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Keep turning right

Everything in life is a cycle. We experience cycles as a kind of circle. Keep turning right, and you end up where you started. The right could benefit from doing this. As mentioned in other pieces, conservatives are fractured because they don’t know their own belief. They do not have a core statement or summary […]

Interview with Jack Donovan

We are privileged to conduct an interview with Jack Donovan, writer and publisher of masculinist theory and dissident opposing the nanny state. His latest work, The Way of Men, is a comprehensive theory of masculinity and tribalism that presents profound challenges to modernity — and vital suggestions for what comes next. Your writing style seems […]

Blight wing

There are two forms of conservatives today: those who submit to the order that exists like beaten men at the end of their energy, and those who rage against it but have no idea how to work with it. Like most who choose radicalism in preference to compromise, the latter group tend to be completely […]


Conservatives have a depression problem. This isn’t news; in fact, it’s the anti-news. It’s a repeat from 1789 and every year afterwards. 1789 was when liberalism really won. It won because it was popular, not because it was right. It’s often that way with things. If a lot of people want to believe something, it’s […]


There has been a lot of talk, in recent days, about honesty. It must be in the process of becoming a high priority, at least for some, made evident by its extreme lack. Where did it go? Why did it go? How to get it back? We can’t ‘get it back’. Not in the instant-gratification […]

The Way of Men, by Jack Donovan

The Way of Men by Jack Donovan 62 pages, Dissonant Hum, $6 Very many academics have studied gender but very few have studied masculinity. As the presumed original privileged gender, masculinity does not interest those who are looking to re-make nature in the image of human preferential notions. But Donovan, along with only a handful […]

Social conservatives

Another four-year cycle, another American election gone to the left because the right is disunified. Popular sentiment blames the social conservatives for this. After all, they are the lone group refusing to come to the table, compromise, and join the system of government where economics and popularity determines what is “real.” People power, individualism and […]

Burning again

The West burns again. Like most of our modern experiments, the diversity experiment started with the ideal of equality and only later did we try to figure out how to make it work. Right now, it is failing. The future looks to be similar. Our President has said that ‘If I had a son, he’d […]


The wise man was always wise. He simply didn’t know it. Many people specialize in labeling other people ‘stupid’. This is a very odd phenomenon, but it must be a way to allow the stupid people, to feel less stupid, themselves. The stupid man has this characteristic outlook: If he hears, or reads, something he […]


Our political system polarizes us. Like many of our most important decisions, it causes us to drift toward extremes so our position is clear to everyone in the room. We tend to analyze these positions as logical responses, but we miss out on what they could be: adaptive justifications. In other words, these attitudes are […]

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