When The Wall Comes Tumbling Down

A silence fell over the West today: the silence of not noticing a great event which has been building for some time. Like the fall of the Soviet Union, it has grown first in darkness, then in offhand casual remarks, and finally as a strong will expressed through uncompromising language. And now, a wall has fallen and for the first time, we can see the world beyond the managed environment which is the politically correct West.

In Aurora, Colorado, the unthinkable occurred — an anti-white hate crime was accepted as such from the initial investigation:

Police in Aurora are investigating a sexual assault that may have been a racially-motivated crime.

…Early Friday morning, two African-American men sexually assaulted the woman outside the shopping center. Police say the victim, who is white, didn’t know the attackers. During the assault, the men yelled racial slurs at the woman before fleeing the scene.

Aurora police would not comment on whether the case is being classified as a bias-related attack.

Not very impressive at first, it seems. But until the torture of a disabled man by four African-Americans was reclassified as a hate crime after public outcry, the highly politicized American police — who want to keep their jobs — would have been speaking out to clarify that this was not at hate crime, as they did with the carjacking of a Trump supporter some months ago and at first, with the Chicago torture.

The wall has fallen, and those who were presumed to be the enemy are recognized as human again. Much as the world wanted to punish the Germans for WWII and then, in 1989, realized that the Berlin Wall was a great injustice, and then realized in 2016 that however wrong his methods were that Hitler was right about the incompatibility of different ethnic groups, and the suicidal insanity of even microscopic amounts of Leftism, we now realize that white people are human, too, and have a right to self-interest.

Even more than that, we are seeing a recognition that equality has failed. To implement equality, one must raise the lower or demote the higher; since the lower would have risen if they could have, this means in reality that equality always indicates a need to penalize the more successful to subsidize the less successful.

This anti-moral, anti-Darwnian approach is universally popular because people, especially smarter ones, view themselves as failures and see a need to be protected against the judgment by results that is the nature of reality. People want human intent, a cross between solipsism and social approval, to regulate who is acceptable, instead of results, because often results turn out badly, frequently by chance alone. Our fear leads to an addictive and compulsive illusion through the notion of “equality,” which means “equal inclusion” in reality, or forced social acceptance.

With the backlash against egalitarianism, which is such a mentally addictive concept that it becomes an all-consuming Moby-Dick or Lord of The Rings style obsession, the West is reversing the past centuries of decline. Egalitarianism is the root of ideology, or the notion that what humans intend is more important than what has worked in reality in the past; as egalitarianism falls, it will be replaced by realism, or the study of reality.

Prepare for a roller coaster in the future.

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21 Responses to “When The Wall Comes Tumbling Down”

  1. epochehusserl says:

    To restore hierarchy and excellence perhaps we should start small. Maybe if we got rid of the income tax for those making less than a half a million a year…..

    • -A says:

      Nonsense. That would put all of the burden of the government’s budget on the wealthy and remove the incentive for their businesses. Further, why would any group of people be so accountable without any of the power necessary to make sure it works properly?

      If this idea did indeed lead to only Natural Aristocrats filling the ranks of the wealthy, that would be a different story, however.

      • epochehusserl says:

        the wealthy already pay all of the taxes.

        • james wilson says:

          Yes. The wealthy pay all taxes because they pay the salaries that drones pay taxes with. The taxes which the wealthy pay directly are monies that do not go to pay more drones. Government remained small only because the system of tax collection was made deliberately difficult and inefficient.

          In France, the state collector receives the taxes of the township; in America, the township collector receives the taxes of the state. Thus, in France, central government lends its officers to the township; in America the township lends its civil servants to the central government, which alone shows how different these two societies are.
          In New England, it is the township assessor who fixes the taxes, the collector who raises them, the treasurer of the township forwards the receipts to the public treasury and any claims arising are submitted to the ordinary courts. Such a manner of collecting taxes is slow and awkward; it would constantly constrict the progress of any government with extensive financial requirements. But it will always be simple for central government, such as it is organized in America, to introduce, when the need arises, more vigorous and effective methods of action.

          Calvin Coolidge-
          As I went about with my father when he collected taxes, I knew that when taxes were paid someone had to work hard to earn the money to pay them.

          Then came the 16th Amendment. Twenty years later the Federal government had grown 500%. The chains were off, and not only of taxes.

      • epochehusserl says:

        The idea is to restore natural aristocracy within the constraints of acceptable political discourse. here is how a new type of natural aristocracy could appear…. This is just my idea but we need more wealthy to have a reason to locate here and more aristocrats.
        0-500,000 no tax
        500k to 750k 5 percent
        750k to 2.5mil 10 percent
        2.5 mil to 10mil 15 percent
        10 mil to 25 mil 22.5 percent
        over 25 mil 27.5 percent tax
        this what I mean a tiered tax system. The rich would pay more but not in a way that would encourage us to eat our seedcorn and allow for the natural aristocracy to develop. I dont think this plan is perfect but it is the best available option that COULD pass. we have to be realistic. The rich already pay the majority of taxes but we have become stagnant, we are eating the seedcorn and stagnating.

        • Cut the welfare/entitlements state and you will not need even that degree of taxation.

          • epochehusserl says:

            What is more achievable Brett what I am advocating or getting rid of welfare? Are you referring to all welfare programs or just tanf? the middle class receives more of the welfare from eitc, student loan subsidies, medicare etc – those arent going away.

            • Yes, I advocate getting rid of all of it, and since it is necessary, it is more likely that complete failure. The tide has turned against government because people realize that welfare comes with high price: eternal debt and a Communist-style all-encompassing government agenda.

              • Patrick Wilson says:

                Debt is the key. Student loans et.al. is just a return to a debtor enslavement, a transfer of wealth from those naive enough to believe a degree in underwater BB stacking translates to gainful employment or the ability to make a living self employed. The threat is from the Educational Industrial Complex and those that insist on creating an aristocracy.

          • epochehusserl says:

            The point of a tiered tax system is to allow for people to organize themselves by establishing their own hierarchies rather than having the mob and the crowd determine their hierarchies. This is the easiest way I could see something like this developing within our democratic framework. The neoreaction is about the return of aristocracy and excellence.

            • Chris I says:

              Flat tax, end welfare.

            • -A says:

              But if the level of taxation you want places the accountability of the funding of the government, officially, squarely on the wealthy. Not only will they not want this responsibility without the whole package, it will lead to plutocracy before it will lead to an evening out of the upper echelons.

              Further, from what I have seen with how MSM is slowly but noticeably deferring to racialists, public push from sane White people can end the welfare state, especially with the administration we have now. Calling us and sane people of other races “racist” isn’t going to cut it anymore.

              • epochehusserl says:

                But if the level of taxation you want places the accountability of the funding of the government, officially, squarely on the wealthy. Not only will they not want this responsibility without the whole package, it will lead to plutocracy before it will lead to an evening out of the upper echelons.
                The wealthy already pay the majority of taxes and a large amount of human capital is wasted on chasing loopholes and avoiding taxes yet we lack the kind of innovation necessary to move our civilization forward. We could phase the tiers in over a few decades in order to prevent plutocracy and preserve innovation.

  2. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I am encouraged by the election of Trump.

  3. JPW says:

    Keep pounding! Never let them put us back to sleep. Make them own their own !RACISM! and they will stop constantly using it as a moral bludgeon.

  4. Wilson says:

    I’m not so sure about the Wall Of Illusion crumbling because recent news via MSM channels are flooding with Dylan Roof Get’s Death Penalty to cover over and bury the BLM Kidnapping and Torture For 48 Hours. We will see though.

  5. -A says:

    They must really be scared now. I don’t even know if they are able to have a coherent, complete thought right now. They must really be losing sleep. Now, the calmer heads among them are probably trying to think up ways to abuse the memory hole to co-op, repackage and resell Ethno-Nationalism. We must be vigilant on that. Use the lack of trust against them. Remind of what was previously said, what was previously done and also keep on demanding an investigation into Comet Ping Pong. How many entryists from the fauxlite circles will show up on a suspect list?

    • Perhaps the best solution is to get rid of the big media entirely, leaving only local papers surviving. The internet-based revenue model has essentially failed for everyone, which means that there will need to be a market correction, resulting in either a few big media enterprises (bad) or many smaller, cheaper ones (good).

      • Chris I says:

        Big cable companies need to go along with big media.

      • -A says:

        Even though there are many great feelz over the fact that MSM will pay minute lip service to the new racialist streak, there is no restoring faith in the MSM. This is likely the future of all companies in the West.

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