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DiversityWatch (April 28, 2024)


  • Texas Attracted California Techies. Now It’s Losing Thousands of Them.

    California techies found out that high property taxes are the equivalent of a state income tax, high diversity means many problems, and the Austin “miracle” is solely the result of massive amounts of government cash flowing through the political and educational organizations in Austin. Another liberal paradise falls, but liberals are individualists, so they are happiest when everything around them is failing.

  • The Tech Baron Seeking to “Ethnically Cleanse” San Francisco

    Indian fellow shocks luvvy Americans by promoting neoreactionary patchwork and the extermination of all Leftists worldwide. Then again, this would vault humanity into a new age of mental maturity, even if patchwork is just exurbs with HOAs that start libertarian and therefore only have a sixty-year lifespan before the usual morons vote them into neocommunism.

  • Civil War Movie: What Kind of American Are You?

    He separates “real Americans” who can embrace dark pluralism from “snowflake Americans” who are so Politically Correct that they can only discuss how great neocommunism is. In the end, his point is that the former can built a first-world society, but the latter will only make a third-world one.

  • Columbia students once rallied against Nazis — now they cheer for them

    “Conservatives” are trying to retcon the 1960s and 1860s into the founding history of America in order to preserve diversity. Not surprisingly, this produces ideological chaos and demoralizes everyone, which is why conservatives are ineffectual. Diversity killed conservatism; that was always the goal. The Columbia students are the ideological inheritors of the Frankfurt School, the Jacobins, the Soviets, the Haitian Revolution, Che Guevara, and everyone else who is egalitarian and favors the third-world way over the first-world way. This is our next war: third world versus first world. The Nazis, for all of their faults and stupidities, tried to stop this. Jews, Italians, Greeks, Irish, and Hispanics are just pissed that since egalitarianism desires equality — which can only be created by taking from the stronger, richer, healthier, and smarter and transfering that wealth, power, and status to the weaker, poorer, sicker, and lower average IQ — it has now removed their victim status because it has found a browner or yellower impoverished group, and is now taking from them like it took from The Kings, The Rich, and The Anglos and allowing the third world to similarly tear them down. What you sow, you reap, hwites. You loved the victimhood agenda when it was going to toss out the WASPs but now that a bigger victim than you has been found, you are finally seeing how egalitarianism destroys everything that rises above the mediocre, like all human social group action do.

  • The Out-of-Touch Democratic Elites

    They are not out-of-touch; they are pursuing ideology, which is opposite to reality. Nature does not need ideology. Humans want ideology because they do not like how things turn out in nature. Therefore, ideology must “fix” nature — a type of tikkun olam, potlatch, or Good Samaritan impulse — which means that first, ideology must ignore and then replace reality. Nature produced reality; humans ignore reality, then are surprised when their plans do not work out. This is the basis of all good comedic tragedy. Hubris is individualism is equality is liberalism. Avoid it or your civilization turns into a diverse grey race third world ruin.

  • David Brooks: We Are A Nation, Democracy In Decline

    Mr Brooks wrote a book so insightful that Google dropped it from its search listings for Amerika, BOBOs in Paradise, which described how hwites booted the WASPs and made a “meritocracy” that rewarded education and not moral character or common sense. He was too polite to point out that America succeeded over post-monarchy Europe because unlike the bureaucracy in Europe, the American frontier rewarded the pioneer spirit and the ability to actually do stuff in reality instead of shilling, selling, and filling out paperwork. As part of the hwite conquest himself — Jews like Greeks, Italians, Irish, Slavs, and higher-caste Arabs are just Whites with admixture from Asian, African, and sometimes Australid races — he cannot face the fact yet: diversity destroyed America, and the 14A forced it upon us.

  • More than 20 sexual predators are jailed for total of 346 years after eight young girls were raped, abused and trafficked in West Yorkshire​

    Following the panic over Fear of Some Racism (FoSR) in Rotherham and Rochdale, we have another round of race warfare disguised as sex crimes. Rape is a weapon of war; the point is to subjugate, demoralize, and miscegenate the majority population so that it can be replaced.

  • No ‘time for games’: Houston mayor addresses Lina Hidalgo snub

    New mayor distances himself from the diversity squad of Sylvester Turner and Lina Hidalgo who ruled the city with an iron hand and stole everything that they could, not even wanting to be photographed with them lest they taint his career on their way into federal prison on fraud charges. Hidalgo was instrumental in the 2020 election certification process in Harris County, one of the disputed districts in the dubious election.

  • Irish government wants to return asylum seekers to UK

    Everyone is trying to ditch the immigrants because they realize that letting them in will destroy not just their economies but daily life. Diversity at the 20% point becomes so destructive that even normies notice it and slowly react. (These are the same people who enjoy fast food, American television, and the French Revolution, so you have to say things very slowly, use small words, and wait for centuries because their little brains have only one hamster on the wheel.)

  • ADL accuses Ilhan Omar of ‘blood libel’ for labeling Jewish students ‘pro-genocide’ or ‘anti-genocide’

    Diversity-on-diversity conflict is part of the nature of diversity. When you invite warring groups into your country, their problems become your problems. The average White and hwite voter slept through this obvious risk for a century and a half. In the long run, Jews are going to get BTFO on this issue because the entire third world is united against them, and they vote, which matters because there are more of them. Money cannot stop the destructive advancement of democracy. For kicks, you rarely get a better statement of victimhood competition than the new diversity-on-diversity lawsuits.

  • Dozens in Italy give a fascist salute on the anniversary of Mussolini’s execution

    How cute, they think another modern system will save them from modernity. Overthrowing your kings was a mistake, proles, and until you admit that, there is no hope for you. Democracy will not limit democracy in order to preserve intangibles like culture, nature, and race.

  • Iraq: US, UK condemn bill criminalizing homosexuality

    Most people in the middle east are probably like most people everywhere else: they are accepting of homosexuality as long as it keeps itself out of sight. We do not mind backstreet oyster bars, dance clubs, and flophouses. However, since the other 98% of the population are focused on biological reproduction, we need it to keep itself quiet. We hate bullies and generally see people who bully homosexuals as weak and unstable. We do not mind if our friends or neighbors are quietly homosexual. We simply do not care and, in the way that humans have been since the dawn of time, accept them for who they are and treat them as individuals not categories. Any group that wants to persecute homosexuals is telegraphing weakness and will fail. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and even the Nazis knew when to simply smile and nod before going on their way. Only democracy could make LGBT+ into a flagship issue, which has prompted the third world to turn against it. A lot of lisping young Arabs are going to get thrown off buildings because of Western status signaling.

  • NJ’s ban on immigrant detention centers challenged in fiery lawsuit as $100M contract hangs in balance

    Immigration is big money. Big taxpayer money, that is. Every sane society wants to avoid having immigrant detention centers anywhere near it, since the best people do not leave their nations for free stuff on other shores.

  • German far-right coup plot trial to begin

    These guys recognize at least that democracy is a part of the problem, but are unwilling to go furthest Right toward aristocracy and organic culture. Half solutions are often worse than no solution.

  • Arrest of vandalism suspect who allegedly targeted Hong Kong ethnic minority families sparks calls for better education on inclusiveness

    Diversity is a problem literally everywhere it is tried, no matter what the races involved are. Majorities dislike diversity, and the diversity tries to destroy the majorities. The only way to win is not to play.

  • Does RFK Jr pose more of a threat to Trump or Biden?

    People who are okay with voting Biden have no reason to switch to RFKjr. He is here to steal the QAnon vote or something like it, and he is sponsored by the East Coast Irish political machine like all of the Kennedys. Like No Labels, RFKjr is a weapon against Trump sponsored by wealthy pro-diversity forces.

  • Kamala Harris suggests sexism is to blame for criticism of her cackle

    If you are from a protected group, the talisman-scapegoat dichotomy applies. Anything that you are given is never enough to feed the talisman, and any criticism of you must be the result of the scapegoat.

  • What is a ‘halal mortgage’? Does it make housing more accessible?

    Some religions prohibit usury and work around it with elaborate methods. Thanks to diversity, you now have more red tape than ever before.

  • Portugal says no plans to pay colonial reparations

    Never apologize! The instant you do, you set yourself on the hook for constant grift that will never end. You will pay this year, and then next year, the hands will come out again. The third world is a void which will always demand as much money as you can give it and then promptly waste it. This is why it is the third world; colonialism did not do this to them; they were poor, disorganized, and dysfunctional long before Europeans arrived. Note: most of the third world is mixed-race.

  • The Death of Gutenberg

    “Is the rise of digital media causing the fall of literacy?” ask conservatives, desperately trying to find some reason other than DEADS for the failure of the West. No, dear hearts, it is exactly what you would expect. The last really big change you made, namely diversity, has destroyed you. It removes culture and alienates people. The publishing industry is dying because it can no longer market to one big demographic, and instead is divided up into special interests. None of these have enough traction to make any real successes anymore, so consumers are faced with an endless stream of fungible “okay” but no greats. People are not going to bother with that, and most of the nü-Americans have no interest in literacy anyway. As the average IQ plummets into the mid-90s, we will be a nation-state of television watchers not readers.

  • Yale professor accuses Columbia prez Shafik of plagiarism, ‘intellectual theft’ in resurfaced 1994 research paper

    Adopt diversity and you get third-world standards of academic honesty. The third world is what happens when you have a committee of as many people as you have citizens; there is no unity, so you cannot have functional institutions or standards because that clashes with the individualism. Instead, they view society as something which must be scammed to get ahead and congratulate themselves on cheating on entrance exams, faking CVs, and plagiarizing from others. The third world is an averaging of things — genetics, culture, individuals — into a grey race of NPCs. The few who do not get sucked into the ruin are like the readers of this site, dissident realists alienated from everything around them.

  • UN Security Council concerned over ethnically-based killings in Sudan’s North Darfur

    More diversity warfare breaks out where different groups meet. The obvious solution, separating the groups, never occurs to us because it violates our pretenses of human/civil rights.

  • Macron ready to ‘open debate’ on nuclear European defence

    Bureaucrats believe that they can seize power without consequences. A denuclearized Europe makes sense because it is too close to Russia-China for either side to have sufficient early warning. This means that both sides will be making split-second decisions to retaliate or not. MAD worked because with the USA across the sea, there was enough time to anticipate attacks and therefore, time enough to check false threats. Even then, we came close to the technological sun erasing all of us several times. Think carefully here Europe; Macron just wants more power. He does not care about the consequences outside of winning elections and raising taxes.

  • Don Lemon says DEI has ‘gone too far’ in the media: ‘It’s become a religion’

    Even some of the diversity have realized that the pursuit of diversity will eat this civilization alive. The only way out is remigration.

  • Air pollution and depression linked with heart disease deaths in middle-aged adults

    We told you that climate change was a spook and that the real problem is overpopulation. The more humans you have, the more pollution you will have. If we end immigration now and send back the diversity, America will be at a stable population which can drive V-8s, smoke cigars, and have big refrigerators without significant environmental impact. Bringing in another couple hundred million non-WASPs pushed us over the edge. With Half Earth, we can stop worrying about “green” dishwashers, recycling condoms, and eating bugs. Without it, we will have to live in little cubicles and eat soylent green in order to continue the pretense of avoiding The Ecocide.

  • Faculty at historically black Morehouse College revolt over Biden commencement invite — some refuse to sit with President

    Banning menthols has consequences. In reality, African-Americans have figured out that Biden and the Obama-Clinton Democrats want to replace Blacks with Hispanics and other Asians. All the pandering was just drama and distraction to hide what was really going on.

  • Teenager describes chaos at launch of Channel deaths boat

    When you let human rights replace common sense, you cannot enforce citizenship and have de facto open borders, which encourages people to sneak in via the cheapest methods possible, resulting in deaths. If you let any in, more will come, and more will die.



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