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Collateral damage of the Cold War

If you are old enough to have lived through The Cold War, you will remember, at least partially, the sheer terror it caused you to experience. For sheer fright value, nothing else even came close. An invading army might shoot you, even from tanks or aircraft, but at least you might see them coming, and […]

War between galaxies commences, April 2013

The day was winding down in futuristic America. As I write this (April 28, 1953) I can’t imagine what the future must be like. People probably travel by levitating platform, take nutrition from the sun and spend their days immersed in a great microfiche library, learning all of humanity’s past so they can make its […]

Sitzkrieg’s end

Now that the tattered bunting of the Boston Marathon has been taken down, the grillwork security barricades stacked and put away and the shrapnel swept up, the chorus of self-flagellation has begun. The introspection. The blaming of the victims. The shaming of American patriotism. We must apologize to the enemies, we’re told. If we apologize […]

Homogeneity and the blank slate

In this topsy-turvy world, the fools are sure they are geniuses. Some may even be very intelligent and even genius by the IQ test marker, because intelligence generates such a flood of information it makes people easier to mislead. Ultimately what makes someone a fool is their will to mislead themselves. Even very smart fools […]

For the sake of humans, replace the humans

About a decade ago, I identified the phenomenon of Crowdism whereby individuals demand to be freed from consequences of their actions, and band together into groups as a sort of mutual aid society that will attack anyone who doesn’t agree. This forms a hive mind that snowballs and soon creates a monolithic, paranoid Utopian groupthink. […]

Brett Stevens interview at the Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage

Conservatives preserve the permanent things by holding on to that which not only works, but creates a transcendent beauty in life. This is why we idealize “the good, the beautiful and the true” and is why we conserve these things where we find them, resisting a tidal wave of human individualism and short-sighted solipsism. The […]

A flat plastic world

Life has many paradoxes, and many of those are caused by a simple principle: whenever you pass over any kind of border, all values become inverted. This is because context has changed, and you are now looking for the antithesis of what defined whatever was on the other side of the border. The paradox of […]

The end of the age of binaries

What do we really expect from our news media? They are people who ask questions. Others answer those questions, as they see fit. These answers often have nothing to do with reality. News media also must sell their news-entertainment product, so they chase after the biggest stories they can find. They are rewarded for getting […]

The People’s History of the People of the United States

A book that gained popularity in the last decade as the country swung leftward was Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Let me save you time by saying it is the usual leftist artifact: selectively chosen data, broad conclusions, and of course, it’s all someone else’s fault. That line, “it’s all someone […]

Political consequences of social malfunction

A simple fact of life: people with bad intent will generally recommend things that produce bad results. We are taught to disregard this fact because there are vultures and parasites all around us who benefit from our ignorance. In politics, a specialized class of people exists to convince us that politics is complicated and separate […]

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