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DiversityWatch (April 30, 2024)


  • Wealthy white Louisiana residents win right to form their own city and split from poorer black neighborhoods in landmark court ruling after a 10-year battle

    As diversity reveals itself, which happens once it hits over 20% in any society, people are fleeing from it. Their tax money pays for them to have more kids than replacement rate, which is how you get a wealthier, saner, healthier, and more civil society: you breed more people who are capable and moral. The middle classes are now trying to escape diversity like any other form of social ill and are retreating to enclaves. This is common throughout the third world as well. You live in a dysfunctional society, but run back to your safe bourgeois home. The problem is that then your society is incompetent and the value of your stake decreases steadily over time. Who wants to live in Mexico, Iraq, Vietnam, Russia, or Haiti? Only those who support diversity.

  • Could Trump Unlock Longer-Term GOP Presidential Success?

    Conservatives gave up on race and class long ago. Now they defend a system. The system is the people who administer it and vote in it. There is no path to GOP victory, or victory for anyone sane, until the diversity voting problem is fixed through remigration.

  • What 10 Years of Meddling in Ukraine Have Wrought

    Again conservatives confuse “previous administrations botched this effort” with “this effort is inherently bad.” Look to results: a free Ukraine provides for a healthier world, even if the Clinton-Biden-Obama team screwed up every chance it had. They did that to everything else, too, but we do not see conservatives bravely speaking up about that. Instead they resort to xenophobia; in their view, Ukraine is foreign so that is bad, but domestic socialism (anti-poverty) and permanent Leftism (diversity) programs are just fine because the consultants say you cannot criticize those. Trump got ahead by ignoring the consultants, who are basically failed literature majors pretending to be experts. We face two futures: becoming a third world ruin, or doubling down on what once made the first world rise above the rest. Mexico or Finland? We cannot make all political questions any clearer than that. Realists say look at results; if you end up being more like Mexico or Russia, your plan has failed; if you end up being more like Finland or Japan, your plan has succeeded.

  • SCOTUS Is Last Bulwark Against Critical Legal Studies

    For a century and a half, mostly “justified” by the 14A, SCOTUS and other courts have steadily pushed us to the Left. Our current Court, instead of being rapidly Rightist as the press alleges, has simply returned us to the Constitution as it was written and intended, which is a government that limits itself and forces people to fix their own petty problems instead of subsidizing those problems. The founding fathers would have seen the current mixture of socialism and race quotas as an abomination.

  • Everything’s a cult now

    They blame the end of “monoculture” on the internet; in reality, diversity means you cannot have a culture because you have to accept all of the differing attitudes of multiple cultures. We have anti-culture now: a system based on permissiveness instead of moral standards. This is what always happens with diversity. Your culture dies and gets replaced by “me first” bourgeois individualism, at which point people use each other — politically, economically, sexually, socially — because all that matters is what each individual can do for his or her own comfort, convenience, and wealth. When culture dies, only commerce and ideology remain.

  • What To Do When You’re Canceled

    Cancel culture is inherent to diversity. American Jews just figured this out when the third world mob turned on them; the BLM protests took on a new form as the Palestine protests. With diversity, you have no common standards, so in panic people remove anyone who points out that the system is failing, however unintentionally. That allows everyone to settle their ruffled feathers and go back to ignoring the elephants in the room. The essence of Political Correctness is making methods taboo; if a method does not support “just keep doing the same thing and hope for a better outcome” it becomes taboo, which means that any conversation can consist only of things that support the Regime. That in turn effects control of language which limits and therefore controls thinking. In that way, the powers that be can look out and see a lack of dissent, therefore conclude that their plans are succeeding, and because of that, avoid any risky decisions like changing course. This is why societies when they start down the path of decay do not deviate from it until it is too late.

  • Kenneth Rogoff welcomes economists’ recent reassessment of the costs and benefits of public borrowing

    Distilling a lot of words into simple English: heavy debt is finally hurting first world economies. This means that socialism has finally run out of Other People’s Money and for us to rebuild, we need to start saving. That means an end to all those nice welfare states. That will detonate the diversity bomb and set off the next round of civil wars and most likely at least one world war.

  • Poland should receive nuclear weapons, says Lithuanian president

    The Russian regime is not good; however, whatever else is going to arise in that impoverished and unstable country will also be not good. Ukraine should be free, and Europe needs to arm against the Asiatic Incursion II, but putting nuclear weapons on the Russian border is a provocation that will beget the same response that stationing nuclear weapons in Cuba did from the Americans back in the 1960s. What Poland needs is a strong conventional defense, but like most of Europe, it will have to remove its socialist welfare state in order to have that. We told you socialism was suicide, but voters love free stuff because they are morons.

  • Rwanda must halt ‘support’ for M23 rebels, withdraw troops from DR Congo, says Macron

    Colonialism ended, eh? Could have fooled me. The West can intervene in order to avoid crisis, but it is stepping over the line of African autonomy here. If you want a prosperous Africa, let Africans decide what they want an implement it.

  • US says Israeli army units violated human rights

    More meddling on behalf of Christian voters who want to see an apocalypse in Israel so we all get raptured; as you were told here before, metaphysical dualism — the idea of a humanist morally-perfect Heaven and Good versus an Earth which is unfair and Evil — resembles mental illness. The West needs to stop its meddling especially because things are not going so well in the West. The consultants say that we need to prop up Israel in order to be a bulwark against the BRICS, but Israel has no problem working with China, so they must be considered un-aligned. In the long picture, Israel is doing fine, having produced functional industry and a mostly-stable government (compared to the USA, EU, and UK at least). Instead the USA behaves like a rich aunt, doling out small amounts of aid in return for micromanagement and control, all because the consultants say that we must keep Israel looking good in order to appease the third world. Let Israel do what it needs to do in order to end the constant Hamas terrorism. It is not your grandmother who is getting hit by rockets fired from Lebanon, your pregnant wife who gets blown apart by overpressure on a bus by a suicide bomber, or your sons who got raped and killed at the moronic Nova techno and drugs festival. Therefore, it is not your decision to meddle here. If all the Palestinians on Earth die tomorrow, nothing good will be impeded; this is not to say that they are bad, just irrelevant as another high mutation load low-IQ population. Reward success instead of subsidizing failure, and respect the autonomy of Israel like that of Ukraine.

  • Trump threatened with jail in gag order ruling

    Free speech has become the cornerstone of the fight to restore the West because in every area of public life, certain necessary ideas cannot be spoken, written, or alluded to without provoking a heckler’s veto. Gag orders in court cases are designed to keep participants from unduly influencing the jury or leaking information that will hurt one of the parties; in this case, Trump realizes he is being tried in the court of public opinion so he is fighting back in that same court. By forcing the court to reveal its true agenda, he is winning on the campaign trail at the same time most Americans are getting tired of lawfare that they increasingly see as politically-motivated and not merely normal law enforcement. Until we can say whatever we need to in public, this society is doomed, and that means specifically all the stuff that offends and hurts feelings.

  • Astronomers’ simulations support dark matter theory

    Theory is great when it corresponds to reality, but when it merely exists to keep the previous theories consistent, it rapidly approaches creative writing. The real dark matter is how much we do not know about the universe and its origins, and our puny theories are as much projection as geocentricism or the Scopes Monkey Trial.

  • President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador are putting in place new measures to crack down on illegal migration.

    More bandaids instead of simply admitting that diversity is a problem that was created by labor unions and entitlements raising our labor costs to unsustainable levels.

  • Loneliness is not ‘just a first world problem’

    Most big human problems can never be solved, only lessened and counterbalanced by good things in other areas of life. Culture goes a long way toward eroding loneliness, but diversity abolished culture in the first world, so people are isolated. People in very rural areas will always risk loneliness and catatonia.

  • Migrants hit by high fees to send money home

    First world government money is keeping the third world afloat. End the free stuff and the whole globalist scam collapses, then the third world can focus on development of its own to whatever standards it finds desirable. Rich aunts who manipulate their families with money often end up murdered, but are always resented, which makes them double down on manipulating with money. This is not a healthy relationship for any of the parties involved.

  • France ramps up its military industry

    France sees war on the horizon. No one expects this conflict to be localized to Ukraine, and everyone expects China to kick off a new Pacific Theater war as soon as Russia distracts the West.

  • Swedish police engaged in sexual relationships with gang members and fed information leading to multiple homicides, newspaper claims

    Race-mixers are generally people with high mutation load who seek to breed with the Other in order to suppress recessive traits. Like the prison guards in the US, people of this nature in positions of power tend to become quickly compromised and leave behind mixed-race, mentally unwell offspring.

  • ‘Francocide’ — French teen stabbed to death by Afghan migrant the latest victim of ‘senseless migration policy’

    More covert race war on the streets of Europe. Diversity is working great.

  • US warns of impending ‘large-scale massacre’ in capital of Sudan’s North Darfur

    Longstanding diversity conflict turns tragic again.

  • Thousands of migrants set to be deported to Rwanda ‘have gone to Ireland’

    No one knows what to do with all these migrants. They are the equivalent of “tribbles” on Star Trek: odd little organisms that absorb energy and then reproduce, gradually filling up all available space.

  • Florida Democrats hope abortion, marijuana questions will draw young voters despite low enthusiasm

    The Democrats understand symbolism far better than the addled Right. Abortion = female choice = freedom, marijuana = youth choice = freedom, free stuff = diversity freedom, and war in Ukraine = WW2 pt II = freedom. The herd is comprised of individualists who want “freedom” but have no idea what to do with it, which is why they use it as the answer to all the questions they have no idea how to concepturalize. It is a DKE world in Democracyland.

  • Prosecutors won’t retry Arizona rancher, 75, charged with murder of Mexican national on property after hung jury

    We are getting closer to a Castle Doctrine for our society because the federal government has refused to manage the border. Even creampie-munching cuck Ike knew how to handle soft invasions.

  • Family of a Black teen who was shot after ringing the wrong doorbell files lawsuit against homeowner

    This is a Bernie Goetz case: a citizen tired of constant diversity violence determined that, next time, he was going to take decisive action. Unfortunately he did it in a case that is less than clear-cut.

  • Conservative states challenge federal rule on treatment of transgender students

    The long shadow of Obergefell v. Hodges settles on America as it turns out that SCOTUS was right about abortion by kicking it to the states, since allowing federal laws to prevail creates conflict in places that think biological gender should determine bathroom and changing room rules.

  • Study reveals voter moral justifications for politicians’ misstatements

    Survey reveals that voters rationalize political statements based on whether those statements align with the preferences of voters. In other words, logic is not going to win elections; ethnic and economic interests will.

  • Most kids are only coached by men in junior sport—women also need to be part of the picture, say researchers

    All egalitarian logic involves “disparate impact” style thinking: if there are too few of the quota group, dump subsidies on it until you get the right number of people from each protected group in the profession. Competence is secondary.

  • New research finds politicians can influence voters with facial expressions

    So much for the myth of the rational voter.

  • In Austria, the far right leads the race for European parliamentary elections

    Voters are overcoming WW2 stigmas and admitting that the Leftist way leads to more misery and nothing but.

  • That Which Does Not Cull Us

    Thirty years ago, the ancestors of Amerika were the only anti-diversity critics out there; everyone else criticized specific races or blindly accepted that “diversity is our strength” as Dan Quayle solemnly intoned. Now more people are seeing that diversity, not specific races or ethnic groups, is itself a problem no matter what groups are involved. In other words, you can buy unity for only so long, and then everyone reverts to doing what is best for their identity group at the expense of the host nation.

  • Less alcohol, or none at all, is one path to better health

    Big hint: alcohol converts to sugar. A night of drinking is like eating a dozen donuts by yourself. This forces the body to create spontaneous localized fat deposits in your tissues, and those only go away when you really starve yourself. A five-mile forced march every day for every American could cure most of our health issues.

  • United Methodists prepare for votes on lifting LGBTQ bans and other issues at General Conference

    Humanist religions cannot resist individualism. The idea of metaphysical dualism naturally leads to a binary morality based in the human individual, not larger orders like culture. While LGBTQ bans are moronic, so is forcing “tolerance” in religions which try to compile ancient wisdom including the notion that promiscuity is inherently destructive.

  • OnlyFans creator Farha Khalidi claims she was paid to spread ‘political propaganda’ for Biden admin

    Diversity means constant propaganda, surveillance, and censorship.

  • 86% of Great Lakes litter is plastic, 20-year study shows: And the plastic is ‘just getting smaller and smaller.”

    Environmentalists in the 1970s urged people to reconsider disposable items including plastics. Without culture, we have even less influence on people to avoid throwing toxic waste directly into the environment.

  • Researchers disprove current thinking on how to achieve global collaboration

    “They find that, when local and global issues are both in play, people will always favor the local benefit someone can bring to them specifically over someone doing a good deed that has less of a tangible benefit.” Globalism is dead, localism rules. How to save the planet from humanity? Stop The Ecocide by adopting Half Earth policies and excluding anyone who does not from international commerce.

  • These cities raised taxes — for child care. Parents say the free day care ‘changed my life’

    More free stuff paid for by the few who have money in order to subsidize those who do not. End this, and people will start to get their act together finally.



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