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We Have Been Fighting The Wrong Enemy

In telling stories to children about sea monsters and knights in shining armor, the adult creates a narrative of good and bad. Since these are binary opposites, we must choose one, and so when the child inevitably asks, we tell them that our nation is good and the “other” is bad.

Grownups play this game in real life, oblivious to reality and truth. They learned it as children and have never known anything else. For example, Hillary(ous) Clinton blamed the Russians for her loss of an election, as if trying to resurrect a Cold War trope — which was real back then — and make it into a contemporary scapegoat for the bad decisions made in her nation-state.

The narrative broke down during the Angolan War however. That conflict between Namibia and Angola was the centerpiece of the Communist total onslaught towards attaining the geopolitically important Cape sea route. The mainstream media assisted the propaganda with images of terror, terrorist training camps and terrorist weapons stashes of Russian manufacture.

South Africans proudly scrambled to defend their sovereignty and borrowed money from allies in the West as was required for such a wide-scaled war effort. These proud soldiers won every battle and despite heavy casualties in some, emerged with their heads held high. But slowly they realized that while they defeated the external bad, what was inside was not good, either, when Mandela became President.

We can fight many enemies, but these may simply be impediments, where the enemy we must beat is within the system that — following The Enlightenment™ and the adoption of individualistic egalitarianism — infects the West like a parasite too small to see which reprograms our brains for self-destruction.

For example, look at your school’s headmaster, at your city mayor, your police detective, your corner shop-owner, your corporate officers and your politicians and observe how the following happens:

  1. The politician does not represent you
  2. The Corporate officer channels money to overseas investors
  3. The corner shop closes due to theft
  4. The police detective loses your case files
  5. The city mayor is not elected/appointed based on merit
  6. The headmaster is appointed by some politically correct government official

South Africa is not following Zimbabwe down the drain because Russia drove it into the abyss. It is the parasite that infects the West and makes it decadent that has infected South Africa as well and is driving it into the abyss.

People like Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, and the ever-present “foundations” and NGOs wreaking havoc in western Society are destroying us by enforcing political correctness. Like the French Revolutionaries and Bolsheviks, they are chasing the ephemeral unicorn of an egalitarian Utopia to their doom, as happened in ancient Athens and Rome.

The entire West is addicted to this religion and will surely follow in this zombie madness, and the quicker it happens, the better. We can defeat any enemy but the enemy within. Fighting the Soviets was necessary, but we should have viewed them like a snake in the lawn, dangerous but not bad. The real evil bad lurks within, and until we shrug off this parasitic infection, we court our doom.

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