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National system needs states support

punishing_americaHaving 300 million people, 50 states plus protectorates to manage is a significant challenge. Add two long term war campaigns in the Middle East and who knows how many other dedicated commitments abroad and it comes as little surprise that the national budget is straining.

Arizona alone steps up to the plate to help shoulder some of the burden for America. This one state is going above and beyond what some of the others are only yet considering and that is improved law enforcement.

“Despite erroneous and misleading statements suggesting otherwise, the new state misdemeanor crime of willful failure to complete or carry an alien registration document is adopted, verbatim, from the same offense found in federal statute,” she said on April 23, 2010, the day she signed the bill.


Less interested in reality than in sensationalism that gets an uninformed crowd buying products, the mass media has done its part to infect public reality with needless controversy. Nonetheless, as the dust settles a bit, the facts remain intact. Arizona is keeping the privilege of American citizenship at a premium and taking some of the burden off the national budget.

Then, as now, people claimed that immigration is a federal issue, and that the police cannot enforce federal law, and blah blah blah. They didn’t really care about the law. They just wanted to stop anyone from doing anything about illegal immigration.

There is nothing now but deception, corruption, and intimidation, the usual Third World symptoms, preventing the other 49 from doing their part for America:

Here’s what I want to get through your head: state and local police can enforce federal immigration law. Federal law does not prevent them from doing so.


With a $13 trillion and steadily rising debt, it is becoming clearer that more than just one state needs to consider taking up some of America’s burden. In so doing, they may also reduce the amount of public assistance benefits doled out and get the unemployed, who are already citizens, working again doing tasks Americans have as always. Consider it state budget control.

The only loser is the federally-defined criminal and those who aid him, rather than punishing the existing citizen and voting taxpayer as is the case right now.

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