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Religion And Realism Must Be In Balance

From some of the more insightful Christian rightists, an article about cultural change leading to political change:

The most common way God judges is with the natural consequences of our choices and behavior. This is especially true in politics, which is mostly downstream from – and a reflection of – the broader culture. In other words, especially in our country, we tend to get the leaders we deserve. Which is why this November we should cast our vote with fear, trembling, weeping, praying for mercy, and maybe even while wearing sackcloth and ashes.

The first part makes good sense. Political change is an effect, and the cause is a change in consciousness of the natural leaders — people without political authority who are recognized in their communities for their leadership ability — in a society. It is not a shift in mass consciousness, but among those who lead by instinct, and others emulate them.

With this cultural change, political change can occur, because those who influence others now understand the issue a different way. This cultural change is also required for any restoration of religion, which also requires political change to protect it so that people experience no risk for abandoning the secular humanist outlook, and are also able to experience its rewards.

Religion and realism must be in balance. Some Christian rightists want a religious upheaval, but this will not happen without the groundwork being set in cultural and political change. Similarly, cultural and political change work best when kept in balance with a sense of purpose, which requires a goal, which requires an understanding of reality, including its metaphysical aspects.

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