The Evil Emperors of The Amerikan Empire II: Lyndon Baines Johnson


Democracy fetishists like to claim Democracies will consistently avoid really bad leaders. They’ll readily admit to not exactly nominating Charlemagne for the presidency in recent US elections. But they’ll insist that the democratic rise of Hitler was far more of a Black Swan Event than the reigns of Roman Emporers Commodus or Elegabolus.

Strip away the shrink-wrap cocoon of ego-gratifying, jingoistic Whig History and we discover that at least six recent Amerikan Emporers could qualify as legitimate evil emporers who have materially and morally worsened the commonweal of the average decent American citizen. Today we describe the nefarious contributions of the odious LBJ.

Imagine you hated the US of A with a purple passion. Imagine you could install your malignant pawn in a state of almost uncontested power. What might you do? Starting a nuclear exchange with Russia would be gauche and leave you only a set of ruins that you couldn’t even inhabit, much less rule. So WWSD (What would Satan do?)

In the wake of the made for Hollywood whacking of playboy president JFK, the Democratic operatives with bylines int he US media created an atmosphere in which Pee Wee Herman could have won an electoral landslide. The winner in 1964 was Lucifer himself: Lyndon Baines Johnson. So we return to our previous inquiry WWSD?

The first subtle evil unleashed by Lyndon Johnson involved a doctrine inserted into the Civil Rights legislation. This was the doctrine of disparate impact. This legal theory was a staple of the litigation that would follow the passage of The Civil Rights Act of 1964. This empowered government to intervene on the side of a plaintiff even if no discrimination was initially intended. Here’s a explanation of how this empowers bureaucratic score-settling and the destruction of basic Freedom of Association rights through perpetual lawfare.

Disparate impact discrimination is a legal theory first recognized by the courts. In addressing a Title VII discrimination case, the U.S. Supreme Court said that the burden of proof shifted to the employer once the employee (past or present) or job applicant was able to prove that a particular employment practice caused a disparate impact on their protected class. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 later amended Title VII, clarifying that once an employee establishes the existence of a disparate impact from an employment practice, the employer must then prove that such practice is “job-related for the position in question and consistent with business necessity.”

LBJ could have stopped there and done plenty of damage, but The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was only an LRIP. He had far more meyhem to unload on the Amerian People. You see, America’s standing immigration policies prior to LBJ’s Reign of Error involved quotas based on national origin of the immigrants. Those not favored by these quotas predictably cried !RACIST! Here’s how cultures get undermined below.

“The law was just unbelievable in its clarity of racism,” says Stephen Klineberg, a sociologist at Rice University. “It declared that Northern Europeans are a superior subspecies of the white race. The Nordics were superior to the Alpines, who in turn were superior to the Mediterraneans, and all of them were superior to the Jews and the Asians.”

This gave LBJ the opportunity to swing the immigration wrecking ball into the American culture and economy that he inherited as emporer. He injected the malignant twin viruses of diversity and economic replacement via the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965. The influx of foreign population began with trickle and soon reached a torrent.

“The 1965 immigration law quickly transformed the ethnic portrait of the United States,” scholars have noted. At first the new immigration came largely from southern Europe, especially Italy. But that stream played out in about a decade. Meanwhile, immigration from Eastern Europe was limited by repressive communist governments.By 1980, most immigrants were coming from Latin America, Asia, and Africa — in numbers far greater than the annual average of 300,000 that had prevailed during the 1960s. Despite assurances by Hart-Celler advocates that the bill would add little to the immigrant stream, more than seven million newcomers entered the country legally during the 1980s. That trend has continued. Meanwhile, illegal immigration also began a decades-long surge…

Another nefarious aspect of Hart-Celler was the skill-based criterion of immigrant admissions. This allowed industries that wanted to deliberately bring in surrogate workforces to replace the legacy working-class that had grown used to increasing wages, benefits and opportunities. This crashed into a brick wall of decreasing economies of scale and increasing international competition. This forced cost-cutting measures. This will typically start with payroll. Rather than doing with less, the Hart-Celler Act allowed employers to do with cheaper. The recent H1B assassination of Walt Disney’s homegrown IT workforce.

So LBJ laid waste to Freedom of Association, persued an immigration policy that laid out sugar-coated rat poison for American blue-collar culture, but no! He sadly wasn’t through wrecking AMerica. Then came LBJ’s quaint little conflict. His war to embarass Amerika. Vietnam.

LBJ’s kinda-sorta-but-not-really commitment to winning The Vietnam War established a precedent of disinterested warfare on the frontiers of the empire. It was conflict designed to put a stick in the spokes on COmintern’s bicycle wheel. It was international realpolitik involving no direct American interest. 58,220 AMerican soldiers died so that LBJ could play the geopolitical game of thrones. The legions of the Amerikan Empire were sent to go bungle on the far-flung borders.

I could blog all day and not truly express the extent of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s iniquity. The welfare legislation he rammed through congress was the piece de resistance that cemented the well-deserved, sulphurous legacy that clings to his career of evil. He deliberately cultivated his programs such as AFDC to create a client of servile dependency. His bastard bounty welfare programs wrecked havoc on the structure of lower income familes and reduced them to peasantry. LBJ’s boast regarding his Great Society welfare initiative speaks volumes of how Liberals truly think of race and humanity.

I’ll have those n*gg*rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Lyndon Baines Johnson about the Great Society plan.

SUch was the almost glorious evil of Lyndon Baines Johnson. He destroyed Freedom of Association in the name of Civil Rights. He poisoned America’s immigration system in the cause of ending racism. He humiliated America’s military and blackened our name throughout the world in the process of slow-walking embarassing defeat in Vietnam and made the promotion of bastardy an electoral strategy int he name of promoting the general welfare. Lyndon Baines Johnson was truly an evil Amerikan Emporer.

Is Western Civilization Suffering From Burnout?


From 1843 Magazine, an inspection of the modern phenomenon of burnout:

When Elliot protests that he can’t just do nothing, he is seeing and judging himself from the perspective of a culture that looks with disdain at anything that smacks of inactivity. Under constant self-scrutiny as to whether he is being sufficiently productive, he feels ashamed when he judges himself to have come up short in this regard. But this leaves him at once too drained to work and unable to rest.

Many of us look to the 1980s as a period of relative stability, but at the height of the Cold War, nuclear conflict was on many minds. It infiltrated popular culture and movies, and people reported it as a sign of stress. It was talked about frequently not just in media, but between individuals.

After the 1980s, things seemed to just… fall apart. The Baby Boomer 1968er Leftists took over, and most people were so fatigued by the stress of the Cold War that they just let it happen. Unfortunately for them, the Leftists got busy replacing every functional institution in America with a propaganda machine.

At this point, we have the worst of 1950s salesman culture and 1960s hippie culture merged into one. People work constantly, and then distract themselves with activities, as if trying to keep the mind from connecting with its inner core. We have become a society that specializes in make-work and non-issues to avoid looking at reality.

When we see people making bad decisions constantly, it is important to remember that they are over-worked, under-slept and under-confident. They are surrounded by a culture of distraction, deflection and constant fears which keep people under control of government and media. The stress leads to confusion and poor quality thinking.

How to get out of this loop? We have made the productive people into slaves of the unproductive through taxes and long work hours, and relaxing both would bring some sanity back. Removing the morass of red tape and dysfunction would help too. But really, we need a national identity back, and until that time, people will move in frenzied activity to distract from the lurking suspicion that their civilization is falling apart just as Rome did.

EpiPen, The Religion of Progress and The Price of Delusion


Modern Amerika is a paradise for the rent-seeker. The rent-seeker looks for practitioners of the solipsistic fallacy. The rent-seeker seeks these self-centered individuals and picks them off. Health care is where the rent-seeker grows positively sleek at the buffet of solipsistic folly. Health care is where the delusional Amerikan tendency to brand anything they want as a right reaches a peak.

People will piously speak of their faith in Progress with regards to health care in a way that befuddles those of us not so deluded. Meghan McArdle writes of these poor, benighted snake-handles of Progressivism below.

‘The health of Americans should not be a profit center. Health care is a right. Full stop.’ That comes from the Twitter feed of personal finance writer Helaine Olen.

Now Helaine’s proclamation sounds reassuring if your five-year-old girl is running a fever of 102. It makes a certain relieving sense if you’ve just learned your elderly mom has stage three stomach cancer. This sentiment only repels me when I step back from my personal angst and pain over various medical maladies. Words have meanings and the meanings of these words come freighted with unintended consequences that can prove ungodly.

If Barack I declares something a God-breathed right, then United States Marines are expected to willingly die any time we Amerikans aren’t getting enough of our right. If that right is to an unlimited supply of unobtainium, then it properly isn’t a very bright idea to visit your recruiter and volunteer for Paris Island. When that particular right cannot even be objectively surmised in specific terms, it might as well involve unicorns, pixies and a pot full of unobtainium at the end of a cheery, imaginary rainbow.

Healthcare isn’t the most specifiable right. The requirement varies with every diverse individual. The general intellectual concept of health care as a right involves equality of outcome absent any similarity in initial case-by-case baseline. None of us need a single day at Med School to comprehend that not even Dr. Ben Carson can offer you that deal.

But there is always some guy who will tell you he can. This Gnosticism is the devil’s opportunity. Old Scratch just has to tuck that pair of horns under a snappy fedora and find somewhere to stash the cloven hooves and tail. Then he’s right in the front door doing business with Faustus.

It was the Robin Cook novel Coma that featured a villainous physician describing America’s hospitals as the cathedrals of our age. When people collaborate to build a cathedral1 the project seeks to venerate an ideal. The object of veneration here is deified progress. Progress so unstoppable, so ineffable, so complete that the veil of death is torn down and all the crazy superstitions are debunked. To logically and scientifically conquer death is to ascend. It is to kill God in a manner Nietzsche could never have foretold or even imagined.

Immortality, like Faustus’ deal with Mephistopheles comes at a price. It’s a price we don’t like paying, but reality collects. When we borrow against reality’s good graces via delusion, it sends over Carmine “The Spider” Baggadonutz to collect. “The Spider” in our healthcare fanstasyland is the rent-seeker pharamceutical firm. These guys see the dirty end of health care and see it the way all practical professionals see their field of employment.

They see it as a cutt-throat game of poker. When money goes down on the table, they are commissioned by their shareholders with a mandate. That mandate is to seize that money by any means available. In some cases, they carry this waghaltery out with a cheerily obscene elan.

And if you are put off by Martin Shkreli mansplaining this sort of things, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch shows us how it feels to have your wallet handi-vacced with a more feminine touch. She has seized upon her firm’s EpiPen monopoly and totally turned the screw allergy patients.

The drug has risen in price to around $600 from about $100 in 2009, according to medical literature and GoodRx, which lists drug prices at various pharmacies. But Bresch made no apologies for such pricing: ‘I am running a business,’ she told The New York Times. ‘I am a for-profit business. I am not hiding from that.’

Heather Bresch and Martin Shkreli just went in harder and did more damage. This has been an ongoing trend in the pharmaceutical industry at least since 2007. This slide from a presentation I did at work a couple of years back draws on research done by Bloomberg News and puts it in perspective contra the rate of inflation imagined by The US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Drug Prices2

Reality dictates that healthcare consists of a complex bundle of varying goods and services. It will vary as each of us varies as a human being. The outcomes will vary. The prices will vary. The requirements will vary. There is no intelligible process by which we can guarantee it to every citizen as a fundamental right. This belief is delusional.

Every delusion has its price. That price of delusion currently manifests in the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals. Heather Bresch and Martin Shkreli make handy Immanuel Goldsteins for Amerika’s INGSOC, yet neither is the root cause of expensive, inefficient American Healthcare. That is the price for sinful, foolish belief in the heresy of Deified Progress that pervades much of our declining Republic.

1 Apologies to Moldbug, but I speak of the actual physical edifice in this piece…

The Anti-Society: The Alt Right Is Tired Of Living In Mordor


As the Alt Right reflects on its recent rise to prominence, a battle has emerged for defining the group. Its constituent components — white nationalists, libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists — are each asserting their beliefs in an effort to shape the understanding of the Alt Right.

The problem with this approach is that it fights on the surface, and fails to look at the motivation behind the rise of the Alt Right, and more importantly, its acceptance outside the margins of political discussion.

Racial problems will not go away, Leftists will not stop until they go Full Communist, and the media cabal running our nations intends to harm us.

From a thirty thousand foot view, the rise of the Alt Right is not perplexing: Leftism had seventy years in the time between the end of World War II and the present day to make good on its promises. As the economy, hampered by undue regulation and a massive subsidy state, cratered in the 2000s, normal people who previously had accepted the high costs and mounting red tape because they did not impact daily life, started to get nervous.

We could afford to buy off minority grievance groups, deal with the government-created positions like diversity officers, and shoulder the extra expense of buying homes in gated communities, paying for private security and medical care, and the lowered wages that come with distribution-oriented states.

We could grumble and throw vegetables at the television (do not waste pizza pockets expressing discontent; they are more valuable than cigarettes in prisons, rumor has it) when the latest Leftist outrage explodes across the screen. These things seemed like small outrages that were irritating but did not obstruct our quest for happy, fulfilling lives.

At this point, however, we have seen enough of the path ahead to realize that it heads down the mountain and not to another peak. Racial problems will not go away, Leftists will not stop until they go Full Communist, and the media cabal running our nations intends to harm us. “Normal” life is actually toxic.

When that realization hits, people can no longer just float along and go with the flow. Instead, they face a choice between becoming complicit in the destruction, and resisting, which involves being called lots of nasty names by PC SJWs and their analogues in media, government and industry.

Once the individual has made it to that point, suddenly the whole ball of rationalizations and justifications that allows the modern time to exist will unravel. We start realizing how much this society is unlikeable, but we are afraid to criticize it because everything else seems so much worse. And who says so? Oops: that media cabal.

At this point, however, we have seen enough of the path ahead to realize that it heads down the mountain and not to another peak.

The grim truth is that the reason European-descended peoples are not reproducing at replacement rates is that life in the West has become horrible, and it has been that way for some time. T.S. Eliot told us when he wrote “The Hollow Men” and Wild Bill Faulkner revealed the decay in books like Sanctuary. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrated the breakdown in Tender Is The Night, and Ernest Hemingway pulled back the curtain on existential misery with The Sun Also Rises. Even recent books like Don Delillo’s White Noise, or movies like Fight Club and Melancholia, show us what we know in the gut but cannot articulate: living in this world is a soulless hell where most people behave like passive-aggressive demons, cloaking cruelty and a lust for power behind political correctness and politeness.

Every aspect of this society is designed to break out spirits and make us into zombie automatons:

  • Jobs are jails. Jobs have two disturbing characteristics: first, you are judged by appearance, which mostly works against you; second, all but a very small portion of what you do is unnecessary, pointless, CYA, pro-forma, make-work or otherwise nonsense. You are being cucked every second of the day as they force you to do useless stuff and be judged for it, with the people who gladly gulp down the most feces being the ones they promote. On top of that, the workplace is a Petri dish for bad behavior, including snide passive aggression and sadistic peer pressure to conform to a lowest common denominator that is not only stupid but boring. Jobs wreck souls. Jobs instill hopelessness. Jobs make dads come home and pound on their kids.

  • Cities are miserable. Cities are the tragedy of the commons: they reward those who externalize negatives and take as much as possible for themselves, then retreat to gated communities where they ignore their neighbors. Cities are isolating, and anonymous, which encourages bad behavior by removing responsibility. Cities have a culture of the ego because nothing else remains: God, culture, heritage, community and intellect have been removed because they are impedients to equality. This leaves only a giant shopping mall where people have nothing in common but a desire to find the best price before anyone else does.

  • Assumptions rule us. In order to make other people think positively of us, we must adopt and promote certain assumptions that are chosen because they inspire the group to stay together and behave less sociopathically than normal. These assumptions — equality, diversity, sex parity, the importance of each and every one of us as a special snowflake, the basic goodness of people — go against both observable reality and what we can learn from history, as well as the conclusions of most great literature and religious texts. We are living inside of a lie and if we admit that the Emperor has no clothes, we will be destroyed by public opinion in a modern-day version of a witch-hunt. This also destroys people by cucking, forcing them to accept lies as truth and then to wave the banner of submission to these obviously nonsensical ideas.

Cities have a culture of the ego because nothing else remains: God, culture, heritage, community and intellect have been removed because they are impedients to equality.
  • Horrible aesthetics and ergonomics. Modern architecture is ugly. All modern design — known as “utilitarian” — is, because it aims at the lowest common denominator of human experience and tries to reduce costs while remaining impervious to the constant crime, vandalism and abuse that objects and buildings suffer in a modern society. Everything is dumbed down so that its audience potential widens. Our mass culture is complete garbage, not just licentious and idiotic, but also boring once one gets past the gee-whiz factor of car crashes, promiscuous sex and violence. Our politicians and pundits repeat obvious one-dimensional lies, and people feel witty for choosing one lie over the other. People dedicate huge parts of their lives to purposefully meaningless activities like watching sports and playing video games. The void is all around us, but we have invited it in.

  • Crushing guilt. This does not refer to the false guilt over civil rights events from a century ago, nor interpersonal guilt that crops up now and again and might be taken seriously if we thought other people were in any way sincere. We have actual guilt: for being useless and purposeless, for growing our population to the point of threatening our natural world, for extinction of species, for constant pollution that does not break down, for all the lies we tell and all the actual issues we duck by using those lies. Most of all, we do nothing that makes us actually respect ourselves; people do not take risks, in an actual sense, and they achieve nothing of positive change because their hands are tied by precedent and appearances. We are useless fat blobs sitting on sofas and clicking like/dislike buttons on our glorified televisions.

In short, we are living in Mordor: a concealed wasteland that we do not recognize because our hearts are as ruined as it is, ruled by overlords obsessed with power for its own sake, fighting wars to destroy the remaining good in the world because just seeing it makes us feel terrible about ourselves. We live in an age of insanity, where existential stress is the norm as we try to rationalize our pointless and psychologically miserable lives, enduring tedium, ugliness and stupidity for the sake of “succeeding” at a game where no one wins but the pathologically vicious and parasitic.

In short, we are living in Mordor: a concealed wasteland that we do not recognize because our hearts are as ruined as it is.

That is what the Alt Right rebels against: we want a different society; perhaps one with meaning, purpose, reverence and some sense of the sacred. We want to live for something more than material convenience; we want our deeds to matter, and our moral character to be important. None of this can happen under the current society because it has obliterated the concept of inner differences between people through the dogma of equality.

From this perspective, we can see that the political agenda of the Alt Right is just the vestibule. A vast citadel lies beyond, with a penetralia composed of a desire for a life of significance, elegance and strong existential orientation toward the good. We are tired of living in Mordor, and we aim to peel it like an onion, starting with the outer political layers and working inward to culture, philosophy, religion, and the concealed soul of our people.

The rise of the Alt Right is not just a significant event in Western politics, but a turning point for Western society. What looked like Heaven has been revealed to be in fact, Hell, and we want no more of it. The only way to escape Hell is to point ourselves toward Heaven, and stop asking what we can get away with, but embark on a plan to bring out the best in everything all of the time.

The Race Card And Cowardly White Conservatives


Jonah Goldberg has a problem with the liberal media. He has just recently become concerned that they have a credibility problem. He has finally figured out they are too liberal to do their assigned job – after over a decade of writing for National Cuckview. His nauseating queefage follows below:

Every election cycle, the GOP nominee is smeared as a racist by the Democrats or the press — or both. Representative John Lewis of Georgia trades in a bit more of his hard-earned moral authority each time he insinuates that the GOP nominee is like George Wallace or wants to bring back Jim Crow, and political columnists relinquish a bit more of their claim to objectivity each time they let his comments pass without condemnation or criticism.

So essentially, Jonah’s vaginal eructation issues stem from the total inability for the MSM to properly use the race card to ru-ru the electoral prospects of a Republican candidate for president. Remember when we were all suppossed to swallow our misgivings and vote like it mattered for Mitt Romney and John McCain? Jonah doesn’t. When he has to eat the ideological crap sandwich for the party, Kameraen, it’s different. Then, the same MSM that indulged in amateur gynecology over Sarah Palin’s pregnancy in 2008 now has a credibility problem.

You see, Jonah and his Cuckservative compatriots, are rabbits. They feed off a different clover patch than the Sandernistas, but they are still the numerous, sub-optimal products of the r-style reproductive strategy gone Supa-Fly. And as rabbits, they cannot stand up to the predators. They get eaten. When Jonah hits the beach and the Great White Shark hits the shallows, his defense against this misfortune is to swim faster than the unfortunate swimmer next to him.

Robert Tracinski displays similar behavior in his efforts to throw The ALt-Right under the #BlackLivesMatter Bus so that they can go back to lapping up the cuck like a good little trained loyal “opposition.” The paragraph cited below is what greasy, congealing cuck truly smells like.

Hey, lefties, we finally found your racists for you. For as long as I can remember, people like me—by which I mean advocates of capitalism and free markets and freedom of speech—have been accused by the left of being secret racists who pine for the gold old days of the antebellum South. Tiresome stuff like this. Then along comes a group of actual, declared racists who really do pine for the antebellum South, and who is one of the main targets of their invective? People like me.

Poor, Little Robert The Rabbit. That big, bad wolf on the Alt-Right is targeting him. Caucasoid, Please! He tells the world the following about the Alt-Right.

The alt-right isn’t part of the intellectual traditions of the American right, nor is it an alternative to anything. It’s just the same old white-sheet set, repackaged with red “Make America Great Again” golf caps. They’re serving as ignorant tools of the left, and they should be exposed as such.

It sucks when people do evil, racist things like stereotype.

So that brings us back around to Jonah Goldberg’s whinging. He, Kevin Williamson and much of the rest of the “respectable” conservative online presence have been playing the race card since the first hand of this season’s electoral campaigns. If the “Trump is racist” storyline is losing potency, its because anyone listening has heard all before. And then again. Repetitively.

There are only so many race cards in the standard 52-card deck. Once your magazine has published “The Father Führer” you’ve played your card. The bridge game is on to the next hand. Jonah, Robert Tracinski, and the rest of the conservatives Amerika has lost with for the past eight years are now fully aware they’ve overbid their hands and are about to get Trumped and lose the rubber.

I Saw The Berlin Wall

Unlike most people who are blogging today, I saw the Berlin wall.

I saw the barbed wire, the machine guns, the cameras and the Stasi waiting for an excuse to shoot someone.

People float in this world of suburban and urban conveniences, selectively forgetting the bad…

I cannot.

I saw where the blood stained the concrete.

I saw where Germans shot Germans, for nothing more than ideology.

I will never trust the Left, because I know their endgame is always guillotines, gulags and shoot on sight.

Who else can say this?

Cool = Cuck


How did modern society become so cucked?

The root of cuck is that you see something that you should care about, and notice that it is being savaged, and do nothing about it. You humiliate and abase yourself to avoid noticing what is wrong because noticing things that are wrong will interrupt your personal individualism, or desire to put yourself before all else.

Individualism ties inevitably with convenience, or the process of taking the path of least resistance. Acting toward personal pleasure, wealth and social status is always convenient, but asserting and acting toward goals higher than the individual never is.

This leads us to the origin of “cuck” or embracing known evils in order to advance oneself socially, in a career, or in politics. In a dying civilization, most people cuck because the other option is to admit that something really big is wrong. That is a scary, ambiguous and dangerous path and most flee from it.

By the time an empire falls, it has rotted from within; what rots it from within is an inherent human tendency toward solipsism, which in groups becomes “collectivized individualism” or Crowdism. This individualism originates in the desire to be “cool,” or do what is convenient.

One view of history is that humanity has faced many different crises in the past. However, most of these appear to be internal or related to difficulty in maintaining organization. Applying Occam’s Razor, that suggests that common human pathologies are most likely the culprit, such as individualism.

We know that in groups, humans tend to band together on the idea of equality (which translates into no hierarchy of ability, equal acceptance) and then seize power, erasing the past knowledge as they do so. This pattern repeats as a cycle: civilization rises, population grows, neurotics assemble, equality appears and the decline begins.

My theory, which is Spenglerian/Platonic, is that most of what we see now is the result of many thousands of cycles of smaller civilization-deaths. Local areas and regional governments succumb most frequently, but whole empires eventually catch the disease and fall apart.

In each case, those create a bottleneck that pushes a population out and away from the failed areas. The majority of the population however continue focus on being “cool,” and so when the ruins fall in dust, what is left is a highly social population that is very verbally adept, good at art and dancing, and generally excellent at socializing.

Since the West is in the middle of this process, we see mostly the “cool” that comes of never dedicating oneself to anything larger than the individual. This manifests as “cuck” because people are unwilling to reject the cool and strive for what is less socially successful but more accurate.

A backlash against cool, by seeing it as the province of the inept, may begin by seeing “cool” as a compensatory behavior similar to the “sour grapes” of fairy tale lore: those who cannot make anything of themselves focus on being big cheeses in the social scene instead of achieving something in reality.

Our media, cultural and arts industries have driven themselves insane pursuing the “cool” because it ultimately has no aesthetic except narcissism. Similarly, as politicians try to be more popular, they are forced to reduce their positions to pitching convenience to an apathetic public.

When those in authority try to bow to “cool,” they create a tyranny of the rebellious attitude that tears down any meaning larger than that of the individual. Instead of being current, or staying in touch with youth, this should be viewed as what it is: concession to decay.

Just You And The Universe


One of these Friday nights, you will find yourself in the Texas hill country, looking up at a vast black sky speckled with stars. At that moment, you will understand the essence of the human condition: total, complete and all-encompassing isolation.

You are alone on this journey. When you duck back into that dive bar and talk to Dave about his band and Phil about his media company, you are sharing in an illusion that any of that is anything more than a means to spend time and derive sustenance. It has no greater importance. At the end of the night, Dave and Phil (like you) go home to wait for death, and to hope that the time they are spending has somehow offset the inexorable onrushing emptiness.

No matter how many symbols or activities we invent, we are alone with our nihilism at some point. The big questions — eternity, meaning, purpose, value — strike us from out of invisible corners where they hid. The fears and doubts rise with nothing to blot them out or distract us. We are alone, as we were born, and as we shall die.

The complexity arises because there is overlap between the false social world and this cosmos of nothingness. We need something to do to keep the bucks flowing, and some activities to pleasantly spend or time or even better to derive meaning from. The social world is just the appearance of these, based on the illusion that if a whole group of people are doing something, it is more eternal than the eternal, which is both void and mystery.

Our social groups are empty, our governments and awards transient. Celebrity is isolation even now, because the celebrity is the most recognized and least known person on earth. Fame and notoriety are equally hollow. There is nothing here, nothing that lasts, except what you discover in union with the cosmos.

Even truth is a lie. There are universal aspects to reality, but no universal truth, because truth requires a perceiver — and unless that perceiver is intelligent, moral enough to be diligently honest, and fascinated by the world in which he finds himself, he will hover around the lower levels of perception. What he finds cannot be communicated, only experienced, and then enforced on others by the sword and axe (or FN FAL for you sticklers).

Embrace the nihilism. Total emptiness. Total nothingness. Except for you, your mind, and whatever reality you can discern. This gives rise to the question of how to give your life meaning, as you will be gifting yourself with significance to existence by making choices. None are inherent; all are optional, entirely preferential, on the level of aesthetics more than morality.

Are you a great warrior? A thinker, an artist, a steward, a king? You must shape yourself through self-discipline and the choices you make. You will be a creator, not a consumer. As part of that, you will want to adapt to your environment and then, being consistent with the principles of that adaptation, gradually improve your lot.

This necessarily includes civilization. Humans evolved by tribe and tool, and are dependent on a civilization for their ideas to take root. You can communicate or improve things, or even point civilization in an ascendant direction rather than its default of decay. In this, you have the power to use creative energies to not only leave a legacy, but to feel the significance of sacrifice and excellence.

Civilization is not complex. The way to do it right is well known, as over 6,000 years of recorded history only one approach has made civilizations that not only survive but thrive. However the basics are easy. Life rewards in degrees, not binaries, and so mediocrity alone guarantees survival.

This points you to a fascinating study. If mediocrity is enough, why do civilizations fail? Look to a biological metaphor: parasites draw away energy and resources and this then conveys the civilization into senescence. The question of life is not one of positivity, but of negativity: those who thrive are the ones who suppress the negative, leave the mediocre, and celebrate the excellent so more of it arrives.

In your life, you can see the same thing. Mediocre behaviors waste time and foreclose possibilities, but negative behaviors sabotage prospects. It is the same in civilization. There are normal people, some excellent and most mediocre, and then those who engage in behaviors that sap the vitality of civilization. To succeed, a society must oppress and exile those people in imitation of Darwinian natural selection.

This seems unduly grim. An empty universe, a humanity of failures, a seemingly impossible task. And yet, this is the only canvas on which many great people have found it stimulating enough to paint. It is a backdrop for the greatness of the human mind, harnessed by self-discipline and realism, and it will not abolish the emptiness but will make life a bright enough light that the darkness is kept in balance.

Great Summary Of The Alternative Right


From Alternative Right, a summary of the alt right:

Equality is bullshit. Hierarchy is essential. The races are different. The sexes are different. Morality matters and degeneracy is real. All cultures are not equal and we are not obligated to think they are. Man is a fallen creature and there is more to life than hollow materialism. Finally, the white race matters, and civilisation is precious. This is the Alt-Right.