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Laws distract us from future consequences

When I was less experienced, it was easier to rile me up with a story. Then I realized that a story tells only part of the truth, the part that needs to be told to get you to like the story. Thus the woman your buddy picked up at a bar who had the huge […]

Government is a parasite like its favored elites and pity-objects

Consider beer. It is something that, for ill or not, many people purchase. The purchase price is not arbitrary. It reflects what they can afford. Prices are usually calibrated toward an inclusive sense of what people can afford, meaning it’s as high as it can be and still have people buy the object. Then impose […]

Nationalism and nihilism

The modern pretense is that everyone is equal and thus if given the right instructions, like little robots they will form an orderly society. This is better, we are told, because it is transparent and there is oversight, so if one of the little equal cogs steps out of line there will be an organized […]

The basis of law is justice not obedience

In order to gain perspective, it is useful to divide the world in two: those things that were created by man and those things that were not created by man. Buildings and trees both exist, but buildings do not grow out of the ground. It is civilization on the one hand and wild nature on […]

Burying the past and discovering the future

When I look over vast mistakes, the great question is Where does it all begin? However, I think this is a mistaken way of looking at the situation. Most great errors are always with us, and can be entered upon like a path. You can begin walking at the start of the path, or halfway […]

The problem of passive aggression in far right personalities

Of the various forms of far-rightist, a personality type keeps emerging. It is not inherent to rightism, but rather to any marginalized belief that is also messianic. In this personality type, the mind becomes fixated on a perceived truth, for example the notion that The JewsTM control the world and are behind the downfall of […]

Galactic rim

I’ll give it to you straight. Nobody understands anything I write, anyway. Give me a few moments of your day, and you’ll wander off, stunned at what you never knew. Nothing personal; nobody else knew, either. Do not imagine this to be either science-fiction, or theory. Some journeys extend farther than expected… The entity formerly […]

What neoreaction should have told young men

The neoreactionary (and insert other trendy names here) movements are designed for media zombies. The groups behind them attempt to use re-naming as a way to avoid association with conservatism, and with the lowercase-conservatives Conservatism, Inc. types who are quick to tell us all to “be responsible,” shuffle off to careers, marry slutty women and […]

Where Conservatism, Inc. went wrong

In the USA, we have three silos of political reasoning: Liberal, Conservative and conservative. Note the lowercase “c.” The main party of lowercase-conservatives is the GOP, which many refer to as being part of “Conservatism, Inc.” or those who profit from offering conservative opinions, stirring conservative rage, selling conservative products, and then losing elections or […]

Bring the war

Many things in life are mysterious. All of them succumb to thinking about them the right way. Most people think about them backward, looking to events as a cause in themselves. A better way is to look for the cause that will produce them as an effect. In the case of sane people in the […]

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