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The World Turned Upside Down


“I’m on the Edge! I’m on the edge! I’m on the Edge!”
– Forbidden, from the album Forbidden Evil

If someone told you to jump off a bridge, just because they were all doing it, would you jump too? Every day America’s politicians are asking us to make a leap of faith to support their misconceived globalist policies and ideals, despite the evidence all around us that globalism is already collapsing.

More free trade is suggested in TPP. More globalism is encouraged through lax immigration and though weakly enforced regulations at the World Trade Organization (which continually allows other nations to produce barriers to the US getting its products sold abroad). Meanwhile, the nations who have most aggressively pushed this agenda have largely seen their economies stagnate for the better part of a decade. Now it’s to the point where central banks have kept the private sector afloat with the mirage created by easy funny money loans for years on end.

The evidence of this historical experiment with globalism is in. But its proponents are not ready to admit defeat yet. The worst part about that paradigm is that it incorrectly assumes that increased trade causes nations to have similar agendas and interests, which would result in peace if it were true, in theory at least. But that conflicts with the reality of the situation globally. For instance the US has slapped huge currency penalties against Russia. And despite more free trade since the fall of USSR, US-Russian relations are as bad as they have ever been. Europe is also at war (with the Middle East), whether it admits it or not. The US is in multiple wars. And China and North Korea are actively trying to start even larger World War type scenarios. All this international conflict coinciding with record high levels of free trade is an exact replay of what occurred at the time of Woodrow Wilson’s regime of free trade, which preceded and led to the Great Depression, and then WWII.

The upper level NWO types in the US government do not want to cede defeat. They have upped the ante. New Hillary ads hint that the nuclear football will not be turned over to Trump after he wins in a landslide this November. She has a high level general on the ad saying as much, hinting that the military might step in against Trump in some form of soft or shadow coup.

Now “what is up is down and what is down is up” is the official policy of the US government. For instance, the other day I awake and turn on CNN only to see the strangest headline, something like “Trump claims this or that about Iranian cash-pile bribe, despite having no evidence!” I have never in my life seen such an outright cynical and biased headline until then. It immediately struck me as very odd. Then an hour later another weird headline: “Trump admits mistake about having seen cash-pile footage.” So I’m thinking it is a correction, no biggie. Then another hour brings the headline saying “Iranians release footage of cash-pile that Trump had talked about.” Now I’m thinking OK so Trump was right and they made him say sorry and then tow the NWO line even though the Iranians showed us the cash-pile and we all know the real truth now. We saw a similar narrative with the Muslim hero dad this week: the media and Hillary insist on a narrative, then agree among themselves that it is true, then ignore the evidence which slowly comes out showing the contrary.

We also see these false narrative media mind-control tactics at play whenever there is a mass terrorist shooting. Eyewitness on early breaking reports reported three white shooters in security guard uniforms both at San Bernardino and Orlando – and then in the end they say “it was one Muslim lone-wolf shooter.” The recent Germany shooting was reported at first there were three skinheads shooting and yelling nationalist slogans, but of course it turned out to be “One Muslim lone-wolf shooter.” Something very similar also played out in Dallas last month. As Socrates and Walter Lippman said: You are in a cave, with darkness everywhere. You cannot know firsthand what is occurring. You can only see the shadows that are reflected towards you by the lying propaganda of media. And the media is feeding you false narrative and false scenarios time and time again.

This is all very reminiscent of how things worked in the former USSR. Where the central planners thought they knew everything, and no one could question them. They set prices for every commodity using concocted arbitrary mathematical formulas that proved to be wrong and caused imbalances in the economy and (ultimately) the collapse of their society. Now we are getting the same thing, news-story after news-story. Whether its Michael Brown, or the Iranian cash-pile, facts don’t matter. All that matters is which narrative will benefit the liberal globalist’s agenda. So: If they say “jump,” Jump! Otherwise you are on the losing team. For now, at least.

Fortunately, this race isn’t really a race against Hillary. This is a race against an unapologetic propagandist lying media and its cronies in the media and corporate Establishments, a.k.a. “the Cathedral.” Ultimately Trump wins by playing on the widespread mistrust of government. The public finally realizes they need to take down the whole current order of things, since the current order is secretly booby trapped against them.

They are willing to take the gamble, because playing it safe with their vote has resulted in steady losses. Trump currently has the advantage of being the underdog, as well as having the more motivated voters. This election will be very low turn-out on the left side. Bernie had the more motivated followers, as compared to Hillary. I live in a leftist stronghold and saw many, many Bernie stickers and signs but none for Shrillary. Another good thing is to some extent the really far left is aware of the so called MSM, and that’s why you saw empty seats at the DNC convention.

In some ways, the media has taken to lying so much that the best thing you can do through this election cycle is turn the channel from the news until after we win in November. But this will likely be a purposely super-low turn-out election with a disaffected and repulsed public. Trumps supporters know its a damn war and will show up and vote even of there are massive tornadoes and firestorms. The media can lie all they want. We know which way is up. And we will conquer.

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