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Skyhooks and skycranes

In confrontation between Richard Dawkins against creationists, the leading atheist will pull out the sky hooks vs. sky cranes argument in order to convert more people against the idea of Gods. Given that most athiests are liberal, they are standing directly in the shadow of christianity. Neither science nor religion has any claim to absolute […]

On Stoic Virtue

“What little bit Conrad had learned about philosophy at Mount Diablo had seemed to concern people who were free and whose main problem was to choose from among life’s infinite possibilities. Only Epictetus began with the assumption that life is hard, brutal, punishing, narrow, and confining, a deadly business, and that fairness and unfairness are […]

National system needs states support

Having 300 million people, 50 states plus protectorates to manage is a significant challenge. Add two long term war campaigns in the Middle East and who knows how many other dedicated commitments abroad and it comes as little surprise that the national budget is straining. Arizona alone steps up to the plate to help shoulder […]

The Swamping of Civilization

When modern society views reality, it views reality with a bias – through a solipsistic, socialized filter. The information that our minds accept is filtered from nature and fed to the brain, we then represent these interpretations as social values, and those which spread collectively is our culture whether great or not. The thing with […]

A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 3

The third part of a guide to cosmic evolution initiates us on a journey through the local cosmos, we taste the potential of our future and the weird and wonderful exotic repercussions of a mechanized intelligence clawing itself from the hollow shell of a mechanized civilization. The following article is going to be ‘slightly’ hypothetical and mythical, […]

Brett Stevens 2012

Hi, I’m Brett Stevens and I’m running for President in 2012. This country needs a breath of fresh air that isn’t catering to entrenched interests. Unfortunately, those exist on both left and right, and we keep doing things the same old way — such that even our hope/change guy ends up doing that. However, if […]

Centrifuge capitalism

Centralization and capitalism are necessary for any intelligent civilization, yet in excess drains the base population of any sustenance whatsoever, leaving them unemployed, homeless and starving at worst. The answer to this event is not a swing on the pendulum all the way onto total equality fisted socialism out on a plate for everyone who isn’t rich, […]

The right needs to lay off Obama

The Republican right is starting to screw up election 2012 now. They’re already endangering November. They’re doing this because they’re behaving like the entitlement fat-cats they claim to deplore. Entitlement fat-cats take advantage of privileged positions. Republicans right now have a golden opportunity, which is that a highly popular Democratic president is failing. Instead of […]

Unemployed millions means overpopulated

When we have too little of something and there is demand for it, its value increases. The reverse is true as well. If there is way too much of something, even if demand remains, its value will plummet and the excess will languish, unutilized. For most of us, our ethical social manchimp brains shy away […]

Socialism, the people’s banquet

What is socialism? It’s a proletariat symbol that many oppressed and underprivileged individuals clamour around to announce their importance to the world. They migrate like some cattle to a sacred union and all have a big turd in it with their shitty opinions about how nothing is their own fault, after which they get merry […]

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