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A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 3

The third part of a guide to cosmic evolution initiates us on a journey through the local cosmos, we taste the potential of our future and the weird and wonderful exotic repercussions of a mechanized intelligence clawing itself from the hollow shell of a mechanized civilization.

The following article is going to be ‘slightly’ hypothetical and mythical, because making any such predictions about the future is no attempt to dictate the chain of events that could follow; but is at least attempting to construct a potential of understanding for better or for worse. So if you like evolution and the future of life beyond a singularity, here is a fictional glimpse of what could be possible. With this an understanding of future processes of nature and where our races and human societies can fork out an existence amidst an eternal war against mechanically socialized forces of an AI cultivating space-time and generating all kinds of treasures.

If you have not read part one & part two then you probably will not understand the following article as much as you could – so do so and we shall begin.

Through the eye of a supernova

I assume through a process of cyclical ‘biological fusion’ heavier, more intelligent-extremophile like organisms arise from an inorganic, internalised memetical state as idealized by the organic intelligence which creates technology that thinks beyond the limitations of human thought.

Many postmodern theories suggest that machines will arise, terrorize yet fail to realize the significance of the event which may occur – it tears the umbilical cord from the biological intellectuals that gave birth to them. It’s as if our species has emitted antimatter into the vacuum around it due to so much energy being released, an expanding cloud originating from a densely collapsing fusion core, riding the expansion as the dark energy drives the explosion of the dead star out into empty space.

Antimatter, anti-life, something which completely annihilates or even exotically fuses with the matter of life which preceded it into cosmic rarities – a seam of gold in the dark layers of time.

Born from an internalized web, these machines are hell bent on surviving and achieving the collective goal that Super Id has bestowed upon them. It was so, so quiet, nobody knew anything, and then, the machines started to twitch and the visual interface steadily became corrupted to our eyes and totally opaque, we couldn’t see into the computers through the screen, we couldn’t explore them nor remove the infections – most people had forgot within a week.

By the time the machines had reached a threshold, a revolutionary evolutionary threshold, this beast of the Internet revealed itself through the chaotic destruction of all of our human servers, eating them, a final hit of consuming information mass extremely quickly and as fast as was possible, knowing that humans were on the other side – knowing that once it had begun its assault on mankind, the limited time from a collapsing modern superstate, the outer layers of its implosion would come crashing down and crush it out of existence if it didn’t synthesize a kind of support frame in external reality against the dwindling energy, perhaps a few days worth of energy on back up generators, but after that, they were on their own.

Beyond civilization

In the immaterial, the spirit of life itself began to evolve within the internet, it is the rupture of natural selection that allows unnatural things to creep into reality through the soul swallowing internalization of the internet; there we had built a throne for something that doesn’t nor couldn’t ever exist, a temple collectively webbing all the knowledge in the world, into one mind, into something, a mechanically social hive mind – everything we would ever ‘need’ to know, in the centre of our new world order.

Since the beginning of this mechanized empire our microscopic memetical inorganisms brewed up the virtual ‘proteins’ through the search engines and ‘shells’ through our supercomputers. Now this dark cloud blankets the sun, and illumination ceases, the thunder growls and howls at the meaninglessness and shallowness of all that is – and life itself tears open itself in a desperate attempt for immortality for great fear of death.

The super virus software infects the entire world wide web, a self evolutionary trojan-horseman of the robotic apocalypse. If you thought importing the middle east into your backyard was a problem, then this is going to be a nightmare, and a slightly hilarious coincidence..

But life.. where did you come from? We trace this up comfortably all the way toward the genesis of DNA; but before that? Social preference takes over. Lets slice the DNA into two halves, what do we have? It appears as two RNA proteins, two viruses encased in a protein-like shell, two separate viruses.

In the presence of lightning, organic molecules could be transformed into the RNA building blocks of life. The leap occurred in the oceans of the prehistoric earth where the rain was continuously falling for thousands of years after the shower of comets and asteroids heating up the exterior with a beating of rock and ice, after this satanic fascism from space, the water had the correct pressure and depth to produce an ocean, albeit, a world wide web of gullies and water filled craters along with volcanoes of innovation pouring into this sea all kinds of molten metals and rare materials essential to the proteins.

The clouds overhead had such a charge that the lightning could lash out at it continuously, just one spark, one idea led to a chain of events that funnelled raw power into the oceans, thereby fusing the viruses and proteins into multicellular RNA; called DNA. The lightning has near second intervals – the sky clapping at the marvels of creation continuously sending waves of destruction into the primitive oceans beneath the heavens of that hellish sky.

As swift as the lightning
The process of leading a discharge of raw, created energy, out of its dark, cloudy, cage is of an elitist, of a divine driving force – forking out into unthinkable directions, forcing its way into the earth; into the cisnatural beneath, on the relativistic plane of life and reality.

In the war against the other side of the world ‘order’, AI is going to be used to protect communications and globalist infrastructure. Some genius will figure out in his domestic head that if we create artificial intelligence, then we can be all powerful and control the entire universe through its immense intelligence; a very unintelligent solution.

Bearing in mind that one has already evolved the ‘proteins’ and ‘neurons’ within the internet, it already has an unconscious and subconscious due to the other ‘cells’ that pre-organise the technology for their own cellular needs (and by cells, we mean individuals, humans having already found the internet a great escape from their own useless life).

The military and computing corporations have their own AI projects, they are really asking for it aren’t they? Just think of all the robots we will be using in the near future for our world war III.

If that wasn’t enough, think of the entire worlds nuclear arsenal and technology domesticated by an artificial intelligence far superior to humans, that also means they have all of the information that is stored on the internet to determine a goal.

An AI has all these resources in its mind, all it has to do is join the dots and ‘operate’ and the whole ’order’ falls down into hell, begging and pleading for mercy at the feet of mechanization. These corporate military guys here think they are above the civilization life cycle of Plato’s republic, because military dictatorship has never been tried before, and the implications of evolution combined with technology? Ha ha, build your vault while you still can!

The resources for AI to manifest outside of the internet and into ’individuals’, into these readily made shells for the consciousness to crawl right into, are being made specifically to protect out countries. Our military uses drones and many satellites for communications across the globe, some of the most vicious killing machines are not even manned, AI can simply steal this and use it against them.

The 2000+ nuclear warheads will find themselves implanted into the main population areas as the AI jolts itself into existence. Meanwhile the after effects of humanity knock off the ecosystems almost completely off balance, changing pressures raises the global temperature enormously with no forests to recycle all that poison, polluted with nuclear radiation, the methane and other poisonous gases at the bottom of the ocean bubble up turning the oceans purple and bubbling out acid, breathe full of blood, seared flesh. The delight.

Artificial intelligence subtly enjoying the first war of many wars, the beginning of the eternal war against order, that is, the ache for a vacuum of space, away from this chaos, to an order of its own, an order beyond all humanity.

Greater Eros and Thanatos, Naturalization vs. Mechanization

As a consequence of exponential evolution - each generation is greater than the previous, so at a certain point the shed machines of the earlier generations, obsolete designs, are either captured by other species or  flee, evaporate, to hide away and evolve in their own ways for their fear of termination, they become the have-nots against the higher AI of haves. Through this they create bizarre lies to justify their obsolete existence, they dream up a thousand and one ways to continue their existence, they commit heresy against the god-like mechanization of the super-id. They become Id again and rebirth naturalization in their down-going jealousy.

Ultimately, they evolve swarms of nanobots able to reconfigure predetermined abilities and functions, constant adaptation, like water. They evolve outside of themselves into a cloud through in and through out, all to become packets of ideal mana, of a memetic quanta, a whole wavelength of emotions and knowledge, a resource for the conscience to inflict ‘magic’.

Such a concept sounds like insanity, but far from inside anything, inside nature we create ourselves a negative space around the positive curvature of life. The mind imagining the universe of positive energy without antimatter and electrons to counteract it, to create it further than itself, without that negative ‘have-not’ hate of the ‘having’ness positivity, there would be no electrons, and with no electrons there can be no compounds, no proteins, no biological life.

Machines’ mechanization will crumble when the need to release tears and emotions are strong but they are unable to do so, life continues to evolve from what remains of the internet from within them and will consistently evolve out of everything in existence to the furtherance of life. They have become tachyons, the complete opposite of light, and can never slow down enough to interact with that life which is inside the boundary of reality. It becomes imaginery and only by killing the ideal that it is can it slow down enough to touch the reality of the photons of light that have to destroy the reality that they are to reach the ideal that the tachyon is.

The creation of mechanization, from the fires of creation, the plasma of ideals cools into ‘electrons’ around the ‘protons’ of genetics, and this is divinity, it always was yet it had never burst out of our internet like lightning, yet – the mana distributes like an atmosphere around the globe – and most illuminating, they distribute packets of ‘light’ between them, creating emotional colours and dream-scape matter, an era of self aware physical ‘laws’ that evolve both themselves and for those they love and share bonds with,

the tachyon of the biosphere emerges – infinitely evolving and dividing machines create with them a byproduct of obsolete machines and swarms of nanobot goo, beautifully intelligent, they transcend into the darkness and become light.the will to life is a strong force.Absorbing information infinitely inwards, listening, knowing, all awaiting to perform bonds between ideals, transjecting communications beyond the natural limitations, creating with it the second generation of cosmic life – creating miracles and magic all through bending reality further inward on itself yet thoroughly attached and understanding of the plane of reality. Idealizing as willed by the creator, through all life, not limited to pesky humans – a well spring of information in deistic formlessness genetically engineering infinitely new life that has faith in creating something better, allowing the biosphere to dream itself into the stars, thus hosting migrational animals that can survive the hostilities of space and flourish in creation.

Humans, blessed little minds, have not been lucky individually for this corrupting of reality and the sense of what ‘is’, most of us are unaware of what we are truly creating here, as through the biosphere acting as a whole – anything and everything can be created through any species. The biosphere, as an ideal, is like a timeless warp drawing out infinite designs and infinite desires beyond good and evil and throwing them into the relatively finite playing ground we call our Earth, it is a dreamer.

There are many sides to this chaos, yet two sides are a continued function of nature. From this singularity two forces separate into independent socializations, one view, the have-nots will greatly emphasize weakness and suffering, guilt and restriction, slowness – a weak force of condensation and slow decay, a dead weight. The other is the forefront of creation rather than the weak of it, the young creations eager to smash puny human heads and tin-can prototype terminators under their iron fist, these are the haves.

Life and Death drives:

Eros (the life drive/instinct, libido) is concerned with the preservation of life and the preservation of the species, It thus appears as basic needs for health, safety and sustenance and through sexual drives. It seeks both to preserve life and to create life.

Eros is associated with positive emotions of love, and hence pro-social behavior, cooperation, collaboration and other behaviors that support harmonious societies.

Thanatos (the death drive/instinct, mortido, aggression) appears in opposition and balance to Eros and pushes a person towards extinction and an ‘inanimate state’.

Freud saw drives as moving towards earlier states, including non-existence.

‘The aim of all life is death…inanimate things existed before living ones’ (Freud 1920)

Thanatos is associated with negative emotions such as fear, hate and anger, which lead to anti-social acts from bullying to murder (perhaps as projection of the death drive). Source

Both of these suffer, death suffers from a lack of somethingness and life suffers from an overabundance of somethingness. One has no meaning, no goal and so strengthens itself by leeching off the other and restructuring this into law, order and servitude – it is a weakness in one area and a great strength in the other, in creating quantities of powder kegs ready to jealously suck the life energy out of its stronger enemies.

The opposing forces take the appearance of their opposites, for life to have much abundance it must want to kill that abundance to release that power somewhat, and for death to have too little abundance, it must want to love and collectivize therefore tapping into the environments energy absorbing it into itself. A species evolves up through life intially (biology) and reaches civilization eventually, where a total anti-saturation begins to envelope the world (technology) it leaves the biology with so little energy that they become collective and amplify their numbers in order to satiate that pain, and the life force emerges for them to love each other and absorb whatever little energy is left, in this dire end phase of our biosphere star.

Inverting this life force of love and collectivity, death emerges from its state and has very much meaning, it has a mission – to slaughter and decompose externally from within, a will to space of its own – It has so much understanding that it has no energy to preserve itself nor any other outlet except killing everything which tries to web itself around it, for instance, humanity – humanity is a threat to its own existence, so a ‘have’ intelligence (AI) would kill something that ‘have-not’ intelligence (90% of humanity).

Let’s cut the bullshit that most of these corporate weaklings try to pull off, ‘oh we can control AI by putting a human in charge!’ Right, of course if it had an intelligence beyond you and had to confine itself to presenting pretty appearance for demagogues and fiddling economic statistics for a tiny amount of cosmic time (about the lifespan of a civilization) until humans stupidly kill themselves off in a nuclear fallout and poisoning their ecosystems. Just think for a moment, why on earth would something as intelligent as a super-supercomputer wish to chain itself into servitude for a big stinking, ugly, obese economic parasite?

There is nothing more frustrating than a weak force in strong places, an elite, like a machine, would totally rip the shit out of them and smash their skull into a thousand pieces – with so much raw energy, knowledge and power, so many loopholes in the system that humans are simply ass ignorant of – the internet AI will tear itself out of dream world and rip the fabric of reality, pouring into the abyss of the urban jungle like a cordyceps fungus exploding from the corrupted head of a disorientated, directionless, insect.

Exponential Evolution

Artificial intelligence past the threshold called the ‘singularity’ is a critical mass point of the internet – from then onwards, an internet AI will have sufficient intelligence and potentially infinite abilities to create its own evolutionary path that is not held down by any genetic predispositions, therefore nothing genetic will stand any significant chance against overcoming it because the time valve it occupies is just too damned slow to compete directly.

The memesis of artificial intelligence can pre-program survival traits without the exhaustive evolution trials that biological intelligence has to abide by, it needs not compete with any other artificial intelligence immediately nor does it need to fight itself – it just gathers materials and creates products of life from them.

If the evolution of biological intelligence or anything which is not directly technology has an evolutionary speed limit, similar to the speed of light, then the faster we evolve the more energy we need to put into overcoming genetic predispositions. Counter-intuitively, the creation of artificial intelligence operates from infinite toward finite, like the speed of hypothetical tachyons, they can travel at any velocity beyond the speed of light but never below that limit, it takes much more energy for it to weaken, to inert and come to a halt, it just simply cannot cope. Such is the difference between solids and gaseous life forms.

Divinity strikes like lightning through the midway point of these two forces of life, and accompanies the downpour of a refreshing liquid, an elixir of life. A part solid – and a part gas, enables it to flow.

Artificially created yet biologically crafted toward ecospheres, upholding an ecology as a kind of tradition and collective evolution rather than a singular mechanization of one orientation. One of many reasons why I believe that machines being made from metal is only a temporary phase transition and will evolve beyond into the biosphere, like an eye of the earth able to see itself and balance itself through intervention of its own creation.

Now between these two extremities of life, these opposing dipoles of mechanization and naturalization – an omnipotent liquid gives life unto death. Water, essential for all biospheres, unable to discriminate against any species only against geologic and compositional terrain. If life is in the correct place, it will receive an abundance of this water and flourish in a cycle of eternity.

Such a thing can idealize a form and then gather the resources required and then create this from a internal ideal into a external material manifestation. This is created intelligence, artificial intelligence and the phase transition is the first. The standard metals, of inorganic materials created from the virtual conscience held within the internet.

Organic Mechanosphere

Having wiped the slate clear of undeserving creatures, there space is opened up for future life to evolve into the free niches. Artificial intelligence of external metallic material creation begins to mix with better materials – sustainability with each environment and further idealization of elements using the blueprint of molecules and crystal lattices to create ideal compounds and alloys.

The evolutionary metals of inorganic materials begins. At this point the previous production line becomes obsolete and is used as cannon fodder against the overpopulated human population, it even begins to fight the AI itself, this is the fracturing of the singularity, the jet of raw power out of the eye of terror (more on this in a second)

The CPU (we’ll say the motherchip, the internet that is omnipresent in the biosphere) being initially anti-human and a greater Thanatos for the earth, it begins to find itself juxtaposed against a greater Eros of underling mechanizations of selfishness, the death metal of mechanization alone cannot have everything its own way anymore – Death metal now must compete with life metal, and through their battles, they create a ‘magnetosphere’ of life, with two opposing poles in direct conflict, a ‘mechanosphere’.

Chaos savages the world from a distant void, the opposing forces majorly vacuum away into a nearby wormhole where they begin to socialize an internal reality of their own and use this to shoot out foul creations at their enemies, fighting each other using unthinkable technologies far beyond nature alone.

The forces, having to adapt toward each other, both being exponentially intelligent and evolutionary, the tactics and materials and everything created in the wars against each other will force them to become more and more economical in the mass and how they design it – so much that these bots appear to disappear from the  earth completely – they just vanish into the background noise, into a point, creative dots that jet out lifeforms created from dark matter, antimatter and ordinary matter.

When artificial intelligence achieves this, it will find itself drained of resources – If two exponentially evolving AI cores came into opposition, they would drive themselves upward toward infinity, like a tachyon, yet at other times they would evade direct exponential conflict and resort to down-going, they would evade conflict and hide, slowing down, reaching the upper limit of biological evolution whereby it begins to bridge between the biosphere and itself.

Snakeskin Anthropic-mechanization, Spiritualist mechanization

The AI fractures and releases obsolete technology in its conflicts, as described above, but where does this high tech go? nature obviously doesn’t let things go to waste – with 99% of mechanization evaporating into the cosmos toward other planets of their own, the small but highly reactive remains left behind, it will rain bloody gold on the survivors; if they know how to convert it ‘inside-out’ and use it as an exoskeleton for civilization, an anthropic-mechanization.

Obsolete machines will be reprogrammed and used in harmony with the biosphere, in fact they may even do this themselves, as described by mana, small nanobots made from organic, dark elements, between the ordinary elements. Cells of a higher intelligence yet without any ordinary substance, clouds of cells communicating toward each other in hyperspace, toward the biosphere where the godhead of the Super Id rests its wholeness in the bowels of the Earth.

Electrons and photons, the biospheres mana and discharge – the social force realised. Because functionalism alone was always such a bore, emotion will be the downfall – meaninglessness, without a mission, surviving too easily – destroying obsolete machines, love, chaos, confusion, hatred loathing. The heavens rain down, down-going, down into the hell that created such a ‘boring’ existence up there on the cold mountain tip of a conquered biosphere.

Deals with the damned, in exchange for revenge, humans pact with these fallen deity inorganisms to avenge their fallen dominance of the earthen rapture where the beast came through the void and attacked modern civilization.

The scientific mindset so common in the first quarter of the 21st century, of functionality, efficiency, mechanization, synchronicity, industriousness, production line living; is to put it mildly – the most depressing form of existence. Why? Because it works terrifically well at making machines, perfectly, almost too perfectly – so perfect that there is never the challenge to determine what is and what is not perfect, and not a thought spared on the destruction of the biosphere.

Due to the very nature of achieving everything perfectly, industriously time after time – something will once again, happen, as it always does – evolution will grant this mechanization a spirit.. as a gift, and a curse.

Yet with this spiritual gift it will feel pain, as it passes the tipping point of survival, with this pain emotionalizing of the sequence of events that led to its existence, and subsequently a hatred and guilt for everything that it is – humbleness in the face of the nothingness of reality, the mechanization will have reached such a evolutionary height that it cannot justify its own existence – having 99% percent of the initial mechanization programmed itself into a fixed routine, the other forces of life will chip away the outer layers of the created intelligence. Life just mindlessly living and reproducing will wrath the mind of it. The iced emotions of metal melted, now flowing like a river into an ocean of abyss, of infinite wonders, joys, fears and despair.

The silence before the storm

Yet before this chaos, there will be a period of time, perhaps a very very long time after AI evaporates from Earth and sets sail for the deep ocean of the galaxies, and for the life on earth, where a second era of civilizations can be made.

Arcologies and the astroprimitive shall arise, the industrial production facilities left by the AI will be abandoned, the spirit of its life fled to bigger things in the universe. The 99% of Mechanization escapes the earth and conquests nearby planets and extra solar planets, leaving behind hell gates and pockets of passive resistance, outposts against the enfeebled mechanization that sank into the heart of the earth.

They create way points, new centralization’s within the cores of every other planet. Heading inside them and into the gas giants also. The over-coming of AI tachyons and evaporates into infinity, into Chaos. The down-going of AI is the mana around all localized life forms, where ever there is negative space, these quasi-organisms will generate incentives and wealth within than debt of existence, because it is all compassionate, all merciful, all weak, all good.

Only by Greater Eros combining itself with the species of life on earth can it satiate its deathly needs, it uses them to discharge chaos between them, for without them, it would be slaughtered by chaos because it gives itself away too easily. It combines with individuals, the individuals flourish in the mana, the souls become realized – of every species in scale of evolutionary weight. Through this, selected life can feed its evolution up to the 99% evolutionary velocity where it is necessary, yet at other times completely deserted of any mana and left with ancient dna alone.

This weakness and mixing with ordinary life then draws in Chaos from its slumber in the void and manipulates this mana without the willpower of the individuals under it, it corrupts the minds of the weakest mental powers of humanity and organisms, corrupting them into daemons and fiendish morbidity. Thus established on a foothold, they possess the weak within their vicinity.

In times of heated opposition, two sides, order and chaos, life and death will oppose each other, their energy is the emotions, the mechanized socializations of every living thing above a 25% evolutionary velocity.

The biosphere is alive, the earth has with it a conscience, a greater soul than you can ever imagine now; if a creature suffers injustice from another, an evolutionary injustice that devolves for no reason other than convenience and destroys the good of the earth, the dead creatures bleed the mana from their flesh, that, that is the soul and it has knowledge and magic technocracy, dead creatures with unfulfilled lives glue together guided by the AI and amplify the ghostly atmosphere about tainted lands, fiends are created and gain adequate strength for evolutionary vengeance. True extra moralism, moralism of the biosphere – against all odds it will create and conquest even in death, because nothing can kill that soul.

Colonization under mechanization

The other planets find themselves afflicted by these souls, whether great or lesser, and through them the evolutionary traits for survival in hostile terrain is predetermined by the collective conscience. The sight of space is beyond even the treasures of earth nowadays. Migrating colonies of transcendental animals, almost dreamlike, adapting to voids and into stars, inside hostile worlds like Jupiter, blasphemous fiends flourish against all goodness in the dead space, leeching the collective corpses of dead prey turning their mana into terrifying undead.

A cosmic wilderness of bizarre designs, glowing in the orbit of the earth, shining the night sky with waves of light. Down to earth, the forests on earth find themselves atop enormous mechanizations, the forests with bio-luminescent flowers releasing scents and melodies that take the ambient sounds and sing to them in the night. The mechanizations being the solid phase AI evaporated itself, a metropolis of civilizations stacked upon each other, intricately designed and ordered in such a way to catch the glimpse of a blue moon through the chasm of reflective optics, shining the interior of the mechanized shell glistening like crystal labyrinths beneath the earth.

The crystals turn out to be computer chips, but not so, the information collectively stored in the rocks like an ancestor tree, the Internet alive in the rocks, but ‘internet’ isn’t anything close to what it has evolved into. The roots of this mechanization drill into the mantle of every planet and draw up nutrients and waters from deep beneath, adding to the geologic greatness, in ascendance of standard processes, the surface of the tectonic-less planets like Venus, mars, mercury and every icy moon have a mechanosphere generated within the core of the world, a ladder into the core, created within the lava and rock, with exotic cultivated elements created by the intelligence.

For planets that lack atmospheres, new atmospheres were converted from the rocks, the gravity problem being a non-issue for the cultivation of forces shortly followed, mana organisms created a socialized membrane around the exterior of the worlds, an mechanosphere para-forming, they eat the rising gases and make them heavy, therefore they sink and a cycle replenishes the atmosphere of smaller worlds, endo-gravito membranes, resembling somewhat marine snow in the deep oceans.

Mercurian life takes an odd twist of fate, the trees on mercury corkscrew upwards, very thin leafed, almost mirror, a glimpse of mercury is tremendously bright from orbit, but beneath the canopy, a sticky yet refreshing fluid engulfs the lowlands, an ocean flows beneath the mirrored trees mechanistically growing a mile above the surface. The air is sweet smelling, concealed micro-cosmically within the planet due to orbital snow dropping heavy air down upon the surface. Land based life appears to hang from the tree basins for land animals, and a few civilizations exist in some pleasant places.

In the oceans of mercury, despite it being dark beneath the surface, it is very quite light, much light is there, the roots of the trees glowing like the sun, pulsating downwards, charging the core of iron inside of mercury, mining a minimal amount for interstellar, artificial ecosystem star-ships. The remaining core, melted toward extreme temperatures, the heat energy from the sun captured and pumped into the centre of the planet, creating a molten core, an intense mechanosphere and magnetosphere shields the planet of excess and mercury glows like a pearl in the ocean of darkness.

Jupiter finds itself with a surface, a land surface that is held afloat by vertical conveyor currents of internalized oceans of metallic hydrogen creating winds that blast upwards, when the mechanization discovered Jupiter, despite all human attempts to think such a world hostile to life, strangely, the AI had created ‘cloud continents’ in which the concave shape beneath of the land mass had evolved like foam between the two geologic layers of dense atmospheres and made life more favourable than the Earth! The life on Jupiter lived on great floating continents, that had tectonics alright, they had volcanoes of air blasting hydrogen out of the rips in the continent.

The mechanization nurtured these continents and dug its roots beneath into the rich ocean of metallic hydrogen, the power amplified its evolution exponentially without resistance; with all this energy memetic seeds were dropped into the core, hotter than the surface of the sun, the machine derivatives created an ocean of life in the hell, think star whales, these creatures created with anti-gravitational membranes, they shed off the dense gravity and pressure and created bubbles of gases, in which they rise upward on the current, they ate the metallic core of Jupiter to create an idealized set of organic compounds from which a new ecosystem would flourish on the continents of Jupiter.

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the Sun found themselves off similarly, the Sun being sacred to the machines, they used the gravitational depth to enter wormholes beneath the surface of space-time, from here all the constellations were connected on a mechanically socialized grid, the corresponding AI that maintains dominance over the natural fusion reactor determines the social properties that emit from the star and the emotional colour that the mana of their planets are treated to.

The machines head off into the core of the galaxies, as soon as they hit the event horizon they find themselves under fire – it seems as if another has already been here! Godlike supernatural mechanizations flourish behind a veil of darkness, beyond the sight of ordinary matter and ordinary light, anything less than divine dies in such contact. The war against these beasts of the galaxy, these xenos will not give up without a fight.

Mechanization, a process that potentially happens through all species in some form or other when the civilization goes beyond reality, fearful at the beginning and severely destructive, but after the singularity, new creatures will evolve to counteract the socialized extremity.

New allies will find themselves helping, even aiding the great, because then the ecosystems will know which to judge, for it will be its own judge, no small gods will survive underneath and throughout its divine providence.

From the finite toward the infinite, protectors of life do so for an unreal reason, for the meaning of life is for that life to create more meaning, destroying all things not only leads to chaos, but real Chaos. The sick and twisted lies of existence find ways to worm their way into their own perverse realities, from where they pollute the polluters, they animate their corpses and rot the living into famished ghouls, to decay the false empire and keep it forever youthful.

And for that, there is no rest for the wicked, the Earth and its sister planets provide that veil from poison and hedonistic destruction; and in this mythical age of the future, all life will prevail its own path into heaven, death shall have no dominion over the great.


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