will not understand this because they do not understand ideology. In ideology, a symbolic future goal matters and everything else is a means to that end. This means that culture, race, heritage, history, family, ethnicity, religion, and individual inner traits — intuition, moral character, faith, and intellect — must be destroyed in order to make the equal grey-faced mob who will administer Leftism in its final victory, at which point Equality Utopia will be achieved (in theory).

Some say the origin of our decay in the West is the Jews, much as they said it was Christianity before that. Recent events prove that something else is eating all of humanity and it is probably cognitive, a mental pitfall like addiction or abuse, and not an entity.

In the twentieth century, Leftism won dominance, but now, fifty years past that point, people are seeing that Leftism brought nothing but disaster and misery. Whoever escapes first lives longest, and Israel looks like an early contender to get out before anyone else.

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