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Against Anti-Semitism (As A Vile Ad Hominem Smear)

If you ever do anything to stop logically debunk Leftism then you will be attacked ad hominum. One of the most favored ad hominem is to call you anti-Semitic. I mean only a Holocaust Denier could also deny the overwhelming ¡TRUTH! of Global Warming, Systemic American Racism, Unrestrained Abortion Rights, Open Borders, et alia.

To logically oppose the Left on anything is to favor the Gawdallmiddy (((JewBBQ))) that resulted in the death of Six Gorillion Jews. Who knew that Judge Roy Moore was secretly reading The Protocols of The Elders of Zion?

Moore said that Soros’ agenda is “not American culture” and that he “comes from another world that I don’t identify with,” adding that “no matter how much money he’s got, he’s still going to the same place that people who don’t recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going.”

The Reagan Battalion, a conservative news source, tweeted Moore’s comments, calling them “straight up antisemitism.”

Ah yes, The Reagan Battalion. About as aptly named as Manuel Noriega’s Dignity Battalions. Why must loathsome, straight-up cucks take the name of Ronaldus Magnus in vain? What ever happened to The Great Man’s 11th Commandment? Anti-Semitism is a handy crutch when cucking because it allows you to make common cause with the Left while still attempting to lie and deny you actually agree with them on major points of their socialistic ideology.

Anti-Semitism is the ultimate Othering weapon. You don’t have to have any intelligent ideas. You don’t have to be worth a monkey’s buttwipe. You don’t have to be anything more than a wasted schmeg-shot. But you still get to be better than an anti-Semite. It’s the self-esteem boost for unrestricted losers. The Crack Cocaine of the walking human rectal crack. If you can’t beat ’em; claim they tie their shoes in cute little swastikas like real ¡NAZIS!

This, of course, is detestable sophistry. It helps enforce degenerate equality by branding anyone with a double-digit IQ and a divergent opinion as unacceptably evil. This hypocrisy is particularly loathsome in its saccharine treacle when it is used to smear opponents of Former Hungarian SS-Collaborator, George Soros. It’s totally anti-semitic to take offense to having a political opponent who gladly accepts the bankroll of a former Nazi. An actual, real-world former Nazi. Someone that cooperated with the SS personally. Someone who punched his fellow citizens’ tickets on The Treblinka Train. Only a vile, (((Jewsturbating))) Gauleiter, tinkering around with the good old gas chamber, could have any sort of problem with that.

Which is why damaged, morally defective Leftists always whip out the old Jew-Hater smear when they probably all laugh when a devout follower of Shia-Islam wonders aloud whether (((Jews))) hold those cute little skull-caps on with ten-penny nails. I don’t kid. I’ve been there and watched it happen. SJWs truly project. The Leftist cries out as he strikes you. And this is why you need to oppose anti-Semitism.

Oppose anti-semitism as a detestable, dishonest, anti-intellectual smear. If the devil quotes scripture, it’s your job to intelligently rebuke Old Scratch. If a dirtbag properly explains why E=mc2 is a lower parameter of an object’s energy, give the dirtbag an A in his Physics Class. Whether that dirt-bag believes all Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews or Chinese People should die has no bearing on whether that individual knows any Physics.

It’s even more loathsome if the person accused of being a dirtbag isn’t really that bad and is only being impugned because he gets better grades in Physics than some jealous and envious non-dirtbag. This is typically the tactic of the SJW losers who refer to any conservatives who disagree with them as “anti-Semitic.” This why anti-Semitism (particularly when it is chucked around as a disingenuous false-accusation of moral turpitude) must be removed from whatever remains of civilized American discourse.

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